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									                                   Holidays Turgutreis Turkey

Turgutreis Turkey

Turgutreis holidays location of Turgutreis
The resort of Turgutreis is situated in southwest Turkey, and is the second largest city in the Bodrum
Turgutreis – a relaxing beachfront holiday Turkey
Holiday in Turgutreis, a town named after a famous Turkish admiral, are a great way to enjoy the real
atmosphere of Turkey. As a commercial center for the surrounding villages, the local fresh produce is
collected in Turgutreis for the transport and sale. There is also a pleasant, comfortable, near
Turgutreis holidays, the beach promenade in the bars and restaurants echo the feeling that the line
miles of sandy beaches.Turgutreis is no high-rise purpose built resort. Turgutreis holidays are a great
authenticity, the atmosphere helps. There are several ancient sites nearby Turgutreis, that are worth
a visit for those interested in a bit of culture and there is even the opportunity to visit some of the
Greek islands, including the magnificent Rhodes. Turgutreis holidays are perfect for anyone looking
for a relaxing beach holiday in Turkey and a real taste of Turkish life.

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