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Ways to Keep Safe While Traveling Solo

Traveling alone can open you up to some new and exciting experiences, but it can
also increase the likelihood that you will become the victim of a crime. The
following article has plenty of smart tips that will help you stay safe while you
are traveling solo.

You should be aware of what is around   you at all times. That may seem like a given,
but so many people are so overwhelmed   with the sights and smells of the city around
them, that they forget to stay aware.   While you should most definitely enjoy
yourself, you should carefully survey   your surroundings regardless of where you are.

While traveling at night is a good way to take advantage of lower flight rates, this
is not a good choice for someone that is traveling alone. It is okay if you are
going to a city that you are familiar with in most cases, but if you are going
somewhere new you should be traveling during the day. Most criminals strike at night
and you want to make sure not to make yourself vulnerable to them.

Never let any strangers know that you are traveling alone. You may see a nice
looking person with a pleasant face, but do not let that fool you. Be polite and
enjoy their conversation if you are in a very public area. Never give them any clue
that you are alone and never give out any of your hotel information.

If you have anything that is of value, it should be on your person as much as
possible. You do not want to have to worry about any of your things getting stolen
wile you are enjoying your travels. Use the safe at the hotel you are staying at if
you have anything valuable that is too large to carry around with you.

While you should have a little cash on you when you travel, the majority of your
money should be in traveler's checks. It is usually advised that you take credit or
debit cards in order to increase the convenience, but using them may rack up a lot
of fees that can be avoided if you use traveler's checks.

Check in with your family and friends as often as possible when you are traveling
alone. You want them to know that you are fine so they don't worry, but you can also
advise them of any moves you plan on making during your trip. This will come in
handy if something happens to you because they will know what to tell the proper
authorities as far as your whereabouts are concerned.

Go with your first instinct, even if it turns out to be incorrect. It is much better
to be safe than to be sorry.

As stated above, traveling alone can be quite exciting, but it can leave you
vulnerable to crime. Use the advice given to you in the article above to make sure
that you remain safe and sound while on your next solo trip.
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