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									                       Mid-South Model United Nations

                         A CLOSER LOOK AT

      Mid-South Model United Nations is a student-run organization that hosts an annual
conference simulating the United Nations for high school students in and around the Mid-South
area. In the burgeoning global marketplace of ideas and goods, it is critical for high school
students to be exposed to the challenges and rewards of international diplomacy and cooperation
between nations. The annual MSMUN conference at Rhodes College engages delegates in
negotiation and compromise as they create resolutions offering solutions to these problems. By
taking on the persona of a diplomat from an unfamiliar country, high school students are
afforded a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in another worldview by learning the
history, geography, economics, and politics of a new culture. It is crucial for future leaders to
have a multicultural and global perspective on current affairs, and it is this perspective that we
hope to teach at our conference.

      The MSMUN 2012 motto is “Through discussion all things are possible.” Model UN is a
role-playing activity. By entering into their roles as diplomats, students gain a hands-on
understanding of the intricacies of world diplomacy. Students are given the opportunity to see
international relations in action, a far more exciting and comprehensive learning experience than
any textbook or lecture can provide. Committees simulate real UN debate in structure,
environment, and agenda.

Mid-South Model United Nations is a conference wherein the process is more important
than the product. We hope our conference can demonstrate the potential of the United Nations to
serve as a forum for the discussion and resolution of international issues. The successful
MSMUN delegate is one who has experienced the thrills and overcome the frustrations of
international diplomacy, while learning not just international affairs, but also the necessity of
                       Mid-South Model United Nations

      Mid-South Model United Nations 2012 features General Assembly committees, the
Social and Humanitarian Committee, Disarmament and International Security Committee, the
Security Council, Human Rights Council, World Health Organization, SPECPOL, International
Court of Justice, and the International Press Corps. Each organ works towards the same goals—
the promotion of peace, cooperation, and understanding—but the specific topics and approaches
differ from one body to the next. Delegates meet in committee sessions on Friday, Saturday and
Sunday to craft resolutions in response to their committee’s specific topics. The delegates are
only required to prepare a position paper for each topic in their assigned committees. Papers
should address the current position, past government actions and United Nations involvement of
the represented country. The position paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12-point
font and minimum of one double-spaced page and maximum of two pages per topic.

      The Mid-South Model UN staff provides several services to assist delegates in on-site
research and resolution preparation. Computer labs are maintained for composing and printing
resolutions and amendments. Conference Services (Home Government) acts as a reference
department in which students can look up last-minute facts to support their debating points,
receive guidance on their national positions, and conduct research via the Internet. In addition,
the International Press Corps broadcasts news updates highlighting late-breaking news occurring
within the various committees.

      The MSMUN staff is happy to provide schools with preparatory materials and guidance.
Those schools requiring assistance in establishing MUN teams should contact the Secretary
General for assistance. MSMUN will accommodate those schools requesting personal visits,
provided the request is made at least two weeks prior to the requested date. MSMUN publishes
and distributes detailed background papers introducing the topics to be discussed at the
forthcoming conference. Students and advisors are also welcome to contact the chairs listed in
the background papers with any topic or committee-specific questions.
                        Mid-South Model United Nations

Secretariat Staff
The MSMUN staff consists of undergraduate college students with a wealth of Model UN
experience and knowledge. From preparing the background materials to working with the
delegates during the conference, the staff enjoys facilitating the conference and is dedicated to
promoting our motto.

SECRETARY GENERAL: Elizabeth Tomlinson

Registration fees are $25 per delegate, payable only by a non-refundable personal or corporate
check or money order made out to the Rhodes College. This fee covers all of the basic services
provided by the conference (the Information package, delegate handbooks, preparatory materials,
credentials, A Guide to Delegate Preparation, etc.), a t-shirt and supplies. MSMUN asks that the
total payment of each school be made with a single check or money order. Faculty advisors are
responsible for ensuring that the payment is received by MSMUN. Please send fees with the
registration packets by November 15, 2011. MSMUN staff will not process applications
without the registration fee.

America’s Best Inns and Suites 1.888.298.2054 Starting rate: $69
1837 Union Avenue 1.901.278.4100 Distance: 1.55 miles
(on corner of McLean)

Hampton Inn 1.800.HAMPTON Starting rate: $87
5320 Poplar Avenue 1.901.683.8500 Distance: 6.7 miles

Holiday Inn Express 1.901.276.1175 Starting rate: $111
1180 Union Avenue     Distance: 2.1 miles

Comfort Inn Downtown 1.901.526.0583 Starting rate: $121
100 North Front Street Distance: 3.42 miles

Sleep Inn at Court Square 1.901.522.9700 Starting rate: $150
40 North Front Street   Distance: 3.47 miles
                      Mid-South Model United Nations

 Please contact the Staff with any questions you may have regarding the conference. We look
forward to hearing from you.

 Secretary General
Elizabeth Tomlinson
Department of International Studies
2000 North Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112

 Rhodes College Contact
Dr. Stephen Ceccoli
 Department of International Studies
 Rhodes College
 2000 North Parkway
 Memphis, TN 38112

 Under-Secretary General
 Jon-Cody Sokoll
 Department of International Studies
 Rhodes College
 Memphis, TN 38112
                        Mid-South Model United Nations

H O W C A N M S M U N H E L P Y O U?
       MSMUN is a full-service Model UN conference. We don’t believe in just signing you up
and saying “see you in February.” In addition to the preparatory materials we provide, registered
delegations will receive constant contact prior to the conference from the MSMUN secretary to
assist you in your preparations. Members of our secretary will be glad to help you at any time;
feel free to contact MSMUN by mail, phone, or e-mail with any of your questions about
preparing for the MSMUN conference. Some of the specific areas in which we can provide
assistance are:


       MSMUN secretary members are available to point you in the right direction, whether to
UN documents, magazines, consulates, personal contacts, or other sources of information to
assist you in your background preparations for the conference.


       MSMUN secretary members are glad to help and make recommendations for all your
hotel and travel arrangements. We can answer most of your questions with just one phone call or
e-mail and we will put you in touch with the proper person if we don’t have an answer.


      MSMUN’s secretary members will gladly visit Model UN classes or clubs in the Mid-
South area to assist in their preparations for the conference. If interested, please simply contact
the Secretary-General at least two weeks prior to your requested session.
Mid-South Model United Nations

October- January         MSMUN staff will be available to visit local schools to answer questions
about the conference and aid your delegates with training in research and parliamentary
procedure skills. If interested, please contact the Secretary General at least two weeks prior to
the requested session.

November 15, 2011 *Registration Forms and Fees Due. Announcements of
 country selections will posted on the website November 21.
 Applications will still be accepted with the $25 late
 submission fee after this date, until January 15th.

January 15, 2012 Position Papers Due. Typed and properly formatted position
papers will need to be e-mailed to the Secretariat using Microsoft
Word at Position papers received after this
date will not be eligible for awards. The delegates are discouraged
from preparing a resolution prior to the conference.

February 3-5 Conference!
                          Mid-South Model United Nations

The conference will conclude no later than 1:00PM on Sunday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

4:00-6:30 Registration in Buckman Lobby/Dinner Break
6:30-7:30pm Opening Ceremonies
7:30-9:30pm Session I

Saturday, February 4, 2012

9:00am-12:00pm Session II
12:00-1:30pm Lunch Break
1:30-5:30pm Session III
5:30-7:00pm Dinner
7:00-9:15pm Session IV
9:15-11:00pm Game Night

Sunday, February 5, 2012

9am-11:45pm     Session V
12:00-1:00pm    Closing Ceremonies & Awards

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