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									You Don't Have To Settle For Ordinary Photo Calendars
by Jenifer Stevenson
Keeping track of important dates is vital to anyone who has a busy life, particularly if you have a
family to organise as well. Calendars are far and away the simplest means of doing so, but
personalized photo calendars take this basic function and give it a twist of personality.
3 Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Portrait Business
by Angela M. Griffin
Advertising your new portrait business does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways
to get the word out with very little money, and in some cases, free!
Send Greeting Cards Which Come Straight From The Heart
by Jenifer Stevenson
Now that it's easier than it's ever been to get a message to somebody - using text messaging,
email, Facebook updates or Twitter feeds - the act of sending an actual tangible card is more
meaningful than ever. When you really want to make sure the message gets across loud and
clear, however, the very best thing to do is print and send personalized greeting cards.
Which Camera?
by Heshan C Jayakody
I usually like to use prime lenses for most of my stuff - less (or no) distortions, sharper,
faster...why bother with zooms? Primes also help you take better pictures, in my opinion...really
working to get the right composition and crop manually, on your feet...this helps...
Use Chromakey Screen Backdrops for Perfect Photography
by Tanny Jones
Chromakey is an easier way to produce lively, diverse photographs on a budget in the studio.
Many professionals are using this technique for their flexibility and money saving features.
Enjoy The Ease of Digital Photo Printing
by Shane M Martin
When cameras were analogue in nature, based upon the use of rolls of celluloid film, the process
of photo printing was a long, complicated and expensive one. The journey from the click of a
shutter to holding the photo prints in your hands was a lengthy and arduous one, and this had a
negative effect upon the number of photographs which most people felt able to take. Prior to the
advent of digital photography, cameras worked around the principle of a physical roll of film
which had to be exposed to light and then developed.
Sales Of Mirrorless Cameras On The Rise
by Kalyan Kumar
Most of you are familiar with the digital camera. Many people own this today and even kids
know how to operate it. But surely, not many are knowledgeable about the mirrorless camera.
Perhaps, some of you came to know about this only now.
Simple Ways To Remove Blemishes From Photo Portraits
by Peter S. White
You've taken a portrait and it's a great picture. But wait, that pimple will annoy you for evermore
unless it's removed. That's really easy to do these days with simple photo editing techniques
using healing and cloning tools.
How To Take Stunning Portraits
by Amy Renfrey
Discover the master secrets to how a professional photographer takes her portrait photos. Find
out how to use the flash, where to stand, what position to have the person in and much, much
3 Reasons Why Buying a Used Digital Camera Is Better Than a New One
by Taylor Young
Digital cameras have now been around quite a long time. And just like buying a used car, buying
a used camera can offer many benefits.
Canvas Prints Which You Make Yourself Are The Ideal Personal Gifts
by Jenifer Stevenson
Giving canvas photo prints as gifts to friends or loved ones is something which is undeniably
tempting but at the same time fraught with stress. The temptation arises from the fact that a work
of art is a genuinely spectacular and thoughtful gift to give, whilst there's no getting away from
the fact that finding an artwork which you feel perfectly matches someone else's tastes and
personality is a stressful task. That's where personalized photo gifts come to the rescue.
Advice For Buying a Camcorder
by Daniel D Crow
There are many great digital camcorders on the market today; each allows you to capture digital
film in varying modes and quality. When searching for a new camcorder there is a range of
things to be considered to make sure you find the perfect one for you.
Creative Ways To Use For Your Engagment Photograpy Sessions
by Chi Pritchard
The proposal went off without a hitch and now your planning for your big day. You now have to
convince your significant other to have pictures taken for your engagement announcement.
Having your picture taken before your wedding doesn't seem like it should be part of your
wedding preparation. However, it is as important as choosing your venue or picking out you cake
Beginners Guide to Editing Your Photos
by Christa N Larsen
Do you have digital images that just don't look right? Pictures often get faded, or gain a greenish
or bluish hue. You can fix these imperfections simply using editing software like PaintShop Pro.
Considering Photojournalism As a Career
by Travis Silver
Before I attended photography school, I spent a good deal of time perusing the photos in Life
magazine. Some of you young photography school students may not have even heard of Life
magazine, but at the time it was in existence, it contained some of the most powerful
photojournalism out there, and it's what sent me on my way, young and wide-eyed, to
photography school, to learn, as I phrased it, "how to take pictures like that."
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How To Use A Light Meter
by Leo Biggs
Light meters enable you to get precise readings so that you can set your digital camera to obtain
the finest exposures feasible. You will understand 2 kinds of metering.
Tips For Panning
by CL Wong
Panning is very simple, just set shutter speed, aperture, hold your camera and pan along with
moving subject. Guess what will you get? Bingo! A sharp subject with blurred background. Of
course, you might think say is easy but do is difficult.
What Is a Polarizer Filter?
by Joseph Pickett
A polarizer filter is one of the most important filter accessories for your camera. It helps to cut
down on reflections from non-metal surface, giving your pictures a darker sky and more
saturated colors and blacks.
Why I Am Going Back to Film Photography
by John A Burton
I recently came across some photos (prints) taken when we first moved into our current home. I
had forgotten exactly what the house was like, and I enjoyed looking at these pictures. They
made me realise that the digital age has (for me certainly, and many others possibly) crushed the
joy, and artistry of photography.
Analyzing the Effect of Composition in Photography
by Clance Lee
The only possible general conclusion concerning composition in photography is that
circumstances alter cases. Rules should act not as restrictions but as guides that will assist you
more often than not. If there are good enough reasons to break them, you should do so without
qualms. No rule should be followed without question. You should be looking for reasons to
make exceptions even while applying rules.
Continuing Education In Photography
by Peter Timko
One of the hallmarks of professional photographers is that you'll find them constantly going back
to school. They'll also be involved in a local guild or professional association. In fact, they'll be
involved in just about any activity that gets them involved with other photographers and out
shooting pictures for assignments or group projects. Besides that, you'll find them participating
in and leading photo walks on their day off.
Manual Vs Automatic Shooting
by Peter Timko
Manual verses automatic shooting is a topic that burns brightly in photography with strongly
held opinions both ways. The difficulty in this topic is that there is no right answer. Whether you
shoot manual, automatic or some compromise setting in between, there will always be someone
else telling you that what you're doing isn't right. It can be both confusing and frustrating for
those new to photography, so lets look at both sides of the issue.
Lighting and Lenses
by Peter Timko
It's one of the unfortunate ironies of the business of photography that the two most important
elements in getting great photographs are, for most budding photographers, the least interesting.
The key to any good photo is lighting. Certainly in these days of Photoshop and Lightroom 4 you
can take otherwise average pictures and make them better with high tech wizardry, but to
consistently get great photos and to get consistently high enough quality to make money from
photography, you have to be a lighting wizard.
Camera Phones Taking Over Market Segments
by Peter Timko
If you check the camera statistics on almost any photo sharing site these days, the top camera
will inevitably be the iPhone 4S. People are taking more photos with their cell phones than any
other type of camera. In hindsight the trend makes perfect sense; people are more likely to use
the camera they have with them and, for most people, that's the one in their phone. Even though
the quality may not rival even the most basic point-and-shoot camera, the convenience factor
covers a multitude of minor issues with the image quality.
Paid Talent Vs TFP
by Peter Timko
In case you're not familiar with the term, TFP stands for Time For Prints and it's generally the
way up and coming models and up and coming photographers eek out a toe-hold in the
marketplace. The model is donating his or her time and the photographer supplying prints they
can use in their portfolio. It's an arrangement that's been around as long as photography.
It's All About The Light
by Peter Timko
The video business has one issue in common with still photography in that one of the most
important subjects is frequently the most neglected. Professional videographer, Bill Pryor, says,
"Ninety percent of great video is great lighting, and yet the online lighting forums are frequently
the least utilized."
Wedding Photography and Photographers Shooting Weddings
by Marike Bredenhann
A wedding day is one of the most important days in any couples life. It is a day that the bride has
dreamed about since she was a little girl. The Bride and Groom have been planning this day for
the last year. Maybe less maybe more.
Making Great Portraits for Your Kids
by Andre D Gonzalez
How to get great pictures from your kids using natural light and simple lenses. Changing the
perspective of the image and the location of the subject within the frame can add an interest to
the photo. Keeping this fun and light will keep the photography fun and enjoyable.
Where Should I Store My Digital Photos?
by Autumn Lockwood
Many people are confused when it comes to storing their digital pictures, and end up storing
them on a hard drive where they are at risk of being deleted or damaged. There is a better
alternative: print them off! This article looks at why you should print off your pictures and store
them the old-fashioned way.
Heritage Portrait: A Perfect Anniversary Gift!
by Prosper G Curtin
Long before the invention of Photography, miniature paintings were extensively used to preserve
the likeness of the subject. Of course, only well-to-do- people could afford this. When
photography came on the scene, and multiple copies were easy to make, the use of small portraits
increased dramatically: they were usually known as visite cards.

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