how to convert flv to iphone compatible on mac with flv to iphone mac converter?

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					How to add/convert/load youtube video.flv to iPhone on Mac? iPhone can not only make a call like a traditional mobile phone, but also view videos like a widesreen iPod. All iPhone users like putting some movies on it to watch on the go.When enjoy youtube videos.flv with iPhone, you will come to a common problem: youtube videos is not in a format that works with iPhone.

Problem can be fixed through converting youtube videos.flv to iPhone acceptable formats with Mac flv to iPhone converter.

Mac flv to iPhone converter empowers you to compress flash video to different files size/resolution(640X480;320X240;480X272;160X120), with the correct bit rate and frame rate setting, which makes it an easy thing for you to enjoy your favourite Youtube video on iPhone. Similarly,it can transfer Youtube videos.flv to iPod, iTunes, Blackberry, iRiver, Apple TV,etc.

Step by step guide for how to use youtube video.flv to iPhone converter on Mac. Step1. Install and run Mac flv to iPhone converter After install the Mac flv to iPhone converter, double-click its icon or item to open it. The easy-to-use interface looks like the following picture.

Step2. Load youtube videos.flv you want to convert. Click the "Add file"button on the top of the panel.Browse the directory in the pop-up window and select youtube videos you would like to convert.Then click the "Open" button on the below.

Step3. Set the output path Click the "Browse" button next to the "Destination"field.Choose a file folder to store the output videos in the opened window.Click the "Open" next to "Browse" to check the converted videos.

Step4. Convert youtube videos Click the "Convert" on the below to start conversion. You can check how much have been done through the progress bar. The speed of conversion depends on the amount of youtube videos you add and the speed of your Mac.Normally, it works stablely and effectively.

Step5. Add converted youtube videos.flv to iPhone After converted, connect iPhone to your computer, and run iTunes (if it doesn’t run automatically).Select iPhone in the iTunes sidebar.Configure the sync settings in each of the settings panels.Click Apply in the lower-right corner of the screen.By default, “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected” is selected.

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