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					New to Calgary
A Graduate Student Guide

              Brought to you by:
  The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)
  of the University of Calgary
  350 MSC, 2500 University Dr. NW
  Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4.
  Tel: 403 220-5997
  Fax: 403 282-8992
  Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
                                   New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

2 August 2011

Dear International Graduate Students,

Welcome to Canada, and to the University of Calgary! I am delighted that you have chosen to
undertake your graduate education here. As graduate students, you make important contributions to
the University community, as researchers, teachers, and students. We are enriched by the diversity of
experience you bring to the institution.

While it is important that you work hard on your studies, be sure also to take advantage of all that
Calgary and Alberta have to offer. You have come to a different culture. Learn about it, and about the
geography that surrounds you here in the Canadian west. Take advantage of the GSA’s many activities
that allow you to meet people outside your program and from different backgrounds.

The transition to a new culture and academic environment is not always easy. There are many services
available on campus to help you with this transition, including the GSA, the Center for International
Students and Study Abroad, the Student Success Center and the Wellness Center. Do not hesitate to
take advantage of the services they provide during your time as a student. This year, the Faculty of
Graduate Studies will cooperate with these offices to offer a workshop on academic success for
international students, to help you adjust to a new academic environment.

It is important to know that expectations for students at Canadian universities may not be the same as
those in your home country, particularly relating to the originality of the work you submit in your
courses. Be sure that you look at the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar and understand what is
meant by academic misconduct so that you can avoid any difficulties in this regard. If you are
uncertain, contact your instructor or our offices for clarification.

Please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies with questions about registration, fees or scholarships,
or to clarify the regulations contained in the FGS Calendar. You can visit our offices (Earth Sciences
720) or contact us by telephone (403-220-4938) or email (, and check our
website for useful information or to find the graduate Calendar (

I wish you every success in completing your degree, and hope that you enjoy your time at the
University of Calgary.

Lisa Young
Dean of Graduate Studies
University of Calgary

                                                                      ●      ●      ●        1|P a g e
                                  Graduate Students’ Association

        Welcome to the University of Calgary!
Dear Graduate Students,

      On behalf of the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) Board of Directors and
staff members, we would like to welcome you to the University of Calgary. We hope
that this handbook will help you to become familiar and comfortable with the GSA,
University, and the City of Calgary in general.

      The GSA nurtures a vibrant and engaged student community by enhancing the
experience of all graduate students. Through the GSA, you can access important
services and resources, such as the GSA Health and Dental Plan, the Last Defence
Lounge, workshops, scholarships and bursaries. To learn more about our services,
please visit our website at or stop by in MacEwan Student Centre,
Room 350.

We wish you all a happy and successful academic year ahead,

Murtaza Dahodwala                                 Siva Iyer
Chair of International Students                   Vice-President Student Life                     

              ●     ●     ● Acknowledgements                       ●   ●     ●

    The GSA would like to give special thanks to Mohamed Sorour (VP International
2008-09) for initiating this project as well as Islam Hegazy and Rozhen Mohammad-
Amin (Chair of International Students 2009-10, 2010-11 respectively) for contributing
and expanding this project of publishing the New to Calgary Handbook.

                                         ●      ●      ●
                                   Canadian Historical Facts

               Canada became The Dominion of Canada on July 1st, 1867.

               The maple leaf and has been associated with Canada since the
                 1700's. The flag of Canada with a maple leaf at the centre with
                 two red bars was adopted as the National Flag in 1965.
                                         ●      ●      ●

 2|P a g e     ●     ●     ●
                                    New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

                   ●      ●      ● Table of Contents ●                    ●   ●
1.  U of C: Getting Started Checklist
 1.1 Register as a U of C Student                                                    Page 4
 1.2 Obtain a Student ID Card
 1.3 Meet Your Graduate Program Administrator
 1.4 Meet Your Supervisor                                                            Page 5
 1.5 Enroll in Courses
 1.6 Enrollment Verification Letters
 1.7 Setup Your Email & Online Accounts
 1.8 Fees and Payroll                                                                Page 6
 1.9 Scholarships and Awards
 1.10 Visiting the GSA office

2.  U of C: Resources Checklist
 2.1  Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)                                           Page 7
 2.2  GSA Employer Relations and Transition Program                                  Page 8
 2.3  GSA Health & Dental Plan
 2.4  The Centre for International Students & Study Abroad (CISSA)                   Page 9
 2.5  Student Success Centre
    - Academic Success Programs
    - Personal Success Programs
    - Career Success Programs
 2.6 Teaching & Learning Centre                                                      Page 10
 2.7 Students Union Wellness Centre (SUWC)
 2.8 Career Services                                                                 Page 11
 2.9 Student Ombuds Office
 2.10 Legal Issues
 2.11 Campus Recreation
 2.12 Women’s Resource Centre (WRC)                                                  Page 12
 2.13 Safety Services
 2.14 Student Clubs                                                                  Page 13

3.  Calgary Accommodations and Services Checklist
 3.1 Housing (On and Off Campus)                                                     Page 13
 3.2 Banking                                                                         Page 14
 3.3 Alberta Health Care                                                             Page 15
 3.4 Social Insurance Number
 3.5 Shopping for Food                                                               Page 16
 3.6 Ethnic Grocery Stores
 3.7 Shopping Malls
 3.8 Telecommunications                                                              Page 17
 3.9 Driving in Alberta
 3.10 Some Useful Websites                                                           Page 18
 3.11 Useful Phone Numbers
 3.12 Glossary

4.     Extra Notes
 4.1    Academic Integrity and Plagiarism                                            Page 19
 4.2    Non-Academic Misconduct Policy                                               Page 20
 4.3    Some Tips for Dining Out
 4.4    U of C Map                                                                   Page 23

                                                                      ●   ●   ●   3|P a g e
                               Graduate Students’ Association

    This handbook was produced by members of the GSA, to assist new graduate
students at the U of C. We have attempted to verify all the information contained in
this handbook, but are not responsible for any errors or omissions. To share your
questions or comments, please email Murtaza Dahodwala at:

U of C: Getting started Checklist                   1.2 Obtain a Student ID Card
                                                   After you have registered, you can
                                               get your Student ID card or the ONEcard
   1.1 Register as a U of C Student
    You can do this online by visiting         at the Campus Security Office, which is You         located on the main floor of MacEwan
                                               Student Centre (MSC) 260. Usually there
will need your UCID (U of C ID number)
                                               is a long line at the beginning of
which was sent to you along with your
acceptance letter.                             semester, so you should go as early as
                                               possible. Bring your admission letter,
                                               which contains your UCID. A new digital
To register:
                                               picture will be taken at the Security
 You need access to a computer
                                               Office, and your ONEcard will be given to
connected to the internet. Student
                                               you immediately.
computers are available in the
MacKimmie, Gallagher, Business and              Your ONEcard will give you access to
                                               the library and to the fitness facilities on
Health Sciences Libraries, Doucette
Library, as well as computer labs like         campus like gym, swimming, etc. You can
elbow rooms and Social Science Tri-Labs        also use your campus card like a debit
on campus.                                     card on campus to purchase food from
                                               the MSC (Tim Horton’s, Pizza 73 etc.) or
 During the registration process, you
                                               Dining Centre.
can also select courses. It is important to
enroll in courses as soon as possible, as       Your ONEcard can be used for printing
they often fill up quickly. Your               and photocopying on campus too. You
department’s Graduate Coordinator will         will find a list of the locations and their
                                               accepted method of payments on
be able to guide you through your
program requirements and help you to 
select appropriate courses. It is very         puters/printinglocations.
important to talk to your supervisor            If you wish to load money on your
and/or Graduate Program Coordinator            ONEcard or learn more on your ONEcard,
before finalizing your course selection or     visit You can
deciding to add, drop, or change any           even load money in cash by visiting the
classes. Please make sure you visit            MacKimmie library circulation desk.         For damaged or lost ONEcard, you will
ant_dates for registration deadlines.          be charged a replacement fee of $20.

4|P a g e     ●      ●     ●
                              New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

Calgary Transit:                                      1.4 Meet Your Supervisor
 Your UCID will serve as your Calgary             Contact your supervisor (by e-mail or
transit pass, after you get a UPASS sticker    phone) as soon as you can and make
from the Campus Ticket Centre, in MSC          arrangements to meet with him/her at a
or the Medical Bookstore, Foothills            suitable time. He/she will welcome you,
Campus (www. You          provide valuable information, and put
need to obtain a new sticker three times       you in touch with other graduate
a year (fall, winter, and spring-summer        students in your department.
semesters). If caught on transit without a          It is common for students to come
U-Pass sticker or with an expired sticker,     from various beliefs, ethnicities and
you could be fined up to $150 for the          cultures. Likewise, your supervisor may
first time. If your UPASS sticker gets lost,   subscribe to a different culture than
defaced or moved, you will be charged          yours. It is recommended that you
$55 for a replacement.                         engage in a friendly conversation with
 The Calgary Transit bus routes are           your supervisor if you become aware of a
scheduled to run at specific times, and        misunderstanding about each other’s
times change on weekends. You can plan         practices. This will ensure your academic
trips from your ‘origin’ to ‘destination’ on   life at the U of C is not negatively       affected. You can always contact the
You can also get a live update on the          Director of International Students or GSA
arrival time of a bus by calling 403-974-      executives with any concerns or queries.
4000 and punching in the 4 digit stop
number.                                                 1.5 Enroll in Courses
                                                  In order to register for courses, you
  1.3 Meet Your Graduate Program               must create an eID at the My U of C login
             Administrator                     page ( you will
    He/she will be one of your main            need your UCID number. This is an 8 digit
contacts during your studies. The              number that is on the front of your
Graduate Program Administrator (GPA)           student card, and at the top of your
will provide you with the keys to your         welcome letter from the Faculty of
mailbox, office, and/or lab. This              Graduate Studies. If you do not have
individual will also contact you with the      access to your account, or have difficulty
details of your funding and with               accessing it, you can register manually by
information regarding any teaching or          completing the ‘Change of Course
research duties that you may have. If you      Registration’ form located in the ‘Forms’
have a question but are unsure of who to       section of the Faculty of Graduate
ask, your GPA can often help you. You          Studies website (
need to give him/her a photocopy of the         For instructions on selecting and
following documents as soon as possible:       enrolling in classes, go to Enrollment
• Void check or direct deposit form            Services at
obtained from the bank                         Online presentations for registration are
• Passport                                     useful and available at http://askus.ucal
• Student visa                       
• Social Insurance Number (SIN)
                                                            ●    ●     ●       5|P a g e
                               Graduate Students’ Association

 1.6 Enrollment Verification Letters           the U of C:
    Enrollment verification letters are        • Online Banking
often used for applying travel VISA’s for      • Check or Money Order/Bank Draft
academic purposes like conferences.            • In person at the Enrolment Services
These can be printed online by logging            (A block to the right of library building)
into your My U of C. Go to Student Centre      Complete details on how to make the
> Other Academic and click on Enroll-          payments can be found here -
ment Verification to print the letter.
                                                General and tuition fees are typically
     1.7 Setup Your Email & Online                                       rd
                                               due by the end of the 3 week of classes
                  Accounts                     each term. If you are receiving a
     A UCIT account gives you access to:       scholarship or an assistantship from the
   Your U of C webmail (e-mail) account       U of C, you also have the option to pay
   Webdisk (remote file storage)              your tuition and fees on a monthly basis
   AirUC (wireless internet connection)       through a Graduate Student Payment
   Blackboard (course management)             Plan, rather than in one lump sum at the
   Specific useful software and more…         beginning of each term. For information
                                               on the Graduate Student Payment Plan
    Once you have your UCID number,            or to sign up, visit
simply go to the Information Technology        registrar/graduatepayment.
website (, click on          You can look online for information
UCIT Account Registration and follow the       regarding fee deadlines at www.ucalgary
step-by-step instructions. It is highly        .ca/registrar/important_dates.        Tuition
recommended that students use their U          fees are due in one week after the
of C webmail for all academic purposes.        deadline for course changes. You can
You can visit              view your dues and payments made by
gettingstarted/student for help with all IT    logging into your Student Centre via My
resources of the U of C.                       U of C (
 After registration, you will be able to       Student Centre web portal will also
use Webdisk. This is a service from IT         allow you to view funding or scholarship
that allows remote file storage on a UCIT      payments from by the University. Click
server. You can access documents stored        on the ‘Account Inquiry’ and select
on webdisk from any computer that is           payments.
internet enabled. Also, Webdisk allows
you to give other users access to all or           1.9 Scholarships and Awards
some of your documents, if you choose             There are many funding options
to do so. This will perhaps be a great         available to graduate students studying
place to back up your coursework, notes        at the U of C. There are different
or thesis. For more information, visit         conditions that impact your eligibility for                    scholarships, such as degree type,
                                               program of study, and country of origin.
        1.8 Fees and Payroll                    Please check with your department
   There are several ways in which you         and the Faculty of Graduate Studies -
can pay your general and tuition fees at for more
6|P a g e      ●     ●     ●
                            New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

and latest information.                      graduate students to the university, local
                                             and global communities, and all levels of
         1.10 Visit the GSA Office           government.
    This year, the GSA is offering a free     GSA Membership
grad student day planner to all graduate         Membership in the GSA consists of
students. You can get yours at our main      active members, associate members and
office, 350 MacEwan Student Centre. In       honorary members. All             students
addition to keeping track of your            registered as full or part-time graduate
appointments, the day planner includes       students in the Faculty of Graduate
important dates, course registration         Studies, the Faculty of Environmental
information, and the services that the       Design, and those in Post-Degree
GSA provides.                                Continuous Learning programs are active
 The GSA runs a restaurant and lounge       members.
called, The Last Defence Lounge (LDL):        GSA Executive, located on             The affairs of the GSA are managed
the 3 floor of MSC. It’s a great place to    by an executive body called the Board of
have a meal with friends and colleagues.     Directors or (BoD) which is elected each
The GSA regularly hosts free events for      winter for a one-year term. The positions
graduate students at the LDL like karaoke    include:     President,     Vice-President
nights and trivia nights. Don’t forget to    Academic, Vice-President Student Life
check       on    group    discounts   at    and Vice-President Finance and Services.             You can find information about the GSA
groups-alumni.html                           executive committee under the glossary
 For the latest information about free      section. All students are eligible to run
events, bursaries and scholarships,          for executive positions in GSA according
workshops and other services that the        to the GSA bylaws. (
GSA provides, visit     /gsa/about/docs/GSABylaws31March201
Also, it is highly recommended to read       1.pdf).
the weekly GSA Newsletter - GSA News &        Graduate Representative Council
Views which is sent to your email every          The Graduate Representative Council
Monday. It contains information on the       (GRC) meets eight times a year and
latest activities on campus and important    reviews and monitors GSA policies,
deadlines too.                               practices and activities as reported by
                                             the BoD at each GRC meeting.
    U of C: Resources Checklist              Representatives are normally elected by
                                             their department’s graduate students in
                                             the fall term to act as liaisons between
 2.1 Graduate Students' Association
                                             the GSA and their Departmental
    The Graduate Students' Association
                                             Graduate Associations (DGAs).
(GSA) was formed in 1967 and is
                                              Departmental Graduate Associations
dedicated to enhancing the experience
                                                 Through the GSA, each department of
of all graduate students The GSA
                                             the university is able to form a
represents the collective and represents
                                             Departmental Graduate Association
the collective interests of over 6,000
                                             (DGA). DGA’s get a start-up grant of
                                                          ●    ●     ●       7|P a g e
                               Graduate Students’ Association

$300, plus the ability to seek funding for         Resolving Conflict
departmental       events,     operational        Preparing to Defend Your Thesis –
bursaries and other benefits. DGA’s also           Strategies to Manage your Anxiety
receive a discount for functions at the           Stress and Time Management
LDL. Complete information can be found            Work/Life Balance
at:              The GSA is also offers free Self
handbook.html                                  Defence Workshops – look out for the
 The GSA negotiates the Graduate              announcement on GSA news and views.
Assistantships (GAT) on behalf of all          For more information on workshops,
students. This policy not only ensures         date and time, and to register visit
that graduate student teaching assistants
are treated fairly with regard to number       workshops.html
of hours, place of work but also paid on
time for teaching. You can look up                  2.3 GSA Health & Dental Plan
complete up to date information about               The GSA Health & Dental Plan is a
the GAT agreements on http://gsa.              supplementary health and dental      insurance in addition to your Alberta
                                               Health Care Insurance Plan. It is a non-
   2.2 GSA Employer Relations and              profit plan operated and owned by
          Transition Program                   graduate students. The Fee for this plan
     The    Employer     Relations    and      is included in your General Fees as a
Transition Program helps graduate              graduate student. This plan provides
students attain their desired career goals     additional coverage for your health and
- whether it’s (re)entering industry after     dental expenses. To learn more about
graduation (as the majority of grad            the expenses covered by this plan please
students do) or continuing with                read the Health and Dental Handbook
academia. This program is free, and helps      available     at
grad students make professional                services/health.html. Forms and useful
contacts by pairing students with a            documentation about the plan can be
mentor in their field of interest.             found       at:
Additionally the program provides              services/plan-documentation.html
several career preparation workshops            Dental Care: Grad students can visit
and activities. For more information           any dentist in Canada to receive dental
about the program visit: www.uc                care. However, there are several dentists        in Calgary that offer a 20% discount for
To get involved, please contact Julie          graduate students on the GSA plan. To
Brown at 403-210-7870 or email                 view       these         dentists       visit:              services/dental-
 In addition to the various workshops         discounts.html
already mentioned, the GSA offers a            Travel Insurance: As part of the plan, all
number of very useful sessions that are        students are entitled to travel insurance
highly recommended to attend. These
                                               coverage. It is highly recommended that
                                               all students register their travel with the
    Relating to your Supervisor –
8|P a g e     ●     ●     ●
                             New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

GSA before they leave on a trip. You can      learning support, and offer various
come to the GSA office (MSC, 350) or          workshops.
inquire through email at:                      Arts and Science Program Advising: If To learn about           you are a student in the faculties of arts
                                              or science, program advisors at the SSC
travel insurance visit:
                                              will assist you. Students in other faculties
/gsa/services/health.html                     must consult their faculty program
                                              advisors. For more information and to
  2.4 The Centre for International            book appointments, visit www.ucalgary
  Students & Study Abroad (CISSA)             .ca/ssc/academic/programadvising
    CISSA offers various services and          Student Success Seminars: These are
programs for international students. It       designed to help students make
provides a lot of useful information for      successful transition to university life. It
international students and their families     covers topics such as study skills, note
both online and as handouts, which can        taking, time management, getting
be found at CISSA’s office. For               involved at the U of C, exam preparation
information about various services            and more. For more information, visit
offered through CISSA visit www.                          Effective Writing Program: This
 CISSA offers drop-in advising to            program offers a range of instructional
students seeking immigration related          services to help students improve their
information such as study permits, visas,     writing skills. The services include free,
work permits, off-campus work permits,        individual writing consultations on
etc. For more information visit: www.         writing papers and assignments, using         document sources, and getting help with
CISSA is located in MSC, room 275.            English as a Second Language. For
                                              information on booking appointments
     2.5 Student Success Centre               visit
   The Student Success Centre (SSC) and       writingsupport.
the Centre for Student Leadership
Development, located on the 3 floor of        2.2.2 Personal Success Programs
Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) helps     The Personal Success Programs help
you in your personal and academic             students develop a wide range of skills
success. It assists students achieve          essential for career and life success. The
success through realizing their greatest      programs are now offered by the SSC.
academic,      personal,    and     career    The following is a brief description on the
aspirations. The following are the            programs offered.
services offered by the SSC.                   University of Calgary Leadership
                                              Program (UCL): This is a non-credit
2.2.1 Academic Success Programs               certificate program, free for all University
 The Academic Success Programs aims          of Calgary students which is meant to
in helping students understand the            supplement your academic experience.
degree      requirements,     provide         Visit
personalized academic planning and            for more information.
                                                           ●    ●      ●       9|P a g e
                                Graduate Students’ Association

 Emerging Leaders Program: In this             and      Strategies.    For     workshop
program, you will be matched with a             information and registration, visit online
professional staff or faculty mentor, thus      on
provide you with a great foundation to           You can meet with Matthew Geddes
grow as a leader at the U of C. It will         ( for individual
make you better prepared for your               coaching services such as developing and
educational experience, leadership and          clarifying career goals, developing
involvement       opportunities.      Visit     effective relationship building skills and        for     much more.
more information.                                   For more information on any of the
 Co-Curricular Record: Join a student          above     mentioned      services,     visit
club, volunteer or participate for on- You must
campus events and will have your                login with your eID or UCIT account to
experiences officially documented and           access these services.
recognized by the U of C on a co-
curricular record. Once you graduate,              2.6 Teaching & Learning Centre
you can use your record to complement                If you want to enhance your teaching
your resume! Visit https://success.             skills, prepare for your TA (Teaching for           Assistant) Assignment, or just practice
more information                                teaching, the Teaching & Learning Centre
 Disorientation week: From backpack to         (TLC) is the place to go. The TLC offers
briefcase, the Disorientation Week will         several workshops and programs that
help graduating students begin to think         can help you to improve your
about making their transition from the U        instructional skills! Most of the TLC
of C into the work world or onto further        programs also provide certification that
schooling. Visit           is recognized all over Canada. To learn
personal/disorientation for a list of           more about the programs and
seminar and workshops offered.                  workshops offered at the TLC visit:
                                       The TLC is
2.2.3 Career Success Programs                   located on the 5 floor of the Biological
    Career    development        specialists    Sciences Building, Room 540.
provide engaging workshops and
personalized career planning/coaching           2.7 Students Union Wellness Centre
services to help you understand and                 The Students Union Wellness Centre
achieve     your    career     aspirations.     (SUWC) brings together services for your
Coaching sessions are tailored to the           health in body, mind and spirit. The
specific needs of graduate students.            following are the three different services
Topics    include:     Proactive    Career      offered by the SUWC, located in MSC,
Planning, Identifying and Developing Key        room 370.
Transferable     Skills,   Understanding         Health Services: The Wellness Centre
Academic and Industry Career Options,           provides medical services, massage
Job Search and Relationship Building            therapy,     nutrition    services,   and
Strategies, Creating Targeted Resumes           chiropractic services. Students can walk-
and CV's, and Interview Preparation Skills      in or book an appointment to access
10 | P a g e    ●     ●     ●
                              New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

services. For more information visit:          ombuds office is partly funded by the                           GSA to provide independent, impartial
 Counseling Services: This service offers     and confidential support for students
academic, career development, and              who require assistance and advice in
personal counseling services for U of C        addressing issues and concerns related
students. If you want to get better            to their academic careers. The office also
grades, explore career possibilities, or       makes       recommendations,        where
would like some help with coping with          appropriate for changes in university
stress, take advantage of the SU               policies and procedures while also
Counseling services! To know more visit:       promoting discussion and focus on                   institution-wide concerns.
 Chaplaincy Services: The Faith and            The ombudsperson is available for
Spirituality Centre consists of diversity of   consultation with students for various
faiths and communities. Here you can           academic and non-academic issues.
connect with a particular Chaplain, serve      Students can reach the Office of the
a faith by participating in events, learn      Student Ombuds (Robert Clegg) via email
about other faiths and freely practice         (, phone (403-220-
what you believe in. For more                  6420), or by visiting the office in
information on the services offered go to      Administration building, room A166. For          more information visit: www.ucalgary
The Faith and Spirituality Centre is           .ca/gsa/services/ombudsperson.html
located in MSC, next door to the
Wellness Centre.                                          2.10 Legal Issues
                                                   We would like to advice students to
          2.8 Career Services                  make sure to read any agreement before
    Career Services strives to create          signing it. For e.g. phones, housing,
connections between students, industry,        rental cars, etc. usually come with a
and the University of Calgary community.       penalty for breaking the contract. If you
It provides various resources that help        have difficulties understand legal terms,
you to explore, discover, and achieve          make sure to consult before signing it.
your unique career goals. The Career            Additionally, for legal issues outside
Services website helps you to find job         campus, consult Student Legal Assistance
postings, build your resume, learn about       (SLA). More information about SLA can
networking, and also gives you interview       be found at
tips. Career Services have compiled a
great manual called the Student Job                   2.11 Campus Recreation
Search Manual. This manual can be                  Campus Recreation provides its
downloaded from the website at:                members with access to a variety of           recreational facilities to its members,
                                               including a gym, a swimming pool, and
      2.9 Student Ombuds Office                the Outdoor Centre. There are various
    The Student Ombuds office assists          Health & Recreation Programs as well as
students by addressing concerns and            Intramural Sports & Sports Clubs. Look
issues they encounter at U of C. The           for the Campus Recreation magazine and
                                                           ●    ●     ●       11 | P a g e
                                Graduate Students’ Association

the Outdoor Centre Program Guide                The services include Safewalk, The
around campus in order to learn about           Working Alone system, and Emergency
the many instructional programs and             Communication.
courses available to you and your family.
For information about recreation visit:          The Safewalk service is a volunteer     Campus          based service. Twenty four hours a day
Recreation is located in the Kinesiology        and seven days a week Safewalk
Complex.                                        volunteers walk people safely to their
                                                destination on campus. This service is
   2.12 Women’s Resource Centre                 free and available to students, staff and
    The Women’s Resource Centre (WRC)           campus visitors. Safewalks are done in
provides a safe and supportive place to         male/female pairs. The volunteers walk
advance women’s equality and build              anywhere      on    campus     (including
community. WRC offers many great                McMahon Stadium, Health Sciences,
opportunities such as free training,            Student Family Housing, the Alberta
programs, workshops, events and                 Children’s Hospital and the University
educational opportunities in three core         LRT station). To request the service you
areas: Wellness; Leadership; Diversity.         can call 403-220-5333 (24/7), use the
The WRC is not only for women; it is a          Help Phones (they are not just for
place where all individuals can work            emergencies), or approach an on-duty
towards gender equality. For more               Safewalker and request a walk. For more
information about the centre and its            information about the program visit
resources      visit:
/women/about_us. The WRC is located
on the third floor of MSC also known as          The Working Alone system has been
Old Mac Hall (two floors above the Jugo         implemented by U of C to enhance the
Juice) across from the Gauntlet, the            personal safety of faculty, staff and
Ballroom and NUTV.                              students when they are working alone,
                                                particularly in the evening or outside of
 The Centre for Community-Engaged              normal work hours. It is a web-based
Learning (CCEL) fosters the development         check-in, check-out system with Campus
of enhanced civic consciousness and links       Security. Campus Security will check on
university students, faculty and staff with     the faculty, staff or students whom have
community partners in the City of               registered as working alone based on the
Calgary and elsewhere through curricular        information the person enters into the
and co-curricular programming. The              system. Enter your Username and
objective is to educate incoming and            Password to access the Working Alone
continuing students about the value of          System. You will be able to register
community service and the respon-               yourself as working alone or indicate that
sibilities of global citizenship. For more      you are no longer on campus. For more
information, visit     information about this system visit
           2.13 Safety Services       
    U of C offers various safety services
to enhance your safety while on-campus.          The      Emergency     Communication
12 | P a g e   ●      ●     ●
                               New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

system alerts the University campus             U of C: Calgary Accommodations
community in emergency situations. The
communication may come through a                        and Services Checklist
variety of resources such as websites,
voice and text messages, email, etc. If         3.1 Housing (On and Off Campus)
you would like to subscribe to receive
emergency text messages on your cell             On Campus
phone in a campus emergency situation,              U of C Residence Services (www.ucal
you need to subscribe to the program.  provides apartment
For more information about the program          style housing for graduate students.
and to sign-up visit:           Apartment residences are one bedroom,
/emergencyplan/textmessage.                     two bedroom or four bedroom suites
                                                starting from around $600/month to
            2.14 Student Clubs                  $850/ month (
      If you are interested in joining a club   ce/rates). If you wish to live on campus,
that matches your interests, there are          it is important that you apply early as
various types of clubs offered through          spaces fill up quickly and the residences
the Students’ Union (SU) that you can           are generally full by mid-July. However it
join. These clubs help connect you with         is recommended to check with the
people who share your academic                  residence services personally for any
background, culture, political views,           vacancy that may             exists. Visit
interests, music etc.                           (
     A lot of international students face           Family Housing (Varsity Courts) offers
difficulty with communicating in English,       a place to live for couples who wish to
especially when they have teaching              stay on campus during the school year.
assistantships and seminars or during           At present, family housing offers the
thesis defense. The Speakmasters                choice of a single bedroom, two
Student Club is a great opportunity to          bedrooms,       or     three      bedroom
enhance and practice your speaking              townhouse. Visit
skills, develop communication and               dence/familyhousing for the application.
leadership skills. The club is part of
“Toastmasters International” and meets           Off Campus
every Thursday at MSC in the University             Some students prefer to rent
of Calgary. Visit http://speakmasters.          accommodations off campus, but close for details.                to    the     university.    For    shared
     To view a list of all student clubs, to    accommodations, rent usually starts
start a club, and/or to join a club visit:      from $400/month, and for single                accommodations (basement suite or
student-life/clubs.                             bachelor apartment suite), rent starts
                                                from around $700/month. In addition, a
                                                security/damage deposit (usually the
                                                same amount as your monthly rent) will
                                                be required at the beginning of your
                                                contract. This deposit will be returned to
                                                            ●    ●     ●       13 | P a g e
                                Graduate Students’ Association

you when you move out, as long as there         • Additional Notes on Housing
hasn’t been any damage to the property.              Without Canadian references, some
Always check if utilities are included in       landlords will require several months of
the rent or not, since it may account for       rent payment up front when you sign
more than $100 per month. Generally,            your contract and move in. Remember,
you are expected to leave the apartment         all prices are subject to change from
in the same condition as you found it;          their listed price.
this means you are responsible for
cleaning the apartment when you leave.                        3.2 Banking
It’s important to understand what your               The GSA has a working relationship
landlord’s expectations are so you can          with the Bank of Montreal (BMO). They
meet them.                                      have packages and plans geared
      Communities around the university         specifically to the unique graduate
have many properties that rent rooms            student experience. BMO offers a special
out      to    students     as     shared       Student Price Card (SPC) for free (subject
accommodations. Typically, these are            to approval) that you may use to avail
houses with several bedrooms each               discounts in several stores (e.g. Sport
rented to a different tenant, with the          Check, Bluenotes, Domino's Pizza). Other
kitchen, bathroom(s), and living room           banks with which you can open accounts
being shared as common areas.                   can be found at www.ucalgary.
      The U of C off-campus housing             ca/uci/students/bankingcanada. There
website provides up-to-date listings of         are several different types of automated
many properties around the U of C               bank machines (ATMs) located in the
( Also, check          food court section of MSC.
out the numerous bulletin boards on              Obtaining a Bank Account
campus. Students often post advertise-               To obtain a bank account or credit
ments looking for someone to share              card, you will need two pieces of ID (with
accommodations.                                 photos, such as your passport and UCID).
                                                Make sure to check if you need to make
• Know Your Rights as a Tenant:                 an appointment to open an account.
     Information about landlords, and           Remember to ask for a few void cheques
tenants’ rights and responsibilities is         as you will need to give one to the
available online at www.government              graduate program administrator of your Click on “Landlords          department if you are receiving funding
and Tenants” in order to learn more.            from the university. Alternatively, ask for
                                                a direct deposit form from the bank and
• Watch Out For Fraud/Scams!                    give it to your department for processing
     Craigslist, Buysell or Kijiji may have     your payments directly to your account.
postings which ask for money right away          Obtaining a Credit Card
in return for keys and documents in the              To get a credit card, banks may ask
mail. No reputable landlord will ask you        for a security deposit worth $1,000 CND.
to do this. It is important to see the place    Rules may change according to bank or
and meet the landlord before paying any         client financial- credit status. You may
form of deposit!                                also apply for a credit card from a bank
14 | P a g e    ●     ●     ●
                            New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

without opening a banking account.             (Lease agreement or contract)
 Bank Locations                                  The Alberta Health Care Insurance
    The following banks are close to         Plan Services is now offered at six
campus. For specific details (addresses,     Registry Agents in the city of Calgary. The
bank hours), please visit their websites:    following office is located downtown:
                                                The Licensing Company (Calgary) Inc.
Bank of Montreal:                  Bow Valley Square IV
   (Market Mall and Brentwood Village)          246 -250, 6 Ave S.W. Calgary.
TD Bank:                  Phone: (403) 299-2373
   (Market Mall and Brentwood Village)       For other Registry Agents address visit
APEX Credit Union:  
   (ICT building, near Good Earth Bakery)    You can download all the required forms
First Calgary:            at:
   (Brentwood Village)
Scotia Bank:               3.4 Social Insurance Number (SIN)
   (Brentwood Village)                           You also need to get a Social
CIBC:                           Insurance Number (SIN). The SIN is a
   (Varsity Drive, 16th Avenue NW)           nine-digit number that you need to work
RBC:                             in Canada or to receive any funding or
   (Northland Plaza, near Northland Mall)    government      benefits.      For   more
ATB:                             information,     visit    their    website
   (Brentwood Village)              You can visit
   The banks at Brentwood Village are        here to apply for a SIN card -
within walking distance from the               One Executive Place, Main Floor
university and thus convenient.                1816 Crowchild Trail NW
                                               Monday to Friday - 8:30 to 16:30
        3.3 Alberta Health Care              Before you go there, make sure you have
     The Alberta Health Care Insurance       these documents with you:
Plan (AHCIP) is a publicly administered      • Passport
and funded health care system that           • Study permit
guarantees Albertans receive universal       • University admission letter
access to basic medical services. You        • Support letter from the department
must have AHCIP card with you for all        (with dates of employment and salary)
medical and dental appointments. You
will also need this to obtain the GSA             Although Alberta Health Care card
supplementary health and dental plan. It     and SIN card are government issued IDs,
is highly recommended that you obtain        they do not have a photo on them and
your Alberta Health Care coverage as         may not be accepted at several places
soon as possible. You will need to bring:    requiring a government issued photo ID.
• Proof of identification, such as your      It is recommended that you apply for a
passport and UCID                            Driver’s License or an ‘Alberta ID card’
• Proof of legal entitlement in Canada       for all official purposes.
  (Study Permit)
• Proof of your Calgary home address
                                                         ●    ●     ●        15 | P a g e
                               Graduate Students’ Association

        3.5 Shopping for Food                   Kosher Food
Main Grocery Stores:                           Kosher grocery stores are concentrated
• Safeway:                      in the southwest quadrant of the city.
• Calgary Co-op:           Take bus route 20 and transfer to route
• Superstore:                80 at the intersection of Heritage Drive
• Sobeys:                       and Elbow Drive SW. The following are
• Walmart:                      within walking distance of the bus stop:
                                                 Izzy’s Kosher Meats and Deli
        3.6 Ethnic Food Stores                   #143, 2515 - 90th Ave. SW
 Asian Food                                     Barel’s Bakery
There are two T&T supermarkets in                #131, 2515 - 90th Ave. SW
Calgary with a large selection of Asian
foods:                                          Indian Food
  Marlborough Mall                             There are many Indian grocery stores
  #800, 999 - 36th St. NE                      concentrated in the northeast quadrant
(You can take the C-Train to Marl-             of the city. The one mentioned below is
borough station and walk across)               easily accessible by C-train.
  Harvest Hills                                  Sanjha Punjab Grocery Store
  #1000, 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd. NE             #331-3690 Westwinds Dr. NE
(Not easy to access by public transit)           ( 3)       -
There are many other Asian grocers in          (Take the C-train into downtown, and
Calgary, some easily accessible ones are:      then transfer to the McKnight C-train.
  Lambda Oriental Foods                        Get off at McKnight station and walk)
  1423 Centre Street N
  100 Tops Supermarket                                    3.7 Shopping Malls
  #183-1623 Centre St. NW                          There are a number of Malls at the
    Calgary’s Chinatown also has a variety     city of Calgary that are close to U of C:
of smaller grocery stores and Asian food       • Market Mall
restaurants. Chinatown is located              Just a short 15 minute walk from the
downtown, near Centre Street in the            university! Visit: for
northeast quadrant.                            more information
                                               • Brentwood Village Mall
 Halal Food                                   Brentwood Village Mall (3630 Brentwood
Halal grocery stores are spread around         Rd. NW) is located directly across from
the city. The majority of them are             the Brentwood C-Train Station. Most bus
located in the northeast. One halal meat       routes passing by the university go to
shop nearby university is the Spice            Brentwood and it is within walking
Bazaar. Bus routes 122 and 407 can take        distance from U of C.
you there.                                     • North Hill Shopping Centre
  Spice Bazar & Halal Meat Ltd                 North Hill Shopping Centre is located
  #146-4625 Varsity Dr. NW                     right across the Lions Park C-Train
  ( 3) 7- 7                                    Station (two stations south of University
                                               Station). Visit
                                               for more information.
16 | P a g e   ●     ●     ●
                            New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

• Northland Village Mall                     company, the better the rates you
Northland Village Mall is a short ride on    receive. The following companies provide
bus route 143 or 137 from the                varying degrees of service, so shop
Brentwood station. Visit www.northland       around to see which one will serve your for more information          needs best:
                                               • Rogers:
       3.8 Telecommunications                  • Shaw:
    Various mobile phone providers are         • Telus:
available in Canada including. The most        • Vonage:
popular ones are mentioned below.            Long distance calls outside of Calgary are
Make sure you check out student plans        expensive whether you use a cell phone
or discounts before subscribing!             or regular landline phone. You can use
   • Bell:                       calling cards (much cheaper long
     Chatr:           distance rates) or VOIP (voice over
   • Fido:                       internet protocol) services such as
   • Koodo:              Actionvoip or Skype. Calling cards can be
   • Rogers:                  purchased on campus at the Stör (in
   • Telus:                    MSC). Note: On-campus residence
   • Virgin:             provides landline service for an extra
   • Wind:                 charge, but internet is included for free.

    Typically, cell phones are more                    3.9 Driving in Alberta
expensive in Canada than other locations         You can apply for a new driver’s
such as the US or Asia. However, some        license, or even use your international
companies like Rogers or Telus allow you     driving license for a limited amount of
to bundle your cell phone contract with      time in Canada after taking a knowledge
other services such as internet, TV, or      test at a registry. It is important to learn
landline phone-this allows you to receive    Canadian driving laws, as they are
better rates. You can also get cell phone    different than many other countries.
plans without signing a contract and this    Make sure you obtain information from
is called “pay as you go” in which you       one of the Alberta Registry agents in
buy your minutes in advance. With pay        Calgary. For more information and to
as you go plans, you have to maintain a      find different locations visit: www.
minimum credit in order to receive calls.
Another popular way to subscribe             There are two registry offices close to U
without contract is the ‘tab’. Here the      of C. One is in North Hill Shopping
company uses 10% of your bill towards        Centre right at the Lions Park C-Train
your mobile phone costs.                     Station, and the other is ‘A Plus Registry,
                                             on 52 Ave NW, across from Northland
 TV Cable, Internet and Landline            Mall. Richmond Registries offers a
   As in cell phones, there are many         discount to all GSA members.
options for obtaining cable, internet and        Richmond Road Registries Ltd
landline phones. Generally, the more of          5767 Signal Hill Centre SW Calgary,
these services you bundle with one               phone: (403) 246-0130

                                                         ●    ●      ●       17 | P a g e
                              Graduate Students’ Association                  • Teleride (403) 974-4000: Teleride is an
                                              automated      telephone     information
Car Rentals: You can rent a car from          system that provides departure times for
many of the rental companies across           the next two or three buses at your stop,
Calgary:                                      and general information. The teleride
  • Alamo:                      system is updated regularly to keep you
  • Avis:                        informed of service delays or detours on
  • Budget:                    your route.
  • Enterprise:            • Taxi companies
  • Hertz:                        Checker Yellow Cabs 403-299-9999
  • National:               Associated Cabs Ltd 403-299-1111
  • Thrifty:                  OR you can dial #Taxi on your cell phone

      3.10 Some Useful Websites                             3.12 Glossary
• GSA International Webpage: www.gsa.             Each building at the University of         Calgary has a short 2 or 3 letter
  students.html                               abbreviation. Almost all communication
• Calgary Public Library: www.calgary         regarding location at the University will              be in a short alpha-numeric form. For
• Calgary Transit       e.g. MSC 260 means MacEwan Student
• City of Calgary:             Centre room 260.
• Google Maps:                 You will find the list of all buildings
• Students’ Union Volunteer Services:         and their abbreviation on page 23 of this                          handbook. Room numbers in university
• Ticketmaster:           buildings typically start with the floor
• Volunteer Calgary: www.volunteer            number (i.e. #260 is on the 2nd floor). On                      you will find an
• Weather:            interactive map to search buildings and
• Calgary Festivals: www.discovercalgary.     rooms throughout the main campus. It
  com/Events/                                 also has maps for the Foothills campus,
• Yellow pages (For information about         observatory, convocation hall, parking
  Services and Business in the city of        spots and construction zones on campus.
  Calgary)         Here is a list of abbreviations used in this
• Calgary’s leisure Centre’s: www.visit       handbook (except for U of C buildings)                                1. Ave: Avenue, Blvd: Boulevard
• Calgary’s meet up groups (For connect-      2. CISSA: Centre for International
  ing with various local communities)              Students and Study Abroad          3. Cres: Crescent, Dr: Drive
                                              4. GSA: Graduate Students’ Association
     3.11 Useful Phone Numbers                5. NE: Northeast NW: Northwest
• Police, Fire or Ambulance: 911              6. St: Street
• City of Calgary Information: 311 (for       7. SU: Students’ Union
city services information) or 211 (offers     8. SE: Southeast SW: Southwest
services in a wide range of languages)        9. UCID: U of C Student Number

18 | P a g e   ●     ●    ●
                             New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

10. UCIT: U of C IT login Name                presented as being your own work.
                                              According to, plagiarism
      GSA Executive 2011-2012:                is “the unauthorized use or close
 GSA President:                              imitation of the language and thoughts
   Franco Rizzuti:       of     another      author      and    the
 GSA Vice President Academic:                representation of them as one’s own
   Dina Said:             original work.” This definition seems
 GSA Vice President Student Life:            clear and unambiguous on its face but
   Siva Iyer:            undoubtedly is heavily influenced by
 GSA Vice President Finance & Services:      western cultural norms, jurisprudence
   Tongjie Zhang:        and practices; one could argue that the
                                              definition is heavily grounded in the
             Extra Notes                      western notion of individual as opposed
                                              to collective property rights. Cultural
                                              attitudes toward knowledge and its uses
       4.1 Academic Integrity &
                                              must be fully understood in an effort to
                                              remedy the problem of plagiarism at the
     As you step towards writing your
                                              university level.
thesis there is useful information
                                                      The cultural hurdles faced by
provided by the Faculty of Graduate
                                              many foreign students is often vast and
Studies (FGS) that can guides you. You
                                              expansive as their notions and
can visit
                                              understanding of plagiarism and
usefulinfo#08 for information on writing.
                                              intellectual property rights differ greatly
Maintaining academic integrity and
                                              from      those     of    their    western
avoiding plagiarism is something that all
                                              counterparts. In some traditional Asian
students need to strive for. We would
                                              and Middle Eastern cultures the notion
like to encourage all students to visit
                                              of plagiarism is a very foreign concept as
                                              there is generally no individual claim to
ualproperty to get more information on
                                              ownership over intellectual property. For
plagiarism and understand Canadian
                                              example, university students in these
academic system of intellectual property.
                                              countries are expected to use the best
The following article was prepared by U
                                              known authors without reference
of C Ombuds Robert Clegg in order to
                                              because their professors are expected to
help inter-national students understand
                                              know where these sources originate
plagiarism in Canada.
                                              from. When these same students arrive
                                              on the shores of western campuses, they
 Plagiarism and the Cultural Divide
                                              are expected to write papers within a
- By Robert Clegg                             completely new system that emphasizes
       There is a general under-standing
                                              intellectual rights and are expected to
that plagiarism is a complex and
                                              abandon a system of writing learnt over
multifaceted concept dependent on a
                                              their lifetimes. They often resort to the
number of factors. Plagiarism is generally
                                              system they know best thus failing to
defined as a piece of writing that has
                                              properly cite original sources which often
been copied from someone else and is
                                              results in charges of academic
                                                          ●    ●     ●        19 | P a g e
                                Graduate Students’ Association

misconduct being brought against them.          sources of information used. As well, all
Rather than focusing on prevention              students are encouraged to speak with
through education universities often            their professor or supervisor as to how
focus on penalties assuming these same          and when to cite information properly—
students understand an otherwise                ultimately, understanding and properly
foreign system.                                 using citations are the responsibility of all
        Education can and should play an        students.
important role in the deterrence of
plagiarism. Some would argue that good              4.2 Non-Academic Misconduct
teaching and education can actually                                Policy
reduce the occurrences of plagiarism and             The primary objective is to ensure
should be stressed on any campus. This          that appropriate student behavior is
position recognizes that students are           maintained in a diverse educational
efficient   and     adaptable     learners      environment. The Policy applies to
notwithstanding the fact they were              unacceptable conduct of any Student (all
educated in a system where the notions          undergraduate and graduate students as
of plagiarism differ substantially from         well as postgraduate students in the
ours. With this in mind, foreign students       Faculty of Medicine) while on the
otherwise unaccustomed to the western           University of Calgary premises.
concept of intellectual property should              Students are expected to be
come to realize that professors in              individually responsible for their
western universities expect to know from        conduct. Any Student found responsible
whether original source of information          for violations of the Policy will be subject
stems. Therefore, for some foreign              to disciplinary actions as outlined in the
students to successfully cross the cultural     Policy, regardless of how the incident is
divide, the use of a recognized and             dealt with by other policies or law(s). You
widely accepted system of citation is           can access the complete details on
required and must be strictly adhered to
when relying on sources of information
otherwise not their own.                             4.3 Some Tips for Dining Out
        Students unfamiliar with how and
when to use citations should educate            • Tips (gratuities) are usually not
themselves with respect to the proper           expected at fast food restaurants. At
use of citations before turning in their        these restaurants, you pay before you
work for grading. The university has            eat. Sometimes, a tipping jar or charity
resources available to all students, such       donation box may be placed next to the
as the University Writing Centre which          cash register; in this case, you can leave
provides regular free individual effective      change if you wish to do so.
writing workshops including workshops
on how to properly cite sources used in         • At most other restaurants, tips ARE
research papers. This service is available      expected. Gratuities are rarely included
to any university students who not only         in Canadian restaurants. It is customary
want to improve their writing skills, but       to tip 15-20 % (on the before-tax
need to learn how to properly cite              amount), and 10-20 % at a bar. Since GST

20 | P a g e    ●     ●     ●
                              New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

is 5% of the bill before tax, an easy way
to figure out the tip is to multiply the GST
by 3. Some restaurants charge an
automatic 15% - 18% or more gratuities
for groups. If this is the case, you are not
expected to add another tip.

• If you see a sign that says “Wait to be
seated,” then please act accordingly. Do
not go looking for a staff member or
have a seat even if the restaurant is fairly
empty. If a sign says “seat yourself,” then
please do so.                                                   ●      ●     ●
                                                            Canadian Lifestyle Facts
• If you have special dietary require-
ments, let your waiter/waitress know as            Canada is a major producer and
soon as you are seated or handed a                   consumer of cheese. Canadians made
menu. Usually they will be happy to help             important inventions like kerosene,
you to find a suitable meal. Also let them           the electron microscope and insulin.
know before you order if you have to
                                                   Ice hockey is Canada's official national
split payments between people or pay by               game. The rules were first published
more than one method.                                 in the Montreal Gazette in 1877.

• If you are nervous about dining out for          All Canadian have free access to health
the first time in your new city, it can be            care, except dental services. Most
helpful to look the restaurant up online              people over 65 receive their
before going. Often restaurants will post             prescriptions for free.
their menus online, which can take much                         ●      ●     ●
of the anxiety out of ordering. You can
even call the establishment and ask
questions about the menu, etiquette, or
anything else that concerns you. Check if
it is okay to smoke before lighting a
cigarette- in most restaurants in Calgary,
smoking is prohibited.

• The Last Defence Lounge is a safe place
to learn about Canadian dining customs.
Have a meal at the LDL and feel free to
ask your friends or the friendly lounge
staff of what you do not understand.

                                                           ●     ●      ●        21 | P a g e
                                  Graduate Students’ Association

               ●      ●      ●                                     ●     ●     ●
          Canadian Geography Facts                                 Calgary Facts

    Canada is the world's second largest               Calgary sits at an elevation of 1,048
      country by area, with 10 provinces,                metres above sea level. It sees more
      3 territories.                                     days of sunshine than any other
                                                         major Canadian city. In the winter
    There are more than 100 national                     gets Calgarians are lucky to
      parks and historic sites in Canada.                experience the Chinook: a warm
      At 6050 m above sea level, Mount                   wind from the Pacific Ocean that
      Logan in the Yukon is Canada's                     can raise the temperature by as
      tallest peak. Canada has the longest               much as 15 degrees in a few hours.
      coastline of any country in the
      world at 151,600 miles.                          Calgary in an economic region that’s
                                                         home to more than 1.3 million
    Canada has six time zones. New-                      people and the average age is just
      foundland and Labrador (NFLD) is                   35.7 years. Calgary Is community-
      3.5 hours past GMT. The other time                 minded: there are more volunteers
      zones are full hours behind GMT.                   per capita than any other major
      The farthest west is the Pacific at 8              Canadian city.
      hours behind GMT
                                                       Calgary is the business and financial
               ●      ●      ●                           centre of western Canada, and has
                                                         the strongest economy in the entire
                                                                   ●     ●     ●

22 | P a g e     ●      ●     ●
              New to Calgary Handbook 2011-12

4.4 U of C Maps

                                           ●    ●   ●   23 | P a g e
                           Graduate Students’ Association

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