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									n e w s l e t t e r
Vo l . 1 • I s s u e 5   Spring 2008

          “Here, we are doing what we rarely do at the winery.
          We’re irrigating the vineyards to wake them up from
          winter dormancy. It’s time to get those vines back in
          action for another year of growth and harvest.”
                                               – Gary eberle
What’s Inside:
Making A Move {Pg. 4}, Cruising With Eberle To Costa Rica {Pg. 5}, Guest Chef
Dinner Series And Special Events {Pg. 6},Wine Fest Events {Pg. 8}, Awards And
Accolades {Pg. 9}, Cellar Club {Pg. 10}

*Cover photo courtesy of Gayle Hahn

                                   2008 in the Vineyard
                                   with Winemaker
                                   Ben Mayo
                                   2008 started out with some very welcomed showers, the ground soaked
                                   up the water like a greedy little piggy at suppertime. With a moderate
                                   winter and an early spring we are already far into leaf. We could do with
                                   a bit more rain, but so far things are lining up for a good harvest. As for
                                   2007, expect it to be one of the most spectacular vintages in Paso Robles
                                   in decades. When you see Paso Robles 2007 on the label, you should
                                   not be disappointed.
       Eberle Winemaker Ben Mayo

The Wine Institute talks 2007
Accounting for two-thirds of all wine sold in the U.S., California wine sales in the country reached another
all-time high of 457 million gallons in 2007 with a retail value of $18.9 billion dollars, according to wine
industry consultant Jon Fredrikson, publisher of the Gomberg-Fredrikson Report. That’s up 6% from the
year before. “California wines are benefiting from the growing U.S. wine culture,” said Robert P. (Bobby)
Koch, President and CEO of Wine Institute. “More Americans are enjoying wine than ever before. They
can look forward to the exceptional quality of the 2007 vintage.

As far as the current economic climate is concerned regarding wine sales, Fredrikson says, “Wine
continues to enjoy a positive standing with the press, government and consumers, and many positive news
reports on moderate wine consumption and health have also contributed to its positive image. Though the
economy is slowing, wine is gaining traction among American adult consumers, and it is likely that wine
consumption will continue to expand over the next decade.”

2 Eberle Newsletter Spring 2008
Bottling 2007 Viognier

                                                     We spent March bottling 2007 Mill Road Viognier.
                                                     Look for it this summer!

                                                     Also Look for new releases of 2005 Syrah,
                                                     2007 Chardonnay, 2007 Syrah Rosé and
                                                     2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon!

What are “Wine Crystals?”
“Tartrates” is the general term used by winemakers
to describe the harmless crystalline deposits that
separate from wines during fermentation and
ageing. They are also known as “ruby stones”
or “wine diamonds” in the trade. The principal
component of this deposit is potassium acid tartrate,
the potassium salt of tartaric acid–otherwise known
as cream of tartar.

Tartrates separate from new wines because potassium
acid tartrate is less soluble in solutions of alcohol and
water. Only the most informed consumers appreciate
the harmlessness of tartrate crystals in bottle.
Although tartrates precipitated in red wines usually take on some red or brown coloring from absorbed
wine pigments and are commonly regarded as mere sediment, in white wines they can look alarmingly
like shards of glass to the uninitiated. The reality is, tartrates will form if a wine is not cold stabilized.
Fine wines are normally less drastically stabilized because it is believed that the less stable constituents
contribute to the ageing process.

The bottom line: tartrates are harmless, tasteless and a sign of a quality wine.

                                                                                Eberle Newsletter Spring 2008 3
What’s Happening

                                           Bathrooms Before and After
                                           After 25 years, the Eberle Tasting Room
                                           Restrooms are finally getting a face lift! Thanks
                                           to John Hunt and Nick Gillman for making this
                                           happen, and thank you to all of our Tasting Room
                                           guests for your patience during this process.

                                           Construction workers move the Eberle signs, and
                                           take out an entire row of Cabernet, to make way
                                           for the new 4-lane highway on 46 East.

                                           Zin Fest Gang Having Fun
                                           The Eberle gang is all smiles during a very busy Zin
                                           Fest weekend. Featured left to right are Kay Lopez,
                                           Sue Kennedy, Bruce VanDyke, and Tasting Room
                                           Manager Elise Keeling.

On the Road                                May 5-7, 2008
                                           Wine Institute - Washington D.C.
Paso Robles Road Show                      May 17, 2008
                                           Paso Robles Wine Festival at the downtown park
April 14-15, 2008                          Eberle also pours at Hotel Cheval 1-2pm
St. Louis, MO
                                           May 21-25, 2008
April 16-17, 2008                          New Orleans Food & Wine Experience
Kansas City                                For more information visit:
April 18-20, 2008                          July 17, 2008
San Diego International Wine Competition   Eberle pours wine at the Pony Club, Hotel Cheval,
April 24-27, 2008                          Paso Robles, CA
Florida Wine Festival, Sarasota            August 9, 2008
May 1-3, 2008                              Winemaker Barbecue Cookoff
Hospice du Rhone, Paso Robles, CA          River Oaks Hot Springs and Spa, Paso Robles, CA

                    Spring 2008
4 Eberle Newsletter Winter 2008
Eberle Winery’s on Cruise Control!

WindStar 2009 Costa Rica Cruise February 21-28, 2009
Category A List Price $3499.00 Eberle Group Rate $2616.38
Category B List Price $3299.00 Eberle Group Rate $2422.38

Taxes includes port, government and fuel surcharges
Single supplement 175% of double rate

 February 21   Saturday      Puerto Caldera/Costa Rica    6:00 PM
 February 22   Sunday        At Sea
 February 23   Monday        San Juan Del Sur/Nicaragua   7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
 February 24   Tuesday       Playas Del Coco/Costa Rica   8:00 AM – 2:30 PM
 February 25   Wednesday     Quepos/Costa Rica            8:00 AM – MIDNIGHT
 February 26   Thursday      Bahia Paraiso/Costa Rica     8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
 February 27   Friday        Curu (Reserve)/Costa Rica    7:00 AM – NOON
 February 27   Friday        Tortuga Island/Costa Rica    1:00 PM – 11:00 PM
 February 28   Saturday      Puerto Caldera/Costa Rica    6:00 AM

               For more information on this cruise, contact Aimee Presto at Rich Worldwide Travel.
               1-800-431-1130 ext. 145 or email Or contact
               Marcy DeGarimore at 805-238-9607 or email

                                                                           Eberle Newsletter Spring
                                                                           Eberle Newsletter Winter 2008 5
                                         2008 Guest Chef Dinne
                                                         philosophy. All Eberle fruit is either grown
                                                         on the Paso Robles Estate or contracted from
                                                         partners and vineyard growers in Paso Robles.
                                                         We feel this combination of locally grown food
                                                         and wine will create a meal like no other—and
                                                         offered only at Eberle Winery. Make your reser-
                                                         vation soon for this dinner in the caves. This rare
                                                         event is limited to 40 people.
World renowned Chef Michel Richard
returns to Eberle Winery in November.                    Eberle Hosts One of Bravo’s America’s
                                                         Top Chefs Tre Wilcox
Wine Festival Dinner in the Caves                        Friday, July 11, 2008
Friday, May 16, 2008                                     As chef de cuisine of Dallas’ award-winning five-star
Lou Rook, Annie Gunn’s, St. Louis MO                     restaurant, Abacus, Tre Wilcox began his culinary
In keeping with the concept of “Foods and wines          career at the age of 17. Chef Tre’s latest culinary
inspired by the richness of country life,” Chef Lou      adventures landed him a spot as a contestant on
Rook of Annie Gunn’s Restaurant uses the best            Bravo’s third season of America’s Top Chef. “Top
ingredients and imbues them with his own talented        Chef 3 Miami” featured 15 of the country’s most
creative spin. Known for his heartwarming, nurtur-       impressive rising chefs and Tre proved to be a
ing, robust dishes and winner of the Wine Spectator      strong contender in this competition for up-and-
Award of Excellence, Chef Rook is a dear friend          coming culinary talent. Tre’s dedication, enthusiasm
whose love for food and family is spotlighted in every   and passion have made him such a renowned and
dish he prepares. (He also happens to have one of        impressive chef he’s been nominated as the James
the best restaurants in the state of Missouri!) Food     Beard Foundation’s Rising Star Chef for two consec-
and Wine calls Annie Gunn’s “One of America’s 50         utive years. D Magazine named him one of the “Top
best wine experiences.” Come celebrate Wine Fest         Young Guns” in Dallas. He has also appeared on a
with a dinner in the caves at Eberle!                    number of TV shows, including Oprah, the Texas
                                                         Cable News Network, ABC’s Good Morning Texas
“Locals Only” Featuring                                  and Metro and FOX’s Good Day Dallas.
Chef Chris Kobayashi
Saturday, June 21, 2008                                  Friends of the Winery Dinner in the Caves
Artisan, Paso Robles, CA                                 Saturday, August 2, 2008
Experience a winemaker dinner in the Eberle              Bern’s Steak House, Tampa, FL
caves featuring only “locally grown” food and            One of America’s top steak houses, boasting one of
wine. Chef Chris Kobayashi is well known for             the largest wine lists in the world, comes to Eberle
his commitment to using only the freshest, local         Winery for a meal to remember for our annual
ingredients to create masterful dishes at Artisan        Friends of the Winery dinner. Since 1956, Bern’s
Restaurant. Chef Chris searches out local &              Steak House has worked with a passion (or some
organic produce and his hand selected proteins           call it an obsession) to provide the best meat, fish
are wild caught or sustainably farmed and con-           and produce available to its customers. Bern would
tain no growth hormones or antibiotics. Eberle           only accept the “very, very best, even if it meant
Winery wines are also made with a “locals only”          more work and time for preparation, or a higher

6 Eberle Newsletter Spring 2008
er Series and Special Events
  price paid to begin with the best raw products.” To      Santa Barbara, and flagship restaurant in Washington,
  that end, Bern’s Steak House is now considered an        D.C. have earned a staggering array of honors befit-
  iconic restaurant in the U.S.A. and should be at the     ting such a talented chef. Author, James Beard
  top of your “must dine” list. Please join us for a       Award Winner, and recipient of numerous awards
  night of spectacular food, fabulous wine and great       and honors, Chef Richard is currently celebrating
  friends as we bring Bern’s to Eberle Winery!             the opening of his newest Citronelle at the luxurious
                                                           Carmel Valley Ranch resort. Experience a meal like
  Winemaker Dinner in the Caves                            no other from a culinary talent who Robert Parker of
  Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008                                  the Wine Advocate describes as “A great chef, who
  Eberle Winery Welcomes Doug Levy, Feast, Tucson, AZ      is cooking at a level that far exceeds any Michelin
  The cuisine is international, the ambience is high       three-star chef in France.” A portion of the proceeds
  energy and the name is Feast. What more do you           from this dinner goes directly to the Eberle Scholarship
  need to have a great time, especially where your         for students studying wine and viticulture at Cal Poly.
  appetite is concerned? Chef/owner Doug Levy has
  helped elevate the Tucson food scene to new heights.     Black Tie Holiday Dinner
  Join us as we welcome him to Eberle Winery and           Saturday, December 6, 2008
  experience the food and wine pairings that are mak-      Holly Peterson, Napa Valley
  ing Chef Levy a well-known favorite in Arizona.          Holly Peterson’s credentials include a degree in
                                                           Enology from U.C. Davis and Grand Diplome de
  Harvest Festival Winemaker Dinner                        Cuisine from the prestigious La Varenne cooking
  Friday, October 17, 2008                                 school. She spent years cooking professionally
  Craig von Foerster, Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, CA          in France, including stints at Château Mouton-
  The Post Ranch Inn is a stellar resort perched high      Rothschild, Krug, and Remy-Martin. She made
  above the California coast in Big Sur. The Zagat         news in Europe when she was chosen as the first
  Survey ranked its award-winning restaurant Sierra Mar,   female chef at a Michelin three-star restaurant,
  headed by Chef Craig von Foerster, as the best hotel     Tantris, in Munich. When she returned to the
  restaurant in CA in 2006. Fusing East and West style     United States, Holly spent eight years at the
  cuisine, Sierra Mar showcases everything spectacu-       Robert Mondavi Winery, developing food and
  lar about California. Chef von Foerster has recently     wine programs and events. Now, she teaches food
  earned acclaim on NBC’s “Today Show” and in Sunset       and wine dynamics at The Culinary Institute of
  Magazine. Enjoy world-class cuisine and world-class      America at Greystone. Holly and her family are
  wine at Eberle as we celebrate the harvest of 2008!      great friends of Eberle Winery. She is skilled in
                                                           creating dinners and events for several hundred
  Eberle Welcomes                                          people at a time. To have her in our intimate caves
  Acclaimed Chef Michel Richard                            of Eberle Winery will be an event to remember.
  Saturday, November 1, 2008
  Citronelle, Washington D.C.                              Eberle Winemaker Dinners
  It is with great honor that Eberle Winery hosts
                                                           $120/Cellar Club members
  acclaimed chef and good friend Michel Richard to a
                                                           Contact Sheri Kennedy at 805-238-9607 or
  Guest Chef Dinner in the Eberle caves. With a culi-
                                                           sheri@eberlewinery.comfor reservations.
  nary career 40 years in the making, Chef Richard’s
                                                           Or visit
  Citrus and Citronelle restaurants in Los Angeles,

                                                                                Eberle Newsletter Spring 2008 7
More Upcoming Events:

                                             Gary Eberle
                                              wan ts you  im for Pr
                                                to vote h
                                                              i n 2008!
                                                We’re celebrating “Uncle Sam” in 2008! Join one of
                                                the founding fathers of the Paso Robles appellation
                                                for the 26th annual Wine Fest!

                                                 Wine Festival Dinner in the Caves
                                                 Friday, May 16, 2008
                                                  Lou Rook, Annie Gunn’s, St. Louis MO
                                                  Known for his heartwarming, nurturing, robust dishes
                                                  and winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence,
                                      Chef Rook is a dear friend whose love for food and family is spot-
      lighted in every dish he prepares. (He also happens to have one of the best restaurants in the state
of Missouri!) Food and Wine calls Annie Gunn’s “One of America’s 50 best wine experiences.” Come
celebrate Wine Fest with a dinner in the caves at Eberle! For reservations contact Sheri Kennedy at
805-238-9607 or Or visit Eberle Winery is located 3.5
miles east of Highway 101 on Highway 46 East in Paso Robles. Tasting Room Hours 10am-6pm.

Party in the Park!
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Visit Eberle in the city park,or at the winery for complimentary wine tasting and cave tours. Taste our new
releases, including the 2005 Steinbeck Syrah, 2007 Eberle Chardonnay, 2007 Mill Road Viognier and 2007
Syrah Rose’, enjoy a picnic on the deck overlooking the Estate vineyard, and sample some of Paso Robles’
best in a relaxed atmosphere. Tasting Room hours: 10am-6pm.

Open House at Eberle Winery
Sunday, May 18, 2008
Go “Red, White and Blue” at Eberle Winery with an all-American complementary barbecue (with the help
of Chef Lou Rook of Annie Gunn’s of St. Louis, MO) and the awesome music of Julie Beaver and the Bad
Dogs. Open House, complementary wine tasting and self guided cave tours. Eberle Winery is located
3.5 miles east of Highway 101 on Highway 46 East in Paso Robles. Tasting Room Hours 10am-6pm.
805-238-9607 or

8 Eberle Newsletter Spring 2008
Awards and Accolades
     Eberle Winery listed as a                              2008 SAN FRANCISCO
 “Must Visit Winery” as                                     CHRONICLE WINE
 declared by the Oakland Tribune                            COMPETITION
    and the San Mateo Times
                                                            2006 Eberle Zinfandel ($24) – GOLD
PASO ROBLES, CA—Once again, Eberle Winery
                                                            2006 Eberle Barbera ($22) – GOLD
scored big points with the judges of the 2008 San
Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition—the largest            2006 Eberle Cotes-du-Robles ($20) – GOLD
competition of American wines in the world. Out of
                                                            2005 Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah ($28) – GOLD
4,235 entries, every single Eberle wine entered into
the competition earned a medal. Winemaker Ben               2005 Steinbeck Syrah ($20) – SILVER
Mayo says his goal is to have every Eberle wine
earn a “gold” in the competitions this year. It looks       2006 Roussanne ($22) – SILVER
like we’re off to a good start!

                                                                                           By Stacy Finz

“The tasters have spoken and the results are final. Last week, I wrote about Tim Hanni, the Napa Valley Wine
Expert who says that we are physiologically predetermined to like certain wines based on the number of taste
buds on our tongues. Those with the most taste buds are “hypersensitive tasters,” those with slightly fewer taste
buds are “sensitive” tasters, and “tolerant tasters” have the fewest taste buds, according to Hanni.

The more sensitive a taster you are, the more likely you are to sense bitterness and sourness. Those folks seem to
enjoy lighter, more delicate wines and often lean toward sweeter varietals. Sensitive tasters, Hanni says, are open
to a wider range of flavors while tolerant tasters tend to like bolder, higher alcohol wines that are usually red.”

To test his theory, he lined up 10 tasters in each category and on Tuesday had them judge their first ever
Lodi International Wine Awards.

There were 527 wines entered—everything from French Colombard to blueberry wine. Zinfandel and
Cabernet Sauvignon were the largest categories.

Hanni says for the most part, the results of the contest matched his research. But there were some surprises.
Anomalies included the fact that Eberle Winery’s 2006 Cabernet-Syrah blend received a double gold from
the hypersensitive and sensitive tasters and a bronze from the tolerant judges. Normally, says Hanni, a rich
Paso Robles Cabernet-based wine would have appealed more to the tolerant tasters. In all probability, it
must have been very smooth for the more sensitive tasters to have liked it, he says.

It begins to make more sense, says Hanni, when you take into consideration that the hypersensitive and
sensitive tasters also gave golds to Eberle’s 2006 Barbera…typically an intense red wine. “Clearly Eberle
is making wines in a style that appeals to these types of tasters,” Hanni says. Or it could be that well-made
wines simply appeal to all types of tasters.

                                                                                 Eberle Newsletter Spring 2008 9
2008 Eberle
Cellar Club Events
                                   by Wine Club Administrator Garry DeRose

Join the Eberle Winery Cellar Club
Be sure to keep us informed about any changes in shipping, billing or contact information. No matter how
small the change!

2008 Will Call Parties
Save the date for future Will Call Parties and taste the latest released wines
April 16, 6:00 to 7:30
July 16, 6:00pm; Summer Release Party, Reservations Required
October 15, 6:00 to 7:30pm
Contact Garry De Rose: or 805.238.9607

10 Eberle Newsletter Spring 2008
Eberle Winery’s Cellar Club
       Treat yourself to exclusive, medal-winning vintages
       and have Eberle wines delivered to your door!

       Quarterly – four shipments a year
       (January, April, July and October)
       2 bottles • 6 bottles • 12 bottles

             Bi-annual – two shipments a year
             (May and September)
             6 bottles • 12 bottles

             Rare and Reserve – two shipments a year
             (June and November)
             Must be an existing cellar club member to be added
             to wait list.

       • Includes pre-releases and limited production wines
       • 20% discount on all wine purchases and tasting room
       • 20% discount on all monthly Guest Chef
          Winemaker Dinners (does not include guests)
       • Special members only events
       • Private VIP cave tours and reserved seating on the deck
          (advanced booking required)
       • Access to the very limited Rare and Reserve Club

 As a California winery, we can legally ship to the following states:
 AK, CA, CT, DC, FL, IA, ID, IL, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, NH, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, TX, WA, WI, WV, & WY
 For information on new direct shipment states, please contact us at Eberle Winery. Some states may require consumers
 to report sales tax. Please check or visit our website at

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                                                                                            Presorted Standard
                                                                                               US Postage
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                                                                                             Paso Robles CA
EBERLE                                                                                led
P.O. BOX 2459
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                                                                         ews re a
Paso Robles,CA 93447
                                                                    our n     o
                                                              have y DeGarim
                                                         er to arcy
                                                     pref act M
TASTING ROOM                                    ould
                                            ou w lease cont
Winter Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.         If y , p
                                              u           ine
Summer Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.          to yo y@eberlew
Located on Highway 46 East, 3.5 miles     marc
east of Paso Robles and Highway 101

Telephone: 805.238.9607
Fax: 805.237.0344

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