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									Nouns test study helper
What do nouns represent?
• People, places, things, ideas, and qualities.
Give the definition and an example.
common noun
• They refer to unspecific things like dogs or
  people and are never capitalized.
Proper noun
• the opposite of common nouns.
• They refer to specific things like names and
  are always capitalized.
• Concrete nouns are nouns that you can touch
  like “wall” or “computer.”
• abstract nouns are thoughts or feelings like
  “love” and “peace”
Collective noun
• collective nouns are groups or collected
  things. An example is a soccer team. That
  word represents a collection of players.
Noncount nouns
• Nouns that can’t be counted.

• Ex: the sky
Count nouns
• Nouns that can be counted.

• Ex: cats
Possessive nouns
• Show that they belong to someone.
• Always have an apostrophe.

• Ex: bob’s
      Kinds of possessive nouns:
• Singular possessive:

• Plural possessive:
      Kinds of possessive nouns:
• Singular possessive: possessive nouns that are

• Ex: Franks

• Plural possessive: possessives that are plural.

• Ex: The schools’
Singular noun
• Singular nouns name one thing.

• Ex: folder
Plural nouns
• Multiple things

• Ex: folders
Irregular nouns
• They are plural nouns that don’t end in “s” or

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