Finding New Car Insurance Following Cancellation or Nonrenewal

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					Find a New Car Insurance and Cancellation or Nonrenewal
Anyone with car insurance may one day find themself in a situation which their auto insurance
company cancels their policy, or their policy is not renewed. If either of these have happened to
you, the following information may be helpful.


If your car insurance is cancelled by your car insurance company and your policy has been in effect
for over 60 days, there are four possible reasons for this:

You did not pay your monthly premium on time.

Your driver's license has been revoked or suspended.

You have misrepresented yourself on your application.

Your insurance company believes you have committed fraud.

If none of these fits your situation, or if it has been less than 60 days since your policy took
effect, call your insurance company and find out why you have been cancelled. Once you have this
information you can decide what you need to do to get insured again.


If you receive a non-renewal notice from your car insurance company, your policy will no longer be in
effect on the date that the notice specifies. Either the insured or the insurance company can
initiate the process of non-renewal. If you have gotten a non-renewal notice in the mail and you have
not requested the non-renewal, chances are you have already received some form of warning or
explanation from your insurance company. If this is not the case, contact your auto insurance
company for an explanation. If you feel their reason is unfair, you can contact your state
department of insurance and file a complaint.

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