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									      Mapping Food Service
     Assets for the Homeless

A Project in Collaboration
     with Georgetown                      Natasha Dasani
  University, The Urban                   April 13, 2004
Institute and the Salvation
           Army          Natasha Dasani                    1
 1. To create a centralized database of
  food service providers in the District
  of Columbia with detailed information
  about the operations of each agency.
 2. To make this database available to
  food service providers, social workers
  and individuals in need.
 3. To evaluate the state of food
  service in the District of Columbia.
                  Natasha Dasani           2
  While there are hundreds of food
    service agencies in the District of
Columbia, the services they provide and
the areas in which they are located, are
 unable to adequately satisfy the need
for these services in all the areas of the
          District of Columbia.

                 Natasha Dasani          3
        Why is this important?
 Fact: In the District of Columbia, over 20% of
  people are living in poverty.
 Fact: In the District of Columbia, over 30% of
  children are living in poverty.
 Fact: In the DC Metro Area, there are over
  900 agencies that provide food for those in
 Fact: There is no centralized database of
  information about these agencies available
  for those in need.
                     Natasha Dasani                4
     The Urban Institute

     The Salvation Army

 The Capital Area Food Bank

     DC Central Kitchen

   Georgetown University

           Natasha Dasani      5

Telephone Surveys
  200 public food service agencies are being
   asked to complete a survey over the telephone
Best Practices Research
  Internet research was conducted to determine
   the best way in which to display and distribute
   the results of this endeavor.

                      Natasha Dasani                 6
Preliminary Results:
  Of the 35 agencies that have completed
   the survey:
    27 have been serving the community for at
     least 5 years, a number of which have been
     “in business” for over 20 years.
    There are a relatively equal number of food
     pantries and soup kitchens, which provide
     food for both homeless and poor families and

                    Natasha Dasani              7
Additional Preliminary Results:
   While it appears that
    there is the greatest
    need for food services in
    the Southeast part of the
    District of Columbia
    based on poverty rates,
    the greatest number of
    food service agencies
    seem to be located in
    the Northwest quadrant
    of the city.

                          Natasha Dasani   8
            Future Directions:
 Database will be expanded to include nearby
  counties in Maryland and Virginia.
 Interactive website platform will be constructed
  to house and disseminate the information
  obtained through this project.
 Database will periodically be updated in order to
  provide the most accurate information for
  providers and individuals in need.

                       Natasha Dasani                 9

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