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Sample Salary Slip

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									                                                [COMPANY NAME]
                               Salary Slip FOR THE MONTH OF [Month name] 2007

Name : [Employee name]                     Ref. No : [Employee code]                   Designation :

Paid Days : 30                                       PF. No. :                    ESI. No. :

 Earnings                                                        Deductions

 BASIC                               4,750.00                    PT                                    200.00

 HRA                                 2,375.00                    Leave Taken

 MEDICAL ALLOWANCE                   1,188.00                    (No Deduction)                        000.00

 OTHER ALLOWANCE                     1,188.00

GROSS SALARY                         9,500.00                    GROSS DEDUCTION                       200.00

NET SALARY PAYABLE                    9300.00

SALARY FOR CURRENT MONTH   :      Rupees Nine Thousand Three Hundred Only

For [Company Name]

Authorised Signatory

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