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Curriculum Vitae -


									                                 Curriculum Vitae
                                                              Phone:    (+7) 905 951 67 57
                                                              ICQ:      4118581
Yuliya Rubtsova

Career objective:
  To further my career in field of marketing and analytics.

Specialization and professional skills:

  Internet marketing:
       Search engine marketing (SEM).
       Social Media Optimization (SMO).
       Search engine optimization (SEO).
       Carrying out of advertising and PR-campaigns through the Internet and off-line.
       Have an experience with context advertising systems.
       Knowledge of factors of search engines ranking and specificity of different search
         engine machines.
  Usability assessment of user interfaces.
  Web analytics.
  Management of the Internet projects.
  Internal marketing.

  Broad experience with Internet communication. Usage of Apache, MySQL, PHP, CMS. High
  level user skills allows rapid comprehension of new and previously unknown technologies,
  languages and software applications in a short period of time. Vision and strong strategic
  planning skills. Able to deal with people from a diverse range of commercial and professional

  Programming and scripting languages:
  Have an experience with: HTML, XML, RDF, CSS, JavaScript, Protégé.
  Understanding of: PHP, OOP, Semantic WEB, Action Script (Flash), Delphi.

  Graphic design and office software:
  Extensive experience with: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Audition, Gif-
  Animator, Microsoft Power Point, Adobe PageMaker, MS Visio, Microsoft Office.
Work experience:

  Sep. 2008 – Now

  SCG-service, Ltd.                   Position: Head of marketing department
  Novosibirsk, Russia          Responsibilities:
                                          Project management
   Daughter company of System             Website analytics
   Connections Group Inc.                 Online marketing
                                                    Search engine optimization
  Solution developer in IT and web                  Developing PPC campaign
  fields.                                           Social media marketing
                                                    PR campaigns
                                          Search engine optimization training
                                          Off-line marketing
                                          Sales management:
                                                    Developing of sales training course
                                                    Management of sales process
                                                    Monitoring sales process
                                                    Developing of sales strategy

  Dec. 2008 – Now

  Seo-Study                           Position: SEO and WEB analyst trainer.
  Saint-Petersburg, Russia             Responsibilities:
                                          Helping in mastering of course materials.
  Search engine marketing online          Progress Estimation.
  college.                                Pointing attention on the difficult moments.
                                          Academic curriculum updating.

  Sep. 2008 – Now

  Novosobirsk state technical         Position: Lecturer.
  Novosibirsk, Russia                 Responsibilities:                     Developing and delivering course “Marketing
  Department of professional skills         researches. Search engine optimization”.
  improvement at Novosibirsk state        Progress Estimation.
  technical university.

  Apr. 2008 – Aug. 2008

  Novosoft, Ltd.,                     Position: Specialist of internet marketing department.
  Novosibirsk, Russia              Responsibilities:
IT developer.                      Project manager.
                                   Website analytics.
                                   Search engine optimization and marketing.

Jan. 2004 – Jul. 2007

Noogen, Ltd.                   Position: Web developer & SEO Executive
Novosibirsk, Russia               Responsibilities:
                                   Search engine optimization and marketing.
Group researching adolescent       Social media optimization.
development.                       Copywriting.
                                   Website modules development
                                   Website support.

                               Participated in several projects as a presentations
                               developer and speaker. Desk top publishing.

                               Tools: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
                               MyAdmin, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash,
                               Microsoft Power Point, Adobe PageMaker

                               Responsibilities: Development of trip route.
                               Participation in elaboration of educational program.
                               Escorting group of children. Solving organizational

Feb. 2007 – Jun. 2007

Planeta-nsk, Ltd.              Position: Marketing manager.
Novosibirsk, Russia
Real estate.                       Real estate market research.
                                   Researching of influence of advertising on sales.
                                   Developing of advertising materials.
                                   Copywriting.
                                   Analysis and recommendations on how to
                                     improve sales and brand name recognition

Feb. 2006 – Feb. 2007

Transport- service-NSK, Ltd.   Position: Technical engineer.
Novosibirsk, Russia
Transport ticketing agency.        Support      computer  reservation       systems
                                     Amadeus and Sabre
                                   Operational system support.
                                             Sellers training

                                         Tools: Sabre, Amadeus.


   Novosibirsk State University, 2007.
   Novosibirsk, Russia.

   Bachelor of science degree in applied mathematics and computer science
   With specialization: “Applied mathematics and computer science”
   Execution and presentation of graduate qualification work “Design of methods and means
   of query specifying for research systems with use of ontology and subject dictionary”.

Additional educations and courses:

   Marketing training «Integrated marketing communications».
   USA, California 2009.

   Diploma of Yandex training.
   Novosibirsk 2009.

   Successfully completed Michael Beng's seminar «Five-stars sales».
   Novosibirsk 2009.

   Successfully completed Michael Savod's intensive training «Integrated marketing
   communications. Cost-effective marketing technologies».
   Novosibirsk 2009.

   Professional retraining courses: WEB programmer.
   Novosibirsk state technical university, 2008.

Other achievements:

    Made reports for the IT conference “V Siberian internet week”.
        “Internal marketing: intranet systems as a tool for increasing of labor loyalty and
        “Web site usability without expensive equipment”
        “Networking: how to attend conferences with a maximum profit ”

    Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certificate (04.2010)

    Made a report “Effective using of Twitter and other micro blogs for the marketing
     purposes” for the IT conference “IV Siberian internet week”.
    Wrote several articles for CIS magazine about traveling.

Personal Information:

   Birthday: 31 December 1986
   Clean driver’s license


   Native Russian.
   Fluent English (IELTS certificate)


   Interested in sport, particularly tennis, snowboarding, cycling, also enjoy reading,
   photography, travelling, soap making and cooking.

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