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									Stain Your Floors With Stain Concrete
With a stain concrete floor you don't have to hang expensive art work on the wall. The floor says
it all! Decorative concrete has now become a popular choice for residential, commercial, and
industrial floorings. Besides the fact that it looks fantastic, it also helps you to save energy.
Concrete is a porous material and hence quickly absorbs heat or cold. It stores this and releases it
slowly thereby controlling the temperature for a longer period.

How do you stain concrete: You can stain your concrete through paint, use pigmented concrete,
or acid stain the concrete. Acid staining is preferred as it is permanent and gives out a translucent
and spotted finish that looks attractive. Concrete soaks up the acid and reacts with the minerals
within to give out the desired color. Since this discoloring isn't superficial, the color does not
peel or flake, nor does it fade easily. But if you are going to use this to stain your patio, it is
likely to be exposed to direct sunlight; hence make sure that you buy acid that is guaranteed by
the manufacturer not to fade. You can even combine it with other techniques like engraving,
sand blasting, etching, and stenciling to create a dramatic effect.

Costs: The cost of stain concreting your floor depends on several factors like the size of the floor,
surface preparation requirements, and the complexity of the job. If you're looking for a basic
design with a single coat application and minimum surface preparation, the job wouldn't cost
more than $2-4 per square foot. But if is a complex job and involves faux finishing with multiple
colors and designs, the price can be as high as $15. But these costs do not really matter when
considering factors like longevity, and replacement (when compared to wood and ceramic tile).
As earlier stated, the colors do not fade easily and even if they do, touch up is inexpensive.
Besides, contractors reduce rates when the total square footage of the job increases.

DIY? There are several stores that sell DIY Acid Staining Kits. The internet too is full of videos
and articles that teach you to acid stain concrete. But unless you are experienced or are creative
enough, it's best to leave this job to an experienced professional. They can create the most
wondrous designs and create faux flooring effects effortlessly. Stains can be applied by using
various tools like spray bottles, sponges, rags, eyedroppers, and even feathers. The job allows for
artistic expression, and certainly needs one who is creative.

Small Kitchen Makeover Tips
Getting the most out of a small space can be tough-especially when it's a kitchen. With the right
interior design layout, your small kitchen can be transformed into a work of art without the
costly add-ons of additional space. Use these tips and techniques for small kitchen makeovers
and you can be sure you'll get a kitchen space that may be small but will provide you with the
most bang for your buck.

One of the biggest ways to make a smaller room feel larger is by changing the colors to a more
neutral and lighter shade and tone. Using your best kitchen design ideas and neutral tones or
colors can help to make your space feel larger as well as create a sterile and clean looking
environment in the kitchen.
Color Tip: Be sure to use shades of white offset with other stark accent accessories and colors to
create a more open feel in the kitchen.


When installing tiles in the kitchen space, you can make the flooring appear larger by adding a
decorative border. Whether you're using tile for flooring or for a backsplash, you can bet a
contrasting border color will make a big splash with your small kitchen design.
Border Tip: Choose a border color that is opposite or next to your main tiles color on the color
wheel to create a perfect match for your tile colors.


Getting the most out of any small space begins and ends with efficiency. How efficient is the
rooms design? Small appliances might not help a kitchen feel larger if they are all crammed
together. Create an open and airy layout in small kitchens to prevent the space from feeling too
Efficiency Tip: Be sure to keep the kitchen triangle in mind with your kitchens interior design.
When the sink, stove and refrigerator are within the triangle, a super-efficient layout can be


Good storage space is the cornerstone of any small kitchen space. Be sure cabinets, counter
spaces and kitchen islands all have the maximum amount of storage potential possible to ensure
your small kitchen space remains free from clutter and confined by its own appliances and
Storage Tip: Designing your own kitchen storage can be tough. Use a cabinet company's
computer aided design programs to help make your existing cabinet space as storage efficient as
possible and transform your interior design ideas into reality.

How To Create A Contemporary Bedroom
With a calming and clutter-free ethos, going for a strong, modern theme in the bedroom is likely
to appeal. The big attraction of a minimalist décor is the feeling of space and the possibilities for
showing off the latest designer buys. It's also a perfect compromise for couples thanks to its
unisex vibe. Clean living is a look that many of us strive to achieve in our sleeping havens as it
helps to encourage relaxation, but it can be quite tricky to pull off.
Planning is crucial and once you have your sleek and chic décor in place, you'll need to work
extra hard at keeping your boudoir that way. The 'less is more' rule seriously comes into play
here, showcasing one eye-catching feature in all its glory for instant 'wow' factor. This could
include a super-size bed, the most luxurious linen around or an iconic chair, with the rest of your
scheme somewhat understated so as to not distract from it. When it comes down to choosing
furniture, simplicity and geometric shapes are paramount, with an emphasis on cutting-edge
design and the finest textures. Pale wood works to ensure the ambience is always fresh and
bright while dark leathers and rich timbers bring a sense of warmth, and can be enhanced by
white accents.

It's also a good idea to add in reflective materials, from glass to chrome, to give an illusion of
space. Excellent storage is the secret to success for many a modern bedroom. A huge, wall-to-
wall wardrobe, bespoke furniture, preferably customised to fulfil every requirement, should be at
the top of your shopping wish-list to keep clutter controlled and organised.

Bulky wooden units are definitely a big no-no think shiny gloss lacquer or mirrored sliding doors
wardrobe on versatile fitted furniture that maximises every centimetre of space instead. The
latest systems include solutions for all eventualities by cleverly combining shelves, rails,
drawers, partitions plus a multitude of baskets, so there's absolutely no excuse for scattered
Jimmy Choos on the floor or this season's must-have coat thrown over a chair. In addition to the
essential wardrobe, it's wise to introduce a bedside table so you can put a chic lamp on display,
and, if you need a chest of drawers, make sure it's both modular in design and handle less, to
continue the seamless flow.

When minimalism fist made its name, a stark all-white décor was deemed to be the only viable
option, and, in reality, it can run the risk of looking clinical and hard. The latest trend for 21st
century contemporary style is for a much softer, more flexible palette. A mix of white, grey and
black is still very much in vogue, but stronger accent tones like plum and olive are coming
through for an injection of life and personality. Opt for crisply coloured walls to achieve a clean
and unfussy backdrop for your designer furnishings and add carefully chosen cushions and
throws in neat lines. Why not treat yourself to some new linen for an immediate revamp? Try
limes and pinks on a pale cover for the ultimate in urban cool. There's much more scope these
days for you to explore your own specific likes and dislikes as you're free to embrace a touch of
tint here and there, as well as add those items you've fallen totally in love with.

Three Decor Tips For Your Home
When decorating a room, many people worry about the larger items like furniture and wall color
and forget about some of the smaller things. There are several smaller items that will help finish
off a great design and pull the room together. Following are a few pieces that can be easily
incorporated into your next design project.

1. Rugs
Rugs can be used in several situations throughout the home and look fantastic when matched
with your decor. There are numerous designs available which makes it easier to mix and match
other items in your room. Rugs can be used in a number of ways as in under a table, in the
hallway, and under the bed just to name a few. They go well with any type of flooring. It does
not matter if you have carper, hard wood, tile, or laminate. A rug will definitely enhance your
flooring and give your room an extra sparkle.

2. Light switch plates

Wall switch plates are one of the most overlooked items when it comes to room decor. It must be
that we are so used to the plain old white switch plates that are standard in most homes. There
are numerous types and styles of wall plates available. These range from plastic, to stone, to
metal, to tile, and many more. You will definitely have an easy time finding the right plate for
your switches and outlets. Since there is such a huge variety available it will be easy matching
your existing decor. Switch plates are not that expensive and should be included in every room

3. Lamps

Another item that is often overlooked, are lamps. Most people do not think about adding a lamp
to their rooms design because they are satisfied with the ceiling light that they currently have.
Sometimes adding a reading lamp next to your sofa or an accent lamp in the corner of the room
can do wonders and add some extra charm to your design. With a low price tag, a accent lamp
should definitely be used in any room design.

As you can see there are several items that are easily overlooked when people decorate their
rooms throughout their home. These simple items can be very effective in putting the finishing
touches on your designs. These accent pieces will definitely make a difference without
overpowering your theme. So next time you shop for room decor, do not forget the rugs, switch
plates, and lamps.

Invest In Bathroom Lighting Fixtures For
That Gorgeous Look
However, the taste of the modern households is changing and they are opening up to the latest
ideas to enhance the gorgeous appeal of the bathroom. For this purpose, you can now find wide
range of bathroom lighting fixtures in the market. These fixtures can even make a simple looking
bathroom look immensely attractive and appealing. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in such
fixtures. However, here you will find a few important aspects that support your decision to invest
in these lighting fixtures.

1. Bathroom Lighting Fixtures Add Glamour
If you buy the stylish fixtures of bathroom lighting then you can add the glamour quotient
immaculately. For the modern housing styles, different types of trendy fittings are easily
available in the market. However, you have to be careful while selecting the light so that the
fittings do not cast shadow and light up the area properly.

2. Chandelier lighting
You can also enhance the appeal of your bathroom by fitting the modern lights above large
mirrors. As per the size of the mirror, you have to decide on the number of light bulbs. Suppose
you have a bigger bathroom then you should install a big mirror and several lights on top of it.
Chandelier lighting can be good choice to place over the mirrors.

3. Provides Sufficient Light
Many bathrooms lack sufficient lighting. You can find plenty of modern lighting fixtures that
can light up the atmosphere. You may desire to highlight certain portions of your bathroom for
example, the basin area, shower, commode, etc. You can find multiple bathroom lighting fixtures
that can highlight definite portions of your bathroom in an aesthetic manner. Days are gone when
one or two lights were considered enough for a bathroom. Now you should go for the multiple

4. Huge Variety
Nowadays, you can find plenty of lighting fixtures that are available in diverse forms, shapes,
colors, number of bulbs, etc. It is not difficult to find those perfectly matching lights for your
bathroom. You can visit your nearest light-fittings stores and check out the available collections.
You can also opt for the online sites that sell these fixtures and it would help you to find plenty
of option to choose from. Whether you prefer small Chandelier lighting to add elegance or want
large contemporary settings, you can find every possible variety to make your bathroom look

Considering the above reasons, you might be convinced that investing in bathroom lighting
fixtures will increase the appeal.

Tile: The Classic Timeless Flooring
Tile has been used for thousands of years as a durable and decorative covering for floors and
walls. There are many places today where ancient and modern examples of decorative patterns
and scenes in mosaic tile can be viewed that are simply stunning. While most of us may not be
artistic enough to conceive of such elaborate tile work as this, tile is not at all difficult to work
with and it is always beautiful when applied to floors and walls.

Most people think that tile is too expensive to use on a budget. This could not be further from the
truth. Many very nice ceramic tiles can be purchased for less than $1 per square foot. It is far less
expensive than carpet or wood floors and you can install it yourself if you wish, instead of
having to pay for professionals to do the job.
Laying tile requires only a few simple tools and supplies. Many home improvement stores have
free classes where you can learn to lay tile in about 1 ½ hours, and they provide hands on
training. At the same store you can purchase your tile and all of the tools and supplies you will
need. Here are the things you will need:

      Tile
      Adhesive to secure it to the floor
      Mortar mix or grout for the specific type of tile
      A mixing tool that attached to your drill like a drill bit
      A mortar spreading tool
      A tile cutter
      Spacers to keep your tile properly aligned
      A tile sponge
      Tile sealant

If the floor you wish to tile is level you will not need anything else. If it is not level, you will
have to deal with that before applying tile. ¾ inch plywood can be screwed down over the entire
floor in order to level it.

It is important to buy sufficient square feet of tile for the entire area at one time. This is because
ceramic tile in particular is made in batches. If you have to go back later for additional tile, it
may be from a different batch and the color may not be an exact match.

Not only do tiles come in a variety of sized, they also come in a variety of colors and materials.
There are specific types of adhesives and mortars, for specific types of tile. Tiles come in glass,
ceramic, marble, granite and other stone materials. Mortar comes in sanded and un-sanded
versions. Glass and other tiles that can be scratched require un-sanded grout. There are also
different adhesives for different tiles. The store where you purchase your supplies can help you
to match the appropriate products to the tile. You will also have to choose a color for your mortar
or grout. In some cases you can match the grout to the tile color and in others you may want to
use a contrasting color. Mortar and grout usually comes in neutral colors, so if you choose a
colorful tile you will not be using a matching mortar.

Laying tile is not complicated; it just takes a little time to get it aligned correctly. You need to
start at one end of a room and make sure your tile ends at an exit. You cannot walk on it until the
adhesive material sets, and you will need to leave the spacers in until it does. Usually 24 hours
will insure that it is dry. The mortar you choose will come with directions for mixing and

If you wish to lay tile in patterns you will want to choose more than one color. The easiest way
to figure out how much of each color you need is to lay it out in scale on a piece of graph paper
with colored pencils or markers. This allows you to create your design, rearrange it and perfect
it. It will also allow you to easily figure how many tiles of each color you need. Just be sure to
get a few extras of each in case you damage one when cutting them.
The next time you need a new flooring surface, why not try tile? You can do it yourself, and it is
easy to clean and maintain. When it is properly applied it is also waterproof.

How to Choose Wall Mirrors For Your Home
Mirrors are elegant pieces which can definitely make your home look more pleasant. You can do
a lot of decorating with mirrors. You can make them as centerpieces or complimentary
decorative pieces in your residence.

There are certain tricks to making these mirrors work in your home. The key there is finding the
right wall mirror suitable for the theme or design in the rooms. Also, there are so many options in
the market that finding one might be a tad trickier than usual. You have to do some careful
planning so you can find an ideal mirror that will add beauty to every room of your house.

Tips For Choosing Wall Mirrors

1. Plan where you are going to place the mirror first.

Which areas of the house are in dire need of an accessory? Do you have a wall that is bereft of
any style or design? Is your hallway looking empty and dull? Does your kitchen lack sparkle? If
you know where the mirrors will go, you can easily find a good mirror design that is most
suitable for your needs.

2. Choose mirrors that will work with your existing design

Mirrors go especially well with metal-embossed furniture. If you have mirrored bedroom
furniture such as a dressing table, though, you might want to skip the large wall mirrors.

The trick here is working with what you have and using your existing room design as inspiration
for the mirror you are going to buy.

If you have metal-embossed furniture. for instance, such as those long side tables you prop on a
corner, you can have a long matching mirror with embossed frames hung on top of it. If you have
mirrored bedroom furniture, you can buy a mirror with the same frame colour as your bedroom
furniture to complement the design.

3. Choose durable mirrors especially when you are going to install it on cabinet doors

Installing floor to ceiling mirrors on a walk on cabinet or a large wall cabinet with sliding doors
is a nifty way of making the room look larger than it really is. It creates the illusion that the room
is two times longer. However, make sure this is really durable.
Since you will be sliding the doors and possible banging it on walls or blunt objects, you need
the mirror to be resistant to scratches and bumps so you do not end up damaging it and replacing
the whole mirror wall. Look for a good mirror manufacturer.

4. Choose the right size

You want the mirror to be in sync with the proportion of the room and your furniture. You do not
want to put so many mirrors, a large one at that, if you already have mirrored bedroom furniture.
Otherwise, the room will be inundated with mirrors. Know how to strategically place the mirrors.
Choose the right size so they fit in the corner of the room you delegated them to.

5. Choose the right frame

Make sure the frame stands out from the rest of your furniture n the room. If you have metal-
embossed furniture in the room, try looking for a framed mirror with metal-embossed frames as
well. If you can't find any, just look for one that accords closely with the design of your

6. Make sure the mirror is functional as well.

Check your reflection. Does it flatter your appearance or does it magnify your pores. You can
use it to check your reflection for the last time before going out.

7. It should be easy to maintain

If you are installing it in a living room, it should be presentable enough to your guests. It should
not be prone to dust collection. Mirrors with frames that have wooden carvings might be a tad
difficult to maintain because dust might collect in the crevices. Make sure you opt for wood
treated with special paint or coating that will keep dust away.

Wall mirrors can highlight the style of your room so make sure you consider incorporating them.
Find a way to make them work with your mirrored bedroom furniture or your metal-embossed
furniture. With their versatility, you should not have any problems creating a nice modern look
in your room.

5 Inexpensive Interior Design Ideas
Getting the most out of your interior design project starts with saving money. But when you're
limited on funds, it can be difficult to pick and choose the best materials for your design project.
Use these five inexpensive decorating ideas and you might get a design idea that you can both
afford and love.

Mirror Collage
Smaller inexpensive mirrors are a great way to decorate any room in the house. From bedroom
designs to bathroom areas, mirrors make for a cheap way to decorate. Mirrors can also work
great as a functional piece of art. By using a little bit of mirror mastic and a few small mirrors,
you can easily create a mirror collage to enhance any design theme.

Painting Techniques

From sea sponge to strie, painting techniques can vary as much as your decorating ideas do.
Whether you're working on a romantic themed bedroom or you're looking for the ultimate in wall
coverings for your bathroom, painting techniques can make for an affordable change to any
room. And with such a drastic impact for such a small cost, it's sure to be a cost effective strategy
for decorating any space.

Wall Tile

Tile isn't just for bathrooms and kitchens. It can be used in all sorts of rooms for all sorts of
interior design projects-and all for cheap. Tile work is an easy to do yourself home improvement
project. If you've never tiled before, it's best to start with an affordable project like a kitchen tile
backsplash. With just a little elbow grease, a few tools and basic materials you can affordably
create the kitchen design of your dreams.

Window Inserts

Front entryways can be boring and bland when they are just the typical blank door slab. Decorate
the inside and outside of your home with an affordable door glass insert. A window insert can be
easily cut into any existing door, creating an instant affordable change that looks like a million
dollar work of art.

Crown Molding

If you're handy with a hammer and nails, you can easily install your own crown molding. With a
simple tape measure, miter saw and a few tips and techniques for cutting, you can easily
transform you spare bedroom into the ultimate den design for just pennies on the dollar. Best of
all, crown molding comes in a wide variety of affordable shapes and styles, ensuring you get the
perfect design for your budget design project.

The Best Way to Arrange Pictures on a Wall
There are actually lots of things that will help you decide the best way to arrange your picture
frames including your own preference, common sense, and the current fashions that are going
around. The tips below will enable you to begin your work.

A Sizable Single Frame
Give a big picture importance and allow it to command the wall on which it hangs by hanging it
by itself. Oftentimes this really only works with a pretty big picture frame; just be sure that you
give some attention to scale.

Numerous Frames that are Identical in Size

Hanging pairs in a diagonal pattern with a little bit of overlap is an attractive arrangement that
was preferred in the mid-twentieth century, and continues to be. Many folks prefer, however, for
pairs of frames to be positioned symmetrically either beside one another or vertically, with one
frame aligned above the other one.

Groupings of Three Frames

Even though sets of three are generally hung up in a symmetrical way, this doesn't have to be the
case. For example, three fun pictures in bright blue picture frames can look great in a child's
room when hung asymmetrically, either in a diagonal line, or the two outer frames level with the
third in the middle, either slightly higher or slightly lower than the other two. Another attractive
arrangement, depending on the wall, would be a symmetrical layout with one frame hanging
directly above the first one and the third hung to the side of the first frame (like an "L" shape).

Combinations that have Four Frames or Possibly More

When you have got four frames or more, in that case you would normally arrange them either in
a straight line, or a block-like pattern such as a square or rectangle. You will want to take a look
at these extra tips if the frames you have are varying measurements rather than a set.

Designing a Picture Wall

Groupings of mixed sizes and styles are incorporated into a cohesive design on a photo wall.
You may want all of these picture frames to be the same kind of frame or have a similar theme,
maybe all in black or silver frames; but simultaneously these groups of photos can be a mixture
of multiple colors and kinds. You can easily display all kinds of things in these frames, such as
sports keepsakes, family pictures, vacation pictures and different art forms. Some picture walls
even include other items like little mirrors, sconces, or other extras.

Even while there isn't one perfect layout for your wall of photographs, there are still a few
guidelines you really should follow. A cluster of photos will seem more normal when you
incorporate a little spontaneity. That having been said, try and develop a little bit of symmetry
without causing it to look symmetrical - to accomplish this, line up the top or bottom of a frame
with the one next to it. Achieve balance so no single area looks too heavy or too light by varying
the picture frames and separating ones that have thick and thin sides. You shouldn't space the
frames a whole lot farther apart then roughly four inches between them. When you go much
farther than this, pictures will begin to look like they are by themselves.

Lastly, pay attention to the basic shape of the arrangement - the outer border, whenever it can,
should form a basically symmetrical shape, such as a rectangle or oval. Try to imagine this: if
you were to draw the shape on the wall, would the frames be balanced within it? If this is the
case, you should have for yourself a nice picture wall design. However, you will neat to make
some adjustments if it isn't.

Have patience and follow the guidelines suggested, and you are sure to end up with a wall
arrangement that everybody will admire.

Some Benefits of Bamboo Blinds
If you are looking for some form of blinds or curtains for your rooms then there are many
different options available to you. You can of course get regular curtains, net blinds, roller
blinds, shades and many other forms to let you control how much light gets into your room.
However with bamboo roller blinds you will get a huge number of benefits and this is one of the
most versatile and attractive options there is for your consideration. That then, is what we shall
be looking at here.

Bamboo blinds are drawstring blinds that are of course made from bamboo wood rather than
plastic or carbon fiber. They can be pulled up or dropped down using the chord and at the same
time the angle of the horizontal 'slats' can be altered. This right away gives them the benefits of
other roller blinds, which is to give you the greatest number of options regarding your lighting.
In this respect, these kinds of blinds are almost the equivalent of dimmer switches allowing you
to gradually increase or reduce the amount of light that comes in. You of course can pull the
roller blinds down to any height and so cover only a portion of the window - ideal if you want to
just prevent glare. Alternatively though you can have the blinds down, but then alter them in
order to let in several thin shafts of light which is not only highly atmospheric but also gives you
a useful 'half way' point between letting the light in completely or completely shutting it out.

This makes the roller blinds ideal for the kinds of situations in which there is too much light but
you don't want to completely shut yourself away. If it is a very nice sunny day but you
unfortunately find yourself having to stay cooped up to work, then it can feel hot and
claustrophobic if you completely draw a pair of curtains and mean you aren't making the most of
the day. With roller blinds of any sort you can pull the blinds down so that you don't get the glare
on your computer screen, and so that the room doesn't get very hot (they will provide excellent
shade), but at the same time you can let in some of that natural light that makes you feel fresh
and energetic. With the window open behind the blinds you can enjoy the fresh air too.

Bamboo blinds in particular are ideal for this. Part of the reason for this is that they look natural
and they are thick enough to completely block the light where it hits it. Plastic slats are often left
wanting when trying to block the rays of the sun meaning that it can be hard to sleep if it's light
outside, and meaning that some light still gets through only muted. With bamboo the shady
patches really are shade, and the natural look and feel makes a room far more wholesome
feeling. Bamboo is also a highly resilient and very good quality wood, meaning you can rely on
it not to deteriorate right away forcing you to replace your blins.
Designing a Cool Teen Boy's Room
Designing a room for your teenage boy isn't as difficult as it seems. The key is knowing what his
hobbies are and what he likes to do with his time. Involve your teen in the design process so you
can come up with a cool design that you both can agree on.

Room colors for boys are usually very different from girls' rooms. Boys tend to like darker,
cooler colors, such as black, brown, blue, and green. That doesn't mean you can't throw splashes
of brighter colors in the room. Paint the walls his favorite color, or a more friendly shade of it.
You can also use an accent wall of his favorite color with a neutral color on the remaining walls.

Using cool wall art or decals is a great way for your son to have a cool and unique room. Based
on what he likes, you can create a theme for the room. If he loves the outdoors, camping, fishing,
or hunting, you can include some of these elements in the room design. If he likes video games,
his favorite video game characters can become fun wall art in his room. If he likes the ocean and
surfing, a cool wave of blue can wash over the entire room. If your teen is a soon-to-be sports
star, or just enjoys playing around from time to time, let him show off his inspiration with pieces
of equipment or apparel from his favorite sport or team.

You can also liven up his room by adding accents of the color of your son's favorite sport. For
instance, if he plays basketball, splashes of orange can be added throughout the room. You can
use yellow if he's into tennis, or green if he likes golf. Adding pops of these colors will also help
give the room a cohesive design.

Wall murals are great for showing off your son's favorite hobbies or patterns. He can have a full
wall covered with his favorite sports stadium, city skyline, video game graphics, or movie scene.
Surrounding your teen with his favorite hobby can transform the room. Hang surfboards on the
wall in a unique way or some of his sporting equipment to show off his favorite sport. If he's into
the military, you can use this pattern throughout the room without overdoing it.

Teen's styles and preferences are always changing so don't do anything too permanent. Wall
murals are easy to install and change. Using multi-functional furniture is also a great way to
make sure your room design can change as your teen grows. You also want to focus on creating
lots of storage and organization in the room. Most teenage boys tend to be a little messy-ok, a lot
messy. Giving him a place for everything may help him keep neat.

Your teen needs different spaces in his room. Whether he's into video games, sports, music,
electronics, or comic books, you can create different spaces to emphasize these activities. If he's
a gamer, create a cool gaming zone where he can play. While you may not want him to spend too
much time there, making a space for studying and other hobbies will give him somewhere else to
spend his time. If he likes to hang out with his friends, use fun beanbag chairs or nest lounge
chairs to create a social area. If he's a musician or DJ, let him have a space in his room for his
instruments or music equipment. Let him display his favorite things and it will give the room a
personal touch.
Your son wants a cool room where he can hang out and be himself. A cohesive design with
spaces for his hobbies, studying, and sleep, you can give him just what he wants.

For a cool wall mural to transform your son's room, Create My Scene has many themes and
patterns available. You can even customize and personalize your mural with your own image.

Designing a Stylish Teen Girl's Room
Decorating your teenage daughter's bedroom doesn't have to be a big ordeal. No matter how
fussy your teen may be you can find a fun and sophisticated design that you both can agree on.
Creating the perfect place for your daughter to sleep, study, and hang out with friends can be an
easy and fun project to undertake together.

Give your teen the chance to express her style through the room design. Whether it's with playful
colors, creative artwork, or funky accessories, it's important for your teen to have a say in the
room décor. Find out what her favorite hobbies are and what inspires her. Emulate these things
throughout the room so she feels comfortable in her space.

The main thing you can do to transform your teenage daughter's room is through color. Make a
statement with her favorite color painted on the walls, or use creative wall decals to spice up the
design. If your daughter likes an especially bright or dark color, use an accent wall with that
choice and a more neutral color on the remaining walls. You can also find a lighter shade of that
color to paint the walls and use the brighter shade in the accessories in the room. Patterns are
also great for a teen's room. Use painter's tape to paint stripes, zigzags, polka dots, or whatever
funky designs you can think of. Create a focal point on a main wall with a unique piece of
artwork, picture, or wall design for an added flare.

For a unique wall decoration, a custom wall mural is a perfect addition to any teen's room. She
can have a wall mural with her favorite sport, hobby, pattern, or picture to liven up her room.
You can also decorate the room with hand-made accessories for a personal and creative design.
Collages, bulletin boards, and hand-painted items are all great to transform the room and show
off your teen's talents and style.

The next thing to consider when designing your teen's room is the different spaces she'll need. Of
course she needs her sleeping area, but she'll also need a study area, hangout area, and
somewhere to display her favorite pictures and memorabilia. Creating a cool shelving unit can be
a great way to hold your teen's books, CDs, pictures, and knick-knacks. Create a quiet nook in
her room for a productive study space complete with a functional yet stylish desk. Then you can
create a hangout space in another corner with beanbag chairs or nest lounge chairs that can be
easily moved around.

You'll want to emphasize storage and organization in her new sophisticated room. Use shelves
and bookcases, under-bed storage, and closet storage to maximize space. Making sure everything
in the room has multiple functions will ensure you get the most out of the space.
Your teen's tastes change as they grow up, so make sure you decorate with inexpensive items
that can be easily altered or replaced when she grows out of that phase. You can redecorate her
room without having to buy all new furniture. Repaint the current furniture with a light color and
use creative painting techniques, such as sponge painting and stencils, to spruce the pieces up.
You can also update her bed with a custom and chic headboard. Then rearrange her furniture for
a new and interesting layout.

The room doesn't necessarily need to have a theme, just a cohesive style that will grow with your
teen. Whatever color or design you choose for the walls, try to use complementary colors in the
fabrics and don't go overboard with busy patterns. Mixing and matching solids with patterns can
help create a sophisticated room design that won't go out of style. You'll be able to easily
transform your teen daughter's room into an enjoyable space for her to grow up in.

For a chic wall mural to transform your daughter's room, Create My Scene has many styles and
patterns available. You can even customize and personalize your mural with your own image.

Green Your Home With Sustainable Home
Decor Online Products
Due to energy usage for temperature control purposes and the materials used in home
furnishings, households can have considerable negative environmental impact. With the severity
of global warming's effect on weather conditions, there is an urgent need for all to reduce their
home's carbon footprint. It takes both dedication and awareness to create a green home, however,
environmentally responsible consumers have only to visit home decor online stores to find the
support they need with a wide selection of home decor items produced from sustainable natural

Tips for sustainable home decoration

1. Salvaging, reusing, reclaiming and repurposing: Waste reduction is a green initiative to
support a healthier environment and results in a decreased demand for goods which, in turn,
reduces the amount of natural resources and energy manufacturers need to produce new items.
Instead of being discarded in the trash bin, many old household items can be freshened up with a
new coat of paint or find other uses after being repurposed. When items made from recycled
materials are produced and purchased it also keeps trash out of landfills and reduces the
consumer's carbon footprint.

2. Choose renewable and natural materials: Rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo, cork
and wheat are the best resources for use in the home. With a daily growth rate of as much as 100
cm, once harvested, bamboo in particular has the ability to renew itself in less than a year.
Although bamboo can last a very long time it can completely biodegrade once thrown away,
unlike non-biodegradable plastics and other materials.
3. Materials produced and harvested locally: You can purchase locally crafted home decor
products at many home decor online shops. Since these products that are cultivated and/or
created nearby they require less fossil fuel usage and transportation to make it to consumers'

4. Nontoxic materials: Although paint's mainly used to attractively finish many home decor
items, it can be detrimental to the environment. Oil based types are particularly bad with the
ability of their VOC and other chemical content to evaporate at room temperature. Other harmful
substances used in the production of home accents are plasticisers used for soften plastic and
adhesives. It's best to bypass plastic goods and purchase bamboo products and other natural
materials instead.

5. Minimalist theme: A soothing, calm home is usually a clutter free home. Limit the range of
items in a room to a few furnishings and unique accents such as boldly printed cushions and
elegant bamboo bowls. Dark wood, bamboo and similar natural materials are often used in this
design concept. Bamboo lends an especially relaxing vibe as a simple but exotic luxury when
used in the creation of accents and furnishings.

An eco-friendly home doesn't need to be bland, give it a stylish air by decorating its spaces with
items produced from sustainable natural materials. Bamboo bowls can be used for display or as
attractive fruit or salad bowls. Black or white bamboo trays can be used for serving tea and
sandwiches, these and more items are available at Pitaya House decor online store.

The Smart Way to Choose a Ceiling Fan
What is it you should be looking for when choosing a ceiling fan? Of course there are many
factors, but just like choosing any other home appliance, like a refrigerator or a washer/dryer,
you should be thinking of not only decor and style, but functionality as well. Here I will go over
the many different aspects, some tangible, some intangible, of choosing the right ceiling fan for


Installing a ceiling fan can change the decor of any room, large or small. Palm-leaf fans can
make your outdoor space or patio look more like the tropics, while a rustic, bronze fan can
accent your traditional style living room or bedroom. Whatever the decor, there is a fan made for
it. A fan is a wonderful complement that can really bring any room together.

Ceiling fans come in all styles, everything from antique to tropical to modern. They come in all
colors, ranging from gold to white, silver, red, green, whatever color suits your style. They also
come in all kinds of materials, like brass, bronze, and even chrome. When choosing a ceiling fan
for you, remember, a good fan not only matches the decor of your room, it can anchor it and
bring it all together.

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans are not for the hot-weather months alone. Sure, they
provide that extra cooling power in summer, but did you know that you can use your fan in
winter, too? That's right. A ceiling fan can also help to make the hot air from your heater rise in
winter, as well. All you have to do is to reverse the rotation of the blades. Just hit the switch and
make your blades move counterclockwise. This cause the fan to pull the air instead of push it.
This is especially beneficial if you live in a two-story home. Myself, I do live in a two story
house, and I find that on moderate winter days I can pull the hot air from downstairs and thus not
have to use the upstairs heater at all. Since first discovering this simple technique, I have cut my
electricity bill in winter by 25%. Yes, it really works!

The height of your ceiling does make a difference

Just like all ceiling fans are not alike, all rooms are not the same, either. The closer your fan is to
the ceiling, the less air it is going to pull. If you have low ceilings, of course, you are going to
need a flush mount, meaning you will need to mount your fan close to the ceiling, otherwise it
would be hanging down too low and pose a hazard. But, if you have high ceilings, you will want
to install a down rod.

A down rod is nothing more than an extension, really. The higher your ceiling, the longer you
want the down rod to be. If you have ten foot ceilings, you should have a one-foot down rod.
Down rods increase total airflow and bring the blades themselves closer to where you need it.


Of course, the safety of your ceiling fan is of the utmost concern. You need to be sure that the
fan itself is quality rated and that by installing it you are not going to be overloading any circuits.
An overload of the circuits could lead to power outages and even fire.

I myself am a do-it-myself kind of person. I don't like paying for something I can very well do
myself. I have 12 fans in my house, and I installed them all. All, that is, except the very first one.
For the first one I called an electrician. The reason for this was that I wanted to make sure I
wasn't going to be overloading any circuits. I had him check my breakers, and I showed him
where I wanted to install future fans. Sure, it cost me a hundred bucks to have him come out and
install that first fan, but for that hundred bucks I also got a free check on all my other future
locations. Now I knew, I could install fans wherever I wanted, and there was going to be no
danger of circuit overload. Personally, I think I got a very good deal for that initial $100.


Make sure you fan comes with a factory warranty. Personally, I never buy extended warranties.
Mathematical formulas have shown that once you buy a certain number of appliances, your costs
for purchasing additional warranties will begin to exceed the benefits, even if one or two of your
appliances wind up going bad. Just like with insurance, warranties have a formula, and it just
makes good sense to be on the winning side of that formula.
Like I said, I have 12 ceiling fans in my home. I used to buy them at the Big Box stores, but after
having several of them go bad on me in just a few years, I decided that paying a little more now
would save me a lot later.

Wonderful Ways to Bring Nature Into Your
Living Space
There is a trend in architecture and decorating that incorporates the beauty and elegance of the
outdoors with the convenience and clean lines of modern design. Natural beauty has become the
focus of many new homes and businesses. Large windows and amazing garden landscaping
make living and working spaces appear right at home among lush greenery and florals. Neutral
colours are used on exteriors to help buildings blend into their surroundings with a simple grace
and cohesiveness that is stunning to behold. This style of design has brought a variety of simple
decorating ideas with it that can be incorporated into any household or business environment
with some simple and affordable elements.

Add living plants to every room and choose easy to maintain versions that are appropriate for the
amount of sunlight you get. Choose to place them in a variety of locations throughout the home
to improve the oxygen quality and brighten any space. Studies have shown that people that live
among plants are more relaxed and healthier. Taking the time to nurture your new babies also
provides quiet time for relaxation. Those who spend a great deal of time around flowers and
plants can vouch for its therapeutic qualities.

Add art to the walls that is inspired by nature, whether photo realistic landscapes, florals, or
abstract canvas art inspired by the colours and movement of natural elements. The colours and
textures available in modern art pieces are as diverse as the types of plants and flowers available
to accent your home. Spend some time exploring the various options and just look at each choice
for a few moments, allowing the piece to speak to you. When you find the art that is appropriate
for your environment, it should make you feel a certain way. Whether you are looking for
something bright, vibrant and joyful, or peaceful and relaxing, there is a plethora of wonderful

Your space can be taken from boring and bland to light and airy without any paint or putty.
There is no need to make permanent changes to the walls or fixtures. Apartments can come to
life with the addition of spectacular multi piece murals done on high quality canvas or
spectacular groupings of bright photographs.

Popular themes are based on water elements, from ocean sunsets, to waterfalls and lake scenes to
water droplets and dew drops on emerald green leaves. Water is a cleansing, relaxing and
purifying element that will bring a sense of calm to an environment. Those who love colour may
use a mix of landscapes, forests, deserts, lakes, rivers, mountains, and tropical oceans. Fish are
colourful and fun elements to add to the mix and art pieces can represent them well. Or add an
aquarium to tie the fish or ocean theme in even more deeply.
Nature can easily become a part of your interior as well as your exterior with the use of carefully
selected and easily available accessories that can enhance your quality of life and your
appreciation for the natural world at the same time.

Types of Bed Covering for Children
Furnishing and decorating a child's bedroom is now more complicated than ever before. On the
one hand, this is a good thing because you can customize any child's bedroom to suit his or her
personality the best way. On the other hand, it can be confusing if you are not sure what type of
bedding and other accessories to purchase. The bed covering alone is something that you have a
range of options to choose from. Children's bed covering options can include blankets,
comforters, quilts, and duvets. There are pros and cons to all of these different coverings which
are worth looking into. Many parents choose to purchase several bed coverings, to be able to mix
and match according to seasons.

Quilts usually are composed of a thin layer of batting surrounding by two sheets of fabric which
are stitched together. Blankets tend to be just one layer, and comforters will have a thicker layer
of batting in the middle of the two sheets of fabric. One type of children's bed covering design
that is more popular than ever before is the duvet, which has been a traditional mainstay of
European bedrooms for centuries. Duvets are luxurious, down filled comforters, which can be
covered with slips of fabric that are known as duvet covers. These function much like
pillowcases would, and can be taken off the duvet for cleaning or replacement.

The best children's bed covering can depend on the climate, to begin with. Duvets are ideal for
cold weather, because they can lock in heat with their natural down insulation. A thinner
bedspread that is purely decorative may be a better option for hot climates or the warmest
summer months. If you live in a part of the world with big differences in seasons, then you will
want to have an array of options to suit all of these seasonal changes. Some other factors to
consider include the material that your child's bed covering is constructed from. Cotton is a
popular option, and can be easy to clean. Those with small children probably want a covering
that is machine washable.

Finally, you can look at how the children's bed covering options differ in style. There are duvet
covers available in a wide range of different colors, including everything from neutral tones to
flashy shades of pink. These are also available in fun children's patterns, such as dinosaurs, tree
frogs, hearts, and stars, for a personalized look for your child's bedroom.

Kitchen Cleaning Advice - How Glass
Splashbacks Can Help
There are relatively few people in the world who can honestly say that cleaning their kitchen is
one of their favourite tasks. But there is good news, because something as simple as glass
splashbacks could significantly improve this unenviable task.

Obviously because of the fact that our kitchens are used for the preparation of food for our
families it is always important to make sure that it is not just visually clean, but hygienically
clean. Spraying an antibacterial solution across the worktop then giving it a good scrub is
certainly adequate for keeping that surface hygienic. But one of the problems is how to ensure
that tiles or splash backs are also hygienically clean.

Whilst it is true that we don't often tend to lay our sandwiches on the tiles running up the wall,
food can very easily end up being splashed onto this surface. Clearly that is why they are called
splashbacks! Whether it is a pan sitting on the cooker bubbling away, stray fragments of food
mixtures thrown up whilst using an electric mixer, or even just tiny fragments or droplets of food
that seem to defy gravity, leaping from spoons and lids as these are shaken, tapped or removed,
food can easily find its way up the wall.

The problem with having tiles as a splashback to protect your kitchen wall is that you have the
grout between each tile which offers a very poor surface when it comes to cleaning, and a very
good surface for providing a wealth of hiding places for mould, bacteria, spores and germs.

It is also often the case that many kitchen tiles have a patterned surface, or a textured surface,
and this can also make it very difficult to clean tiles adequately. Combining the problem of the
grout with the problem of textured or patterned tiles and reaching across your work surface to try
to clean a vertical splashback effectively makes this become an arduous task that is easy to put

However, glass splashbacks help to solve to these problems, whilst also offering a third very
striking advantage. First of all, glass splashbacks provide a completely smooth surface, with no
textures or raised patterns which make it difficult to clean. Most glass splash backs are also
manufactured in single sections, which means that there is no grouting involved, and no joins or

But of course one of the most striking benefits of glass worktops and splashbacks is their
appearance. The glass may be coloured or plain, frosted or clear, and even backlit with LEDs if
desired, and this creates a truly beautiful visual appearance which helps to reflect light
throughout the kitchen, imbuing it with colour. All of which means, of course, that people can
enjoy admiring your extraordinarily clean kitchen easier than ever!

How To Improve The Look Of Your Room
With Modern Acrylic Photo Frames
Choosing photo frames for your home or office might seem like a simple task, but the wide
variety of options available on the market makes it hard to decide which style is best for you.
Before Internet shopping became so widespread, traditional stores carried a very limited
selection of photo frames. Today, you can find hundreds of different versions on the Internet
with just a few clicks of your mouse. Online stores carry stocks in a wide range of designs,
materials and colours. Acrylic photo frames are among the most popular due to their design and
durability. If you are looking for stylish, unique styles that will complement your favourite
images perfectly, modern acrylic frames can be what you are looking for.

Acrylic framing is a relatively new type of picture frame design. Unlike traditional models that
tend to look heavy and outdated, acrylic frames are modern and light. They come in many
different styles and colours, which makes it easy to find the perfect type for any home regardless
of your personal taste or decor. These can even be used to decorate your work office because
they are simple and sophisticated. In fact, many business owners and certified professionals use
acrylic certificate frames to display their credentials, legal documents and awards. Unlike
traditional styles that are often designed exclusively for home decor, acrylic versions are perfect
for both home and office spaces.

When it comes to using acrylic frames at home, you have a wider range of choices. Acrylic
photo frames are available in many different shapes, sizes and styles, so you can create the
perfect look that complements the rest of your home décor. Another benefit to using acrylic
frames at home is the way they display photographs. Traditional decorative frames can distract
the viewer from the photograph. With the simplicity and elegance of acrylic frames, the focus is
on the image rather than on the frame.

In addition to their aesthetically pleasing design, there are many practical advantages to using
acrylic photo frames. They are very durable and can last for many years with relatively little
maintenance. Because of their toughness, acrylic frames are very hard to break, which makes
them a great choice for a household with children or pets. All you need to do to keep acrylic
frames in great shape is clean them when they become dusty.

Because they can match any taste or style, acrylic photo frames are a great choice for any
decorative need. With such a wide range of choices, it's easy to find an acrylic frame that
matches your style. You can even order a custom designed frame if you can't find exactly what
you are looking for. Whether you need professional frames for your office or elegant frames for
your home, acrylic photo frames are a fantastic choice.

Modern Interior Decorating Painting
With the improvement in lifestyle of the people over the years, aesthetics have played a major
role in their lives. People have seem to pay close attention to things like their looks, the outfits
and clothing, interior and outdoor decoration of their apartments or bungalows etc. Interior
architecture of an apartment these days is given a careful consideration as people consider their
standard of living to be a high priority. This includes the positioning of different objects in home,
location of different rooms, themes to be applied in each room and the painting to be done
according to the same. With the development of technology there are various types of paints
available in the market, the latest ones being focussed on organic compounds to increase the life
of the paint and reduce the indirect effects on pollution.

The new types of paints integrated with insulating paint additives which are in the form of
different chemicals like thinners and thickeners, wetting agents etc. These insulating paint
additives help making the paint coating more water resistant and resistant to heat. The life of
these paints also increase because they become less corrosive and abrasive hereby decreasing the
time span to replace the paint. Thus people generally prefer these types of paints even when they
cost high because of their longer life and it benefits customers more in the long run.

For a satisfied coat of paint on the walls, the painters have to be equipped with proper set of paint
accessories. These include paint rollers which are used for smoothing the paint coating on the
wall, painting overalls which are a form of clothing to prevent the clothes from getting messed
up. These paint accessories also include tools like sand paper which is used to remove stains,
paint brushes of various sizes, cans for spray painting and even ladders to reach and access
difficult areas.

Today, there are over thousands of shades available in the market for customers to choose for
their homes or offices which are available in all range of prices. Various companies
manufacturing these types of paints have led to a considerable competition for the market which
is making it possible for new technologies to come out for their brand to stabilise in the market.
Also, with the real estate sector growing on a large scale with countries developing over years,
the use of construction materials and things like paint is bound to increase.

Kitchen Worktop And Advice - The Three
Advantages Of Granite Worktops
If you're looking for kitchen worktops, then granite worktops could very well offer you exactly
what you're looking for, regardless of what you are looking for. Let me explain.

What do you look for when choosing a new worktop for your kitchen? For many people one of
the first considerations will be the appearance of the worktop, since this is one of the most
dominant features in most kitchens. In some cases the kitchen will be being remodelled,
restructured or built from scratch, in which case there is a fair degree of flexibility when it comes
to choosing the material for the worktop.

In other cases it may be that the worktop is being fitted into an existing kitchen, and so it will be
important to bear in mind the styles and colours which will be most suitable.
Another aspect which people will usually consider fairly early on in the decision-making process
is of course the price. In some cases people will be constrained to a very tight budget, but were
budget is not quite so restricted many people these days will be looking to invest in a worktop for
their kitchen which will stand the test of time.

Replacing or fitting a kitchen work surface is not something you want to have to do too often.
Unfortunately the very cheapest work surfaces, usually wood veneer, rarely last more than a few
years, during which time they will often begin peeling and chipping, looking fairly unsightly, as
well as presenting potential health risks.

This is the third aspect which people these days are tending to consider more than they used to.
People generally didn't used to think much about the health issues of different work surfaces, but
today we are more aware of the fact that different materials provide different levels of hygiene.

For example, wood veneer very quickly starts to peel and lift, and inevitably there will be seams
and joins. Since food is often placed directly on kitchen worktops it is highly probable that
bacteria and mould will both find places to hide, as well as convenient ways to get directly onto
your family's food.

Granite worktops offer many advantages, not the least of which is their attractive appearance.
Granite is of course a natural stone, and one of the real beauties of having a granite work surface
is that it will be entirely unique. No two pieces of granite are ever alike, and having something
that is truly a one off in your kitchen is these days something to take pride in.

But of course granite is also extraordinarily tough and resilient, which means that it will very
often outlive the owner! This clearly means that granite worktops offer a real advantage in terms
of making a long-term investment in your home.

Finally, because of its resilience and ability to withstand the wear and tear which inevitably takes
place in the average kitchen, granite will not easily chip or crack, making it difficult or
impossible for mould and bacteria to hide and breed.

Storage Ottomans for Your Home Decor
As you are thinking about a wonderful accessory for your home decor, storage ottomans can be
taken into account. Also called storage benches, they are just like the ordinary ottomans,
cushions that are made thickly and utilized as stools particularly footstools. They are particularly
designed as footrests, but you can sit on them comfortably. These storage benches are similarly
designed to give the equal conventional purpose which all ottomans give. However, the slight
difference is that they give you a unique variation namely a storage compartment.

As a home decor, storage ottomans can be added to give elegance and beauty to your home.
They are incredibly stylish and can give distinct look to your home. When you plan to place
them into your home, make sure that these storage benches can suit to the living space as they
have been designed for one specific room. As you can get them, you will not worry about your
small room as you get a special storage for your items.

Storage ottomans also have different sizes and shapes like oval, rectangular, round, cube-shaped,
but you even if you prefer irregular shape, you can get it. Moreover, you get several material
choices. Storage benches can be made from wicker or rattan. You also can get the ones
constructed from sturdy hardwood frame with leather or fabric. There are two existent styles;
formal and casual. For your living room, leather storage benches will make your room very
elegant. Some of their design is like sofas with the same tufting system.

Storage ottomans have two distinct types. The first is similar to candy box which can open and
the second has double or single hinged doors. The number of compartments is varied, which can
be divided or intact. Your stuff like toys, clothes or DVDs can be stored in these benches. If you
want to add them for your living room, rectangle or larger square ottoman is a good choice. It
can be utilized as a coffee table or foot rest and you can store your DVD or CD collections
invisibly. For your bedroom, you can place storage ottoman trays at the foot of your bed. You
can store bed sets, extra blankets or clothes. You can relax on this bench while reading papers or
books. Even you can store your office equipment which has to be hidden out of the way and
store your favorite or important books.

The best thing of these products is that they are padded and soft. Not to mention, they serve you
a comfortable and unique seat. It will be a considerable choice for a living room. More people
are currently attracted with this kind of storage option. However, before buying, you have to
know what you exactly need to store your items. You will get plenty of choices when surfing the
internet. More importantly, when you decide to place them in one of your rooms, a chance to get
hurt due to these storage benches is fewer as their edges are not sharp. All are offered in different
prices so you need to have a budget plan. Buying online enables you to get great discounts.
Afterwards, you will see how storage ottomans deliver new looks for your home.

Fitted Wardrobes - Easy Way to Enhance the
Beauty of Home at Affordable Rate
Fitted wardrobes can compliment your home and it can enhance its overall appearance. Bespoke
fitted furniture is available for your entire home starting from bedroom to kitchen. They are not
only space saving but also adds elegance to your interior. Bespoke are not usually stocked but
they are specifically custom made for homeowners based upon their need and requirement.
Custom made furniture is more or like a tailor measuring for a shirt or suite. Precise
measurement is taken before the wardrobe or furniture is made.

Right size of wardrobe is needed for your room otherwise it can make your room look odd. It is
always wise to install fitted furniture with the help of professionals if not you could have more
wasted or empty spaces. When it comes to fitted wardrobes there are different models ranging
from simple to exotic.
Complete measurement is taken from wall to wall and ceiling to floor is usually taken by the
installation company so that the right place where the furniture must sit can be easily judged.
There are different types of fitted wardrobes including enclosed wardrobes, completely closed
wardrobes, partially closed wardrobes, wardrobes with swinging door and many more. A fully
enclosed wardrobe with sliding doors can keep off dust and as well as look elegant. Fitted
wardrobes can be designed based upon the size of the bedroom and if the room lacks space then
it can be easily fitted into the wall.

High precision is needed while installing the wardrobe, it is always good to find experienced
carpenters who can do it in a professional way. Before you install, check the portfolio of the
company or enquire about them to their previous customers. Generally bespoke wardrobe cost
varies from one another and it basically depends upon the size of the furniture, materials used
and its design work.

Fitted bedrooms are not only affordable but they occupy less space and add more beauty to any
home. It is good to do extensive research before you start shopping for fitted wardrobes or fitted
bedrooms. It is good to avoid low quality material or poor craftsmanship. It is good to do a
complete research or find out a reputable manufacturer so that you will end up in poor quality
material or craftsmanship. Make sure that the fitted wardrobe or furniture goes well with the
other style and decoration of your home. Customize the designs based upon the need of the
room, some designers makes the wardrobe in such a way it is hard to differentiate the door of the
wardrobe from the wall of the room.

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