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									                                       THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS

Molly Fedorchak, Sonoma Branch Manager
500 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476
4:00pm   Impact100 Sonoma Overview and
4:10pm   Announcement of Available Funding
4:15pm   Review of Important Grant dates
4:30pm   Grant Process: LOI to choosing winners
4:50pm   Starting with a Letter of Inquiry
5:10pm   Review of New Application Forms
5:40pm   Q&A
Impact100 Sonoma
New Funding Rules
  Membership   Impact Grant          Each Finalists   Community
  Funds                              (based on 3)     Grants

  Less than                                           Balance of Funds
  $160,000     $100,000              $1,000

  $160,000     $100,000              $1,333           $56,000
  $180,000     $100,000              $5,666           $63,000
  $190,000     $100,000              $7,833           $66,500
  $200,000     $100,000              $10,000          $70,000
  $225,000     $100,000              $15,416          $78,750
  $250,000     $100,000              $20,000          $90,000

Grant Process Dates

                                 June 23, 2012
                             Third Annual Meeting

                                    June 4th
                             Finalsists Announced

                               April 3 - June 1st
                    FRC, FACs and CGCs evaluate Proposals

                                  April 2nd
           Full proposals due from nonprofits by midnight via email

                                   March 1st
             Invitations sent to nonprofits to submit full proposals

                               February 8-28th
                        FRC, FACs and CGCs review LOIs

                                   February 7th
          Letters of Inquiry due from nonprofits by midnight via email
Grant Process
• Begins with Letters of Inquiry

                                                            • FACs and CGCs review
                                                              LOIs to determine if LOI                  • FPs are forwarded to
                • LOIs forwarded to FRC      Grant Chairs     is a potential finalists                    FRC for financial review
                • FRC determines                                                         Grant Chairs   • FRC notifies GCs as to
 Grant Chairs                                forward LOIs
                  eligibility and notifies                                               receive Full     their findidngs
 Receive LOIs     GCs                         to FACs and   • FACs and CGS notify
                                                                                                        • GCs forward FP and
                                                              GCs which LOIs warrant      Proposals
                                                  CGCs        Full Proposals                              FRC reports to FACs
                                                                                                          and CGCs
                                                            • GCs notif;y applicants
Grant Process
• Full Proposals Define Projects

                                                                                                  •GCs are notified of
              •FACs and CGCs
                                                         •Site Leader is                           selection of finalists
               determine which FPs
               are potential finalists     FACs and       selected for each Site                  •GCs notify Finalists
 FACs and     •FACs and CGC              CGCs arrange     Visit                     FACs and       and those not
   CGCs                                                  •GCs write letters to                     selected
               arrange Site Visits for     Site Visits    NPs with FP that will
                                                                                   CGCs choose
               potential finalists                                                                •GCs make
 Review FPs                               with NPs, if    not have Site Visits      finalist(s)    annoucements of
              •GCs are notified of        appropriate     and are not potential                    Finalists to Board,
               FAC and CG                                 finalists                                Members and
Grant Process
• Finalists are Selected/Grant Winners Chosen
How to Get Started at
Everything You’ll Need is
Under Grant Applicants
Funding Priorities
New Impact Grant Focus Areas
• Enrichment & Environment
• Prevention & Intervention
• Social Outreach
• Women & Girls
New Community Grant Areas
• Capital Grants
• Program Grants
   – Innovation
   – Planning for Strategic Partnering / Collaboration

Impact Grant Focus Areas
• Enrichment & Environment: Programs and initiatives essential to
  protecting, promoting and educating the community on the critical
  importance of arts and culture, the environment, and recreation in
  creating and maintaining a thriving community.
   A few examples are (we stress that these are some examples only, please use your imagination):
   music, dance, theatre and visual arts for all ages; sustainable farming and community gardens;
   animal welfare and animal assisted therapy; environmental impact and awareness; energy
   efficiency; disaster preparedness and relief; and adult and children recreational programs.

• Prevention & Intervention: Programs and initiatives that address
  behavioral issues and help people to develop the skills and
  emotional resilience necessary to exhibit positive mental and
  physical health; engage in positive social behavior; and eschew
  crime, violence and substance abuse.
   A few examples are (we stress that these are some examples only, please use your imagination):
   comprehensive physical and mental health prevention and treatment; parenting skills; early intervention
   programs for individuals of any age with physical, mental and emotional challenges; educational and
   vocational achievement; conflict resolution skills; healthy choices education; mentoring; gang diversion;
   domestic violence; and child and elder abuse.

Impact Grant Focus Areas
• Social Outreach: Programs and initiatives essential to strengthening
  and enhancing segments of the community with significant
  economic, educational, social, and physical needs.
   A few examples are (we stress that these are some examples only, please use your
   imagination): affordable housing; affordable health care; no cost/low cost food
   programs; employment; homeless services; elderly and disadvantaged people
   services; counseling; crisis and emergency response services; legal mediation;
   immigration services; and foster care and foster care emancipation programs.

• Women & Girls: Programs that promote women and/or girls' safety,
  economic security, health, education, personal growth and
   A few examples are (we stress that these are some examples only, please use your
   imagination): services and housing for abused women; job skills and
   employment; empowerment and leadership development programs; health
   programs; and teen pregnancy and parenting skills.

2012 Community Grant Areas
  The Capital Grants Program will award grants for any capital
  item or project an organization needs to simplify its
  operations or improve services. We will not be able to
  support capital or endowment campaigns, or software and
  hardware requests.
  Innovation and planning programs may be awarded funding
  for a short-term project. The outcome of the project could
  provide critical data necessary to support the submission of
  proposal for additional funding from the Impact $100,000
  grant in the following grant year.

2012 Community Grant Areas
•Innovation – Funding for a time-limited experimental program that tests the effectiveness
of a current or proposed service; to test a new idea or adapt a proven program to a new
situation; or existing program enhancements. We encourage and support creative thinking,
“THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX”. These innovative projects will address a specific need of
the community and will last approximately 6 to 12 months.

•Planning for Strategic Partnering/Collaboration – A planning grant is intended for two or
more organizations who provide similar, overlapping or complementary services and
who wish to investigate a formal alliance for strategic partnering or collaboration. It is
intended to be a small, time-limited grant, which may or may not result in a real
collaboration or a formal partnership between those organizations.

    Collaborations should provide enhanced and more effective quality of services than
    either organization presently provides. It will include a summary report on the
    structure and facets of the collaboration and outcomes of the project.
    Planning will last approximately 6 to 12 months.

Impact100 Sonoma
Eligibility Requirements
All applicants for either an Impact Grant or Community Grant must meet the
    following criteria:
•   Be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
•   Be located in the Sonoma Valley in the area ranging from Kenwood to
•   Be in operation for at least 36 months prior to applying for the Impact Grant
    and 24 months for a Community Grant
•   Serve residents and expend funds in the Sonoma Valley
•   Expend grant funds within 24 months of grant award date
•   Be in good standing with California State Department of Justice [new]
•   Impact Grant winners may not apply again for 3 years from their grant. No
    limitation on when Community Grant winners may reapply.

Impact Grant Guidelines
Grant Guidelines

Grant funds must support…
1. An existing program with specific program analysis data and
   outcomes; or
2. The expansion of an existing program; or
3. Launching a new program; or
4. A new collaborative effort with one more agencies.

Grant Guidelines
•   Impact Grant funds may NOT be used for:
      General operating expenses
      Debt reduction or operational deficits
      Grants to individuals
      Private foundations
      Endowment funding
      Interim or bridge funding
      Partisan, legislative or political activity
      Projects of religious organizations or bodies of worship
      Annual appeals or fundraising drives, activities, or events
      General capital campaigns unrelated to a specific project
      Advertising

New Application Forms
• Letter of Inquiry forms for both Impact Grants and Community Grants will
  be slightly modified and a recent financial statement will be requested.
  Letters of Inquiry may be completed using a fillable word document file on
  our website and must be filed electronically via email
• Impact Full Proposal and Community Grant Full Proposal forms have
  been modified also and may be completed using a fillable word document
  file on our website and must be filed electronically via email.
• Forms in Word format will also be available, and must also be filed
• New forms are now available on our website:
• Questions can be address to Patti England for Impact Grants at or Lorraine Ashton for Community
  Grants at

Practical Tips for Forms

• Both .doc and .docx forms of the application are on to the
  web site.
• Users of newer versions of Word 2007 and 2010 can
  download the .docx , a converter file is not necessary.
• Old form of Word 2003 .doc has a free converter file that can
  be downloaded for users of the newer Word versions.
• .doc users use the "tab" key to move from field to field. The
  form design formats are different for users who have Word
  2007 or 2010. Instead of the gray boxes, you will get a field
  that says: "Click here to enter the text."
Determining Number of Words

• To determine number of words in each section, see instructions
  below. These instructions will be included on the website also.

• For Word 2007/2010 users:
• Highlight the text just entered, and on the status bar at the bottom, it will
  tell you how many words are highlighted versus the total number of
  words, for example 200/1300.

• For Word 2003 users:
• To count words in selected text only, select the text you want.
• On the Tools menu, click Word Count.
Impact100 Sonoma


                                       THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS

Molly Fedorchak, Sonoma Branch Manager
500 Broadway, Sonoma, CA 95476

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