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									Tinnitus Stress

Tinnitus stress is a term used to refer to that irritating ringing in the ears that is caused by stress or
aggravated by stress. Most of the time, the source of tinnitus itself is undetermined. People who
experience tinnitus describe it as "a ringing in my head."

The discomfort felt is anywhere from mild to severe. The irritation experienced is almost
excruciating. It causes a disturbance in the performance of everyday tasks and may lead to more

Oftentimes tinnitus stress leads to headaches. People affected by this problem claim to experience
abdominal cramps, changes in elimination either constipation or diarrhea, dry mouth, and increased

 More serious cases report cardiovascular and respiratory complications. The usual signs and
symptoms of stress may also be seen such as an increased urge to urinate, irritability, uneasiness
and discomfort. It will be very difficult to focus on anything with a constant ringing in the ears.

There is no way to stop the ringing manually. It is not like you can put on earplugs to shut out the
sound. Because of the annoying sound, relaxation will be difficult although still possible to achieve.
To be able to effectively deal with the irritating sound in your ear, you have to go to the root of the
problem. Try to find a resolution to the problem (you have found it).

Although stress is an inevitable reality of life, it is still very important to deal with it in order to attain
a state of equilibrium. Consider relaxation techniques like meditation and yoga, treatment like
acupressure or acupuncture.

Sometimes a good exhilarating workout and engaging in activities to divert your attention can help.
Sometimes the solution is easier and less complicated than you think. Try talking to someone about
what is bothering you and get to the bottom of what causes your tinnitus stress.

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