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hunting Pictures


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									Pictures of 2004 hunt

These are not the same deer. The one on the right is being prepared to dress out. We use a hanging pole that
attaches to the suburban.
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                                          Here is the hanging pole in action

The lack of trees usable to hang a deer and the desire to dress and skin the carcass caused me to invest something.
The hanging pole has undergone a number of revisions. It is now equipped with a 12 volt winch where it used to
have a small hand winch such as you find on a boat trailer.. Here we have Ross Cairns and Karl Holliday dressing a
deer on the left. That is me on the right – we added another feature to the suburban – a small tank (3 gallon) stainless
steel, equipped it with a 12 volt pump and it is heated with water from the rear interior heater passing through the
tank. Water gets hotter than you can tolerate.
And – we use the rack on the front to transport the carcass to a sheltered spot before dressing it. The rack also carries
the spare tire and a rope on a spindle to retrieve game from bottom of coulees where we often shoot game in a spot
where a vehicle can not go. We find it easier to tow the game up the valley side with a vehicle than by using brute

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