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Singular Possessive by ert554898


									Singular Possessive Nouns

                  Created by
                 Andrea White
                  2nd Grade
Some nouns show who or what
own something.
      Luke’s toy
      mom’s purse
      dad’s tool
      chair’s cushion
      book’s page
This kind of noun is called a
possessive noun.
  My sister’s friend is coming over.

  The dog’s bed is warm.

  Sam’s ball went over the fence.
By adding an apostrophe (‘) and an
–s, you can show that a singular
noun owns something.
     The bird’s cage is dirty.
     bird is a singular noun
     bird owns its cage.
     Add ‘s
     bird’s cage
Jen’s room needs to be cleaned.

     Jen is a singular noun.
     Jen owns her room.
     Add ‘s
     Jen’s room.
The girl’s bike is pink and purple.

      girl is a singular noun
      girl owns the bike.
      Add ’s
      girl’s bike.
Let’s explore singular possessive nouns
some more.
 Singular            Singular Possessive
 room                room’s ______
 frog                frog’s _______
 dad                 dad’s _______
 Kent                Kent’s _______
 store               store’s _______
Tell who or what owns something. Make
is possessive.

The man has a shoe.

            man’s shoe
Bobby has a hobby.

    Bobby’s hobby
The cat has a ball.

     cat’s ball
The bear has some honey.

    bear’s honey
The queen has a crown.

    queen’s crown
My sister has a blister.

     sister’s blister
Now let’s make the singular word
into the possessive form.

 (Grandpa) tractor would not start.

 Grandpa’s tractor would not start.
The (rabbit) tail was white.

 The rabbit’s tail was white.
The (pig) pen smelled bad.

The pig’s pen smelled bad.
The (car) tire was flat.

The car’s tire was flat.
(Allie) party was so much fun.

Allie’s party was so much fun.
The (teacher) desk had lots of
papers to grade.

The teacher’s desk had lots of
papers to grade.
Let’s review…..

  A possessive noun shows who or
  what owns something.
  Add an apostrophe (‘) and an –s to a
  singular noun to make it a possessive

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