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					                                                    Geek Squad is a completely awesome
                                                   video production club. We create video
                                                  projects that teach different parts of the
                                                 production process from filming to editing
                                                       to making music soundtracks.

             Geek Squad Application Form
____________________________                     ____________________________
 Student Name (please print)                       Parent/Guardian contact e-mail

 Go-Time Teacher
Tell us why you are interested in being in the Geek Squad and what skills you would
like to learn from being a part of this club:

Rank your interest and skill/ability level in each of these areas using this scale: 1 –
interested, but no experience, 2 – just learning, limited experience, 3 –
skilled/experienced (I know what I’m doing).

________Photography                       _______Using iMovie software

________Videography (camcorders)          _______Lighting/technical support

________Using Garage Band software        _______Using iPhoto Software

________Logo Design
Geek Squad Participation Rules:
  1.    I must maintain a passing grade in 4 core subjects and my
        elective classes at all times.
  2.    During projects and club meeting times, my whereabouts must
        always be known by my club advisors/CRMS campus staff and I
        must have written permission (pass). My conduct must be in
        accordance with the codes and conduct that is acceptable as a
        student at CRMS.
  3.    My use of technology involved with this club will be monitored by
        my club advisors/CRMS campus staff and will demonstrate my
        understanding that all use of technology is for specific Geek Squad
        project purposes only (camera, computers, camcorder, recording
        devices, etc.)

Applicant’s Signature_________________________________ Date_______

Parent’s Signature___________________________________ Date_______

Application must be completed and submitted to Ms. Hulme or Ms. Yegge
by Wednesday, Nov. 10.

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