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Fully Accredited Training Provider

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                                                 Face -Face Contact Learning Workshops

                                                 E-learning programmes

                                                 Learnerships / Seta Grant Applications

                                                 Content Design & Development

Face - Face / Contact Learning

DLA makes use of a blended approach to it’s contact learning programmes. We are able to either blend an RPL component to the
learning programme; alternatively we offer a blend of theoretical input, portfolio of evidence knowledge workshops and finally e-mail
mentoring support.

E-Learning programmes

Take advantage of:

   Deploying a learning programme to as many learners as you have
   Everybody has access to the same, consistent quality content
   Ideal for process, procedures and product training
   Train learners anywhere - anytime!
   Low costs
   Minimal workplace impact

We can implement your own, tailored E-Learning system with your own branding, look and feel!
We are also able to assist in multimedia content design and content conversion

Learnership / SETA Grant Applications

   We are the experts - so let us apply for discretionary grants and learnership funds on your behalf
   Take advantage of skills levies & tax relief incentives
   DLA is able to apply, manage and administrate your learnership programmes for you

Content Design & Development

   DLA can provide you with accredited learning programmes, including learning guides, assessments & learning tools?
   We are able to assist you in achieving accreditation
   DLA can implement and manage a Quality Management System for you
   Take advantage of the fact that we are knowledgeable in terms of Induction E-Learning design, Product & process content design
    which is tailored to your brand, look and feel

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DLA Courseware library                                                 www.digicall-learningacademy.co.za


In order to meet the objectives you have set out and to deliver a learning programme that achieves real results and real
skills transference, we apply to the practices as set out by the SETA. In line with this, we include a number of learning
“enhancement” strategies:

a. Orientation
   A successful learnership programme is achieved through a consultative and collaborative approach. We provide a 2
   hour orientation programme prior to commencement of the learning programme. This provides learners with an all
   round view of the qualification, portfolio of evidence requirements, roles and responsibilities including assessment

b. Mentoring & Coaching Support
   Critical to achieving results and skills transference is the learner support programme. DLA conducts regular site visits
   including regular feedback / support sessions. These are attended by learners, their managers and or relevant
   representative to discuss curriculum & programme understanding, queries, portfolios of evidence, collection of
   evidence, timelines and any specific challenges that the learner may face. In addition to this, DLA conducts on the job
   observation and coaching feedback sessions. A number of questionnaires and feedback mechanisms are put in
   place in order to monitor learner progress, level of motivation and learner understanding.

     In addition to the mentoring and coaching support, DLA has a “mentor chat” facility which allows learners to get in
     touch with mentors directly regarding their queries and questions.

c. Assessment & Moderation Strategies
   The programme requires each learner to submit a portfolio of evidence. The portfolio consists of both formative and
   summative assessments. Evidence is collected and inserted as each learning unit is completed. Moderation is done
   by an external moderator. We have an internal registered assessor who makes use of the following types of

        Observation by the facilitator and / or assessor of the learner in the workplace
        Paper based evidence (Feedback reports from either QA or Manager or Agent / Consultant)
        Knowledge assessments & Assignments (questionnaires, project work)

d. Remediation
   In order to confirm that learners have understood and can demonstrate the skills taught DLA has implemented
   progress reports and plans that check evidence of learning. This is done throughout the programme. DLA is able to
   pick up learning gaps and to provide remedial sessions where necessary. This ensures maximum learning and

e. Certification
   Statement of results will be issued on completion of moderation and verification. Certification is done by the Service
   Seta to those learners that successfully complete the learnership programme.

f.   Learning methodology
     Our offering guarantees maximum skills transference. We are evidence driven and rely on various assessment
     projects together with the manager, supervisor and consultant for feedback on progress. Our learning approach is
     collaborative and consultative - as the client you are included in the final learning objectives and outcomes - these
     should also be aligned to the specific outcomes of the qualification

g. Portfolio of Evidence Support sessions
   DLA enjoys a high success and pass rate with our learners. We achieve this through provision of Portfolio of
   Evidence Support sessions where we assist learners in compiling their PoE files.

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SAQA US                                             UNIT STANDARD TITLE                                       LEVEL   CRED

10353     Meet performance standards within a contact centre                                                  2          6
10313     Comply with service levels as set out in a Contact Centre Operation                                 4         10
10321     Monitor and maintain performance standards in a Contact Centre                                      4         12
10323     Implement Contact Centre specific sales techniques to generate sales through a Contact Centre       4         12
10324     Describe features, advantages and benefits of a range of products or services                       4          6
10326     Identify customers of Contact Centre’s                                                              4          4
10327     Provide coaching to personnel within a Contact Centre                                               4         10
10322     Retrieve and correlate statistical data applicable to Contact Centre’s                              4         12
10330     Implement and co-ordinate campaigns within Contact Centre’s                                         4         10
13872     Instill In myself a personal contact centre culture                                                 4          4
10346     Develop and plan Contact Centre operations in a commercial environment                              5         30
10080     Formulate, design and implement customer service delivery systems and processes                     6          8
13878     Analyse and interpret Contact Centre reports and statistical data                                   6         12
10333     Conduct a customer needs analysis for Contact Centres                                               5         12
10079     Measure and analyse customer service levels                                                         6         12
10332     Monitor operations in Contact Centres                                                               5         20
13871     Respond to complex requirements from clients                                                        6         12
13870     Enhance service levels in Contact Centres                                                           6         16
10348     Identify and respond to customer needs in a Contact Centre                                          2         12
10341     Develop and implement rewards and incentive strategies in Contact Centres                           5         12
10333     Conduct a customer needs analysis for Contact Centres                                               5         14
10332     Monitor operations in Contact Centres                                                               5         20
10343     Develop and maintain a client database for Contact Centres                                          5         12
10054     Identify and manage areas of customer service impact                                                5          6
10342     Develop and maintain a diverse working environment in Contact Centres                               5         18
10344     Guide a group of people to work together as a team in creating Contact Centre deliverables          5          9
13882     Monitor and maintain quality within Contact Centres                                                 6         12
120011    Apply knowledge of personal all risk insurance                                                      4          2
120015    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of house owners insurance                                   4          3
120016    Apply knowledge of insurance of house hold contents                                                 4          4
117121    Apply knowledge and insight into short term insurance act (NO 53 of 1998) and the accompanying      4          3
120014    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of warranty as a class of insurance                         4          3
120123    Process a short term insurance claim                                                                4          3
120130    Apply basic technical knowledge of a light motor vehicle to authorize a claim                       4          3
120005    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding or personal motor insurance                                 4          4
120124    Demonstrate knowledge of insurable risk                                                             4          3
242584    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the financial advisory and intermediary service act      4          2
          2002(FIAS) (Act 37 of 2002) as it impacts on a specific financial services sector
114964    Describe short term insurance                                                                       3          2

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DLA Courseware library                                                            www.digicall-learningacademy.co.za


We offer accredited learning programmes that may be presented as standalone unit standards – alternatively, we are
able to tailor and design a specific program over a period of time in line with a client’s needs. Some of the Corporate
Programmes that we offer include the following;

                              The objective of the program is to teach learners the principles of effective customer service, skills, going the extra
  Contact Centre World
                              mile and to create an understanding of service level expectations & performance standards.
   Class Service Skills

                              Learners attending this program will learn how to deliver world class service skills in dealing with clients face –
Customer Service Skills –
                              face. The program focuses on image, presentation, communication and face-face etiquette.
     Face to Face

                              Learners will learn & understand the essence of telephone Communications, dialogue & service delivery. Learners
Impact! Telephone Service
                              will learn how to deal with all types of clients and to deal with all types of interactions – sales, problematic situations
          Skills              etc.

                              Learners will understand how to process a claim, to adapt specific exclusions & extensions to claims and to
   The Claim Game –
                              understand how excess affects a claim, the cumulative excesses and finally the pre & post claim processes.
Lessons in Transactional &
    Claims Processing

                              Learners will have a foundation of knowledge regarding the legislative principles governing the insurance industry.
     Ground Rules – An
                              FAIS / FICA including knowledge In and around the short term insurance.
 introduction to Insurance

                              This is a highly motivational program which encourages learners to analyse and develop their ability to manage
 Reaching for the stars –
                              themselves, create a positive attitude and to align their behavior to required standards and expectations in the
Attitude, Motivation & Self   workplace

                              Learners will learn how to manage teams effectively, understand performance Standards and levels, and gain
Supervisory & Leadership
                              knowledge on quality assurance and how to Measure levels of productivity in the workplace.

                              This program teaches learners what coaching is, how to conduct coaching sessions, how to measure, assess &
  Top Notch - Coaching
                              analyse performance standards. It is focused on performance, support and providing effective feedback including
         Skills               action plans.

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DLA Courseware library                                               www.digicall-learningacademy.co.za


 Contact Centre World     The objective of the program is to teach learners the principles of effective customer service,
  Class Service Skills    skills, going the extra mile and to create an understanding of service level expectations &
                          performance standards.

   Regulatory Exam        For those that need to learn the FAIS and FICA Acts in preparation for the Regulatory Exams

    Coaching Skills       This workshop is designed to up skill individuals on how to coach, what to coach and what
                          steps are required in conducting a meaningful coaching experience.

Business Writing Skills   An ideal programme for learners wishing to learn about how to apply business language and
                          templates to day to day business communications.

       Induction          This is a tailor made and designed programme for your organisation.

         CRM              The objective of this workshop is to teach the learner what CRM is and how to apply the CRM

                                                CONTACT DETAILS:

Candy Hayes
Managing Director
 010 - 211 5000 (Switchboard)
 010 - 211 5016 (Direct)
Email: candy.hayes@digicall.co.za

Barry Blacker
Sales Executive
 010 - 211 5000 (Switchboard)
 010 - 211 5043 (Direct)
Email: barry.blacker@digicall.co.za

Khwezi Mtshali
Course Co-Ordinator
 010 - 211 5000 (Switchboard)
 010 - 211 5042 (Direct)
Email: khwezi.mtshali@digicall.co.za


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