Sizzling Singles by jianghongl


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“ The first time IKerri,

 I was in the grocery store around the
 corner from where I lived. She looked
 so cute with her confused stare as she
 glanced at two types of fat free yogurt.
                                                                                          Sizzling Singles
 I thought about just walking past her,
 but there was something different about
 her. I walked up thinking about what I would
 say. I stood there completely speechless.
 That’s when she invited me over for dinner.
 We’ve been cooking together ever since.
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                                                          Sizzling Singles
                                                          G   ourmet Culinary Institute, GCI wants to stir things
                                                          up with their Sizzling Singles recreational cooking class

Stir things up                             ®
                                                          for professional singles. Come wine and dine with the
                                                          finest singles in your city.
                                                          GCI has been an established culinary school for over
                                                          30 years and offers professional and recreational
                                                          classes. This season the Gourmet Culinary Institute is
                        Gourmet Culinary Institute        offering cooking lessons for singles with singles.
                 123 Cordon Avenue, Toronto, ON M4V 3B6
                           1 - 866 - GOURMET              Dress to impress and cook to hook, with GCI’s
                     most flexible class with renowned chiefs and
                             quality culinary supplies.
Flexibility                                               Sizzling Singles                                         Sizzling Singles Sign-Up
If you are a sociable single between the ages
of 30 and 45 GCI wants you to join their recreational
                                                          T  his is a unique opportunity and is only being
                                                          offered in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver. Ensure
                                                                                                                   Phone: (               )              -
class Sizzling Singles which allows flexibility to fit    your position and heat things up before all the spots                                                                                                     GCI: Sizzling Singles
                                                                                                                            I will take part in the Sizzling Singles at a price of
your busy lifestyle.                                      are filled.                                                       $600 +tx. (To be paid before the first class.)                                          123 Cordon Avenue
You chose any four classes from 24 classes over an        The cost for the Sizzling Singles cooking class is                                                                                                        Toronto, ON M4V 3B6
8-week period being offered from 7 to 10 pm every         $600 dollars plus tax and includes dinner with other     Signature:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. The classes       singles. It also includes wine with each class and the                By signing above, I agree to pay GCI before the class starts
will cover 8 different topics on how to prepare healthy   opportunity to save on culinary supplies located                                     GCI respects your privacy and will not sell or use your
meals for singles. Go-ahead and stir things up with       right at the school.                                                             personal information in anyway not related to this program
GCI’s Sizzling Singles cooking class.                     Sign up by mailing in the supplied card, or by
                                                                                                                                          Sign up before October 1st and you could win a 4-day, 3-night trip for two
                                                          contacting us through the information on the back.
                                                                                                                                          to Loire Valley in France to visit Le Cordon Blue cooking school.
                                                                                                                                          * for contest rules and regs visit:

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