Tips For Selecting The Right Wedding Veil by suparlan56


									Tips For Selecting The Right Wedding Veil

Your wedding veil selection depends on your particular choice of wedding dress and the
overall look that you want to create. Following are some tips that will help you make the
decision a little easier, and make sure your wedding day outfit comes seamlessly
 1. First, choose your wedding dress before you choose your veil
 2. Decide on your theme, the location of your ceremony and decide on whether you
want to wear you veil at your reception. For example, if you want to wear your veil for
the whole event youll need a more functional approach, either a shorter veil or a
multi-layered one with a top layer that can be worn on its own during the reception.
 3. Your veil, like your gown, should remain consistent with the formality or theme of
your wedding. For example, lose the cathedral-length veil if yours is a casual beachside
 4. Your veil should not compete with your dress, so if youre donning an elaborately
embellished gown, keep your veil clean and simple. Also, any ornamentation on your
veil should start below where your dress embellishments end.
 5. When it comes to color and embellishments, your veil should complement your
wedding dress not copy it so dont obsess with finding a perfect match.
 6. If you plan to remove your veil immediately after the ceremony, keep in mind that it
wont appear in post-ceremony or first dance pictures. To ensure this classic accessory
is adequately documented, many brides wait to remove the veil after the first dance.
 7. To showcase your hairstyle, choose a veil that fastens underneath your hair or one
youll remove for the reception. Otherwise, you can opt for a veil that youll wear
throughout the event. In this case, your hair will simply support the veil.
 8. The blusher should fall between the bottom of your neckline and your bust; make
sure its long enough to be swept over your head.
 9. If you opt for a cathedral veil, make sure the rest of your gown is ample enough to
support this dramatic look.
 10. Since a double tier veil usually has more volume, make sure it doesnt overpower
your dress.

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