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					                                                     NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA

                                                                           Vidyalayas are
                                                                         located all over the
                                                                          country including
                                                                          Lakshadweep and
                                                                            A & N Islands
                                                                         except the State of
                                                                          Vidyalaya Samiti
                                                                          has Eight Region
                                                                         There are 565 JNVs
                                                                            in all over the

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                          NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI
                               JAIPUR REGION
                                                                       All Navodaya
                                                                       Vidyalayas of
                                                                     Delhi, Rajasthan
                                                                        & Harayana
                                                                     States are comes
                                                                    under the Jaipur
                                                                    Region. There are
                                                                      55 JNVs in this
                                                                    region, in which 2
                                                                      of Delhi Union
                                                                     Territories, 21 of
                                                                     Haryana State &
                                                                      32 of Rajasthan

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                   INTRODUCTION TO DHOLPUR
        Dholpur (also Dhaulpur) is a city in eastern-most parts of the
        Rajasthan state of India. It is the administrative headquarters
        of Dholpur District and was formerly seat of the Dholpur
        princely state, before Independence.
        Dhaulpur became a separate district in 1982 comprising four
        tehsils of Bharatpur: Dholpur, Rajakhera, Bari and Baseri. It is
        bordered by Bharatpur district of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh
        to the north, Madhya Pradesh to the south, Karauli district to
        the west and Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh to the east.
        Dholpur is between Agra and Gwalior (each about 55
        kilometres from Dholpur) and is 250 kilometres from Delhi. It is
        on the main Central Railway track and the National Highway
        No. 3, on Delhi-Bombay Road. At its railway station, the town
        name is spelled "Dhaulpur".

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         The JNV, Dholpur is ideally housed near Purani Chhawani. It
        is 6.5 kilometres away from Dholpur City and is situated on
        Dholpur-Bari Road.
         The School is category' A‘.
         The aim of the vidyalay is to impart quality education to the
        students to enable them to take the All India Secondary School
        Examination and Senior Secondary Certificate Examination of
        the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
         The School Moto is “Come for Education and Go to Serve”.

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                      OBJECTIVE OF VIDYALAYA
         To serve the objectives of excellence coupled with equity and
        social                                                        justice.
          To promote national integration by providing opportunities to
        talented children, largely rural, from different part of the country,
        to live and learn together and develop their full potential.
          To provide good quality modern education, including a strong
        component of culture, inculcation of values, awareness of the
        environment, adventure activities and physical education.
          To ensure that all students of Navodaya Vidyalaya's attain a
        reasonable level of competence in three language as envisaged in
        the         Three           Language           Formula;           and
          To serve, in each district, as focal point for improvement in
        quality of school education through sharing of experience and

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        The School is affiliated to CBSE and offers the following
        subjects :-
        a) Classes VI to VIII : English, Hindi, Maths, Social Science, Gen
        Science and Oriya (Regional Language)
        (b) Classes lX & X: English, Hindi, Maths, Social Science and
        Gen Science
        (c) Classes XI & XII : (i) Science Group: English, Hindi, Physics,
        Chemistry, Maths or Biology (ii) Humanities Group: English,
        Hindi, History, Geography and Economics.
        ( d) Computer Education, Arts and Craft, Physical and Health
        education are also given equal importance.

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        All Students take part in Physical Training including
        gymnastics in the morning and attain a high standard. The
        School has well equipped gymnasium. Games in the evenings
        are compulsory for all students. The School has an adequate
        number of playgrounds so that all the students can play
        outdoor games simultaneously. Facilities for various games and
        sports, viz, Cricket, Basketball, Handball, Table Tennis, Hockey,
        Volleyball, Squash, Yoga and Athletics are available.

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        These activities play an important part in the training
        imparted to the students. The scheme provides ample scope for
        the development. of the students' creative faculties and skills in
        fine arts and crafts. In order to develop their hobbies, cadets
        join various Clubs viz Photography, Music, Drama, Science,
        Environment and Gardening, Arts & Craft etc.

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                                HOUSE SYSTEM
        Students live in hostels which are organised into Ten Houses
        namely Aravali Sr., Nilgiri Sr., Shivalik Sr., Udaigiri Sr., Aravali
        Jr., Nilgiri Jr., Shivalik Jr., Udaigiri Jr., Girls Sr., Girls Jr..
        Each house has a designated House Master & Associate House
        Master who are generally senior member of the Academic Staff.
        The number of Students in each House is reasonable to ensure
        that the House Master is able to know every boy well.
        In addition to a House Master & Associate House Master, each
        house has masters attached to it as Tutors. Their specific duty
        is to oversee the general progress of their tutorial groups inside
        and outside the classrooms.
        Girls House has a Matron to look after the personal comfort and
        welfare of the Girls Student.

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        The Vidyalaya has a Mess where it provides to the students a
        well-balanced, palatable and nourishing diet. The students are
        served three meals a day. The daily menu invariably includes
        fresh fruits, milk, butter, jam, eggs, cereals, vegetables and
        meat / fish / chicken. Separate arrangements exist for
        vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A carefully drawn- out menu
        provides dishes as varied and appetizing as possible.

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                     HEALTH & MEDICAL CARE
        The School has a two-bedded M. I. room with a full time Staff
         Special care is taken of the health of the students. Detailed
        medical history charts are maintained for each students and a
        careful and accurate periodical record of height, weight and
        chest measurements is kept. Medical inspection of the students
        is carried out periodically.
        Students needing special treatment are sent to General
        Hospital, Dholpur.

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        The School has Two Multimedia Projectors and 4 T. V..
        Educational and feature films are screened in the school time
        to time.

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        Admission to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas is made through National Level
        Competitive Examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary
        Education and the children are admitted at class VI level. Children are also
        being admitted against the vacant seats in class IX and in class XI also
        through       Regional      Level       Examination/Marks        in      the
        previous qualifying examination. Education in Navodaya Vidyalayas is free
        of cost. A total of 75% of seats are reserved for rural children and a
        minimum of 33% of seats are reserved for girls. SCs/STs also have due
        reservations of 15% & 7.5% respectively.            The Scheme envisages
        establishment of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, one in each district of the
        The medium of the test is in 21 Indian languages and is largely non-verbal
        and objective in nature and is so designed that talented children from rural
        areas are able to compete without suffering a disadvantage. All the children
        who have studied in and passed from Class V from any recognized school of
        that district and are between 9 to 13 years of age are eligible to appear
        JNVST for Class VI.

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                            SCHOOL MAGAZINE
        The School Magazine is published every year at the end of
        Academic Session and distributed to the Cadets against annual
        charges. Cadets and the teaching staff from the Literacy
        Society are responsible for its production.

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        The School has a well stocked Library with approx 11000 books.
        It caters for various Newspapers and Periodicals of eduction
        and entertainment value. A Career Information Cell has been
        added to provide additional information to readers.

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                           Sl. No.      Name of Student          Year            Selected

                              1      Sumit Mittal         2005             AIPMT

                              2      Lakhan Kashyap       2006             AIIMS (MBBS)

                              3      Santosh Meena        2007             IIT

                              4      Munendra Meena       2008             AIEEE (MNIT)

                              5      Divyanshu Kothari    2008             AIPMT

                              6      Mahesh Meena         2008             IIT Chennai

                              7      Praveen Sharma       2009             AIEEE (MNIT)

                              8      Chandrakant Meena    2009             AIEEE (MNIT)

                              9      Rajat Goyal          2010             IIT

                             10      Devendra Meena       2010             IIT

                             11      Chikku Shekhar       2010             IIT

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                                  FUTURE PLAN
        Our Vision for the next Two Years
        Academic excellence: 0 % failure with all First division +75%
        JNVST registration: Target Minimum 10% increment Every Year.
        Computer literacy to be undertaken as common programme in the
        nearby school.
        Awareness of the population: Education to be spread in the village.
        Computer competency in students (Who Stay in JNV) to find
        themselves eligible for any profession.
        Music, Sports & Arts not as a hobby, but as a career to be taken by
        the students to pursue a purposeful future in the days forming the
        very foundation during their stay in JNV.
        To live up to the hopes and aspiration of NVS.
        To produce at least 20 candidates for SGFI.

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                                PHOTO GALARY

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