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					                                            Percent Test

Name _______________________________              Period ______     Date _____________

You must show each step for full credit.

   1. A price of a cell phone increased from $55 to $80. What was the percent of increase?
      Round to the nearest tenth.

   _______ amount of change

   _______ original amount

   _______ percent increase

   2. The Nike store is having a store wide sale. All shoes that cost at least $89.99 get a 10%
      discount. If the sales tax is 8.25%, estimate how much will you pay for a shoe that is $89.99?

      Step 1: Find 10% of the price of the shoe.

      Step 2: Find the sales price after the discount is taken off the original price.

      Step 3: Find the tax by finding what number is 8.25% of the sales price.

      Step 4: Combine the tax and the discounted price of the shoe.

   3. A VCR normally selling for $370 is discounted 30%. Find the sale price.
Step 1 – Find 30% of $370.

Step 2 – Take the 30% off the original price.

4. Mrs. Johnson plans to purchase a new home entertainment center on a financing plan. She
   must make an initial down payment that is a portion of the total cost. The table below shows
   the down payments that four different stores require.

              Store                 Down
          Home Audio                15 %

        Music and More                  1
         Sound Savings                  1
        Discount Center               18%

   If the entertainment center costs the same at each store, which store requires the smallest
   down payment?

5. Bobby saved $32 when he purchased a jacket at a clearance sale. If the sale price was 40%
   off the regular price, what was the regular price of the jacket?

   _______ = Part

   _______ = Percent

   _______ = Whole

6. Vanessa can read an average of 18 pages during a 30-minute reading period at school. At
   this rate, approximately how long will it take her to read a 380-page book?

   Hint: Make two ratios using your units/labels and solve the proportion.

7. Mrs. Guzman bought 3 table lamps for $129.90. If each lamp cost $40.00 before tax was
   added, what tax rate did she pay on the 3 lamps? Show work for full credit.

       a. 7.5%                                  c. 30.79%
       b. 43.3%                                 d. 8.25%

8. Mai earns a salary of $200 per week plus an additional 5% on her sales. If Mai’s weekly
   salary increases by $25 and her commission increases to 6%, how much will she earn if her
   weekly sales are $2,500?

   Step 1: Find Mai’s new salary.

   $_______ new salary

   Step 2: Find Mai’s commission by finding…

   (pick the correct one) what number is 5% of $2,500       OR what number is 6% of $2,500

   $_______ Mai’s commission

   Step 3: Find Mai’s earnings by combing step 1 and step 2.

9. Caroline used the following formula to determine t, the sales tax on p, the dollar amount of a
   customer’s total purchase at the candle shop where Caroline works.

   t = 0.0825p

   A customer bought a box of red candles for $15 and 2 scented candles for $20 each. Which is
   closest to the sales tax on the customer’s purchase?

   A $5.95       B $4.54       C $1.65      D $2.89

10. Fred pays the same amount of property tax each month. His total property tax for the year is
    $1,545. What is his monthly tax payment in dollars and cents?

                               % % % Bonus % % %
11. After 5 years how much interest is earned on a savings account with a 9% interest rate if the
    principal is $3,200? Use the formula I = prt

_______ Principal

_______ Rate

_______ Time

_______ Interest


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