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					Dean Vary

Evaluation for website

My media product challenges the basic conventions of a drug website, because most drug websites
are not direct with the message they are trying to save. In contrast to this my website is very
forward in the message that it is trying to instruct the visitor of the website to do. However it I have
also followed the basic conventions of a drug website, by ensuring that there is a section on the
website for the visitor to make sure they have a helpline, fax line and the website to help them. Also
by using a before and after shot of what drugs can do to a person physically as well as internally,
which I saw firstly on the website:
your-face/ .

I show that the social group of drug takers are not only endangering their lives but people around
them as well, I use the shock tactic when people visit my website in the hope that it will be able to
make them see clearly for the first time and show that there is help and they do not have to stay in
that social group.

By building a website on weebly I was able to experience a new technological part of the internet.
Before I began this website I was clueless as to what weebly was, let alone to the fact that it would
open doors in the making of a website in a simple and efficient way. Weebly allows you to add
pictures, videos and even documents to your website with a simple drag and drop, also being able to
experience the ways in which I could change the background font size, font colour, background
colour and much more on a website. Overall I experienced a totally new technology when making
this website and was able to grasp it quickly, however I still believe that there are some elements I
have not yet explored.

In my preliminary task I was only able to create a school website, with a picture and tab. I was at a
very basic level when I created my preliminary task; however on my main task that completely
changed I was able to add a video, several tabs and also audio all of which aid in creating a
Dean Vary

professional website. It is hard to imagine how far along I would have came in such a short space of

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