Did Sigmund Freud Contribute To The Modern Civilization? by kri500


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Did Sigmund Freud Contribute To The Modern

Although civilizations don't form just like that, unlike the 'pocket civilizations'
of the past, the formation of Modern Civilizations is much more complex. It has
taken centuries to form and there is no single entity, country, continent, or
gender that has formed it. While in terms of gender, both sexes have
contributed, in terms of race, all races have done so. Similarly, several
revolutions, ideologies, and personalities have contributed to its formation.
Although it sounds strange, while even communism has contributed to its
formation, amongst the giant personalities, even Sigmund Freud has done so.

It is true that world has changed so much since the days of Sigmund Freud,
when he was a towering figure respected by many. Surprisingly, despite so
much of the prestige he had in his days, he is the only thinker who has been
derided by so much. Once labelled the 'Father of Psychology', now the New
Yorker even debunks him as a thinker. As if the then feminists were much
ahead of today's psychologists and reporters, they had criticised Freud a long
time ago. It is a different story that patriarchy refused to listen to the ranting
of a few masculinised women, as the Freudians called them.

Rebuked by feminists, then by all today, it must be mad to believe that Freud
contributed to the formation of the Modern Civilization. The simple answer to
this is the conundrum that the world was very different at the time when
Freud brought out his theories. He must be judged by the standards of his time
and the things he gave to the then world, not by today's standards.
The surprising thing is that this man, who was born as Sigismund on the 6th of
May 1856, in the Czech Republic, became a professor extraordinaire in 1902
following the publication of 'Interpretation of dream' and later died in Britain
in 1939, is criticized even now by the media moguls like the Times. This itself
speaks volumes about the gift of this man. Even if he was wrong, he was the
man who started the 'man is psych' and was regarded as the Father of
Psychology. Unlike fathering a child, this title needs much more.

Although often seen as para-science, Psychology now grabs the respect of
science itself. It has produced both researchers and professionals who help
many patients. Although his demeaning of women is legendary, almost as a
blessing in disguise, he is the one who started sthe exual revolution that made
women become aware of their body's powers. Furthermore, cruel to women,
human history has not been nice to the children either. It was not unusual for a
parent to tell the teacher, 'You can beat the hell out of him but make him
become a good student.' Freud alerted the world about the effect of trauma
on kids.

Analysing this psychoanalyst, the strange sounding book 'Women's Power: Its
Past, Its Present, Its Future: Femocracy' discusses in much more detail why this
man was important in the formation of Modern Civilization.

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