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					                                2009/2010 DONATION NEEDS LIST

The Veterans Car Show/Volunteers for Veterans Foundation donated funds to the Loma Linda VA that
are earmarked for the following arears. Additional funds will remain in our account to be used throught
the year as needed for Veterans and Military organizations.

       ITEM                                                  DESCRIPTION
Satellite Television   Inpatient Television Service, variety of channels for the comfort and entertainment of
Subscription           patients
Televisions            Replacement television for patient rooms within Medical Center to replace broken
                       or repairs tvs
Social Work Service    Outreach services, to include clothing (gift cards) food (Stater Bros), gas cards, bus tickets
& Homeless             and other emergent needs, such as overnight housing, etc.
Glasses & Bifocals     Purchasing glasses for Veterans that are not eligible for VA assistance

Women Veterans         Women’s Health Fair & Breast Cancer Awareness
20 Pocket Talkers      For hearing impair inpatients use
(2NE) unit
Community Living       Mobility Rock Chairs for Palliative Care residents to promote comfort and moving ability
Center                 when visiting family/friends during their end of life experience.
Nursing Service and    Cove Recliners assist residents with advanced illness to decrease the number of falls and
Community Living       provide comfort and decrease patient’s anxiety. To include patients who have issues with
Center                 standard wheelchairs.
OIF-OEF Recent         Physical and mental rehabilitation to include assistance with, Stater Bros. food coupons,
Returning Combat       Wal-mart gift cards, bus and gas cards, etc.
Recreation Therapy     Encourages veterans to be physically and mentally active in their own rehabilitation.
(to include 2NE)       To include Games, outings, etc.
                       Video Game Systems, vidio games & Basketball hoops & basketballs for patients

Incarcerated           Support of veterans who have been incarcerated or are serving probation to get needed
Veterans Support       medical services to return to society as a productive member. They are often close to being
                       homeless and need a helping hand until other funds become available. Support includes bus
                       ticket to VA appointments, clothing and meals.
In-Patient Phones      Ongoing need for in-patient bedside phones
Patient Comfort Cart   Daily visits by volunteers to patient beside to meet daily needs for toiletries and personal
                       hygiene items
Volunteer Coffee       Coffee and donuts to patients who are waiting in clinics, E.R., modules, etc. Provides
Cart                   warmth, calms nerves and attitudes.
Newspaper              Provided to in-patients The Sun and Press Enterprise
Helping Veterans thought out the year in need of a helping hand ( rent, car repairs,car insurance, and
utilities) until other funds become available.
Rent, car ins

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