The Meaning And Importance Of The Wedding Gown Or Bridal Dress

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					The Meaning And Importance Of The Wedding Gown Or Bridal Dress

By definition it is the clothing worn by a bride during her wedding ceremony. This broad
definition however, can vary greatly in various cultures. Perhaps the most familiar one is
the Western culture where the wedding gown or bridal dress has been and continues to
be the major focus of the entire wedding ceremony. In this particular culture in the past,
brides from wealthy families would adorn themselves with exclusive fabrics made of
bold colors as a demonstration of their wealth and affluence in society. By contrast, a
poor bride may have chosen her best church dress because it was all she could afford.

 Often, the importance of the wedding gown in both cases was to reflect as much style
and taste as the bride could afford. The more wealth a bride possessed, the more
extravagant her bridal gown would be. Layers of silk and fur were not uncommon for the
wealthiest women for their wedding ceremony. Not only was this expected as a manner
that was fitting of their social status but its meaning was to express the height of fashion
at the time. Although the purpose of matrimony states in the vows that it is for love that
couples should marry, in many Western wedding ceremonies, politics, nobility and
social class have played more of a role in the choice of a bridal gown.

 The importance of the wedding gown in Eastern cultures is quite different from
Western ones; both past and present. Known as a wedding sari in India and an Ao dai
in Vietnam, the emphasis is on auspiciousness and good luck when the dress is a
traditional red. Because the wedding ceremonial practices are different, the meaning of
the official attire is centered on tradition and norms that have existed for centuries.
South Indian brides adhere to this tradition in part, even in Western countries, by
keeping the sari as a part of their gown, which may bear a Western design in style.

 In the Eastern cultures, the importance and meaning of the wedding gown is often
recognized by the name of the garment itself. Japanese brides often choose at least
three different bridal gowns; a traditional kimono and dresses of other colors including
white. Philippine brides wear a Baro't saya in different variations while Indonesia brides
from the Javanese region don a Kebaya which is actually an gown designed somewhat
like a blouse.

 The third popularly recognized culture is that of the Native American culture where
many different traditions are associated with the meaning of the wedding gown. From
all white wedding robes that symbolize a shroud to protect the bride on her travels
through various regions to white cotton bridal gowns tied to the right shoulder and
jewelry which represent a combination that shields the bride and groom against bad
luck, hunger, poverty and evils. From decadent to most modest, the meanings and
importance of the wedding dress have come down through history and include many
meanings from social status to tradition and superstition.

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