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									                 First Congregational Church
                     of Raynham, U.C.C.
                         785 South Main Street Raynham, MA 02767
                        Church 508-822-6177 Parsonage 508-824-4816

                   September 2009 Newsletter
   Rally Sunday Sept. 13th
                                                            CHURCH YARD SALE
  First day of Sunday school
Get ready for a fun beginning to the fall Sunday             Sept. 12th 9AM-2PM
School season! The children will play games and         Did you do your spring cleaning? Nope me neither!
participate in activities around the Noah Ark theme.    Start the fall season off right. Clean out and donate
                                                        to the church yard sale.
            Honoring Veterans                           Looking for volunteers to:
We are planning a special musical event for the              Price items on Sept. 9, 10 and 11
evening of Veteran’s Day, November 11, to honor              Set up tables starting 7am Sept 12th
our nation’s veterans. Tickets will be sold and the          Sell goods
proceeds will go to two organizations that help our
                                                             Clean up and break down starting 2pm
service men and woman and returning injured vets.
                                                        Please sign up at the church or call Carol Measor at
Watch for details soon!
                                                        508-822-3493 if you are able to help.

                                                        If you would like to donate an item, but need “help”
                                                        with transporting please call:
                                                        Keith Mosman 508 823-3643 OR Grant Waterman
                                                        508 824-6888

                                                        The following items can NOT be accepted:
                                                        Computer screen/monitor/keyboards
                                                        TV’s, Microwave ovens, Air conditioners,
                                                        Refrigerators, Major Appliances
     Ham and Bean Supper
     September 19 6:00 PM                               Bake Sale to be held during the yard sale.
A Home Baked Ham & Bean Supper at the Stone             Sign up sheets will be posted. We are looking for
Church in Raynham Center will be held on                one family per hour to run the table. Donations of
Saturday, September 19th at 6 pm. Also featured is      baked goods are needed, such as cookies, brownies,
home baked brown bread. The ticket price is $8 for      breads and more. We ask that the goods be
adults and $5 for children. Tickets will be available   wrapped for sale, individually or in packages of
after church or you may leave a message at the          two/ six or one dozen for ease of handling during
church at 508-822-6177 or          the sale.
                                                                  Church Use Calendar
                                                        Please remember that you every group using the
                                                        church must write their meeting dates on the
                                                        calendar outside the office door.

                                                        PARISH NOTES
                                                        Summer Guest Preachers
CHOIR REHEARSALS RESUME!                                We want to thank Vilma Thompson for preaching
Choir rehearsals are beginning again for the fall!      and Maggie Silva for handling communion on July
The Senior choir rehearses on Tuesday evenings at       5 while Rev. Tilbe was away. On August 23 Rev.
7:30 beginning September 1. New members of the          Jan Warner preached in Rev. Tilbe’s absence.
choirs are always welcome! The Bell Choir
rehearses at 6:00 PM. Anyone who might be               Casey Michael Goodwin, the son of Rachel and
interested should speak to Choir Director Carolyn       Michael Goodwin, was baptized on July 19.
                 Junior Choir                           Brooke Mackenzie Weafer, the daughter of Erin
Junior Choir rehearsals will begin after church on      Morrisey and Adam Weafer, was baptized on
Sept. 13. A schedule of rehearsals and                  August 9.
performances will be available at that time.
                                                        Kiaralyn Arlene Ryan, daughter of Crystal Lyons
                                                        and Jamie Ryan, was baptized on August 16
We would like to remind everyone that the lighting      Kristin O’Brien and Joseph Osbourne were joined
of the candles at the beginning of the service should   in marriage in Brockton by Rev. Tilbe on Aug. 15.
be a sign that worship is beginning. At this point
conversations should end – or at least be put on hold   Our sympathy is extended to the Precourt family in
until Coffee Hour! Talking during the service can       the death of Hank’s mother Miriam in New York.
be very disturbing to others.
                                                        NEW MEMBERS
                                                        Any adults who are interested in joining the church
                                                        should speak to Rev. Tilbe. Membership in the
                                                        church is required for those who want to vote on
                                                        church matters and serve on church committees. It
                                                        is a sign of commitment to this congregation of
Summer Concert Series
Our twelfth season for summer concerts was a great
success! Special thanks go to Mike and Carolyn
Conrad for organizing the concert schedule. We are        UPCOMING EVENTS
thankful for financial support from the Raynham         The Harvest Supper is one of the long standing
Cultural Council and those who donated at the           traditions of our church. We are looking forward to
concerts.                                               holding this supper on October 24th.
                                                        The Homespun Holidays Craft Fair will be held on
                  Live Nativity                         November 13 and 14. Helpers will be needed for
Is it too early to think about the Live Nativity? NO!   set up, working the raffle tables and clean up.
We are planning to hold our third Live Nativity on
Sunday, December 6. Lots of helpers are needed
for this event, so think about how you might help!
   CHRISTIAN EDUCATION                                                 Men’s Fellowship
                                                        The Men’s Fellowship held a BBQ on June 20. We
           Church World Service                         are thankful to Keith Mosman for hosting this first
               School Kits                              event on the newly reconstituted Men’s Fellowship.
Check those back to school sales!                       The group sponsored a trip to the Brockton Rox on
The congregation is invited to join the Sunday          July 24, with about 30 of our church friends
School children in providing School kits for needy      enjoying a great game and fireworks.
children through Church World Service. Add a few
items to your cart while stocking up on sales for the                      Basic Bible
school year. The children have been asked to bring      Some of the Sunday School teachers have expressed
in the following throughout the month of                an interest in learning more about the basics of the
September:                                              Bible. This would be a short term, perhaps two or
Grade Pre-K: Box of 8 crayons                           three session course. Naturally, that’s hardly
1       1 Pink Eraser                                   scratching the surface, but it’s a start! Others who
2       1 pair blunt scissors                           may be interested should speak to Rev. Tilbe. This
3       1 metric ruler                                  will occur some time this fall.
4       1 pencil sharpener
5       12 sheets construction paper                                Church Finances
6       12 sheets construction paper
                                                        Our year to date financial picture, as of August 22,
7       2 pads legal size paper
                                                        looks like this:
2 pads legal size paper
                                                        Income           $82,072.75
                                                        Expenses         $87,885.79
            Sunday School                               Shortfall        $ 5,813.04
      Teachers Needed in all grades                     Hopefully the beginning of the fall season will bring
 Our Sunday School teachers volunteer their time        an upswing in contributions. Please try to keep
each week to teach the children of our church.          your pledge up to date!
We had a few veteran teacher leave last year to do
other volunteer work. So we need your help to keep
the Christian education going for "OUR" children.
We have teachers who will help you break in and/
or work with to learn how they teach. Please see
Carol Measor for more information

Sunday School Registration
If you did not register you children last spring that      We can send the newsletter text by
needs to be done ASAP so we can get a proper                email to students in college too.
count for each classroom.
The cost is $10 per child or $20 per family.                        Community Notes:
                                                        Encore Chorus
                 Rally Sunday                           The Encore Chorus is in need of voices for their
                  Sept. 13th                            next season. Rehearsals will be taking place in
          First day of Sunday school                    Somerset beginning in November. For more
Get ready for a fun beginning to the fall Sunday        information please call Barbara Reece at
School season! The children will play games and         508-823-1166
participate in activities around the Noah Ark theme.
                                                        Pride Day
                                                        Raynham Pride Day will be held Sept. 13 at the
                                                        Borden Colony gazebo on King Philip Street.
                                                        The event is open from 1-4 p.m.
                               BOARD OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION
                           SUNDAY SCHOOL REGISTRATION 2009-2010

NAME______________________________ DOB___________GRADE(Fall )____________
PHONE______________________ E-MAIL _____________________

Please include above any information you consider necessary or helpful to your child and to
the teacher while your child is here in Sunday School Classes.

                             Registration fee: $10 per child or $20 per family.


Teacher sign up for school year 2009-2010

Please return to Carol Measor.

Name: ______________________________
Phone # _____________________
Email Address: __________________________________________

I would like to teach next year. YES___ NO___
1st choice: Grade______ Month(s)___
2nd choice: Grade_____ Month(s) _______
3rd choice: Grade_____ Month(s) _______
I would like to be a back-up person only. ________

Help clean the classroom during the summer Yes ____ No ____
Help plan for a CE event. Which one

Please share your ideas, thoughts and information about CE:
First Congregational Church
        YARD SALE
               Saturday, September 12th
                   9:00am- 2:00pm
                Help support the church
              By donating your great stuff!
                               Drop off Times:
                       Sundays right after church service
         Wed. Sept.9th    **** Thurs, Sept.10th **** Fri. Sept. 11th
                    10:00 am-3:00pm and 5:00- 7:00 pm
                            ** Sign up to help **
          Sort items before sale * Price items * Work Yard Sale
   Set up * Bake something for Bake Sale * Break down and Clean up
    If you would like to donate an item, but need “help” with transporting
                                  Please call:
      Keith Mosman 508 823-3643 OR Grant Waterman 508 824-6888

   We can’t take the following items: Computer screen/monitor/keyboards,
    TV’s, Microwave, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Major Appliances

              Chairpersons: Roxanna Darcy and Carol Measor
A Sermon by Rev. James A. Tilbe Preached August 9, 2009
Ephesians 4: 25 - 5:2 “Be Angry”

I am one quarter Irish, my paternal grandmother having come from County Kerry in Southwest
Ireland. A woman once said that I have the map of Ireland all over my face, but I tend to think that I
look more like my English ancestors. Still, there is one aspect of my life that shows my Irish heritage.
Do you remember that old song about Clancy? Clancy was an Irishman who had an Irish temper. As
the song goes, “Whenever they got his Irish up, Clancy lowered the boom!” Somewhere inside of me I
have an Irish temper that makes an occasional appearance. It doesn’t show up very often, but when it
does, watch out!

We often think of anger as a bad thing. For me, a flash of anger is embarrassing. A lot of people do
not think anger is an appropriate Christian response. And that is not necessarily true.

We know from the Gospels that Jesus was angry at times. His anger was often directed toward the
Scribes and Pharisees for their narrow minded and rigid views that focused on the law, but forgot
compassion and mercy. On another occasion Jesus was so angry with the moneychangers in the
temple that he formed a whip and drove them out.

Sometimes people speak about righteous anger or, if you want to tone it down a notch, righteous
indignation. This is anger that has a just cause, anger with a good reason. For people who have been
victims of injustice, there is a righteous reason for anger. For those who have been victims of crime
and violence, there is a righteous reason for anger.

In a passage that some people find rather surprising, the Apostle Paul wrote, “Be angry, but do not
sin.” It seems that the Apostle was giving permission for anger, but urging great caution, lest that
anger lead to bigger problems. The truth is that anger is a part of life. But anger does indeed provide
ample opportunity for sin.

Anger can make you do something that you will certainly regret later. A man once filled out an
automobile accident report stating that in an effort to kill a bee he drove his car into telephone pole.
There are times when we become angry, and like the man who drove into a pole, we make the matter
far worse. Actions taken under the influence of anger can be disastrous. And I chose the words,
“under the influence” carefully because anger, like a drug, can impair our ability to rational decisions.
Words fly under the influence of anger that cause more hurt and destruction. Fists sometimes fly under
the influence of anger too, leading to more hurt, more complications and more problems.

Another danger of anger is that it can be misdirected. The man who comes home from a difficult day
at work and kicks the dog is an example. Sometimes it’s not the dog that gets the brunt of misplaced
anger, but it might be the spouse or the kids that suffer. And that is a terrible wrong.

Or sometimes we take it out on ourselves. If our anger is always pushed down, suppressed, it can
cause damage to our own well being. It’s as if we sometimes swallow our anger, and believe me, it is
not easy to digest!

Another way that anger can lead to problems is when we dwell on it. The Apostle Paul said, not to let
the sun go down on anger – but that is not easy to do. Dwelling in anger hurts – it hurts the one who is
angry. Anger develops momentum, just like the church bell has momentum when it is ringing. It takes
quite a bit of force to start that bell ringing, but once the bell has started to swing, it only takes a little
tug of the rope to keep it going. It might take something big to start your anger, but it doesn’t take
much effort to keep it going. And the longer that anger goes, the more damage can be done.

We all face anger from time to time. And sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own. There are
times when I am helping firefighters and police officers deal with extremely upsetting situations. The
tragedy that they see on a regular basis can have a devastating effect if they do not deal with it and talk
about it. They experience a tremendous range of emotions, often including a great deal of anger.

The same is true for people who have lost loved ones. There is often anger associated with such a loss.
Sometimes people become angry with the person who has passed away. It may not seem logical, but
anger is often not logical.

In each situation I tell people that they cannot help what they feel. If you feel angry, you feel angry.
You can’t stop it. Sure, you can suppress it and keep it bottled up. But you can’t help what you feel.
But you can help what you do about it. If you feel angry, you might want to punch someone in the
nose – and that would not be a very good choice. It’s much better to try burning off some of that anger
with exercise.

When anger grips us, it is important to recognize its potential for great harm. But it also has a potential
for good. Anger can destroy relationships and even lives. But anger can also become the catalyst for
positive change. Anger can become a crippling force, but it can also become an energizing force.

We seem to be living in very angry times. Have you noticed this? Perhaps the bad economic troubles
have more and more people on edge. You can see it in the news reports – there seem to be more
stories of violence everywhere. You can see it in the way people drive – I’ve noticed an increase in
aggressive driving. On two occasions in the last few weeks I’ve been in a funeral procession when
someone cut right in front of the hearse!

There’s an increasing amount of anger on a national level too. The debate over health care reform is
no longer a debate. It has become a shouting match. When someone displayed a picture of a
congressman being hung, things have gone too far. When death threats are being made, it has gone too
far. In some places the shouting matches have become violent. This is a dangerous road for our
nation. As the anger is stoked up, the potential for violence increases. We cannot forge good policies
for our nation this way.

The Apostle Paul was right. Be angry. Feel that feeling. Know the strength of that emotion. But do
not let it become an opportunity for sin. Use the anger, direct it, but do not let it run away with you.
Don’t let the anger control you.

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