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					              International Table Tennis Federation
                           Mikael Andersson, Programme manager

            2211 Riverside Drive, Suite 400 Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5R1 (Canada)
                     Phone: 1 613 733 2468 – Fax: 1 613 733 4603

                                                                     Ottawa, Date: 23 NOV, 2006

Dear friends and supporters of Junior/Youth Table Tennis,

It gives me a lot of pleasure to write this letter welcoming coaches and some very young Table Tennis
athletes from all over Northern Europe to Västerås and Sweden.

Although this event not yet is included in the ITTF Global Junior Programme, I am happy for us to be
able to provide at least some basic support and encouragement to the local organizing committee in
order for the first ever North European Mini Challenge to become a success.

The ITTF Global Junior Programme officially started in the fall of 2002 and has today grown to
become one of the best structured and supportive youth programmes run by any sporting federation
in the world.

We are proud to present, in 2007, not fewer than twenty-one high class World Junior Circuit Events
involving organizers from all the six continents in the world with the finals scheduled for Capetown in
South Africa.

Each year the ITTF brings together sixty four Cadet athletes to compete for their respective
continental teams in the ITTF World Cadet Challenge recently held in Vrsac, Serbia and next year
scheduled for South Africa.

Our flagship event is a yearly World Junior Championship for the U 18 age categories.
In 2006 Cairo and Egypt will be the host with the 2007 and 2008 events already allocated to Palo Alto
in the USA and North Shore City in Auckland, New Zealand.

Participating in the North European Mini Challenge is for many youngsters perhaps their first ever
international event. Our sport lives from the excitement generated from international competition
environments. Table Tennis today is a sport that on the highest ITTF level is receiving better TV
ratings, more sponsorships and overall stronger international recognition.

We are growing as a sport and the FUTURE looks bright!

Now… Have a good event! Play well ! See you out there!

Mikael Andersson
ITTF GJP Manager

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