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					                           Toledo Terminal U.T.U. Safety Meeting Minutes
                                       Comfort Inn - South
                                   February 3, 2009 0900 Hours

L.J. Faunt              B.B. Thomas II           R.L. Cope                M.J. Obrock              D.D. Parks
D.J. Losiewicz          R. Moates Jr.            C.S. Wick                J.F. Shiple              J.L. Gibson

Safety briefing conducted by: L.J. Faunt

Safety Briefing;
Exits, Fire Extinguisher Locations, Dial 9-911 for Emergency Response, Send Emergency Response Personnel
to Address, Medical Concerns, CPR Qualifications, Evacuation Plan, To Meet at Designated Area, Head Count,
Trip Hazards, Rest Room Locations and Cellular Phones Turned Off or Set To Vibrate-Only.

Old Business:
1. The AFE is in to have 1 light tower installed at the North end of the Receiving yard at Stanley. This was
   supposed be done sometime during the first quarter of last year. Update: Moved to 2009 budget. AFE has
   been approved. The one light tower will be installed just south of the 795 bridge along R01 and is estimated
   to be up by the end of spring.

2. Walbridge building going up. Update: Communications needs another month to finish installation of
   electronics and radio equipment.

3. Lights are needed to be installed at Lake Front to switch after dark. Our electrical guys and the dock
   electricians will work together to install lights at lake front. Update: Still waiting.

4. Our yellow ties throughout the terminal are fading to the point that some cannot even be found anymore.
   Engineering is responsible for painting the yellow ties and this will be brought to their attention. Update:
   Engineering is waiting for the new clearance rules from the FRA before they paint the yellow ties again.

5. A bridge is needed for safe walking between Ann Arbor yard and Blvd yard. Update: A bridge has been
   found and now working on getting it transported and installed at the Blvd yard... Still Waiting.

6. Lights mounted half way up the tower next to tower C at Stanley need to be fixed. Update: Not done yet.

7. Inert Retarders at Stanley need adjustment. Update: Still in progress but nearly completed. This will be an
   on-going process.

8. Walking conditions in the K-tracks at Rossford are hazardous. DD Parks has forwarded to PUCO and Joe
   Boda and is still awaiting a response. Update: J.L. Gibson called Joe Boda's office and they claim they
   never received DD Parks' letter. DD Parks will resend via certified mail.

9. There is an ongoing radio problem in Toledo Terminal... especially at Stanley. Supposed to be getting new
   radio equipment at the south end of the receiving yard at Stanley. Update: Problem is back.

10. The following crew change points are on target to have pads for PTI vans installed: Pickle Rd. west side of
    #2 approx. 200 feet from signal for 50' should be done, Crandle Rd. East side of #1 to signal to be leveled
    out soon, Keller road is in the works to knock down the weeds and add ballast and VR is on the list too. East
    Broadway will be done after interlocking work has been completed Update: This project has been moved to
    the back burner.
11. Yard K crew room and EBEE crew building is badly in need of renovating. Update: These locations have
    been inspected and are slated for renovation along with the EBWE Crew room.

12. Kenwood Digital hand-held radios will soon replace existing hand held radios allowing for greater range and
    better communication. Everyone will get one of these new radios. Update: The new radios are coming in but
    not enough for everybody. If you have a problem with your radio, ask for a replacement. Target date to have
    a new radio for everyone is June 1st.

13. Due to the Stanley Yardmaster being over-whelmed with all that he/she has to do, Mr. McGee will look into
    having the emergency stop button for the hump remotes moved to Tower A or some other location. The
    plan is to have this moved to tower A soon. Update: Not done yet.

14. Suggestion was made to have an RCO upgrade. The box should tell you speed and distance traveled to
    comply with current shoving rules. Mr. McGee will look into this. Update: Will be taken to the Division level

15. Along K0 & K12 at Rossford there is bad walking conditions due to sand, dirt and broken ties. Also fluff at
    K8 switch. Update: Has not been done. Letter has been sent to the PUCO via DD Parks and we are
    awaiting a response.

16. New lanterns will be coming out soon, possibly on or around the first of the year. The new lanterns are
    designed to clip on to the RCO vests and are adjustable. Update: The lanterns are being re-designed to
    tweak the beam width of the light being emitted. Once that is done, they will be available.

17. Need Safety and union bulletin boards installed at the new building at Stanley and probably at the new
    building in Walbridge. Update: Safety boards are up at Stanley but still need union boards. Will have to
    "wait and see" with the new Walbridge building.

18. L.J. Faunt is trying to get an answer as to whether an EOT may be used in place of a white light when
    shoving cars at night. Update: As per the new rule book, White lights are no longer required.

19. The track from TOT to the Port needs better lighting installed. R.L. Cope will pursue Update: Not done yet.

20. A suggestion was made to swap the dog house for the insulated shanty at the south end of the Receiving
    yard. M.M. McGee will get this done. Update: Not done yet.

21. The water from the spickets at the trailers at PI Docks is unsat. The plumbing should be redone. M.M.
    McGee is looking to get two new trailers. Update: Not done yet... still looking.

22. Do not wear RCO vests with defects. Using duct tape (or anything else) to hold RCO vests together or to
    repair clips is against the FRA rules and can get you fined or pulled out of service. Get the RCO vest
    exchanged as soon as possible. Update: A new vest will soon be available with back support. With these
    new vests, the suspenders must be worn with the vest!

23. It's being reported again that car department vehicles are running around the yards with burned out
    headlights. Update: Still going on.

24. Bids #3 switch is still locked and needs to be repaired to help with switching engines out. Update: Not

25. K02 switch at Rossford needs fluff cleaned up and better drainage. Water sometimes stands 12 inches
    deep. Update: Not done.

26. K10-k08 at Rossford has sand between the rails that needs to be cleaned up. Update: Not done.

27. K12 at Rossford is extremely muddy. Need walking ballast poured along k12. Update: Not done.

28. Tracey Rd. CTT 19.0 (TTRR Side) needs build up around switch and the ditch needs to be cleaned out.
    Update: Not done.

29. Main line switches at the BLVD yard, North and South ends of the yard, need to be oiled as they are getting
    hard to throw. Update: Not done.
30. North end of the BLVD yard main line switch needs walking ballast by #1 main. Update: Not done.

31. Switch at Heidman Steel CC 127 needs to be oiled. Update: Not done.

32. Switch at Marshall Industry CC 125 needs to be oiled. Update: Not done.

33. The button on the storm door at Tower C is broke and does not latch the door. Update: DONE.

34. Suggestion was made to remove ice from metal steps with a propane burner rather than beating on them
    with sledge hammers. L.J. Faunt will bring this up to the Division Overlap meeting to get other suggestions
    as well. Update: A suggestion was made to maybe use a propane flame thrower to melt ice off of metal
    graded steps.

35. The new FRA Rules go into effect on Thursday, July 16, 2009. Update: A suggestion was made to get
    together with our district FRA guys to discuss changes before they take effect.

New Business:
1. As of February 3rd. we have gone 130 days injury free here in Toledo.

2. All present watched the monthly safety video.

3. CSX is looking to make all jobs 1-man remotes.

4. Problems are being discovered with the new Kenwood radios. Screen is not lit, and they can be bumped and
   thrown into 'scan' mode. To prevent the radio from going into scan mode when bumped, shut off the front

5. If anyone has any RCO issues, make sure you document them and give to the safety committee, Union
   Rep., or RCO Oversight committee (Ron Cope or Chris Wick) via a PI-82.

6. There is scrap between B27 and B28 in the Bowl at Stanley. Watch your step.

7. Everyone is reminded to get a copy of the new rule books (Operating Rules and Safe Way).

8. Locomotive GPS generates a daily report that red flags excessive idol time. If you are waiting for a switch
   list, paper work, dispatcher, another crew to clear up, etc... make sure you document your down time and
   keep in case you need it in your defense to prove why your locomotive sat idling.

9. If you encounter a switch that cannot be swept out, then call someone. Do Not chip ice or use a shovel or
   do anything excessive to get the switch to throw. By CSX Rules, you are not qualified or properly trained on
   that tool.

10. Snow jets are drying out switches. If you come across a switch that is too hard to throw, take it out of
    service and report it to the yard master or dispatcher.

11. When snow jets are in the area, stay in the shanty!! Snow jets can throw snow and ballast a long distance
    and creates a danger to anyone in the area. If yardmaster or trainmaster tries to order you out of the shanty
    when the snow jet is in the area, then call your local chairman or safety coordinator immediately.

12. Expect a major increase of yard banner testing. Banners may even be in the middle of the yards. Make
    sure you can see where you are going... PROTECT YOUR SHOVES!!!!!!!!

13. If making a double, check for hand brakes and check your list. You must check the entire portion of the train
    that you pulled out to double and the first 6 cars of the portion you are doubling to. Also, Check for 10% of
    brakes plus 1 or 2 extra cars to ensure all hand brakes are released.

14. So far this year there has been 3 fatalities on the railroad. 2 on the BNSF and 1 on the UP. Please stay
    focused on the job at hand so that we may all go home in one piece to our families. This is an unforgiving
    environments that we work in.
15. Everyone is reminded to follow rule GS10, on or about tracks.

16. There is rail laying along the road along W01.

17. The CSX Employee Purchase Program is giving Toledo terminal an opportunity to 'complete' your Arctic
    Armor suit by purchasing the matching bibs at a special price offered to CSX employees only! Ignore the
    online cost of $169.99. Your cost = $110.00!!! Just follow these easy instructions: 1. Call 412-799-0350, 2.
    Identify yourself as a CSX employee using the password "CSXT" 3. Have your credit card ready and we will
    ask for the shipping information.

Repeat Items:
1. When securing equipment, all locomotives must have hand brakes applied and tested but, locomotives do
   not count toward the percent of cars that need brakes applied. (i.e. a 100 car train needs a minimum of 10
   cars with hand brakes applied regardless whether locomotives are tied on to the train or not.) The rule for
   Toledo Terminal is as follows: Not less than 1 but no more than 3 hand brake's will be applied and tested on
   cars except as follows: For All Main Lines, Rossford Yard and the Receiving hump at Walbridge the 10%
   rule still applies. The runner at Stanley is considered a yard track and falls under the not less than 1 but no
   more than 3 rule.

2. Remember, filling out a PI-82 (Unsafe Condition Report) is the ONLY way to ensure that something gets
   done or fixed. If anything, it at least starts a paper trail and puts CSX on notice that an un-safe condition
   exists and needs attention. Telling a yardmaster or train master is not the way to go because it is too easy
   for someone to "forget" and if someone gets hurt in the mean time, there is no paper trail and therefore no
   way for us to prove that CSX was aware of the problem. Unsafe Condition Reports are available on our
   website and on the website.

3. Chicago District Bulletin General Bulletin concerning Stanley Bowl Spike Protection Reads as follows:

        Present TTSI (Page 97) applies to crews and/or equipment entering or occupying the bowl tracks from
        Yard K, North end (over hand-operated switches).

        When crews and/or equipment enter the South end of the bowl tracks (over remotely controlled
        switches) spike protection is required on at least one adjacent (cover) track when trimming or shoving
        cars into the Stanley Bowl.

        When crews are instructed to couple equipment from the south end, spike protection is required. After
        clearing up in an occupied track, the employee must obtain at least one adjacent (cover) track.

        South end bowl tracks-spike protection can be removed on the south end after permission has been
        received from the Stanley Yardmaster to exit the occupied track.

4. As a reminder, Special accounts have been set up at Cando Credit Union for Neal Emerson and Joe Lisk to
   help them in their time of need. Anyone wishing to donate to either of these accounts may do so by stopping
   into the Credit Union on Main Street in Walbridge or by calling the Credit union at 419-666-3113. You may
   also give your donation directly to Larry Faunt or a terminal manager.

5. The new policy in Toledo concerning an RCO box going down: You may finish your move, but no more work
   is to be performed until BOTH boxes are working!!

6. Locomotives at yard K are being left on the leads at the end of the shifts. This is foul of tracks and a
   violation of the rules. If something happens, the crew who left the power there will be the one to get burned.
   Also, crews need to remember to get a spike on each side of the locomotives to inspect at the beginning of
   the shift

7. When transporting a train, ALWAYS check the first 6 cars. if they line up, fine. If there is an error, the
   entire train must be walked and checked to ensure all HAZMAT lines up with the paperwork. (exception:
   Rossford crews must check entire train ALL THE TIME!!!!!

8. Know rule 89!!!... there is allot of work going on out there.
9. As per the FRA, tyeing down equipment or cars in a track: as long as you are switching/kicking cars, you are
   considered to be the vicinity and can get to the cars if needed. But, if you you are going to lunch or to get
   another switch list etc., then everything better be tied down as per the rule.

10. FRA Emergency Order 26 (EO-26): Violators can be personally fined $27,000.00 and be banned from
    working in any safety sensitive job in the United States. (i.e. No more Railroad, no CDL for truck driving,
    etc....) So DO NOT TEST THE WATERS by violating EO-26 or CSX Rules GS-28 & GS-29 (Rules relating
    to EO-26). CSX Rules are more restrictive than the EO-26 so know and follow these rules!!!! When in
    doubt, Have your cell phone off and stored in your grip!! For the purpose of getting a hold of someone in
    the case of an emergency, A suggestion was made that each Yardmaster have a hot line set up to be used
    for emergency purposes only. L.J. Faunt will look into this. In the mean time CSX has set up a system wide
    number 1-800-232-0144 (Option #1) for this purpose.

11. Again, if you see a safety defect on a PTI van, take it out of service BEFORE you ride in it, not afterward!!!
    PTI Inspection forms may be printed from the Chicago Division Website:

12. There is a major drainage problem at the East bound that will be brought up at the division overlap meeting.
    For crews working around flooded area's, if you cannot see the ground where you need to place your feet
    due to the water being too deep, then do not walk through it - period! Take that section or area out of
    service. Remember we are empowered to do so!

13. The Good Faith Challenge applies to rules 103 & 104 only!! (Switches, derails and cars out foul.)

14. Winter has come early to the Toledo area and everyone is reminded to wear their spiked boots. This is
    mandatory!! If you do not have any or need a replacement pair... get them from Sherri Moon or Trainmaster
    on duty. Look for winter spike program handouts.

15. There has been allot of cut-backs due to the automakers being down. CSX went from approx. 5,000 loaded
    auto parts system wide to under 500. Ford is expected to be back up and running by February 1st with the
    other two to follow suit shortly after. Hopefully this will help pick up our business here in Toledo. Encourage
    your family and friends to buy American.

16. In Case of Emergency: Everyone is encouraged to program emergency contact numbers in their cell
    phones under the name: "ICE" (In Case of Emergency). This is the first this EMT's will look for if they find a
    cell phone on a victim of an accident so that they can contact someone. If you put a space or two in front of
    "ICE" then this number will be the first number in your list.

17. Everyone is encouraged to take a First Aid course online at: Once enough
    people have taken the course, a face to face class will be scheduled to complete the training. This course is
    available FREE of charge via the gateway.

18. P.T.I. Drivers will be forced to comply with EO-26 (Cell Phone/Personal electronics Ban). Report any PTI
    Driver who doesn't comply with this order.

19. Switches need to be serviced on a weekly basis. Track department has designated Friday as their "switch
    maintenance" day. But, if you come across a switch that is hard to operate, then simply take it out of
    service, report it to the yardmaster and fill a PI-82 and fax it to the number listed on the form.

20. An RCO Oversight committee has been form consisting of: M.M. McGee, R.L. Cope and C.S. Wick. The
    RCO Oversight committee will watch over the safe operation of Remotes within the Toledo Terminal. The
    first RCO Oversight committee meeting is scheduled for January 20 @ 0900 in Walbridge with quarterly
    meetings to follow. Update: Next meeting is in April.

The Next Toledo Terminal Safety Meeting Will Be:

Date:           March 3,, 2009
Time:           0900 Hours
Place:          Comfort Inn South, on Oregon Rd.

Respectfully Submitted By:               D.J. Losiewicz

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