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									Pre-Wedding planning tips for make special event

As we know that wedding planning is not one day task. If some want to make
memorable wedding planning or even simple wedding ceremony planning then at list
you will have to give time around three to six months because there are many things
become in wedding planning like; sending invitation card, prepare , location, prepare
menu and provide entertainment facility like music and dance floor. >

Important Pre-Wedding Preparations

Invitations : At first make guest list and send invitation card. If you've decided to have a
themed wedding, make sure you mention that in the invitation. It is important to prepare
these invitations in time, as people need to be informed some time before the wedding
as even they need to prepare for it.

Venue : Anther important point is the choosing right location for ceremony. The venue
needs to be decided before you send the invitations for printing, so make sure you
decide the outlook of the invitations and look at venues simultaneously. Once the venue
is determined, you need to decide how you're going to decorate it, and how the seating
arrangement is to be kept.

Food : Menu is the important factor which play important role in wedding ceremony.
You need to hunt down few of the best caterers in town, and then see which one offers
you the best price amongst all. If the wedding location is somewhere on the outskirts,
are the caterers willingly to offer services there too? The best way to zero in on one
company is by asking people who newly got married if they have any contacts of good
catering service provider.

Attire : In the wedding day every one focus on groom and bride so both should have to
wear well dresses. Selecting a wedding gown has to be done keeping in mind what the
groom is going to wear or vice versa. The footwear, accessories and the tiara also
needs to be finalized. Similarly, the attire of the bridesmaid, and of the good man, also
has to be consideration of. If these are people outside your family, they might want to
choose their own attire.

Now if you will follow given above pre wedding planning ideas then I am hundred
percent sure your wedding will be special event. You can add some additional things
because wedding planning and preparation tips are never ending, and this fact makes
us forget a few details here and there. So, to plan and prepare the whole thing in time
and to execute it in a much better way, use these tips and suggestions.

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