Income Tax Calculator AY 2012-13 by maneeshchoudhury


DOB (dd/mm/yyyy)
Assessment Year        2012-13
Period                 From 01-04-2011 to 31-03-2012

                                  COMPUTATION OF INCOME AND TAX
Income from Salary                                                     Rs.   -

Income from House Property                                             Rs.   -

Income from Other Sources:
Income excluding Lottery Income                              Rs.   -
Lottery Income                                               Rs.   -   Rs.   -

Income from Capital Gains:
Long Term Capital Gain                                       Rs.   -
Short Term Capital Gain other than u/s 111A                  Rs.   -
Short Term Capital Gain under section 111A                   Rs.   -
Total Income from Capital Gains                                        Rs.   -

Income from Business and Profession                          Rs.   -   Rs.   -
Total                                                                  Rs.   -
Less: Current Years Losses to be set off:
House Property                                               Rs.   -
Business Loss                                                Rs.   -
Other Sources                                                Rs.   -   Rs.   -
Income after Set Off                                                   Rs.   -
Less: Brought Forwar Losses Set Off:
House Property                                               Rs.   -
Business Loss                                                Rs.   -
Other Sources                                                Rs.   -
Long Term Capital Gains                                      Rs.   -
Short term Capital Gains                                     Rs.   -   Rs.   -
Gross Total Income                                                     Rs.   -
Less: Allowable Deduction Under Chapter VIA                            Rs.   -
Total Income                                                           Rs.   -
Add: Agricultural Income                                               Rs.   -
Aggregate Income                                                       Rs.   -
                       Income Tax
                       Tax at Normal Rates                   Rs.   -
                       Tax at Special Rate                   Rs.   -
                       Less: Rebate for Agriculture Income   Rs.   -   Rs.   -
                       Add: Education and SHE Cess                     Rs.   -
                       Total Tax and Cess                              Rs.   -

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