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					                                        Alphabet Frequency
Fill the grid below with the alphabet letters contained in the following paragraph from an article
about recycling. Place one letter in each square, until the grid is filled. You will not need the
entire paragraph.

Residential recycling is widely credited with
conserving dwindling garbage-dump space, saving
money, and protecting the environment. Besides it
makes people feel good.

Complete the chart using the information from the
grid above. Round percents to the nearest tenth.

             Count Ratio Percent                           Count Ratio Percent
1     A                                     14     N
2     B                                     15     O
3     C                                     16     P
4     D                                     17     Q
5     E                                     18     R
6     F                                     19     S
7     G                                     20     T
8     H                                     21     U
9     I                                     22     V
10    J                                     23     W
11    K                                     24     X
12    L                                     25     Y
13    M                                     26     Z
Which Five consonants and which vowel appeared the most frequently in the paragraph?

The game show Wheel of Fortune indicates that the letters RSTLNE are good choices for the
contestant. Do your findings support this? Explain

If you were trying to stump a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, what would be a good word or
phrase to use?

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