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Title                                                                                 Author                      Page      EURO
100 Famous speeches (Eng-Chin edition)                                                Shi Youshan(tr)                516      15,90
1421-The Year China Discovered the World                                              Menzies, Gavin               520 cl     39,95
2x9 Levens-Chinese ouderen in Nederland                                               Tjon, Carla/Tang Yee Ling     80 cl     17,90
Abortive Revolution, The                   China Under Nationlist Rule, 1927-1937.    Eastman, Lloyd E.              400      26,05
Aching for beauty-Footbinding in China                                                Wang Ping                    268 cl     38,55
Achter de Chinese Muur                     Een doc.over land & volk,comm.&christend   Land, S.van der                112       6,75
Achter de Chinese muur: Geschiedenis van   China's isolement 1000 v.C.-2000 n.C       Lovell, Julia                  456      29,95
Alienated Academy, The                     Culture & politics in Rep.China 1919-37    Yeh Wen-hsin                 449 cl     34,85
Alternate identities: The Chinese of       contemporary Thailand                      Tong Chee Kiong                330      36,25
American in China, An                      Thirty Years in the People's Republic      Shapiro, Sidney                281      11,75
American Kaleidoscope, The                 A Chinese View                             Wang Tsomin                    470      13,45
Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution                                                   Dirlik, Arif                 326 cl     52,30
Ancient China                              Studies in early civilization              Roy D.T.                     370 cl     28,85
Ancient Chinese armies 1500-200BC          Men-At-Arms Series                         Peers C.J./McBride A.           48      17,90
Ancient India & ancient China              Trade & religious exch.AD 1-600            Liu Xinru                    231 cl     21,20
Anti-Chinese movement in California, The                                              Sandmeyer E.C.                 135      12,90
Appetites:Food and sex in post-socialist   China                                      Farquhar, Judith               342      28,50
Archives of China's Imp.Marit.Cust.vol.1 & J.D.Campbell     Chen Xiafei/Han Rongfang     942 cl     65,80
Archives of China's Imp.Marit.Cust.vol.2 & J.D.Campbell     Chen Xiafei/Han Rongfang    1158 cl     79,40
Archives of China's Imp.Marit.Cust.vol.3 & J.D.Campbell     Chen Xiafei/Han Rongfang    1576 cl     99,85
Archives of China's Imp.Marit.Cust.vol.4 & J.D.Campbell     Chen Xiafei/han Rongfang     675 cl     47,65
Artefacts of ancient Chinese science &     technology                                 Nat.Museum of Chin.hist.       126      34,05
Artistic exile - A life of Feng Zikai      (1898-1975)                                Barme, Geremie R.            558 cl     89,00
Assignment: Shanghai - Photographs on      the Eve of Revolution                      Wakeman, Carolyn/Light K.    132 cl     45,90
Astronoom van de keizer                    Ferd.Verbiest & zijn Europ.sterrenkunde    Golvers N./Libbrecht U.        252      20,20
Bad elements: Chinese rebels from Los      Angeles to Beijing                         Buruma, Ian                  370 cl     38,05
Bandits, eunuchs & the Son of Heaven       Rebell.& econ.of violence in Mid-Ming      Robinson, David              284 cl     59,50
Beijing turmoil-More than meets the eye                                               Che M.                         232       5,40
Beyond Chinatown - Changing Perspectives   on the Top End Chinese Experience          Giese, Diana                    58      16,90
Beyond the Neon Lights-Everyday Shanghai   in the Early Twentieth Century             Lu Hanchao                   456 cl     58,35
Bibliography of the Jesuit mission in      China ca. 1580 - ca. 1680                  Zurcher E. & Others            136      11,10
Biographical Dictionary of the Chinese     in Malaysia                                Lee Kam Hing/Chow Mun S.     212 cl   113,20
Biographies of the Tibetan spiritual       leaders-Panchen Ezdenis                    Ya Hanzhang                    415      17,00
Biographies of the Tibetan spiritual       leaders-Panchen Ezdenis                    Ya Hanzhang                  415 cl     19,30
Biography of Zhao Ziyang, The              Fr.Anti-Japanese Youth to Gen.Secretary    Zhao Wei/Chen S.B.(tr)       292 cl     31,55
Book of history (Shang Shu/Shu Jing)       Chin-Eng Bilingual Series of Chin.Class.   Lo Zhi Ye (tr)               474 cl     17,00
Brush and the spur, The                    Chinese culture and the cockfight          Cutter, Robert Joe           255 cl     29,75
Burying Mao-Chinese Politics in the Age    of Deng Xiaoping                           Baum R.                      490 cl     43,10
Cambridge history of ancient China-From    the origins of civilization to 221BC       Loewe M./Shaughnessy E.L.   1148 cl   146,55
Cambridge Illustrated History: China                                                  Ebrey, Patricia Buckley        352      39,90
Cantonese Society At A Time of Change                                                 Aijmer G./Ho V.                304      45,15
Cathay by the Bay                          San Francisco Chinatown in 1950            Kao, George                    141       8,85
Century of New Territoris roads &streets   Chinese edition-Black and white photos     Zheng B.X.                      96      27,65
Chan's great continent, The                China in Western minds                     Spence, Jonathan               279      31,20
Chan's great continent, The                China in Western minds (Chinese edition)   Spence, Jonathan/Yuan(tr)      312      21,70
Changing Gods in Medieval China1127-1276                                              Hansen V.                    256 cl     51,05
Changing identities of Chinese women       Rhetoric,experience & self-perception in   Croll, Elisabeth               210      33,90
China Bibliography: A research guide to about China past & present     Zurndorfer H.T.              380 cl     99,60
China Condensed-5000 Years of History &    Culture                                    Ong Siew Chey                  210      21,50
China en de Nederlanders-Geschiedenis vd   Ned-Chin betrekkingen (1600-2007)          Blusse L./Luyn, F.J.van        255      29,95
China Famous City Centenary Series:        Old photos of Beijing (Chin-Eng-Jap)       Lin Wen Bi                     216      22,50
China Famous City Centenary Series:        Old fashions of Guangzhou (Chin-Eng-Jap)   Zhao                           114      22,50
China Famous City Centenary Series:        Old fashion of Nanjing (Chin-Eng-Jap)      Wang Neng Wei                  116      22,50
China Famous City Centenary Series:        Old fashions of Shanghai (Chin-Eng-Jap)    Ye Shu Ping                    130      22,50
China unbound-Evolving perspectives on     the Chinese past (Boxer uprising)          Cohen, Paul A.                 226      35,90
China's Continuous Revolution              Post-Liberation Epoch 1949-1981, The       Dittmer, Lowell                320      15,85
China's continuous revolution-The post-    liberation epoch 1949-1981                 Dittmer L.                     320      15,85
China's golden Age-Everyday life in the    Tang Dynasty                               Benn, Charles                  318      21,80
China's Last Empire: The Great Qing                                                   Rowe, William T.             360 cl     37,90
China's new leaders:                       The fourth generation - Chinese edition    Zong Hairen                    566      35,80
China-A History                                                                       Keay, John                     566      17,99
China-A new history (Enlarged edition)                                                Fairbank, John King            546      29,50
China-A photohistory 1937-1987                                                        Jenner W.F.                  200 cl     37,30
China-Geschiedenis, cultuur, wetenschap,   kunst en politiek (Begin-VR China)         Cheng Shan-Hwei/Nienhuys     478 cl     39,95
China-Inzicht in zijn doorbraak            Fasc.geschiedenis en toekomst van China    Plasschaert, Sylvain           192      18,95
China-The Three Emperors 1662-1795                                                    Rawski, Evelyn S./Rawson     494 cl     95,00
China-Wereldgeschiedenis                                                              Shaughnessy, Edward L.         254       9,95
China: A literary companion                                                           Grayling A.& Whitfield S.    289 cl     27,00
China: Its History & Culture (4th ed.)                                                Morton W.S./Lewis C.M.         310      21,90
China: Understanding its past                                                         Tamura E.H./Menton L.K.      262 cl     30,60
China:A cultural & historical dictionary                                              Dillon M.                      392     36,10
Chinatown, Europe - An exploration of      overseas Chinese identity in the 1990s     Christiansen, Flemming       202 cl    93,80
Chinese Archery                                                                       Selby, Stephen                 456     44,90
Chinese arnhemmers                                                                    Gootjes, Else                  112     17,50
Chinese civilization: A source book        Second ed. Vol.1+2 (Chinese edition)       City University of HKG         768     55,00
Chinese communist party and the Cultural   Revolution, the case of the 61 renegates   Lubell, Pamela               264 cl    99,95
Chinese Communists' road to power, The     Anti-Jap.Nat.United Front, 1935-1945       Shum Kui-Kwong               312 cl    32,70
Chinese dilemma, The                                                                  Ye Lin Sheng                   206     23,80
Chinese Encounter with Opium-Dreams of     Colored Clouds & Orchid Fragance, The      Flow K.                      426 cl   118,00
Chinese footbinding-The history of a       curious erotic custom                      Levy H.S./Waley A.           352 cl    34,05
Chinese history-A manual(Rev.& enlarged)                                              Willkinson, Endymion          1188     36,50
Chinese overseas-From earthbound China     to the quest for autonomy                  Wang Gungwu                  148 cl    27,50
Chinese Revolution of 1911, The            New perspectives                           Chun-tu Hsueh                234 cl    30,65
Chinese roundabout                         Essays in history & culture                Spence J.D.                  400 cl    27,20
Chinese secret service, The                                                           Faligot R./Kauffer R.          524     13,30
Chinese sky during the Han-Constellating   stars & society                            Sun Xiaochun/Kistemaker J    242 cl    79,40
Chinese Stuff-Essentially Chinese                                                     Liu Jun(tr)                    170     29,95
Chinese technology in the 17th Century     Tian-kung Kai-wu                           Sung Ying-Hsing                372     22,50
Chinese views of childhood                                                            Kinney A.B.                  352 cl    40,05
Chinezen van de Binnen Bantammerstraat     Een geschiedenis van drie generaties       Chong, Yocklang                298     14,50
Choosing Revolution: Chinese women sol-    diers on the long march                    Young, Helen P.              282 cl    52,50
Christianity & Imperial culture-Chinese    Christian apologetics in the 17th Cent.&   Wang Xiaochao                262 cl    58,75
Chronicle of the Chinese Emperors          Reign-by-reign Rec.of Ruler.of Imp.China   Paludan, Ann                 224 cl    31,30
Cinderella's sisters-A revisionist his-    tory of footbinding                        Ko, Dorothy                  332 cl    36,90
Clara Ho Tung                              A HKG Lady, her family & her times         Cheng, Irene                   201     12,10
Cold winds, warm winds                     Intellectual life in China today           Shapiro J./Liang Heng        212 cl    24,45
Collected Essays on Various Historial      Materials For Hong Kong Studies (C-E)      HK Museum of History            96     13,40
Collected Papers on History & Art of       China on the Ships of Cheng-Ho(Chin-Eng)   Pao Tsen-peng                  122     11,90
Columbia Guide to Modern Chinese History                                              Schoppa, R.Keith             356 cl    58,90
Coming collapse of China, The                                                         Chang, Gordon G.               344     17,50
Concise history of the Communist Party     of China, A                                Hu Sheng                       873     22,65
Confusions of pleasure-Commerce & cul-     ture in Ming China                         Brook, Timothy                 320     26,10
Contemplating the Ancients                 Aethet.& social early Chin.Portr.   Spiro A.                     259 cl    29,70
Cries for democracy                        Writ.& speeches fr.1989 Chin.Demo.Movem.   Han Minzhu                     401     15,65
Cultural atlas of China(Revised edition)   204 Colour & 171 b&w photographs           Blunden, Caroline/Elvin M    240 cl    79,90
Cultural flow between China & outside      world thr.history-China Knowledge Series   Shen Fuwei                     416     15,20
Culture of Chinese minority in Indonesia                                              Suryadinata, Leo             280 cl    33,80
Culture of sex in ancient China                                                       Goldin, Paul Rakita            232     36,00
Deng Xiaoping & the Cultural Revolution    A Daughter Recalls the Critical Years      Deng Rong                      482     26,95
Deng Xiaoping & the making of modern       China                                      Evans R.                     339 cl    30,40
Deng Xiaoping-Portrait of a Chinese        statesman-Studies on contemp.China         Shambaugh, David               180     17,15
Dianshizhai Pictorial: Shanghai Urban      Life, 1884 - 1898                          Ye Xiaoqing                    250     62,90
Divination, mythology & monarchy in Han    China-Univ.of Cambridge Orient.Pub.48      Loewe M.                       354     26,10
Dochters van ver - Belevenissen van een    adoptiemoeder                              Michielsen, Dido               240     16,50
Dr.Sun Yat-Sen (Chin-Eng Edition)          A Photo Album                                                           284 cl    31,10
Dragon in the land of snows, The           A history of modern Tibet since 1947       Tsering Shakya               574 cl    39,50
Dragon syndicates: The global phenomenon   of the triads                              Booth, Martin                358 cl    36,00
Drop In the Ocean, A                       Hoang Van Hoan's Revol.Reminiscenes                                       386     11,70
Early man in China                                                                    Jia Lanpo                       60      5,75
East Asia art & American culture           A study in international relations         Cohen, Warren I.             264 cl    44,25
Echo of Classics: Selections fr.Records    of the Historian (Chin-Eng edition)        Si Maqian                      498      8,95
Edgar Snow-A Biography                                                                Hamilton, John Maxwell       344 cl    29,75
Education in traditional China-A history                                              Lee, Thomas H.C.             764 cl   185,00
Een draak met vele gezichten Chinatown     Den Haag 1920-2010 (Ned-Chin editie)       Willems, Wim/Or Kai Yin        252     24,95
Eight-power Allied Forces through          foreigners' camera 1900-1901 (Chin-Eng)    Yang Zhengquan               220 cl   129,00
Elegant flower                             Recollections of a cadet in Cathay         Neill, Desmond                 202     14,85
Eminent Chinese of the Ch'ing period,      vol. 1 and vol.2                           Hummel, Arthur W.           1104 cl    83,80
Empire of the text - Writing & authority   in Early Imperial China                    Connery, Christopher L.        210     38,90
Empresses & consorts-Selections fr.Chen    Shou's records of the Three States with    Cutter R.J./Crowell W.G.       282     58,75
Encounters with China - Merchants,         Missionaries & Mandarins                   Wiltshire, Trea              180 cl    55,00
Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas                                                  Pan, Lynn                    400 cl   149,50
End of Hong Kong, The                      The Secret Diplomacy of Imperial Retreat   Cottrell R.                  244 cl    30,40
Enemies of the People-The ordeal of the    intellectuals in China's Great Cult.Rev.   Thurston, Anne F.            323 cl    23,70
Erotic Colour Prints of the Ming Period    (Black/white Illustrated w.Chin.Text)      Gulik, R.H.van                 480     52,50
Euclid in China-Genesis of First Chin.     Transl.of Euclid's Elem.Bks.I-VI & Its     Engelfriet, Peter M.           540     19,95
Evening chats in Beijing                   Probing China's predicament                Link P.                      321 cl    28,55
Every step a lotus-Shoes for bound feet                                               Ko, Dorothy                    162     34,90
Exhibition of Chinese History                                                         National Museum of Ch.H.       192     36,10
Exquisite figure pictures from the Pala-   ce Museum (Chin-Japanese-Eng edition)      Liu Beisi/Xu Qixian          328 cl    99,90
Familiar strangers: A history of Muslims   in Northwest China                         Lipman J.N.                    266     35,85
Farming & Weaving Pictures in Ancient      China (C-E)                                China Agricultural Museum    228 cl    37,45
Firecrackers: THe art & history                                                       Dots, Warren/Mingo, Jack       136     25,50
First Chin.Minister to Great Britain       A New Profile in Sino-Western Diplomacy    Wong O.H.H.                  282 cl    22,65
First Emperor-Selections from the Histo-   rical Records                              Sima Qian/Dawson R.            166     13,95
First Household Under Heaven, The                                                     Meng Jixin/Sheng W.(tr)        152      6,80
Flourishing yin-Gender in China's medi-    cal history, 960-1665                      Furth, Charlotte               356     25,00
Forgotten Beijing-The disappearing cus-    toms of old Beijing (Chin-Eng edition)     Hou C.C.                     280 cl   113,20
Formosa under the Dutch                                                               Campbell WM.                 630 cl    40,60
Four sisters of Hofei - The history of     four sisters between 1908 and 1914         Chin Annping                   312     19,95
From Dynastic Geography To Hist.Geograh.   Change In Persp.Tow.the Geogr.Past China   Tang Xiaofeng                182 cl    17,90
From friend to comrade-The founding of     the Chinese Communist Party, 1920-1927     Ven,H.J.van de               374 cl    51,65
From Opium War to liberation               Revised & enlarged ed.                     Epstein I.                     303     36,10
From Oracle Bones to E-Publications        Three Millennia of Publishing in China     Xiao Dongfa                  212 cl    95,00
From youthful manuscripts to river elegy   Chin.pop.Cult.movem.& pol.transf.1979-89   Chen Fong-ching/Jin G.       343 cl    48,75
Fuzhou protestants & the making of a       modern China, 1857-1927                    Dunch, Ryan                  292 cl    55,00
Generalissimo - Chiang Kai-Shek and the    China he lost                              Fenby, Jonathan              562 cl    49,95
Genius of China-3000 Years of Science,     Discovery & Invention                      Temple, Robert                 288     34,80
Genthe's photographs of San Francisco's    old Chinatown                              Genthe, Arnold                 144     19,50
Geographical sources of MingQing history   (Second edition)                           Brook, Timothy                 268     36,80
Geschiedenis van China in een notendop     (Bijna) alles wat je altijd wilde weten    Oudheusden, Jan van            186     10,00
Geschiedenis van het Chinese boek, De      Reeks CHINESE CULTUUR                      Wu Che-fu/Kuiper K.(tr)         64      5,95
Geschiedenis van het Communisme, De                                                   Flores, Marcello             192 cl    29,95
Geschiedenis van Tibet - 1ste Boek over    de geschiedenis van Tibet in 400 jaar      Dalai Lama/Laird, Thomas               17,50
Gestalten uit de Chinese geschiedenis      Reeks CHINESE CULTUUR                                                      64      5,95
God's Chinese son-The Taiping Heavenly     Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan                    Spence J.                      400     25,75
Goede Nazi van Nanking, De (dagboeken)     Hoe een man 200000 Chinezen redde          Rabe, John/Hansen W.(tr)       382     19,90
Golden peaches of Samarkand                A study of T'ang exotics                   Schafer E.H.                   400     39,95
Good women of China-Hidden voice (story)                                              Xinran/Tyldesley E.(tr)        230     17,95
Great Wall of China from history to myth                                              Waldron, Arthur                296     27,00
Gunpowder as the 4th power, East & West                                               Needham, Joseph                 70     14,45
Half the sky                               Women of China Special Series 1                                           293      4,35
Harvesting mountains-Fujian & the China    tea trade 1757-1937                        Gardella R.                  261 cl    47,60
Heal the Sick Was Their Motto              Protestant Medical Missionaries In China   Choa G.H.                    255 cl    31,55
Heaven is high, the Emperor far away       Merchants and Mandarins in old Canton      Garrett, Valery M.           210 cl    59,50
Heavenly warriors-Evolution of Japan's     military, 500-1300                         Farris W.W.                    494     30,50
Hemels Mandaat-De geschiedenis van het     Chinese keizerrijk                         Haar, Barend J.ter             602     49,50
Heritage of China                          Contemp.Perspect.On Chin.Civilization      Ropp, Paul S.                  369     29,80
Highlights of Tibetan history              China Studies Series                       Wang Furen/Suo Wenqing         206      4,80
Historic moment, The (Chin-Eng edition)    Hong Kong 1997.7.1                         Poon Yiu Ming & Others       237 cl    86,20
Historical Records of the Five Dynasties                                              Ouyang Xiu/Davis R.L.(tr)      668     31,50
Historical records-A selected edition                                                 Sima Qian/Dawson R.(tr)        180     12,65
History & Civilization of China, The                                                  Fan W.                         256     75,90
History in three keys: The boxers as       event, experience and myth                 Cohens, Paul A.              428 cl    51,65
History of Chinese Civilization, A         (Second Edition)                           Gernet, Jacques              802 cl    89,50
History of Chinese culture, A                                                         Guo Shangxing                  559     10,00
History of development of Tibet, A                                                    Zheng Shan                     510     34,80
History of Hong Kong, A                                                               Welsh F.                     624 cl    38,10
History of Modern Tibet 1913-1951, vol.1   The Demise of the Lamaist State            Goldstein, Melvyn C.           898     38,25
History of Modern Tibet 1951-1955, vol.2   The Calm Before the Storm                  Goldstein, Melvyn C.           640     29,95
History of the Chinese Communist Party                                                Uhalley, Stephen               340     25,00
History of the Chinese Communist Party     A chronology of the events (1919-1990)     Party Histroy Research C.      524     10,35
History of the Mongol conquests                                                       Saunders J.J.                  276     29,90
History of Tibetan Religion                A Study In the Field                       Lin An-che                     267     16,55
History through maps (Chin-Eng edition)    An exhibition of old maps of China         Ting J.S.P.                     94     31,55
Hollands onderwijs i.e.koloniale samen-    leving-Chin.ervaring in Indonesie1900-42   Govaars-Tjia M.T.N.            300     29,50
Home of yesterday (Chin-Eng edition)       Hong Kong in Pictorials Series             Fong p.k.W. & Chan C.        132 cl    54,00
Hong Kong 1862-1919                                                                   Sayer G.R.                     166     14,50
Hong Kong in Chin.history-Comm.& social    unrest in the British colony,1842-1913     Tsai Jung-fang                 376     21,45
Hong Kong in Chinese history                                                          Tsai Jung-fang                 375     20,50
Hong Kong in focus 1993                    Dedicated...what HKG experiences in 1992   Editorial Department         206 cl    40,60
Hong Kong in the Sixties                   Saturday's Child                           Pan, Lynn                     88 cl    49,50
Hong Kong Through Postcards (Chin-Eng)     1940's-1970's                              Cheng P.H.& Others           136 cl    76,70
Hong Kong: Another City Another Age                                                   Moss, Peter                  168 cl    24,90
Honorable merchants-Commerce & self-       cultivation in late imperial China         Lufrano R.J.                 240 cl    45,30
House of Lim, The                          A Study of a Chinese Farm Family           Wolf M.                        148     22,55
How Taiwan Became Chinese-Dutch, Spanish   & Han Colonization in the 17th Century     Andrade, Tonio               300 cl    59,50
Hua Song-The Story of Chinese Overseas                                                Lim, Suchen Christine          264     39,50
Hudson Taylor & China's open Century,      Book 3: If I had a thousand lives          Broomhall A.J.                 528     19,30
Hudson Taylor & China's open Century,      Book 5: Refiner's fire                     Broomhall A.J.                 512     16,45
Hudson Taylor & China's open Century,      Book 6: Assault on the nine                Broomhall A.J.                 540     19,30
Hudson Taylor & China's open Century,      Book 7: It is not death to die!            Broomhall A.J.                 718     23,10
Hungry ghost: China's secret famine                                                   Becker, Jasper                 352     26,40
ICS Ancient Chinese Text Concordance       Series: Concordance to the Huainanzi       Chinese University of HKG   1356 cl   189,00
ICS Ancient Chinese Text Concordance       Series: Concordance to the Zhuangzi        Chinese University of HKG    638 cl    98,50
Illustrated history of China's war of      resistance against Japan                   Zhang Chengjun & Liu J.Y.      142     20,40
Illustrated history of Hong Kong, An                                                  Cameron N.                   362 cl    44,35
Illustrated history of printing in an-     cient China (Chinese-English bilingual)    Luo Shubao/Chan S.(tr)         136     36,50
Imperial China 900-1800                                                               Mote F.W.                   1108 cl    62,90
Imperial Peking Illustrated 1598-1902      (Chinese-English edition)                  Li, Susan/Massey, Roy(tr)    250 cl    69,90
In memory of Mao Zedong-Album              (Chinese-English edition)                  China Photo Archives         168 cl    83,95
In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan                                                      DeFrancis, John              284 cl    33,10
In the Mansion of Confucius Descendants    Oral History by Kong Demaco & Ke Lau                                      292      7,35
Indian Freedom Fighter in China, An        A Tribute to Dr.D.S.Kotnis                                                187      3,30
Inner quarters-Marriage & the lives of     Chinese women in the Sung Period           Ebrey P.                       332     23,95
Intellectual History of China, An          China Studies                              He Zhaowu/Bu Jinzhi          620 cl    39,50
Introduction to Modern China History:      1840-1949, An                              Qin Shan                       192     10,90
Japanese informal empire in China, The     1895-1937                                  Duus & Others                  454     23,85
Jews in Old China                          Studies by Chinese Scholars                Shapiro, Sidney                270     29,50
Jews in Shanghai, The (Chin-Eng ed.)                                                  Pan Guang                     90 cl    29,95
Jews of China, vol.1: Historical & com-    parative perspectives                      Goldstein J.                   308     35,20
Journal of Chinese   (Chinese-English edition)                  Chan Hok-lam                   692     33,05
KMT War Criminal In New China, A                                                      Shen Zui/Liang X.T.(tr)        374     13,55
Kowloon-Canton railway(British section)-   A history                                  Phillips R.J.                183 cl    34,05
Kumari, mijn dochter uit Nepal                                                        Rijsewijk, Trees van           256      7,95
Last Dalai Lama, The                       A Biography                                Goodman M.H.                   364     19,05
Last Emperors-A social history of Qing     imperial institutions                      Rawski, Evelyn S.              482     27,20
Last half Century of Chinese overseas                                                 Sinn, Elizabeth                510     67,85
Lectures on Hong Kong History              Hong Kong's Role in Modern Chin.History    Kok K.C.                       150     15,85
Lee Kuan Yew-The man & his ideas                                                      Han Fook Kwang/Fernandez     456 cl    28,35
Lhasa & its mysteries-With a record of     the British Tibet.expedit.of 1903-1904     Waddell L.A.                   546     15,35
Li, Qi & Shu-Introduction to science &     civilization in China                      Ho Peng Yoke                   262     22,50
Library of Chinese Classics: Gems of       Classical Chin.Poetry (Chin-Eng edition)   Xu Yuan Zhong/Han Shan(tr    322 cl    24,50
Library of Chinese Classics: Liezi         (Chinese-English edition)                  Liang Xiaopeng(tr)           228 cl    18,50
Library of Chinese Classics: Records on    Warring States Period, Vol.1-3 (C-E ed.)   Zhai Jiangyue (tr)          1523 cl    69,50
Library of Chinese Classics: The Book of   Lord Shang (Chin-Eng edition)              Duyvendak J.J.L.(tr)         358 cl    19,95
Library of Chinese Classics: The Spring    & Autumn of Lu Buwei, Vol.1-3 (Chin-Eng)   Zhai Jiangyue(tr)           1248 cl    64,80
Licht in het Oosten                        Time Life wereldgeschiedenis 1000-1100     Allan T.                       176     24,95
Life & times of Sir Kai Ho Kai             (Second edition)                           Ghoa G.H.                    306 cl    36,00
Life & Times of Zhang Yuanji 1867-1959     From Qing Reformer to 20th-Century Pub.    Ip, Manying                    358      5,70
Life in Shanghai and Beijing               A memoir of a Chinese writer               Liang Xiaosheng                256      6,60
Lives of the nuns-Biographies of Chinese   Buddhist nuns fr.the 4th-6th Centuries     Tsai K.A.(tr)                188 cl    43,80
Lorchas, Juncos e Outros Barcos Usados     no sul da China                            Artur Leonel Barbosa C.         78     14,30
Made in China                                                                         Darmon, Reed                   256     18,95
Made in China: Ideas and inventions from   ancient China                              Williams, Suzanne/Fong A.     48 cl    29,90
Mao Memorabilia: The Man & the Myth                                                   Pan, Lynn                       96     47,50
Mao Zedong                                 Biography-Assessment-Reminiscences         Zhong Wenxian                  238     11,75
Mao Zedong: Man, not God                                                              Quan Yanchi                    213     18,00
Mao Zedong:A preliminary reassessment                                                 Schram, Stuart R.            104 cl    31,30
Mao's China & after                        A history of the People's Republic         Meisner, Maurice               534     21,30
Mao's Last Dancer - Autobiography          Peasant Boy's to the West   Li Cunxin                      368     32,20
Mao-Biografie                                                                         Spence, Jonathan               200     15,90
Mao-Historical biography                                                              Lynch, Michael                 266     19,95
Marc Riboud in China                       Forty years of photography                 Daniel J./Asher A.(tr)       175 cl    57,50
Marco Polo & the discovery of the world                                               Larner, John                   250     19,50
Memoirs of a Chinese revolutionary         Wang Fan-hsi                               Wang Fan-hsi                   300     19,00
Men of the life and caves                  Dev.of Ch.eremitic end Han dyn.    Vervoorn A.                  356 cl    30,65
Minor heresies, major departures           A China mission boyhood                    Espey J.                     350 cl    31,75
Modern China                               A topical history 1840-1983                Su Kaiming                   276 cl     8,85
Modern China and opium - A reader                                                     Baumler, Alan                  190     32,90
Monarchs & Ministers-The Grand Council     in Mid-Ch'ing China, 1723-1820             Bartlett B.S.                  417     27,00
Mongolian rule in China                    Local administration in the Yuan Dynasty   Endicott-West E.             218 cl    34,25
Mountain of fame-Portraits in Chinese      history                                    Wills, John E.               403 cl    48,05
Mrs. Li Zhifan                             A Memoir about Deng Ying Chao              Hu Xingfen                      74      7,25
My family                                  Reminiscences of a Revolutionary           Tao Cheng                      124      2,50
My First Sixty Years in China                                                         Ginsbourg, Sam                 373      6,70
Native place, city & nation-Regional       networks & Shanghai 1853-1937     Goodman, Bryna               367 cl    48,05
New Year celebrations in central China     in Late Imperial Times                     Aijmer, Goran                180 cl    47,80
Notions of Time in Chinese Historical      Thinking                                   Huang C.C./Henderson J.B.    224 cl    59,50
Offerings of jade & silk                   Ritual & symbol in legitim.of T'ang Dyn.   Wechsler, Howard J.          328 cl    39,35
Old Beijing - In the shadow of imperial    throne - A Series of Old Cities            Xu Chengbei                  240 cl    34,90
Old Beijing - People, House & lifestyle    Old city - A Series of Old Cities          Xu Chengbei                  226 cl    34,90
Old Shanghai - A lost age - Old city       A Series of Old Cities                     Wu Liang                     242 cl    34,90
Old Shanghai-Images of Asia                                                           Wei B.P.T.                    66 cl    18,15
Old trades of Beijing (Chin-Eng edition)                                              Yang Xin                       244     20,80
Old Xi'an - Evening glow of an imperial    city - Old city - A Series of Old Cities   Jia Pingao                   216 cl    34,90
Ooggetuigen van de Chinese geschiedenis    in meer dan 100 reportages                 Vermeer, Eduard B.             374     19,95
Oostenwind-Honderd Jaar Chinezen in        Nederland (Incl.DVD met Documentaire)      Meeuwse, Karin                 320     19,95
Oosterse gastvrijheid: Van stoker tot      restaurateur                               Rijkschroeff, Boudie         156 cl    27,50
Open Empire-A history of China to 1600                                                Hansen, Valerie                458     39,80
Opium & opiumschuiven-Een bronnenboek                                                 Don Duco                       256     29,90
Opium regimes-China, Britain & Japan       1839-1952                                  Brook T./Wakabayashi B.T.      444     31,25
Opium: A History                                                                      Booth, Martin                382 cl    35,00
Opium: The Poisoned Poppy                                                             Robson, Michael               88 cl    49,50
Oranje - Een Koninklijk Schip              met foto's en tekeningen                   Grund, Wim                   592 cl    55,00
Origin of the Chinese People, The                                                     Ross, John D.D.                189     18,00
Origins of Chinese Bolshevism, The         An Ideology in the Making 1920-1928        Luk, Michael Y.L.            366 cl    46,35
Origins of Chinese Communism, The                                                     Dirlik, Arif                   315     17,75
Origins of Chinese Kongsi, The                                                        Wang Tai Peng                  128     15,85
Oude China, Het                            Leven, mythen en kunst                     Shaughnessy, Edward L.         144      9,95
Outline History of China 1919-1949, An     China Knowledge Series                     Bai Shouyi                     320     11,60
Outline History of China, An               China Studies                              Bai Shouyi                   804 cl    42,50
Outline History of Hong Kong                                                          Liu Shuyong                   292     13,55
Owen Lattimore & the "loss" of China                                                  Newman R.P.                 669 cl    36,55
Painters & politics in the People's Re-    public of China 1949-1979                  Andrews J.F.                568 cl    74,85
Passions of the cut sleeve                 The male homosexual tradition in China     Hinsch, Bret                  232     29,95
Peace, war & trade along the Great Wall    Nomadic-Chin.interaction through two       Jagchid S.& Symoins V.J.    266 cl    45,00
Peking-Temples & city life, 1400-1900      42 line illustrations, 8 maps, 10 tables   Naquin, Susan               816 cl    99,50
Pen & I, The                               Autobiog.of A Shanghai Business Women      Tang Diyin                    171      2,85
People's China-A Brief History (3rd Ed.)                                              Dietrich, Craig               327     29,00
Perpetual happiness - The Ming Emperor     Yongle                                     Tsai, Shih-shan Henry         270     38,00
Pictorial biography of Lu Xun, A           1881-1936                                  Lin Wenbi & Others            174     13,60
Pictorial history of Dunhuang                                                         Dunhuang Academy              144     40,40
Pictures of HKG & Its People 1950-1970's   Remains in Memories (Chin-Eng Edition)     Zhong W.L.                    119     33,55
Pictures of HKG & its society 1950-70's    Remains in Memories (Chin-Eng edition)     Zhong W.L.                    133     33,55
Policing Shanghai 1927-1937                                                           Wakeman F.                  507 cl    51,70
Portuguese trade in Asia under the         Habsburgs, 1580-1640                       Boyajian, James C.          356 cl    58,50
Post Impressions-100 Years of Hong Kong    Photography                                Sinclair, Kevin             260 cl    79,00
Power of Culture, The                      Studies In Chinese Cultural History        Peterson/Plaks/Yu           366 cl    54,00
Present day political organiz.of China                                                Brunnert H.S./Hagelstrom    656 cl    59,50
Princes and princesses of red China                                                   Ho Pin & Gao Xin              308     21,55
Printing & book culture in Late Imperial   China                                      Brokaw, Cynthia J./Chow K   542 cl    88,20
Pu Yi                                      Der letzte Kaiser von China, 1 & 2         Huengsberg P.               632 cl    17,45
Quick Access to Chinese History                                                       Shao Shiling/May Yee          226     32,80
Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust   of World War II                            Chang, Iris                   290     12,95
Rebellions & Revolutions (2nd edition)     China from the 1800s to the 1980s          Gray, Jack                    494     39,60
Records of the Historian                   Asiapac Comic Series                       Sima Aian/Tsai Chih Chung     126     14,75
Red-color News Soldier - Secret Archive    hidden for 40 Years                        Li Zhensheng                  320     39,95
Redefining history-Ghost, spirit & human P'u Sung-ling's world,1640-1715   Chang Chun-shu/Chang S.     360 cl    68,00
Religion & society in T'ang & Sung China                                              Ebrey P.B./Gregory P.N.     380 cl    39,40
Remaking the Chinese City-Modernity &      National Identity, 1900-1950               Esherick, Joseph W.         278 cl    62,75
Reminiscences of my youthful days          From East China sea to Miao mountains      Sun, Douglas T.T.             228     16,90
Republican Beijing - The City and Its      Histories                                  Yue Dong, Madeleine         380 cl    64,80
Rewi Alley-A collection in memory                                                                                   387     12,20
Rickshaw Beijing                           City people & politics in the 1920s        Strand, David               364 cl    33,85
Rise of Civilization In East Asia-The      Archaeology of china, Korea & Japan        Barnes G.                     288     30,25
Rise of modern china, The                                                             Hsu I.C.Y.                  970 cl    49,40
Sagacious Monks & Bloodthirsty Warriors    Chin.Views of Japan in Ming-Qing Period    Fogel, Joshua A.              404     32,35
Salt Production Techn.In Ancient China     The Aobo Tu                                Yoshida Tora/Vogel H.(tr)   310 cl    68,20
Scarlet memorial-Tales of cannibalism in   modern China                               Zheng Yi/Sym T.P.(tr)         199     28,00
Search for modern China (2nd Edition)      (paperback edition)                        Spence, Jonathan D.           876     47,80
Search for the Panchen Lama                                                           Hilton, Isabel              336 cl    36,20
Search for the Panchen Lama-Penguin Bks.                                              Hilton, Isabel                336     15,40
Selective Collection of Hong Kong Histo-   ric Postcards (Chinese-English Edition)    Tong Cheuk Man                134     88,50
Selective collection of Hong Kong movie    posters, A 1950's-1990's                   Lo Che-ying                 128 cl    63,45
Sextants of Beijing, The                   Global currents in Chinese history         Waley-Cohen, Joanna         322 cl    34,30
Sexual Life in Ancient China-Preliminary   Survey of Chin.Sex & BC     Gulik, R.H.van              392 cl    69,00
Shades of Mao: The posthumous cult of      the great leader                           Barme, Geremie R.             314     47,95
Shan-fu Liang Ch'i Kuei & associated       inscribed vessels                          Barnard, Noel/Cheung K.Y.   545 cl   109,00
Shanghai Green Gang-Politics & organized   crime, 1919-1937                           Martin B.G.                 314 cl    47,40
Shanghai journal                           An eyewitness account of the Cul.Revol.    Hunter, Neale                 314     13,25
Shanghai Modern - The Flowering of a New   Urban Culture in China, 1930-1945          Lee, Leo On-Fan               416     35,00
Shanghai's journey to properity            (1842-1949) Photo-album                    Tang Zhenchang                296     81,25
Shanghai-A century of change in photo-     graphs 1843-1949                           Pan, Lynn                   150 cl    58,75
Silk Road: Monks, warriors & merchants     in the Silk Road                           Boulnois, Luce/Loveday(tr   576 cl    44,80
Smoke & Fire-The Chinese in Montreal                                                  Chan Kwok Bun               338 cl    29,75
Snow lion & the dragon, The                China, Tibet & the Dalai Lama              Goldstein, Melvyn C.          152     22,25
Soldiers, Cops, Bannermen                  Rise & fall F.Comm.Ch.Police State'31-69   Kuiken, Kees                  142      8,50
Sons of Heaven: Famous Chinese Emperors    in History                                 Lu Shun/Wang Li               240     99,50
Sons of the Yellow Emperor                 The story of the overseas Chinese          Pan L.                        408     34,85
Sons of the Yellow Emperor (pbk)           The story of the overseas Chinese          Pan L.                        408     14,95
Sources of Chinese tradition, vol.1        Introduction to oriental civilizations     Bary, T,de/Chan W.T.          578     30,65
Sources of Chinese tradition, vol.2        Introduction to Asian Civilizations        Bary W.T.           322     27,00
Sources of Shang history                   Oracle-bone inscript.of Bronze Age China   Keightley D.N.                281     37,55
Sources of Western Zhou history            Inscribed bronze vessels                   Shaughnessy E.L.            312 cl    83,20
Souvenir fr.Shanghai-Historic postcards    (English-German-Chinese edition)           Fluck H.R.                    164     45,15
Spaniards in Taiwan, vol.I: 1582-1641                                                 Mateo, Jose Eugenio Borao   344 cl    89,00
Spaniards in Taiwan, vol.II: 1642-1682                                                Mateo, Jose Eugenio Borao   414 cl    99,50
Star charts in ancient China (Chin.ed.)                                               Chen Mei Dong               322 cl    40,40
Story of Peking Man, The                                                              Jia Lan-po & Huang Weiwen   280 cl    36,20
Straits Chinese-A Cultural History                                                    Khoo Joo Ee                 288 cl    59,50
Studies on the history of Chinese books,   paper, ink & printing (Chinese edition)    Tsien Tsuen-hsuin             326     26,75
Sun Yat-Sen (Chinese-English edition)      Photo-book                                                                60      6,60
Sweet & sour - Experiences of Chinese      families in the Northern territory         Diamond, Glenys                52     21,95
T'ang code, vol.II: Specific articles                                                 Johnson, Wallace            592 cl   139,00
Taipan Traders-A Portrait of HKG's Days    of Youth fr.Finest Coll.of Trade Paint.    Lawrence, Anthony            96 cl    49,50
Taiwan - A political history                                                          Roy, Denny                    256     24,90
Talented Women of the Zhang Family, The                                               Mann, Susan                   322     24,90
Teachers of the inner chambers-Women &     culture in 17th Centuty China              Ko D.                         396     25,70
Technology & gender-Fabrics of power in        Late Imperial China                               Bray F.                       420     31,45
Ten years of turbulence: The Chinese           Cultural Revolution                               Barnouin B./Yu Changgen     370 cl    82,55
Tiananmen Diary-Thirteen Days In June                                                            Salisbury, Harrison E.        176     13,30
Tiananmen papers, The                                                                            Zhang Liang/Nathan/Link     514 cl    44,90
Tibetan buddhist nuns-History, cultural        norms and social relaity                          Havnevik, Hanna               252     44,15
Toward a democratic China                      The intellectual autobiography Yan Jiaqi          Yan Jiaqi                     286     19,05
Traditional government in Imperial China       A critical analysis                               Ch'ien Mu                     159     32,30
Translucent mirror - History & identity        in Qing Imperial ideology                         Crossley, Pamela Kyle         404     34,50
Travellers from ancient Cathay                 An account of China's great explorers             Pierson H.D./Wei D.Y.L.       100     13,55
Travels of Marco Polo, vol.1                   The complete Yule-Cordier edition                 Marco Polo                    462     33,70
Travels of Marco Polo, vol.2                   The complete Yule-Cordier edition                 Marco Polo                    824     33,70
True Son of Heaven-How Jesus fullfills         the Chinese culture                               Marschall, David              182     21,55
Truthful impress.of the country-British        & American travel China1880-1949          Clifford, Nicholas R.       232 cl    56,00
Turkistan Tumult                                                                                 Aitchen Wu                    278     21,45
Unity & diversity: Local cultures &            identities in China                               Liu T.T./Faure D.             212     29,50
Victorian translation of China, The            James Legge's Oriental pilgrimage                 Girardot, Norman J.         780 cl    99,95
Villa Shen - An old Shanghai story             Book transp.the reader to old Shanghai            Shen, Peter                   112     29,95
Violence in China                              Essays in culture & counterculture                Lipman J.N./Harrell S.        249     35,90
Vlucht uit China: De lange tocht van het       Plein vd Hemelse Vrede naar de vrijheid           Zhang Boli/Heuvel(tr)         284     15,95
Wereld in de tijd van Marco Polo, De                                                             MacDonald F./Middelbeek      48 cl    13,40
Western images of China                                                                          Mackerras C.P.                368     18,85
Wettig opium                                                                                     Vanvugt, Ewald                428     22,45
Woman in world history-Life & times of         Soong Ching Ling (Mme.Sun Yatsen)                 Epstein, Israel             690 cl    29,00
Women and Confucian Cultures in Premo-         dern China, Korea and Japan                       Ko, Dorothy/Piggot, Joan      338     32,80
Women in the Chinese enlightenment             Oral & textual histories                          Wang Zheng                    402     27,05
World of the Chinese, The                      A struggle for human unity                        Cheng Te-Kun                251 cl    24,80
Worlds of bronze & bamboo-Sima Qian's          conquest of history                               Hardy G.                    302 cl    54,40
Wu Tse-t'ien and the politics of legiti-       mation in T'ang China                             Guisso R.W.L./Pulleyblank     334     35,00
Wuhu diary:On taking my adopted daughter       back to her hometown in China                     Prager, Emily                 240     18,50
Xinjiang jie fang - Xinjiang liberate          Chinese-Uighur edition                                                        208 cl    63,05
Years of trial, turmoil & triumph              China fr.1949-1988/China Knowledge Ser.           Zong H.W.                     319      8,40
Years that were fat, The                       Peking 1933-1940                                  Kates, George N.              270     13,25
Yin en Yang der liefde-Erotiek en inti-        miteit uit het oude China                         Chu V./Carmiggelt F.(tr)      256     20,40
Zheng He & the treasure fleet 1405-1433        A modern-day traveller's guide fr.antiq.          Rozario, Paul                 160     29,50
Zhong Guo wu shi nian tu ji 1949-1999          Historical pictorial album of China                                               cl   249,00
Zhou Enlai-A Profile                                                                             Fang P.J.                     238     15,00

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