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					How Can I Use the Web to Assist My Film Making?
by Brenton Patterson
It is a most enjoyable time for unbiased film makers. Now that the internet and digital expertise
have paired up, we are seeing the old approach of Hollywood shifting to the new unbiased movie
makers. The emergence of this know-how has paved the way to new markets and instruments for
the film making industry. Most vital is the truth that this growth has modified the areas where the
independents have had probably the most issue- improvement, marketing, and distribution.
How To Enhance Your Home Movies With Simple Sound Techniques
by Peter S. White
Looking for an easy way to increase the atmosphere or dramatic effect of your home movies?
Here are three ways in which the addition of sound will give instant impact and set the mood.
Film Theory and Silent Film
by Travis Silver
As a student in film school, one of the most popular subjects was film theory, which is an
analytic study of film as a language. Film theory has many different forms to its approach over
the years, yet I've always found the more experiential style to be most rewarding.
Family Tribute Videos Are Fun, Easy, and Can Make Money
by Brien Lee
My family Tribute videos-- individual biographies, commemorations, celebrations, memorials--
began when I was 19 years old. My father was turning 50 and there was to be a surprise party. I
decided to create a slide show.
Film Making Is Storytelling
by John Dolby
Although this is not specifically 3D Animation I hope it will give you budding film makers
inspiration. Its all about getting started and enjoying the whole process.
Shooting a Low Budget Masterpiece
by Travis Silver
When I was in film school, I always wanted to make an epic film. It never really turned out that
way, because of budgetary issues. Film is expensive and in some cases you have to pay actors,
pay for transportation, food, and cover expenses for your crew.
How to Properly Budget a Film - Some Expenses Most First-Time Directors Forget
by Elliot Grove
Directing your first movie is always a fantastically challenging experience. The process of
getting your first movie onto the big screen can end in tears if you fall foul of the producer and
the budget and schedule. A budget is a simple list of all the stuff and people you need and the
amount of money required to pay for it. A schedule is a list of the dates and times you need the
stuff. Both are incredibly tedious to produce, but without a budget and schedule, it's very
difficult to make your film.
How to Succeed at Singing Auditions
by Antony T Maina
There are renown production firms in the world that offer people with an opportunity to audition.
To be part of it, you must be willing and ready to go through the auditions. There are different
types of auditions.
Videography Services Effectively Show and Tell
by Chris Vermaak
Videography services are foremost among photographic disciplines which have progressed by
leaps and bounds along with the incredible advancements in technology. Not only have still and
video cameras become more sophisticated yet user-friendly, but recorded images are so easily
shared with and/or published to a world-wide and ever-growing audience.
When Your First Film Doesn't Go As Expected
by Travis Silver
When I was in film school, I was a bit uncertain about what kinds of films I wanted to make. Of
course I wanted to make the greatest film of all time, but you have to start small, maybe with a
skeleton crew or even by yourself as a one man band on occasion. Either way, you're bound to
come across issues when starting out in film school; these can range to sound problems, issues
with actors and even lighting problems.
8 Mistakes Filmmakers Make That Kills Their Career
by Elliot Grove
As your filmmaking career starts to grow, it's crucial that your actions don't strangle it in its
infancy. By avoiding the mistakes that so many filmmakers make you have a far greater chance
of succeeding well beyond the first 2 years of the launch date of your career.
Best Video Production Leaves Unbelievable Impact on Customers
by John Samuals
Video production can be categorized in many forms such as TV videos, marketing videos,
corporate videos, training videos, web videos, etc. Though all videos carry the almost the same
message with minor differences and meanings.
Film Locations in Mauritius - More Than Just Spectacular Beaches
by Kit Heathcock
While Mauritius is known for its beaches, film production companies are discovering the appeal
of the other varied film locations it offers. Mountain, modern urban, luxury villa, lush farmland,
there is a huge selection of different landscapes crammed into this beautiful island.
Fraudulent and Deceptive Practices That Film Crews Face
by Erik Sean McGiven
There are numerous scams that deprive non-union film crews of their rightful compensation.
Knowing them in advance can enhance your pocketbook, your career and your self-esteem. Also
covered are legal remedies, filing government complaints, and posting grievance online.
Too Erotic for America - Too Discerning for the Nazis
by Janet Runeson
Asta Nielsen, popular Danish silent film star in the early 20th century was relatively unknown in
the US because her films were considered too erotic. Her very natural and minimalistic acting
style endeared her to thousands of Europeans in the early years of the motion picture.
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Mauritius For Exotic Beach Film Locations With Infrastructure
by Kit Heathcock
Looking for a perfect beach film location for a commercial shoot or film production? Put
Mauritius on your short list for its beautiful beaches and cost-effective, efficient infrastructure.
Extra Work for Extra Pay and Pleasure
by Anthony R Lydiamla
Film and television 'extra' work can be both fun and financially rewarding. It is a career that can
be embarked upon at any age in your life. No matter what you look like, whether you are young
or old, short or tall, fat or thin, all these characteristics make up the backdrop to many of our
favourite movies.
Short Films: Don't Plan To Fail!
by Anthony R Lydiamla
What is the definition of a short film? There appears to be some differing views on what
constitutes a short film. The American Academy defines it as any film that is forty minutes or
less in length. Others, including the International Film School, say it is a movie between one and
fifteen minutes in duration, yet another school of thought calls it any film over three minutes
long. Indeed many of the major film festivals now include films shot on mobile phones in the
short film making category.
Popularity of Herschell Gordon Lewis
by John Samual
The popularity of Herschell Gordon Lewis as a filmmaker, copywriter and direct marketer is
known far and wide. He experimented with wide varieties of film genres, making them stand
apart from the rest.
Ideas to Help You With Your Short Films
by Andrew J Barton
When researching ideas for your new short, think about the important things like theme, sound,
scene, site, lighting, tools etc. But also, give a thought to timing. Although a lot of people get it
spot on, there are a surprising amount of people who don't actually think about how long their
'short' is going to be. Similarly, some poeple get so caught up in the frame of "Got to keep it
short!". This can be just as damaging.
Filming Techniques - How to Position the Camera
by Jack Smith Logan
Camera placement, angles, directions are all filming techniques, which will determine how
individual images are translated to a film shot. Just like you need to sequence words to form a
sentence, you need to sequence camera angles and positions for filming a scene.
Skipping Class: Actors That Made It Without Formal Schooling
by Jayelle D.
Education is a sure way of improving the chances of having a bright future. School is a huge part
of most children's lives, and hopefully, their school environment is positive and encouraging.
Unfortunately, the level of education is not the same in all parts of the world. Politicians and
humanitarians work hard to try to ensure the proper education of all, but sadly, there is no
guarantee. It is never suggested that a child drop out of school, but there are some stories of
success in Hollywood. Some of these actors have made the most of their lives without even a
high school diploma. It is possible to have a successful career without dropping out, but these
actors had a passion so strong attending class everyday just didn't suffice.
Why I Like Watching Movies
by Steven Michael Smith
Stress from work and from having a busy lifestyle could really be exhausting for me. When I feel
so tired, I just want to take my mind off work and glaring deadlines. I relax by watching movies
from my favorite top Hollywood producers like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Walter Disney
and Jerry Bruckheimer.
Help Your Child Pursue a Career in Acting
by Antony T Maina
Career training is a doing that many people opt for. There are many schools that offer the
training. Nonetheless, for you to get into the right school, you need to first make up your mind
on the kind of career that you are to pursue. There are many people who choose a career for the
prestige or the earnings that come with it.
Why a Filmmaker Needs Stock Footage
by E Jonason
Have you ever tried using stock footage yourself? If you're a filmmaker then using stock footage
can be really advantageous. There are various reasons why filmmakers use stock footage. Read
on to know it has always been an integral part of film making.
Dinosaurs at the Oscars
by Mike Walley
Academy Awards for all things Dinosauria - do dinosaurs feature in Oscar winning films? As the
84th Annual Academy Awards, otherwise known as the Oscars is almost upon us, this is an
opportune time to have a short review the role of dinosaurs in movies that have received
nominations or indeed won the Oscar accolade. Dinosaurs have appeared in feature films almost
since the beginning of the film genre.
Use of Subtitles in Today's Video Production
by Nilna Mohna
Video production throughout the globe has seen a lot of advancements in the past few decades.
Classic works have emerged in almost all national and local languages. Good works can be seen
in all versions of video such as TV programs, advertisements and movies
Importance of Rotoscoping Technique in Film Industry
by Nilna Mohna
Rotoscoping is basically a technique used in animation as the animators capture frame by frame
live action so as to develop an animation film. Earlier the captured live actions were projected
onto a frosted glass panel and were redrawn by the animator. This equipment used for projection
is called "Rotoscope".
5 Movies With Film Locations in Portugal
by Kit Heathcock
Discover five major movies that were filmed all or part at various locations in Portugal. From
007 glamour to drama and supernatural thriller, Lisbon and other parts of Portugal have played
host to movies of all sorts.
3 Versatile Film Production Destinations
by Kit Heathcock
Three countries offering a very versatile selection of film production locations are South Africa,
Portugal and Mauritius. Read on to find out what makes them so attractive to film productions of
all types and budgets.