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					           Sacred Heart Parish

Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time - June 1, 2008
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish                                                         Gardner, Massachusetts

     Sacred Heart                 For Your Information
    of Jesus Parish
        166 Cross Street          Rectory Office Hours
       Gardner, MA 01440                 Monday –Friday 9:00AM-2:00PM
   Telephone:    978-632-0237             Saturday 3:45-4:00PM and by appointment.
   Fax :         978-630-2459     Baptisms
                                         First Sunday of each month at 1:00PM. Prior arrangements must be
       Parish Web Site:                  made. Please call the Parish Secretary, Sue, at 978-632-0237.    Marriages
                                         Contact one of the priests at least six months prior to the marriage,
                                         preferably one year prior.
         Parish Staff:
                                  Pastoral Visitations
             PASTOR                      When hospitalized or confined at home call the Deacon to arrange for
       Rev. Donald H. Baker              Communion. For Anointing of the Sick call one of the priests.
         SENIOR PRIEST            Registration
       Rev. Gerald A. Dorais             New parishioners are requested to call one of the parish secretaries at
            DEACON                       the rectory to register. If you are currently attending services at
          Paul J. Carrier                Sacred Heart, but have not filled out a Registration form please call
          978-632-0217                   the rectory. If you are still living at home and are over 18 years of age
     PARISH SECRETARIES                  please fill out a registration form. A form will be mailed to you if you
         Sue Rousseau                    fill out the slip at the bottom of this page and drop it in the basket.
          Kathy Kelley            RCIA
         978-632-0237                    The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process through
                                         which persons become full members of the Catholic Church. Nonbap
        COORDINATOR                      tized adults and those who have not had the opportunity to receive the
        Maureen Lapan                    Sacraments of the Eucharist or Confirmation are invited to join an on
         978-632-0950                    going group of adults in the process of completing their preparation
                                         to receive these sacraments at Sacred Heart. Please call Fr. Dorais at
          Paulette Fowler
                                         978-632-0237 or Lorraine Carrier at 978 632-0217.
     RELIGIOUS EDUCATION          IN YOUR WILL and Estate planning a gift to the Church can establish a
        COORDINATOR               special memorial forever in your memory. A simple bequest of even
           Janet Brown
                                  $2,500 can help! Many will donate 10% or more of their estate to the
                                  Church. At the same time you can save thousands of dollars in taxes!! If
     MINISTRY SCHEDULER           you wish to consider such a gift please call Kathy at the rectory.
         Kay Rousseau
          603-585-2280            CHURCH ANNULMENTS are a means by which to be in full communion
       Sacred Heart School        with the church in cases of a second marriage. Please contact one of the
           PRINCIPAL              priests for all of the FACTS!
        Maureen A. Lapan
    The Caring Place (Day Care)
                                  PARISH MEMBERSHIP
            DIRECTOR              We encourage your membership in the family of Sacred Heart Parish. You
            Jane Pineo
                                  may use the following form to request parish Registration forms to be sent to
                                  you by mail. Just drop this form in next week’s collection.
          Bulletin Editor
           Kathy Kelley           Family Name
    St. Vincent de Paul Society   First Name
           Prayer line            Address

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish                                                                Gardner, Massachusetts

 MASS INTENTIONS                                                    May 31 - June 8
 Date            Time             Celebrant                Special Intention
 5/31/08         4:30 pm          Fr. Baker                Special Intention, by Ed Wagner
 6/01/08         8:00 am          Fr. Dorais               Rosemary M. Carroll, by her family
                 10:30 am         Fr. Baker                Edward Demarais, by the Seward family
 6/02/08         9:00 am          Fr. Dorais               Francis Powers, by the Rosary Group at Sacred Heart
 6/03/08         9:00 am          Communion Service
 6/04/08         9:00 am          Communion Service
 6/05/08         9:00 am          Fr. Dorais               Deceased Members of the Delay Family, by Winifred and
                                                                  Margaret Delay
 6/06/08         9:00 am          Fr. Dorais               Francis Powers, by the Rosary Group at Sacred Heart
                 Sacred Heart School students will be attending this end of year Mass for the school
 6/07/08         4:30 pm          Fr. Dorais               William Veto Kalanta, by his son, Dr. William J. Kalanta
 6/08/08         8:00 am          Fr. Baker                Cecile LeBlanc, by Mr. and Mrs. John F. Manca
                 10:30 am         Fr. Dorais               Sharon Butler, by her husband and children

 Rosary Devotion: Recited weekdays following the 9:00 a.m. Liturgy.

        LET US PRAY— for all grandparents and especially for those whose grandchild has been aborted
        that they might find healing and peace. Let us pray especially for John Hulette may he rest in peace.

     SANCTUARY LAMP THIS WEEK                                    BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS
                                                                 Can it be that the deep longing for peace only comes to
                                                                 those who grieve deeply over violence?
                                                                 In Israel, the soldiers who open their eyes to the pain of the
                                                                 Palestinians refuse to fight. In New York, a woman who
                                                                 lost her brother on 9/11 becomes a founding member of
                                                                 “September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows,”
                                                                 and visits Afghani victims of U.S. bombing. In an inter-
                                                                 tribal war, a Kenyan mother remains in the peace process,
   PARTNERS IN CHARITY APPEAL                                    even when members of her own extended family are killed.
   Thus far in the Annual Partners in Charity                    All over this beautiful earth, countless persons work for
   Appeal, our parish family has raised $ toward                 peace; perhaps even millions have allowed the “true spirit
   our parish goal of $29,000. We have                           of peace to become dominant.”
   achieved % of our goal.
                                                                                                 - Mary Beth Moore, SC

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish                                                       Gardner, Massachusetts

 The Water is Running Again!
                                                            FROM THE
 A huge thank you to Sue Rousseau                           BOOKSHELF
 and Ray Beauregard for planning,
 digging and pushing the new                                    Recent elections have
                                                            posed a dilemma for Catholic voters. One candi-
 irrigation system at St. John’s cemetery into
                                                            date may take a strong “pro-life” position while
 fruition. They worked very hard to bring to                also supporting the death penalty or promoting poli-
 realization something we hope will make your               cies that hurt the poor. Another takes the opposite
 life easier as you care for and remember your              position. Both parties actively court the votes of
 deceased loved ones.                                       Catholics, yet neither fully embraces the range of
                                                            Catholic social and moral teaching. What is a
 Also, thank you to all those who have                      Catholic to do?
 generously contributed funds to pay for the new               The Catholic Vote, by Clarke E. Cochran and
 system. Thus far we have collected $2,195                  David Carroll Cochran, and published by Orbis
 toward our goal of $3,200.                                 Books, addresses this very question. It provides
                                                            Catholics with an easy-to-understand guide to cur-
                                                            rent issues, including the economy, poverty, health
                                                            care, family, crime, war, race and ethnicity, immi-
                                                            gration, the environment and protection of human
                                                                It is written for Catholics who want to partici-
 What Is Security To You?                                   pate in this country’s political life while also ap-
                                                            pealing to the Catholic values of life, dignity, soli-
 In the last decade alone, more than 2 million
                                                            darity and proper stewardship.
 children have died as a direct result of armed
 conflict, millions of people have been displaced and                                - By Susan Perry
 whole nations have been hostage to fear. Extreme                                     Senior Editor of Orbis Books
 poverty, hopelessness and lack of access to basics
 like food, water, sanitation, housing, education and
 health care are the reality of life for millions of
 people. Ours is a world hungry for peace and               Approaching the Lord’s Table
 security, but what do we mean by “security”?
                                                            Come to this sacred table, not because you
 Think for a minute about how you experience or             must, but because you may.
 wish you experienced security. What would it look          Come to testify not that you are righteous, but
 like? What do you need to imagine a secure life for        that you sincerely love our Lord Jesus Christ,
 you and your family? A safe and comfortable
                                                            and desire to be his true disciple.
 home? Enough money to pay necessary bills? A
 job that pays well? Assurances you will have               Come, not because you are strong, but because
 sufficient resources in your old age? A car? A             you are weak; not because you have any claim
 gun? A $500 billion annual military budget?                on heaven’s rewards, but because in your
 Nuclear, biological or chemical weapons?                   frailty and sin you stand in constant need of
 The concept of human security is rooted in our faith       heaven’s mercy and help.
 tradition: that every person has intrinsic dignity         Come, not to express an opinion, but to seek
 and is of equal value before God. The security of          his presence and to pray for God’s direction in
 one person or nation cannot be guaranteed while            your life.
 ignoring or undermining the security and well-
 being of others in the global community. At issue
 is how we define security, from whose perspective
 and through what lens.
                                 - Maryknoll

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish                                                           Gardner, Massachusetts

 “Everyone who can...should make an offering to the Lord…                  Pray For Those Who Are Ill
                                                                           And/Or In Need Of Prayer
 each as your heart prompts you”. (Exodus 35)
                                                                    Please remember in your prayers: Emily
                                                                    Rose Mitchell, David Tanguay, Ethel
                                                                    Thomas, Gordon Gladen, Aline
                                                                    Lampert, Allyson Blanchette, Janice
                                                                    Caron, Abigail Floyd, Sr. Cecile Jaillet,
                                                                    Taylor Patterson, Allyson Guthrie, Sandra
                                                                    Chimick, Matilda Bader, John Skehan Sr.,
                                                                    Michael Dufort, Tim Breault, Gloria and
                                                                    Tom Butkiewicz, Eleanor Mann, Noah
                                                                    Carbone, Arsene Caron, Ernie Rollins,
                                                                    Lynne Roccio, Alec Allain, Joan
                                                                    Reifenheiser, Claire Richard, Marjorie
                                                                    L’Etoile, Ralph Perez, Nancy Cormier,
                                                                    Malvina McCusker, Therese Comeau and
                                                                    Dana Lupien.

                                                                    Please let us know when a person’s name can be
                                                                    removed from the Prayer List. Call Kathy at the
                                                                    rectory or drop a note in the collection basket.

   WOW! Thank You!                                           Chuckles
   A big thank you is extended to the St.                    Hymns, by Profession
   Vincent de Paul Society for planning and
   purchasing a new door for the Society’s                   POLITICIAN’S HYMN:
   food pantry entrance at the rectory.                        “Ask and You Shall Receive”
   A special thank you to Pat Foy for
   organizing and supervising the endeavor.                  OPTOMETRIST’S HYMN:
   Great job, Pat!!                                            “Eye Has Not Seen”

                                                            Cluster Corner
 Peak at the Week
 6-01-08 (Sun) Alcoholics Anonymous, 7:30PM                 Lord’s Day Masses for Gardner Catholic parishes.
        Sacred Heart School gym
 6-02-08 (Mon) Brownies, 6:00-7:30PM                        Holy Spirit: 4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. Spanish (vigil),
        Our Blessed Mother Hall                             9:00 a.m.
 6-04-08 (Wed) Boy Scout Troop 4, 6:00-9:000PM              Holy Rosary: 4:30 p.m. (vigil), 8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.
        Our Blessed Mother Hall
                                                            Sacred Heart: 4:30 p.m. (vigil), 8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.
 6-06-08 (Fri) Cub Scouts Leader Meeting, 6:30-
        7:30PM, Our Blessed Mother Hall                     St. Joseph: 5:30 p.m. (vigil), 7 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.
 6-06-08 (Fri) Bingo, 6:30PM                                N.B. You may use envelopes at Masses in other Gardner
        Sacred Heart School gym (978-630-3368)              parishes and they will be returned to your own parish.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish                                Gardner, Massachusetts

                                                   POET’S CORNER

                                                     We Thank Thee

                                        For flowers that bloom about our feet;
                                         For tender grass so fresh and sweet;
                                          For song of bird and hum of bee;
                                         For all things fair we hear and see,
                                          Father in Heaven, we thank Thee!

                                         For each new morning with its light,
                                           For rest and shelter of the night,
                                       For health and food, for love and friends,
                                         For everything Thy goodness sends,
                                          Father, in heaven, we thank Thee.
                                                                - Ralph Waldo Emerson

                                   N. B. Original poetry by parishioners is being accepted
                                   for publication in this bulletin. Please send your work to
                                   the rectory, Attention: Kathy.

                                   Tony Melendez, Catholic Performer
                                   On September 15, 1987 Tony Melendez played his
                                   guitar for Pope John Paul II in Los Angeles. Born
                                   without arms, he performed a touching song and
                                   when the Pope approached him from the stage to
                                   kiss him in appreciation, it seemed to reflect the
                                   sentiments of the entire audience.
                                   Tony is deeply involved in the Catholic Church
                                   using his talents as a guitarist and composer for
                                   Masses and church related events. Please join us in
                                   welcoming Tony and his musical group when they
                                   perform from 7:00 to 9:00 PM on Saturday, June
                                   7th, 2008 at St. Joseph Church, 46 Woodland
                                   Street, Fitchburg, MA.
                                   Tickets are only $10.00, children 12 are FREE with
                                   adult admission . For tickets call Phyllis at 978-

                                   The Sacred Heart School Golf Tournament will
                                   be held on June 21st. Call the school at 978-
                                   632-0950 for more information.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish                                                    Gardner, Massachusetts

 DEAR PADRE ?                   Do                       Good News!
                                have to                     Tefillin are small, leather boxes worn by Or-
                                be Catholic?             thodox Jewish men on their foreheads and arms
                                                         during ordinary weekday-morning prayer (not on
 Q. My sister isn’t Catholic, but I’d love for           the Sabbath or holidays). (In some Christian
    here to be my baby’s godmother. Will the             sources, tefillin are referred to as phylacteries,
    Church allow this?                                   but the word tefillin is actually proper.) The
                                     Mary                boxes contain verses from the Torah (the books
                                                         of Moses). Selected verses are written out from
                                                         Exodus and Deuteronomy to remind those pray-
                                                         ing of what God has done and what God has of-
 Dear Mary,                                              fered.
     A godparent must be a baptized Catholic                On this day in the Church calendar, we have
 who is at least sixteen (unless otherwise speci-        now completed the Easter season and are back to
 fied by the diocese), has received the sacra-           “ordinary” time. We can learn a great deal from
 ments of holy Eucharist and confirmation, and           our elder brothers and sisters in faith about how
 is in good standing with the Catholic Church.           to live in the ordinary world. How best should
 Only one godparent is required. Canon law               we remember what God has done so that, in sea-
 allows a baptized (Christian) non-Catholic to           son or out, especially during ordinary times, we
 be present as a witness as long as one godpar-          won’t forget? How do we keep the words of
 ent meets the requirements (874).                       God in front of our eyes?
     Most parents choose their children’s god-              We have just experienced the serious, sober-
 parents because of a personal relationship.             ing reflections of Lent followed by the surprise
 But “godparent” is not merely an honorary ti-           and delight of the resurrection at Easter. The
 tle we bestow because someone is a friend or            Sundays of Pentecost, Trinity, and Most Holy
 because it’s a certain relative’s “turn.” My            Body and Blood of Christ have unfolded before
 godparents were coworkers of my father’s,               us like the glimpse the transfiguration gave to the
 and I didn’t see them again until my ordina-            disciples of Jesus - a look at where we are
 tion. A godparent is supposed to be involved            headed. It might be tempting to ask to camp at
 in the faith formation of the baptized, not only        the top of the mount where we have found ex-
 as a Christian, but also as a Catholic. Your            traordinary revelations. But from the liturgical
 sister may be a better Christian than any               heights of our biggest season, we climb back
 Catholic you know, but she would not be able            down to our usual, ordinary patterns.
 to offer guidance that is specifically Catholic.           If we drive down billboarded highways or
     I know you love your sister, but I recom-           watch an hour or two of television, dozens of ad-
 mend you choose godparents because of the               vertisements ask for a place among our priorities.
 way they live their Catholic faith and their            In the regular world we live in, we have some
 willingness to share that faith with your child         basic, important choices to make. The tempta-
 as she or he grows to Christian maturity.               tions are sometimes large. Sometimes they are
 Choose godparents who can not only be good              subtle.
 Christian examples, but good Catholic exam-                Whom will we worship? Which gods will we
 ples as well.                                           choose?

                        Father Rick Potts, C.Ss.R.                              Dan Finucane


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