How to shoot a basketball

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					                               How to shoot a basketball
                                  By: Brittany Fox

Elementary Physical Education
De Leon Elementary School (Grades K-5)
Lesson Duration: 1 day

- To teach how to successfully shoot a basketball with proper form
-To have students understand that making baskets is the main goal of basketball

The purpose of this lesson is to correctly teach how to shoot a basketball so that when the
children start to play or continue to play, they know the correct way and form. It will
allow them to make more of their attempted shots. Many children have bad form because
of their strength. I will teach them how to properly shoot the basketball without aiming
for the basket.

   I.    Introduction
   II.   IPhoto slideshow
   III.  PowerPoint
   IV.   My demonstration
   V.    Kid’s Practice

Materials Needed
-30 basketballs (Every kid has a basketball)

Computer Software

IPhoto- I decided to use IPhoto to show pictures of NBA men’s basketball players and a
couple of women’s high school basketball players to show good shooting form in all the
stages of a basketball shot. By using photos, you can get the exact picture of a proper
basketball shot. I will show them the slideshow first, and I will explain the pictures.

PowerPoint- I created a power point as a guide for me as I am explaining the steps of
shooting to the kids. After I explain everything by going through the power point slides,
I will have them get on their dots.

Evaluation of Mastery
I will show a demonstration, and then, have them shoot. I will go around and make sure
they are all using proper form. If not, I will correct them and have them show me again.

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