Living Alphabet by niusheng11


									                        Living Alphabet- (Language Arts- Kindegarten)
                         LA. 1.4.1- Recognize and recall the one to one correspondence between most letters.
                         LA. 1.1.7-Name uppercase letters of the alphabet
                         LA.1.1.4- Match print to speech.
Content Standards:

NETS*S Standards:        TEC. K-12 .1.a; TEC. K-12.1.b

The purpose of this lesson is to have students identify alphabet letters, alphabet sounds, and letter recognition in
words. Students will produce a booklet of letters and words that they can add to and refer to all year long.

Essential Questions
What letter is represented on the screen?
Can you draw this letter with your finger?
What sound does this letter make?
What are some words that begin with this letter?

Students will complete a booklet developed by the teacher through MS Word. The students will write and trace
letters and add words now and throughout the school year. The booklet will be used as a reference tool for
literary responses and other assignments.

Digital Camera; iPhoto; MS Word

Instructional Plan
Students practice writing and sounding out all of the alphabet letters and singing the alphabet song.

Students will work in the classroom, in small groups, and individually.
        Instruction and Activities
Day 1. Using a digital camera, capture images of students posing/holding their bodies to create each of the upper
case letters of the alphabet (More than one student cand be used for some letters). Transfer and insert each
photo onto a blank page in Word and add the typed letter under the corresponding photo allowing future text to be
added...i.e. insert a "Text Box". Variations: send photos to iPhoto and create a slideshow (I added the alphabet
song) or create a book in iPhoto.
Day 2. Using laptop and projector, show students each letter page in Word and ask "What letter is this?". Tell
them to "Draw the letter in the air with their finger". Ask "What sound does this letter make?". Ask "What are
some words that begin with this letter?" Type the words they offer into the text box that you had previously
created. Do this for each letter. Show the slideshow if one was created. The kids love this!

I have one student that has a full time nurse that accompanies her to school each day. With the nurse’s help the
student will create a letter with her body. Special needs students get extra time with the teacher assistant.

        Closure and Reflection
The closing event was watching the slideshow of the students and singing the alphabet song. The excitement
and participation levels were high. Parents wrote in their child’s agenda book how excited they were when they
got home to tell them about this lesson.

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