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									Tired? Your Heart May Be Struggling
Jenn Mele was in bed one night three years ago, on the eve of an 18-mile training run, if
she suffered the a lot of acute annoyance of her life.

She said she alleged her dad, Fredericksburg, Va., physician Dr. Tom Ryan, and asked
for advice. He gave her some remedies for annoyance and encouraged her to get arrested
out if she didn't feel bigger the next day.

But the next morning, Mele said she woke up activity fine. Her annoyance was gone. She
wasn't breathless. So she went on her run, training for the New York Marathon.

After the run, Mele said she acquainted tired, but "normally tired." But she had affection
palpitations that were disconcerting. So, she alleged her dad again, who told her to see a
doctor afore the weekend set in.

It was backward on a Friday afternoon. Her ancestors physician's appointment was
closed, so Mele went to an burning affliction center, area a doctor ordered an EKG. The
analysis can analyze problems in the heart.

The after-effects were normal, Mele said, and her claret burden and affection amount
were in the accustomed ambit as well. So the doctor beatific her home with annoyance

It was addition anniversary afore Mele abstruse she'd had a affection attack.

"It was such an eye-opener," Mele said. "I had array of acquainted invincible."

You Have to Be Alert

Mele, now 38, of Norfolk, will allotment her adventure of analysis and accretion Feb. 6 at
an accident advised to accession acquaintance of the prevalence of affection ache a part
of women.

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