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					           A New Year’s Week to
         Burbank, Pasadena, Santa
        Monica, Hollywood, and Los

 Anunforgettable trip to the Los Angeles area
 to participate in the building of a float,
 experience an incredible parade, and visit
 the sights of the area with fellow Garden
 Club members.
 Morning flight to Burbank from New Orleans.
 Check into our hotel in the heart of
  downtown Burbank around noon.
Rooms will be booked based on
your preferences. Prices are
based on double occupancy
rooms (single larger beds for
couples who come). If you wish
to have your own room, your
tour price will go up accordingly.
   We will have a group meal together at the hotel
    late that afternoon.

   We will review the tour booklet which each
    person will receive at the airport. This will
    contain a map of downtown Burbank and
    Pasadena, a detailed schedule of events, and all
    pertinent information such as contact numbers,

   You will have the rest of the evening to explore
    Burbank further or rest up from the day of
   Breakfast at the hotel and then head off to work on
    the City of Burbank’s incredible float as it readies for
    judging and display at the Tournament of Roses

   Hands-on involvement

   Work as much or as little as
    you like. A shuttle service will
    bring people back to the hotel
    when desired.

                 Burbank’s 2011 float entry
It is a rule of the parade that all surfaces of the float
framework be covered in natural material (such as
flowers, plants, seaweeds, seeds, bark, vegetables, or
nuts, for example); furthermore, no artificial flowers or
plant material are allowed, nor can the materials be
artificially colored.
   After a trip back to the hotel to freshen up, we
    will make the short drive to Pasadena for a
    memorable night in the host city of the Rose
    Bowl Parade.

   Explore more than 200 diverse specialty
    boutiques and exclusive national retailers.

   Enjoy more than 100 world-class restaurants,
    sidewalk cafés, and bistros.
       From French culinary delights, Indian dishes, authentic
        Tibetan cuisine, to Mediterranean fare, Old Pasadena has
        much to choose from.
   Colorful alleys and secret thru-ways will spice up your path
    as you seek out spectacular ethnic eateries and sweets
    havens for tastings!
    Savory and sweet food tastings:
    • Cafes and restaurants specializing in world cuisine
    (Middle Eastern, Asian, Peruvian, Oaxacan)
    • An authentic Italian gelato counter
    • A tea bar and emporium
    • An exquisite chocolatier
    • An olive oil specialty store
    • A handmade soap kitchen

   Whenever possible, you’ll be met and hosted by their
    special merchants who proudly share their incredible
   Meet Lisa and Diane Scalia, the sister team
    behind Melting Pot Food Tours, the original
    food tasting tour company in Los Angeles. Los
    Angeles area natives of Italian descent, the
    Scalia sisters have been enamored with food
    for most of their lives—inspired by the sensory
    experience and lifelong memories it carries for
    them. They launched Melting Pot Food Tours in
    2008 to share their favorite experiences with
    locals and visitors. Lisa, a caterer and private
    tour guide, and Diane, a professional chef,
    cookbook author, and food writer, have over 25
    years of combined experience in the food
    industry and culinary arts.
 Breakfast  at the hotel, followed by a short
  shuttle ride to the LA Equestrian Center
 Equest-Fest 11:30am – 3:00pm
The equestrians who will participate in the Rose Parade gather for a
pre-parade display of their talents. Stroll through the stables and talk to
the riders. Learn about the various tack and the many different breeds.
Watch in awe as these beautiful horses and talented riders perform drills
and dances, and demonstrate trick riding and roping.

As well as ongoing equestrian performances, demonstrations and exhibits,
there is live music and food and drinks for sale.
   After the Equest-Fest, where we will eat lunch, we
    will head over to visit some of the many floats being
    built around the area as they get ready for judging
    and the Tournament of Roses parade.
 Shopping
 Cinemas
 Dining
 Breakfast at hotel
 Shuttle to the Band-Fest, which lasts from
  9:30am – 12:00pm
 Option: shuttle to library in the morning
  after the Band-Fest drop-off.
Garden enthusiasts will have the option of coming here in the
morning, instead of attending the Band-Fest. The rest of the group
will be shuttled over after the Band-Fest for a scenic, tranquil
afternoon of sights, smells, and relaxation.
 The   House that Sam Built:
    Sam Maloof (1916–2009) was a woodworker born and raised in
     Southern California who became a nationally recognized leader
     of the American studio furniture movement—a movement that
     favored the aesthetics of craft and the handmade over the
     machine and mass-production. His iconic chairs, tables, and
     other creations are renowned for their elegant sculptural form
     and virtuosic craftsmanship.
 BlueSky Metropolis: The Aerospace Century
 in Southern California
    Recounts that transformative era through approximately 50
     manuscripts, documents, and photographs drawn from The
     Huntington’s growing collection of aerospace-related materials
     and other private and public collections. Nature provided
     wonderful weather, clear blue skies, and dry lake beds, and
     California was also home to a variety of related industries,
     particularly petroleum, and local universities, which provided
     cutting-edge research facilities and a steady supply of
     engineering labor.
 AncientChinese Bronze Mirrors from the
 Lloyd Cotsen Collection
    An important collection of ancient Chinese bronze mirrors
     spanning 3,000 years makes its first public appearance in an
     exhibition highlighting some 80 highly decorative pieces
     ranging in date from the Qijia Culture (2100–1700 B.C.) of pre-
     and early Chinese history, the Warring States period (450-
     221B.C.), and the Han (206 B.C.-220 A.D), Tang (618–906 A.D.),
     and Jin (1115-1234 A.D.) dynasties. The exhibition reveals the
     exquisitely wrought designs and inscriptions that decorate the
     backs of the mirrors, exploring centuries of craftsmanship,
     aesthetic taste, dynastic change, philosophy, and consumer
 Live band playing hits from the 40’s – 80’s
 Complimentary champagne
 Party favors
After breakfast, for those
wishing to attend, we will
take the shuttle over for
New Year’s Day services at
Bel Air Presbyterian
Church, home church for
President Ronald Reagan
and wife Nancy.
 Visitthe shop-filled 3rd Street Promenade and
  the Santa Monica Pier, right on the Pacific
 Enjoy the shops and sights and have lunch
  and dinner here.
   After breakfast at the hotel, we will head to our reserved
    seats with a perfect view of a splendid parade.
 Attend the game (tickets are not included in
 the tour package) or retire to the comfort of
 a place of your choosing in Burbank for an
 afternoon of football, shopping, and/or
 Afterbreakfast at the hotel, we will head
 out to see the sights of Tinsel town…
 Property   set
    Antiques and items all used in films
 Sound   stages and Exterior sets
    Includes a Midwest town, NYC set, a jungle set,
     and other interesting locations that have been
     used in numerous films dating back through the
 Transportation    Museum
    Cars and props from famous movies
   will drive here for lunch and some
 We
 memorable sights along Sunset Boulevard.
   Final meal in the city before our departure
    the next day. It will be your last chance to
    find or return to a favorite new restaurant.

   One option includes a second walking dinner tour of East Los Angeles,
    including some of the most interesting eats and sights in yet another area
    of the city for you to experience.
    out of Burbank in the afternoon for New
 Fly
 Orleans, Louisiana.
   The base price for this tour is $2,500, which shall
    include all of the following:
       Transportation: air fare and van shuttle for the entire

       Hotel, including three nights at peak rates over the New
        Year’s weekend and the New Year’s Eve ball.

       All Meals: based upon a budget of $15 (full breakfast
        buffet at the hotel, including tax and tip), $20 (lunch),
        and $40 (dinner). Only two meals (group dinner on the
        first day and the food walking tour) will be pre-paid.
        The rest is at your discretion and choosing, based on this
        ample budget.

       Tickets: includes tickets to all listed events in this
        presentation (Rose Bowl not included).
All events, such as working on a float, the Equest-
Fest, Band-Fest, the Rose Bowl parade, the
Huntington Library visit, Santa Monica, and the
Warner Brothers Studio tour and trip into Hollywood

You can remain at the hotel on any day that you find
yourself feeling tired or wanting to do something
else. There are ample restaurants, shops, and things
to do in the immediate vicinity, which will not require
a taxi. Simply put, you can go at your own pace.

All shuttle trips by van will not exceed 40 minutes,
and trips to the events in Burbank and Pasadena will
be no more than 20 minutes in duration.
   My name is David Campbell, and I am the
    son of Carol Campbell, former president
    and active member of the Marksville
    Garden Club.

   I am a native of Louisiana, born in New
    Orleans. My family moved overseas when
    I was six years old, living three years in
    the Middle East and eight years in
    Europe. Travel and learning are what I
    love and do best. I have since lived in Los
    Angeles and San Francisco, CA; Ft.
    Lauderdale and Orlando, FL; Princeton,
    NJ; Berchtesgaden, Germany; and in my
    beloved home state, Louisiana.
I have worked 20 years in the food, hospitality, and travel

         -Worked in Napa Valley, New Orleans, and Ft.
         Lauderdale for three of America’s top chefs.

         -Tour Manager for Grammy-award winning blues artist,
         Keb’ Mo’, on a European tour with Ray Charles.

         -Managed tours with Stephen Ambrose, as well as
         other educational trips with large groups of people.

 Most of all, Jan Smith, your Tour Chairman, and I have worked
 to create a tour that is flexible and can meet the needs of
 everyone’s energy levels without slowing anyone down or
 making anyone feel rushed. I know the area intimately, and I
 am looking forward to giving you all a travel experience to
 cherish and assure you that you will feel right at home.
   A $500 deposit will guarantee your slot on the trip, and we will
    operate on a first-come, first-served basis. We need final
    commitments with payment quickly in order to secure the
    discounts reflected in the current price. A detailed itinerary, as
    well as maps and contact numbers will be distributed to all
    attending, and Jan and I are happy to field any questions you
    have about this trip.

   If you are committed to going, please call or email us to confirm
    your spot and send a check payable to GBC Tours and mail it to
    the Louisiana Garden Club Tour Chairman:
    Jan Smith
    138 Jackson Lane
    Gilbert, LA 71336

   Contact:
     David Campbell:       504-722-4000 – mobile
     Jan Smith:            318-237-4739 – home

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