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th Annual Hospitality Gala Sacramento Hospitality Classic


									                                                                                                                                                             June 2010

18th Annual Hospitality Gala                                                                              Sacramento Hospitality
Hotel Associates and Supplier Honored                                                                     Classic
      picy and exotic described this year’s Hospitality Gala at the Double-                          October 11 at Valley Hi Country Club
      tree Hotel Sacramento on April 9. The Gala was the 18th annual

      event honoring hotel employees and a key supplier.                                                               e’ll be at a new venue this year—Valley
    Association members and guests celebrated the contributions of ho-                                                 Hi Country Club in Elk Grove—for the
tel associates at their respective properties both in terms of their exter-                                            Sacramento Hospitality Classic. It’s the
nal customers (guests and clients) and internal customers (co-workers).                              tournament participants look forward to all year!
    SHA President Howard Harris set a fun tone to highlight the “Bolly-                                   Hospitality industry colleagues, clients, and
wood” theme for the Gala as part of his opening remarks. He noted                                    vendors will gather for another fabulous Hospi-
that the term “Bollywood” is a combination                                                                                            tality Classic golf tourna-
of Bombay (the former name for Mumbai, In-                                                                                            ment this year—Monday,
dia) and Hollywood. Bollywood is the infor-                                                                                           October 11. Come out and
mal term popularly used for the                                                                                                       enjoy a day of tournament
Hindi-language film industry based in Mum-                                                                                            golf. Golfers
                                                                                                                                   Sacramento Hotel Association of all skill lev-

bai. Bollywood films are mostly musicals and                                                                                          els are welcome.
                                                                                                                                   P.O. Box 276567
                                                                                                                                   Sacramento, CA 95827-6567

contain catchy music in the form of song-and-                                                                                              It’s become a tradition…
dance numbers woven into the script.                                                                                                  Check in and start the day
    Several VIPs joined SHA members and                                                                                               with a hot buffet breakfast
guests at the Gala—from the City of Sacra-                                                                                            and practice shots on the
mento: Council Member Steve Cohn and                                                                                                  driving range. Savor a last
Police Chief Rick Braziel, and from the Coun-           Save the Date                                                                 cup of coffee while you pe-
ty of Sacramen-                                         October 11, 2010                                                              ruse the raffle prizes you
to: Supervisor                                                                                                                        might win (if you’ve pur-
Jimmie Yee and                                                              Sacramento                                                chased your raffle tickets!).
Rob Leonard,
Director of                                                                 Hospitality Classic                                            Then it’s onto the course
                                                                                                                                      as the carts parade from the
Economic De-                                                 New location for this year’s tournament—                                 clubhouse. Now, the day is
velopment &                                                  Valley Hi Country Club • 9595 Franklin Boulevard, Elk Grove              yours—hours of friendly
Intergovern-                                                                                                                          tournament play interrupted
mental Affairs.                                                                                                                       only by visits with generous
    The weather                                                                                      event sponsors. Then enjoy the awards reception
was perfect for                                                                                      featuring savory foods prepared by local hotel
the outdoor re-                                                                                      chefs. After the extraordinary food, it’s time to
ception in the                                                                                       hand out the tournament awards. All activities
event pavilion                                                                                       take place at Valley Hi Country Club.
and on the pa-
tio outside the                                                                                      Classic schedule:
California Ball-                                                                                          Monday, October 11
room. The eve-                                                                                            Valley Hi Country Club
ning began                                                                                                9595 Franklin Boulevard, Elk Grove
with music, re-
freshing liba-                                                                                            •	 8:30	a.m.
tions, zesty                                                                                                  Registration, hot buffet breakfast and
hors d’oeuvres                                                                                                driving range
and dancing                                                                                               •	 10:00	a.m.
entertainment.                                                                                                Golf Tournament shotgun—best ball
In addition, the                                                                                              scramble, 18 holes
Cibara Motor
                                                                                                          •	 Tournament	contests
Corp by Ben
Ali Shriners                                                                                                  Putting contest, longest drive,
amused attend-                                                                                                closest-to-the-pin, hole-in-one
ees with fancy                                                                                            •	 Prizes
driving maneu-
vers in their go-
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                                            Hospitality Gala
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                                               When	the	ballroom	doors	opened	at	7:00	o’clock,	attendees	walked	into	a	col-
                                            orful venue for a savory dinner and awards program.
                                               Congratulations to our 2009 hospitality employees of the Year—recognized
                                            for playing a vital role on their respective customer-service teams.
                                               the citizen hotel
   sacramento hotel                            Vernon Fowler, Banquet Cook
2010 board of directors                        courtyard by marriott cal expo
                                               Graciela Ochoa, Executive Housekeeper
HOWARD HARRIS.......(916)	922-4700             doubletree hotel sacramento
 Hilton Sacramento Arden West                  Ron Nettingham, Guest Services Supervisor
Vice President                                 embassy suites sacramento
LAWRENCE WALTERS (916)	447-1700                Jhonnie Reyes, Breakfast Cook
 Sheraton Grand Sacramento                     hilton sacramento arden West
secretary                                      Patricio Mangornong, Laundry Worker
LISA WILSON ...............(916)	922-2020      holiday inn capitol Plaza
 Radisson Hotel Sacramento
                                               Jesus Guerrero, Lead Cook
ULRICH SAMIETz .......(916)	443-1234           hyatt regency sacramento
 Hyatt Regency Sacramento                      Candice Yu, Housekeeping Turndown Attendant
Past President                                 radisson hotel sacramento
STEVE MAMMET .......(916)	326-5000             Summer Alvarado, Front Desk Supervisor
 Embassy Suites Hotel                          sacramento marriott rancho cordova
                                               Patrick Egan, At Your Service Agent
 Professional directors
RON BERGER ..............(916) 929-8855
                                               sheraton Grand hotel
 Doubletree Hotel Sacramento                   Ernesto Gonzales, Busser at Morgan’s Central Valley Restaurant
ALICIA MENDES..........(916)	928-9400          The Sacramento Hotel Association presented its 2009 supplier of the Year
 Holiday Inn Express Sacramento             award to the sacramento municipal Utility district (smUd).
LIz TAVERNESE ...........(916)	446-0100
 Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
DOUG WARREN ..........(916)	576-6602
 Marriott Courtyard Cal Expo and
 Fairfield Inn Cal Expo

   associate directors
SANDY BUTTS .............(916)	732-6618
 Sacramento Municipal Utility District
BRUCE CARLTON .......(916)	927-0001
 Southern Wine & Spirits

eX officio board member
STEVE HAMMOND .....(916)	808-7777
 Sacramento Convention & Visitors

executive director
TERESA STEPHENSON..(916)	441-6110
      Reader Board is published
by the Sacramento Hotel Association,
    a nonprofit trade organization.
  The newsletter is distributed to all
   members of the Association and
 to others who have an interest in the
   Sacramento hospitality industry.
 Articles and press releases of interest
to those who work in the Sacramento
   hospitality industry are welcome.
          P.O. Box 276567
    Sacramento, CA 95827-6567
(916)	441-6110	•	(916)	932-2209	Fax

                                            Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	2
      Hospitality Gala
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          SMUD supports the Sacramento
      Hotel Association’s green lodging
      initiative by promoting energy au-
      dits for participating hotels and of-
      fering SMUD’s Greenergy Program
      as an option for supporting renew-
      able power for a cleaner, healthier
      environment. SMUD representa-
      tives have worked with several ho-
      teliers to provide energy audits,
      billing inquiries, energy efficiency
      rebates, Greenergy, voluntary emer-
      gency curtailment options, and en-
      ergy-tracking services. Over the
      past few years, SMUD has provid-
      ed these hotels with incentives to-
                                                    SHA President Howard Harris and Mellissa Barcelo,
      taling	more	than	$200K	for	various	           People Services Director, honor The Citizen Hotel’s
      upgrades such as energy efficient             very first Employee (Citizen) of the Year at the
      lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and             Gala—Vernon Fowler, Banquet Cook (right).
      energy efficient motors, room con-
      trols and kitchen modifica-
      tions. Most recently, SMUD worked
      with numerous hotels to provide
      Customer Advanced Technology
      grants	totaling	$102K	to	assess	the	                                                                Graciela Ochoa, Executive Housekeeper at the
                                                                                                          Courtyard by Marriott Cal Expo, is honored by
      performance and savings potential                                                                   General Manager Doug Warren (right) and SHA
      for LED replacement lamps in hos-                                                                   President Howard Harris.
      pitality applications.
          The award was presented to three
      SMUD representatives: Sandy Butts,
      key account manager, and a current
      member of the SHA Board of Direc-

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                                                                            Hilton Sacramento
                                                                            Arden West General
                                                                            Manager Howard
                                                                            Harris presents the
                                                                            hotel’s Employee of the
                                                                            Year award to Laundry         Lead Cook Jesus Guerrero (center) receives
                                                                            Worker Patricio               congratulations from Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
                                                                            Mangornong.                   General Manager Liz Tavernese and SHA President
                                                                                                          Howard Harris.

SHA President Howard Harris presents
the Supplier of the Year Award to SMUD
representatives (left to right) Michelle
Seeberger, Clifton Lewis, and Sandy Butts.

                                                                                                                Ernesto Gonzales, Busser at Morgan’s
                                                                                                                Central Valley Restaurant at the Sheraton
                                                Employee of the Year Candice Yu (third from left),              Grand (center), is honored as the hotel’s
                                                Housekeeping Turndown Attendant at the Hyatt Regency            Employee of the Year by Sheraton Grand
                                                Sacramento, receives congratulations from SHA President         General Manager Lawrence Walters (right)
                                                Howard Harris (far left), Hyatt Regency General Manager         and SHA President Howard Harris.
                                                Ulrich Samietz and Executive Housekeeper Terra Mann
                                                (far right).
                                                                                                                    Images courtesy of Blue Frog Photography.

                                                           Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	3
                                                                                               LightStay helped Hilton Worldwide
                                                                                            properties using the system reduce ener-

                                                                                            gy use by 5 percent, carbon output by
                                                                                            6	percent,	waste	output	by	10	percent	
                                                                                            and	water	use	by	2.4	percent	in	2009	
                                                                                            versus	2008.	These	results	have	been	
                                                                                            independently audited and are adjusted
                                                                                            for any differences in occupancy levels
                                                                                            and major weather events year over year.
                                                                                               LightStay takes into account energy
                                                                                            and water use and waste and carbon
California Green                                This is the entry level for the pro-
                                             gram. Participation-level hotels are
                                                                                            outputs associated with building oper-
                                                                                            ations and services. As part of this, the

Lodging Program                              building their environmental green
                                             lodging programs.
                                                                                            system	measures	indicators	across	200	
                                                                                            operational practices including house-
                                                                                            keeping, paper product use, food waste,
Get Started with a Property                         Leadership Level                        chemical storage, air quality and
Self-audit                                          SHA-member Hotels at the                transportation.
                                                    Leadership Level
                                                                                               LightStay also includes a “meeting

       he California Green Lodging                  •	 Doubletree	Hotel	                    impact calculator” that measures the
       Program was developed, in part,              •	 Hyatt	Regency	                       environmental impact of any meeting
       to help the hospitality industry             •	 Sheraton	Grand                       or conference held at a Hilton World-
                         minimize their             •	 Sacramento	Marriott	                 wide property. This enables meeting
                         waste, conserve               rancho cordova                       planners and corporate travel manag-
                         energy and nat-                                                    ers to consider the environmental im-
                         ural resources,
                         and to provide
                                             Certification in                               pact of hotel stays and meetings when
                                                                                            making purchasing decisions. In addi-
                         the industry
                         with practical,
                                             Process                                        tion, it provides corporate customers
                                                                                            with the opportunity to include meet-
                         real-world sug-        SHA-member Hotels in Process:               ing impact data in their own sustain-
                         gestions for sus-           •	 Courtyard	by	Marriott	              ability reporting.
                         tainability                    cal expo                               By	December	31,	2011,	all	3,500	
                         practices that              •	 Larkspur	Landing	Sacramento         properties within Hilton Worldwide’s
                         will improve           DGS will assist hotels and conference       global portfolio of brands will use
                         their bottom        centers with marketing their facilities        LightStay. Consequently, measurement
                         line.               to state employees traveling on state          of sustainability performance will become
                            The Program      business. DGS will also issue a program        a brand standard, on the same level as
                         also provides       certificate to be displayed in the lobby,      service, and evaluated accordingly as
                         well-deserved       at the registration desk or any other          part of regular, property-level reviews.
                         recognition for     prominent location at your hotel. Ad-          Source: Hilton Worldwide
                         those facilities    ditionally, DGS provide each hotel with
doing their part to help to keep Cali-       printed marketing materials: book-
fornia green.                                markers, decals and a comment card
                                             so that DGS may receive feedback from
                                                                                            Solar Panels
   Steps in the process…Go online to                                                           The Westin hotel in Westminster,        the travelers about each property.
                                                                                            Colorado, is installing solar panels,
GreenLodging.htm to apply for con-
sideration for the California Green          More Green Hotel                               which still are fairly rare in the hotel
Lodging Program, complete and re-
turn the Hotel Survey. Once your             News                                           Source: Travel Weekly

property’s green team has completed
the survey, DGS staff will contact you.         Hilton Worldwide Unveils “Light-
                                             stay” Sustainability Measurement System
                                                                                            Hotel Allows
The next step is to perform a Field
Survey at your facility. Once the field         Hilton Worldwide has unveiled
                                             LightStay, a proprietary system devel-
                                                                                            Guests to Pedal to
survey is completed, program evalua-
tion and scoring will be conducted.          oped to calculate and analyze environ-
                                             mental impact, following two years of
                                                                                            Produce Energy,
   Facilities that qualify for the pro-
gram will be rated at one of two levels      rigorous internal testing. In the first
                                             full-year	of	findings,	the	2009	LightStay	
                                                                                            Earn Free Meal
as noted below. SHA-member hotels                                                              The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen
are noted on the SHA website with a          results show that the 1,300	Hilton	
                                             Worldwide properties using the system          Towers in Denmark is offering a nifty
green lodging program logo.                                                                 promotion allowing guests to earn a
                                             conserved enough energy to power
    Participation Level                      5,700	homes	for	a	year,	saved	enough	          free meal by pedaling a power-generat-
    SHA-member Hotels at the                 water	to	fill	more	than	650	Olympic-           ing bicycle. Under the deal, guests are
    Participation Level                      size pools and reduced carbon output           invited to hop on bicycles, which are
                                             equivalent	to	taking	34,865	cars	off	          hooked up to generators, and race
      •	 The	Citizen	Hotel	                                                                 against the hotel’s solar power system
      •	 Embassy	Suites                      the road. Reductions in water and en-
                                             ergy use also translated into dollars-         to produce the most energy. Anyone
      •	 Holiday	Inn	Capitol	Plaza                                                          producing	10	watt	hours	of	electricity	
      •	 Radisson	Hotel                      saved for hotel owners, with estimated         or more for the hotel will receive a
                                             savings of more than $29 million in            complimentary meal.
                                             utility	costs	in	2009.
                                                                                            Source: MSNBC/Reuters
                                             Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	4
Golf Tournament                                   Hospitality Gala
Continued from page 1                             Continued from page 3

   •	 Reception	and	award	presenta-               tors; Michelle Seeberger, account representative III; and Clifton Lewis, manager,
      tions at Valley Hi Country Club             customer programs and services.
      immediately following the tour-                 During the Gala, two scholarships were presented to area college and universi-
      nament featuring festive food sta-          ty students pursuing hospitality and/or management careers. See separate article
      tions hosted by local hotels.               and photos this issue.
   It’s time to assemble your four-                   Special thanks to our hosts at the Doubletree Hotel—Ron Berger, General
somes for this hospitality community              Manager; Becky Eslinger, Director of Human Resources; Janet Waldie, Director
event. Enjoy golf, fun, food, and prizes          of Sales and Marketing; Charles Connell, Executive Chef; Royce Pollard, Direc-
for	$160	per	golfer.	Register	today	at	           tor of Operations; Barry Miller, Director of Catering; and Vicki Pershing, Ban-                quet Manager—for their creativity and coordination of the event.
– click on Events. Check out the golf
                                                      We also thank the event sponsors for their assistance in presenting the Gala—
course at
                                                  A Spotlight Wedding, ACE Parking, Belly Dance with Daleela, Blue Frog Photog-
Sponsorship Opportunities                         raphy, Chocolate Fountains of
Available                                         Sacramento, Cibara Motor
    Participation and sponsorship at              Corp by Ben Ali Shriners, De-
the Sacramento Hospitality Classic of-            sign by Florae, Mimi’s and
fers you:                                         Company, Party Concierge,
                                                  PSAV, Southern Wine & Spir-
    •	 Sponsorship	visibility	for	your	           its, TranceFusion Dance Co.,
       company or property;                       and Young’s Market.
    •	 An	opportunity	to	build	relation-
       ships with colleagues, clients, and            Thanks and congratula-
       vendors from the hospitality and           tions to all!
       industry in a
       relaxed atmo-
       sphere; and
    •	 An	effective	
       method of
       supporting                                                                                  Patrick Egan, At Your Service Agent (center),
                                                                                                   at the Sacramento Marriott Rancho Cordova,
       scholarships for                                                                            accepts congratulations from Elaine Huynh,
       local students                                                                              Human Resources Manager, and SHA President
       pursuing hospi-                                                                             Howard Harris as the hotel’s Employee of the Year.
       tality, culinary,
       tourism, or
    We urge you to
sign up now for a
sponsorship oppor-
tunity. Each spon-
soring company will Doubletree Hotel General Manager Ron Berger (right)
                         honors Guest Services Supervisor Ron Nettingham (center)
be provided with a       as their Employee of the Year.
sponsor sign and re-
ceive recognition at the awards
reception after the tournament
and in the newsletter recap ar-
ticle—don’t be left out!
    register today at www.sac- –
click	on	Events. Sponsorship
and Raffle Prize Donation
                                                                                                             Radisson Hotel General Manager Lisa
forms are also available on the                                                                              Wilson (right) and SHA President
website.                                                                                                     Howard Harris congratulate Summer
                                                                                                             Alvarado, Front Desk Supervisor, as the
                                                                                                             Radisson’s Employee of the Year.

                                       Embassy Suites Hotel General Manager Steve Mammet (right)
                                       honors Jhonnie Reyes (center), Breakfast Cook, as the hotel’s
                                       outstanding employee. Also shown is SHA President Howard Harris.

                                                   Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	5
Scholarships Awarded to College                                                                STBID
Students                                                                                       Advisory Board
       he Sacramento Hotel Association and the Sacramento CVB presented two
       $1,000	scholarships	to	college	students	at	SHA’s	18th	annual	Hospitality	
       Gala in April at the Doubletree Hotel.                                                  Sacramento Tourism Business
                                                                                               Improvement District
   SHA President Howard Harris, general manager at the Sacramento Hilton Ar-
den West, introduced the scholarship recipients at the Gala. A portion of the pro-

ceeds from our annual golf                                                                              oward Harris, general man-
tournament fund the                                                                                     ager of the Hilton Sacramen-
scholarships.                                                                                           to Arden West, was
   Alison Janigian is study-                                                                   appointed by the Sacramento City
ing business administration
and hospitality industry                                                                       Council to a full three-year term on
management at the Universi-                                                                    the Sacramento Tourism Business Im-
ty of San Francisco (USF).                                                                     provement District (STBID) Advisory
Ever since she was old                                                                         Board; the term is through March
enough to use the oven on
                                                                                               2013.	Harris	previously	served	on	the	
her own, Janigian was cer-
tain she wanted a culinary                                                                     Advisory Board to complete an unex-
career. In her scholarship                                                                     pired term.
                                                                                                  The Sacramento County Board of
                                                                                               Supervisors recently appointed Law-
                                                                                               rence Walters, general manager of the
                                                          SHA President Howard Harris          Sheraton Grand Hotel, to complete
                                                          presents a scholarship certificate   the balance of an unexpired three-year
                                                          to recipient Alison Janigian from
                                                          San Francisco State University.      term. Walters will serve on the Board
                                                                                               until May 2012.
                                                           materials, she wrote that
                                                                                                  Ulrich Samietz, general manager of
                                                           studying restaurant and ho-
                                                           tel management has made it          the Hyatt Regency Sacramento, serves
                                                           clear to her just how inter-        as the STBID Advisory Board Chair.
                                                           esting and rewarding a man-         The Board’s Vice Chair is Liz Tavern-
                                                           agement position in the field       ese, general manager of the Holiday
                                                           could be, although she still
                                                           has a strong desire to attend       Inn Capitol Plaza.
                                                           culinary school after college.         The Sacramento Hotel Association
                                                           Her first job in the industry       Board of Directors is responsible for
  Sarai Rodriguez accepts her scholarship certificate from
  SHA President Howard Harris; she graduated from          was at Freeport Bakery. Jani-
  Sacramento City College in May and plans to attend UC    gian is an active member of         recommending industry representa-
  Berkeley in the fall.                                    two associations on campus          tives for appointment to the STBID
                                                           at USF—the Hospitality              Advisory Board. The SHA Board plans
Management Association and the Club Managers Association. In the near future,                  to recommend hoteliers to fill two va-
she hopes to spend some time with our colleagues at the Holiday Inn Capitol Pla-
za.	Janigian	is	scheduled	to	graduate	from	USF	in	May	2013.		                                  cant seats on the STBID Advisory
   Sarai Rodriguez has been studying business administration at Sacramento City                Board.
College and graduated in May. She will be continuing her education at UC Berke-                   The funds generated by the district
ley’s Haas School of Business. At nine years old, Rodriquez and her family immi-               are used to market the involved areas
grated to the United States. As the oldest child and the only English speaker in the
family, she assumed a leadership role within her family, as well as for the family’s           as a convention and tourism destina-
housekeeping and painting business. Last summer Rodriguez interned at the Sac-                 tion, with the marketing activities im-
ramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and The Northern California                           plemented by the Sacramento
World Trade Center. She is the founding president of Dream Team Latinos. The                   Convention & Visitors Bureau. The
organization’s mission is to encourage, motivate, and advocate for immigrant stu-
dents to successfully pursue a higher education. Rodriguez also served as Treasur-             STBID Advisory Board is responsible
er and Chair of the Finance Committee for the Associated Student Government at                 for reviewing and approving the
Sacramento City College. She believes the most successful hotels and resorts need              STBID budget and marketing activities
competent business administrators to achieve their goals in a competitive market.              prepared by the Sacramento Convention
   Congratulations to our scholarship recipients. We wish them continued success               & Visitors Bureau.
as they continue their education.

                                               Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	6
                                                                                                             Options for supporting renewable
                                                                                                         power through the Greenergy
                                                                                                             •	 100	percent	All	Renewable	Op-
                                                                                                                tion: For one cent per kilowatt
                                                                                                                hour	used,	SMUD	will	match	100	
                                                                                                                percent of a company’s electricity
                                                                                                                use with renewable power for use
                                                                                                                on the SMUD power system.
                                                                                                             •	 50	percent	Advocate	Option:	
                                                                                                                For half a cent per kilowatt hour
                                                                                                                used,	SMUD	will	match	50	per-
                                                                                                                cent of a company’s electricity us-
                                                                                                                age with renewable power for use
                                                                                                                on the SMUD power system.
                                                                                                             •	 $10	Block	Pricing	(fixed	cost):	
                                                                                                                Renewable power through Green-
                                                                                                                ergy can also be purchased in
Show Customers Your Commitment to                                                                               convenient	blocks	of	1,000	kilo-
                                                                                                                watt	hours	for	$10	per	block.	
the Environment by Joining SMUD’s                                                                            By participating in Greenergy, a ho-
                                                                                                         tel is also contributing to the Greener-
Commercial Greenergy Program                                                                             gy “Build Fund.” This is an additional
                                                                                                         commitment	from	SMUD	to	match	40	
                                                                                                         percent of all Greenergy premiums
Editor’s Note: This article contribution from SMUD is part of the Association’s Green Initiative of      with investments in new sources of re-
providing information to members to evaluate “green hotel” practices/operating procedures and
develop goals and activities for members to become involved in to reduce energy usage and promote        newable power generation.
sustainable environmental practices. A companion goal to the Green Initiative is the ability to market       In	2004,	SMUD	dedicated	three	
Sacramento as a “green” destination to meeting professionals and visitors.
                                                                                                         wind turbines in Solano County to
                                                                                                         produce electricity specifically for the

        lthough the focus of the busi-                friendly hotels during business trips,”            Greenergy program. The turbines are
        ness world the past 18 months                 said	Sandy	Butts,	a	SMUD	Key	Account	              now generating enough renewable en-
        has been the Great Recession,                 Manager for commercial customers. A                ergy directly from the wind to provide
going green hasn’t gone dark. As an                   major driver is the California Depart-             power	for	more	than	800	homes.
April 18 Washington Post story noted,                 ment of General Services Green Lodg-                   A number of local hotels are mem-
“U.S. hotel companies are competing                   ing Program, which encourages state                bers of Greenergy. SHA-member ho-
to out-green each other nowadays.”                    and local government workers who                   tels that are already members of
    To help local hotels show guests                  travel on business to seek out and give            Greenergy are:
their green side, SMUD offers its                     preference to “green hotels” certified
                                                                                                             •	 Marriott	Hotel	–	Point	East	
Commercial Greenergy Program. By                      by the program (                        Drive, Rancho Cordova
enrolling in the program for a small                  gov/lodging/GreenLodging.htm).
                                                                                                             •	 Marriott	Courtyard	–	Tribute	
extra monthly charge, SMUD com-                          “To help hotels, the Sacramento                        Road, Sacramento
mercial customers support the use of                  Convention and Visitors Bureau and
energy created from Earth-friendly re-                other local agencies and associations                  For more information about
newable resources like solar, wind,                   are working closely to market Sacra-               SMUD’s commercial Greenergy Pro-
biomass, geothermal and low-impact                    mento as a green destination for trav-             gram, hotel managers should call their
and small hydro.                                      elers,” Butts said. “Having a green                SMUD commercial account represen-
                                                      initiative at your hotel impacts overall           tative, or visit
    “We know these are tough times for
the hospitality industry,” said Michelle              hotel guest satisfaction according to                  “If a hotel manager is interested in
Seeberger, a SMUD Commercial Ac-                      the	2009	North	American	Hotel	Guest	               joining Greenergy,” said Butts, “we
count Representative. “But you may                    Satisfaction Index Study.                          would set up a meeting and have spe-
be surprised to find out that guests are                 Joining SMUD’s Commercial                       cific information about the hotel’s
still wondering: ‘How green is my ho-                 Greenergy Program is one way to                    electricity usage and other pertinent
tel?’ By joining Greenergy, hotels can                show that a hotel is committed to the              information, which would help us de-
distinguish themselves from the rest of               environment. To help hotels get the                termine the best option for the hotel.”
the crowd and show their commitment                   word out about their membership as a                   Some websites on green hotels:
to sustainability.”                                   SMUD Greenergy partner, the pro-                       •	 California	Green	Lodging	
    Membership in Greenergy could be                  gram includes the following:                              Program:
part of a comprehensive green move-                      •	 On-site	display	materials,	includ-                  lodging/GreenLodging.htm
ment at a hotel that could be good for                      ing window decals and recogni-                   •	 Green	Hotels	Association:	
business and the environment. This is                       tion plaque.                              
important in a market such as Sacra-                     •	 Acknowledgement	in	local	paid	                   •	 Environmentally	Friendly	Hotels:	
mento. As the state’s capital, it gets a                    media advertisements and on                         www.environmentallyfriendlyho-
lot of travelers from local, state and                                             
federal government agencies and                          •	 A	promotional	kit	that	includes	                 •	 I	Stay	Green:
departments.                                                tools and suggestions to help a                  •	 U.S.	Travel	Association:	
    “Many of these travelers are mandat-                    business promote its participation.       
ed by local, state or federal requirements                                                               Source: SMUD
that they stay at environmentally-
                                                       Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	7
SHA Honored With a People Helping
People Award

       he	Sacramento	Hotel	Association	was	honored	at	the	2010	People	Helping	                         In	2007,	SHA-member	hotels	and	
       People Awards Luncheon with the award in the Service Club/Association                        vendor companies and their employees
       category. SHA President Howard Harris accepted the award on behalf of                        partnered with Hands On Sacramento,
the Association at the April 22 luncheon at the Radisson Hotel. The event drew                      the City of Sacramento, and the
more	than	500	Sacramento	area	business	and	community	leaders	to	honor	the	50	                       Southside Park Neighborhood Associ-
plus nominated companies, civic organizations and individuals for their exempla-                    ation for a community park revitaliza-
ry service to the community.                                                                        tion project.
   The Sacramento Hotel Association was recognized for coordinating an annual                          Special thanks to Steve Mammet,
service project—The Hospitality Industry Helping in the Community—to benefit                        Immediate Past President of SHA and
local neighborhoods.                                                                                general manager of the Embassy
   Congratulations to all the team leaders and team members who have partici-                       Suites, for originally bringing the com-
pated at the past three annual community service projects. We also thank our                        munity service initiative to the SHA
project leaders from the city and project venue sites, with a special thank you to                  Board of Directors.
Mary Lynn Perry, volunteer coordinator for the City of Sacramento, for nominat-                        “Despite the economic downturn,
ing SHA for this award.                                                                             businesses and individuals are contrib-
   At	the	Association’s	2009	project	in	October,	more	than	200	employees	of	Sac-                    uting their time and talents to commu-
ramento’s hospitality industry offered a day of improvements, donations and                         nity service projects more than ever,”
community pride to the South Natomas Community Center and Park, the Com-                            said Nancy Findeisen, president &
munity Garden Program, Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center, and several                         CEO of the Community Services Plan-
other venues in the South Natomas area. Volunteers completed a variety of out-                      ning Council. “The nominees this
door and indoor tasks for this service project, including landscape cleanup, gar-                   year were particularly impressive in
dening, painting, and the sorting of donated books and clothing.                                    the innovative ways they found to give
                                                                                                    back and each demonstrated the pow-
   The	2008	community	service	project	took	place	in	North	Sacramento,	with	                         er of volunteerism to transform people
service projects at the Hagginwood Community Center and Park, Stanford Settle-                      and communities.”
ment Neighborhood Center, the Higher Learning Academy, the Caring Neighbor-
hoods Program, the Community Garden Program and Twin Rivers Unified School                                          n n n
                                                                                                    About the People Helping People
                                                                                                       In 1989, the Community Services
                                                                                                    Planning Council initiated the People
                                                                                                    Helping People Awards to promote
                                                                                                    community service and to assure that
                                                                                                    the civic contributions of time, talent
                                                                                                    and resources by businesses, civic or-
                                                                                                    ganizations and individuals were hon-
                                                                                                    ored and encouraged. Proceeds from
                                                                                                    the People Helping People Awards
                                                                                                    luncheon benefit two Community Ser-
                                                                                                    vices Planning Council programs,
                                                                                                    Hands On Sacramento and 2-1-1

                                                                                                    About the Community Services
                                                                                                    Planning Council
                                                                                                        The Community Services Planning
                                                                                                    Council is a catalyst for communi-
                                                                                                    ty change, providing health and hu-
                                                                                                    man services information for the
                                                                                                    public, engaging people in collabora-
                                                                                                    tive planning, conducting policy analy-
                                                                                                    sis on health and social issues,
                                                                                                    developing innovative programs,
                                                                                                    building coalitions to effectively re-
SHA President Howard Harris (top photo-center) accepts the Service Club/Association Achievement     spond to emerging community needs,
Award at the April 22 People Helping People Awards Luncheon at the Radisson Hotel.                  and offering training and technical as-
Congratulating President Harris on “The Hospitality Industry Helping in the Community” annual       sistance in community planning, mobi-
community service project are Michelle Odell, Public Affairs Director, Kaiser Permanente South
Sacramento and Chair of the People Helping People Awards Host Committee, and Ben Webster,           lizing and program development so
Local Office Shareholder, Littler Mendelson, and Chair of the Community Services Planning Council   people can improve their communities.
Board of Directors.

                                                    Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	8
4th Annual SHA Community
Service Day
Saturday, September 25, 2010
The Hospitality Industry Helping in the Community

     he Sacramento Hotel Association, in concert with the City of
     Sacramento and the Volunteer Center of Sacramento, invites
     you and your colleagues to volunteer for SHA’s 4th annual
community service event.

Revitalization of Community Park and Neighborhood Centers
   Spend the morning giving back to our community…volunteers are
needed for a variety of outdoor and indoor tasks for this service
project…landscaping/gardening, facility maintenance, sorting of
donated items, card-making activities, information packet assembly,
and more.
   Rally your hotel or company team together for the September 25
event. Be one of the individuals taking action to tackle critical
community needs. After the work, we’ll have time to celebrate the
support provided to the community—breakfast and lunch provided by
sponsoring hotels.

Location/Assemble Teams
  Oak Park Community Center
  3425	Martin	Luther	King	Jr.	Boulevard,	Sacramento	
We’ll be working at several different sites in the Oak Park community.

Schedule—Saturday, September 25, 2010
  Morning Carpool to Oak Park Community Center
  7:30am	–	8:00am	Grab	&	Go	Breakfast/Registration
  8:00am	–	8:30am	Project	Overview/Team	Assembly
  8:30am	–	12:30pm	Community	Service	Project	Tasks
  12:30pm	–	1:30pm	Picnic	Lunch/Awards/Thanks

Note: All volunteers must be at least 12 years* of age.
   All volunteers are required to sign a release waiver on September 25
before beginning project tasks. *Volunteers between the ages of 12
and 17 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian accompany
and participate with the minor in the volunteer project. Note: Not all
tasks are available to volunteers who are 12 to 17 years of age.
   The Sacramento Hotel Association also invites you to participate as
we collect a variety of items for donation to the community.
   additional project details will be outlined in the event posters and
volunteer sign-up forms that will be distributed to sha-member hotels
and vendor companies this summer.

                                        Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	9
                                                                                             Hotels Standing Up
                                                                                             to Fight Reviews
                                                                                             By David Wilkening, TravelMole

                                                                                                        hen it comes to reviews, ho-

HR Professionals Group Meets                                                                            tels are starting to fight back.
                                                                                                        They are taking a “particu-
                                                                                             larly aggressive stance against anony-
Focus on Social Media                                                                        mous reviews found on such sites as
                                                                                             Yelp or Trip Advisor,” says The Wash-

     HA’s Human Resources Professionals Group met in mid-April at the Dou-                   ington Post.
     bletree Hotel Sacramento to learn about the upside and downside of social                   Once the hotel has identifying in-
     media.                                                                                  formation in hand, it might thank the
                                                                                             poster for the good review—perhaps
  Hoteliers face a quandary in today’s social media realm: how to use the medi-              with a gift basket.
um to effectively market their brands while maintaining control over the massive                 In the case of a negative review,
amount of information on the Internet.                                                       however, it might send an email asking
                                                                                             for either reconsideration or a chance
    Social networking, and the social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twit-
                                                                                             to readdress what was wrong with the
ter, blogs, etc.) that support it, has fundamentally changed the way in which we             person’s stay, according to the
communicate. As a result, it is essential that businesses implement an effective so-         newspaper.
cial networking strategy.                                                                        “A negative review could earn a
   John Lisle, principal, Outback Solutions (, was the              poster a black mark in the guest data-
                                                                                             base. Such tactics, though—on both
featured presenter. He graciously submitted these overview notes for this article.           extremes—could backfire against the
   Here are a few key points to keep in mind in your social networking                       industry,” says the newspaper.
interactions.                                                                                    Efforts by the hotel to pressure a
                                                                                             guest to remove a negative review—or
      1. Set social networking goals.                                                        reward a guest for a positive one—
      2. Social networks enhance not replace face-to-face networking.                        would be seen as fraudulent by both
                                                                                             TripAdvisor and consumers, says April
      3.	Listen	before	you	leap!	Find	out	what	is	being	said	about	your	topic,	              Robb, a spokeswoman for
         hotel, or company before you launch into social networking. Check out               TripAdvisor.
         Google Alerts                                                    Hotels should try to answer nega-
      4. Social networks are best used to create visibility and credibility, not just        tive reviews even if they don’t know
                                                                                             who posted them, according to Daniel
         to advertise or sell. Let others do the selling for you.                            Edward Craig, a former hotel general
      5. Social networking is a learned skill. It requires ongoing attention and im-         manager turned consultant.
         provement.                                                                              “Some would say that online re-
                                                                                             views deserve even more time than in-
      6. Speak in your voice about what you know. Be compelling, proactive and               ternal surveys, as the feedback is just
         consistent.                                                                         as—if not more—valuable, and the
      7. Integrate your social networking presence with your website, email and              impact is public,” he said.
         other marketing tools.                                                                  His advice includes responding to
                                                                                             any feedback that is damaging to a ho-
      8. Be transparent, but be careful. Pay particular attention to social media            tel’s reputation, even if simply to ac-
         privacy settings.                                                                   knowledge the issue and apologize.
   Finally, it is important to understand that participation in social networking is             Also, don’t fear negative reviews, a
                                                                                             Forrester Research report advises.
like getting a dog at the pound. It’s free until you get the dog home! Similarly,
                                                                                                 Forrester	recently	evaluated	4,000	
there is no entry fee for most social media platforms, but be prepared to commit             reviews in the Electronics and Home
time, energy, and thought to your involvement. All of which equal or cost money!             & Garden categories on the Amazon.
   The	HR	Professionals	Group	is	co-chaired	by	Kim	Dunbar,	regional	director	of	             com	site	and	found	that	more	than	80	
                                                                                             percent of the reviews were positive—
human resources for Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants, and Richard Hernandez, di-                and the negative reviews were general-
rector of human resources at the Hyatt Regency.                                              ly considered helpful to consumers.
   In May, directors and managers at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento participated                   While the data was derived from a
in a social media workshop presented by John Lisle from Outback Solutions.                   retail website, Forrester says these
                                                                                             findings are applicable to any vertical
   Special thanks to Becky Eslinger, director of human resources at the Double-              site from travel to auto, financial ser-
tree Hotel, for hosting the April roundtable.                                                vices, or healthcare.
                                                                                             Source: TravelMole
  Watch for future HR meeting notices via email.

                                             Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	10
                                            U.S. Summer Travel Industry News
                                              Outlook: Mostly Embassy Suites to Launch Retail Site
                                                                  Hilton is launching a retail website
                                               Sunny           for its Embassy Suites brand, offering
                                                               guests the chance to buy items found
                                                    By David Wilkening, TravelMole            in rooms such as duvet covers and alarm

                                                            ew observers expect travel        clocks. Items on the site, embassysuites-
                                                            volumes to return to pre-, will not be priced at full
                                                            recession levels of mid-          retail price but at lower markups to cover
                                                                                              website maintenance and promotional
                                                    2008	but	pent-up	customer	                costs, a company official said. The site
                                                   demand is driving improvements in          launched in mid-May.
                                                  most segments of the summer                 Source: USA Today
                                                    “People seem to feel more confi-          Hotel Chains and iPhone apps
                                             dent about travel and the economy in                Hotel chains such as InterContinen-
                                         general,” said Genevieve Brown, senior ed-           tal Hotels Group, Starwood, Choice,
                                                 itor of travel website Travelocity.          and Hilton, have all launched an app
                                                            “Last year, they (by-             for Apple iPhones.
                                                          passed) all trips. Demand           Source: USA Today
                                                          was abysmal. This year,             Travelers Can Print from
                                                         they’re going to travel come
                                                          hell or high water,” Rick Se-
                                                                                              BlackBerry Smartphones to Hotel
                                                          aney, CEO of FareCompare.           Printers with HP ePrint
                                                          com, told USA Today.                   Hilton Worldwide announced in
                                                                                              April that guests will have the ability
                                                   A Travelocity poll of more than            to print wirelessly from their Black-
                                               2,000	travelers	says	about	half	of	re-         Berry®	smartphones	at	1,300	hotels	
                                              spondents plan to travel more this              worldwide within the company’s port-
                                            year, while only seven percent plan to            folio of brands. Hotel guests can use
                                            travel less.                                      HP ePrint, an innovative mobile print-
                                     According to the U.S. Travel Association, lei-           ing application to print from a Black-
                                 sure travel is expected to rise two percent; business        Berry smartphone to any printer in the
                              travel 2.5 percent; and international travel into the           PrinterOn® network of public printers,
                      U.S, three percent this year.                                           called PrintSpots®. Thirty percent of
                                                                                              the PrintSpots are located at hotels
                       “Projected growth in leisure travel is an indicator of rising          within Hilton Worldwide’s portfolio,
consumer confidence and disposable income,” said Suzanne Cook, senior vice                    allowing guests around the world to
president of research for the U.S. Travel Association.                                        print documents from their BlackBerry
   In the airline market, about 2.2 million passengers per day will travel globally           smartphones to a printer at their hotel.
on	U.S.	airlines	between	June	1	and	August	31	of	this	year,	according	to	forecasts	              For information on all of the Print-
by	the	Air	Transport	Association	of	America	(ATA).	That’s	202	million	passen-                 Spot locations worldwide, including
gers,	or	one	percent	more	than	the	same	period	in	2009.                                       participating hotels in Hilton World-
   The bad news for airline passengers is that the deeply cut capacity in recent              wide’s portfolio, visit
years will not restore seats quickly enough to match the anticipated rise in de-              Source: Hilton Worldwide www.
mand for the summer season, according to analysts.
   Summer hotel occupancy will increase 2.2 percent this year over last, reaching             Seattle Hotel Introduces 24-hour
63.1	percent	nationwide,	according	to	STR.	Average	daily	rates,	however,	will	                Rooms
continue	to	decrease,	falling	1.9	percent	from	summer	2009	to	$95.16.	Finally,	                  The Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle is in-
revenue	per	available	room	will	be	virtually	flat,	increasing	0.2	percent	to	$60.03.          troducing what it calls a new concept
   “While demand for hotels this summer will be brisk and will continue to pro-               in hotel guest room occupancy—offer-
vide positive recovery momentum, rate growth remains a concern,” STR Vice                     ing guests complete 24-hour guest-
President Brad Garner said in a statement.                                                    room access, instead of the usual
                                                                                              designated check-in and check-out
   Meeting Professionals International (MPI) members surveyed recently reported               times. As an example, if a guest checks
that a majority, or 58 percent, think current business conditions are better than a           in	at	6:00	p.m.,	they	will	be	invited	to	
year ago. Almost two-thirds look forward to improved business conditions in the               occupy the room for a full 24 hours,
future.                                                                                       or	until	6:00	p.m.	the	following	day.	
Source: TravelMole                                                         Pan Pacific’s Hotel in Seattle will be
                                                                                              beta testing this new service until June
                                                                                              30	of	this	year,	according	to	a	news	re-
                                                                                              lease. “Based on its success of allow-
                                                                                              ing guests to control their 24-hour
                                                                                              day, the program will be rolled for-
                                                                                              ward indefinitely,” it says. Guests are
                                                                                              welcome to arrive prior to the typical
                                                                                              4:00	p.m.	check-in	time;	however,	
                                                                                              rooms will be based on availability
                                                                                              upon	check-in	if	prior	to	4:00	p.m.
                                                                                              Source: David Wilkening, TravelMole www.
                                              Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	11
Member News                                Welcome New                                       Young’s	Market	Company
                                                                                             3740	Seaport	Boulevard
   Kent Peterson is the new general
manager for the sacramento marriott        Members                                           West Sacramento, CA 95691
                                                                                             (916) 617-4415
rancho cordova marriott. Peterson                                                            (916) 662-4112 Mobile
                                           Professionals                                     (916) 617-4417 Fax
has	more	than	35	years	of	experience	
                                           fairfield inn sacramento cal expo       
in the hospitality industry. Most re-
                                           1780	Tribute	Road                       
cently, he was the general manager of
                                           Sacramento, CA 95815                              Edward Revak, C.S.W., Casino &
the Marriott Cornhusker Hotel in Lin-
                                           (916)	920-5300                                    Hotel Specialist, Sacramento/Tahoe
coln, Nebraska. Welcome!
                                           (916)	920-5377	Fax
   The Sacramento                                            Scott Abraham, Vice President,
CVB has appointed                                          Division Manager, Sacramento
Jeff Poole as its                          Doug Warren, General Manager                      Perry Payne, Vice President, Director
Washington, D.C.                                                                             of Sales, On Premise
representative. Poole                      Associates                                        Jon Barham, Vice President, Division
will focus on national
                                           coolerZone                                        Manager, Sacramento/Tahoe
associations in the
                                           13321	Grass	Valley,	Suite	6                       Services: Distributor of fine wines and
Washington, D.C
                                           Grass Valley, CA 95959                            quality spirits. Producers represented:
area. He has more                                                                            Bacardi Family, Brown-Forman, Proximo
                                           (530)	274-9030
than	20	years	experi-                                                                        Spirits, Wilson Daniels, William Grant &
                                           (530)	274-9447	Fax
ence in hotel sales and service, includ-                                                     Sons, Infinium Spirits, White Rocket, Heck
ing positions with Hilton, Sheraton,                                                         Estates, Trinchero Family Estates, Kobrand,
                                                                 Delicato Family, Don Sebastiani and Sons,
Rosen and Omni Hotels. Poole
                                           Bob Arnds, President                              Michael~David Winery, Winebow, Remy
launched,	JPS	Marketing	in	2004,	pro-
                                           Services: CoolerZone offers water and cof-        Cointreau, Purple Wine Company,
viding mid-sized cities an affordable                                                        Benziger, and Cakebread Cellars.
                                           fee service catering to commercial accounts
option for regular sales presence in the   in Northern California. CoolerZone
D.C. market.                               installs and maintains water and coffee
   bobbie singh-allen has been named       systems. Our unique products include bot-
as executive vice president and chief      tle-less water systems that do not require
                                           the expense and inconvenience of water
operating officer for the california       jugs. Our Keurig single cup coffee systems
lodging industry association (clia).
Singh-Allen is recognized as a leader in
                                           have been a hit with our hotel clients, espe-
                                           cially the in-room brewer that provides             Events Calendar
the tourism and hospitality industry.      the guest with an excellent product, and
Most recently, she served as vice presi-   leaves virtually no clean-up for staff. The
                                           CoolerZone business culture offers no risk
dent of government & legal relations       or long term contracts common in many
for the California Hotel & Lodging         industries. We want our customers to do            •	 friday, June 18, 2010
Association. Singh-Allen will oversee      business with us because they’re getting              SHA Luncheon Meeting
the planning and directing of CLIA         good service at a fair price, not because             Hyatt Regency Sacramento
programs to assure that objectives are     they are bound to us by contract. If your          •	 July and august
achieved and members’ needs are met.       properties are using water or coffee, we              No SHA Luncheon Meetings
                                           urge you to consult CoolerZone to see if
CLIA’s	new	mailing	address	is:	2520	       we can improve your current service and            •	 saturday, september 25, 2010
Venture	Oaks	Way,	Suite	150,	Sacra-        lower your cost of doing business.                    SHA Community Service Project
mento,	CA	95833;	telephone:	916-                                                                 The Hospitality Industry Helping
925-2915,	fax:	(916)	924-7323,	www.        national appeal of northern
                                           california                                            in the Community                                                                                         Oak Park Community Center
                                           1079	Sunrise	Avenue,	Suite	B-189
   Congratulations to michelle see-        Roseville, CA 95661                                •	 monday, october 11, 2010
berger with smUd; she was honored          (916)	390-4748	mobile                                 Sacramento Hospitality Classic
in	May	at	the	Sheraton	Grand	for	35	       (916) 791-1497 office                                 Golf Tournament
years of service with the District at      (916) 791-1497 fax                                    Scholarship Program Fundraiser
SMUD’s Recognition Dinner.                                  Valley Hi Golf Club
                                                              •	 friday, november 19, 2010
                                           Rick Palmer, Owner                                    SHA Luncheon Meeting
                                           Services: National Appeal® offers state-of-           Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
                                           the-art deep cleaning and restorative services     •	 tuesday, december 14, 2010
                                           for maintaining carpets, draperies, upholstery,
                                           tile & grout, odor control, and other                 SHA	Holiday	Reception	•	Toy	
                                           customized solutions for the hospitality              Collection	•	Board	Election
                                           industry. National Appeal® has developed              Radisson Hotel Sacramento
                                           a unique turnkey vendor solution referred
                                           to as “The Hotel Hygiene System” that
                                           guarantees complete compliance with
                                           manufacturers’ specifications for the proper
                                           maintenance and care of your property’s
                                           assets. To accomplish this, “The Hotel
                                           Hygiene System” utilizes highly trained
                                           personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, tested
           P.O. Box 276567                 procedures and our very own exclusive
     Sacramento, CA 95827-6567             custom-formulated chemicals. As a result,
                                           we are able to deliver unrivalled performance,
 (916) 441-6110 | (916) 932-2209 Fax       efficiency and value to our customers.        National Appeal is an Avendra “Preferred         Vendor.”
                                           Sacramento	Hotel	Association	•	June	2010	•	12

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