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									    Exhibit A - General Ledger                                                                      City of Coppell                                Functional and Technical Requirements

General Ledger Requirements

  Requirement #                            Business/Technical Requirement                                       Categories       Vendor Response     Response Description

                                                                                                  GL - BUDGETARY CONTROL

     GL.B1        Provide full encumbrance accounting, including requisitions and purchase orders.           Budgetary Control

                  Ability to encumber and track payments and all related documents (encumbrances,
     GL.B2                                                                                                   Budgetary Control
                  invoice, check etc.) by specific account code.

                  Ability to set up the city's own budget rules i.e.:
                   - Encumbrances
     GL.B3                                                                                                   Budgetary Control
                   - Corrections
                   - Prior Year Expenditures (Current year expenditures related to prior year budgets)

     GL.B4        Ability to turn on or turn off pre-encumbrance or encumbrance by account code.             Budgetary Control

                  Ability to provide various budgetary control types, such as:
                   - A budget line should exist
     GL.B5                                                                                                   Budgetary Control
                   - Enough money on the account code or summary code for the purchase
                   - No budget entry required
                  System should provide the following processing options if a payment request fails the
     GL.B6                                                                                                   Budgetary Control
                  funds availability check:
                         Request is accepted but "flagged" on managerial budgetary control reports or
     GL.B6.1                                                                                                 Budgetary Control
                         through online notification.
     GL.B6.2             Input is placed in a non-posted suspense file until released.                       Budgetary Control
                  System should provide for full and partial liquidation of encumbrances, in total or at a
     GL.B7                                                                                                   Budgetary Control
                  line item level.
     GL.B8        Ability to make payments against prior budget years.                                       Budgetary Control
                  System should provide ability to control expenditures at a legal and administrative
     GL.B9                                                                                                   Budgetary Control
                  level of control.
                  System should provide a report that identifies prior year encumbrances and prior year
     GL.B10                                                                                                  Budgetary Control
                  System should provide an online funds available query that shows total budgeted,
     GL.B11       total appropriated, total encumbrance, total actual expenditures, and total funds          Budgetary Control
                  available at any level.
                  Provides the following features that are available only at a designated authorization
     GL.B12                                                                                                  Budgetary Control
                    Ability to supersede an "insufficient funds" message when posting to an
                  expenditure account.
     GL.B13       Ability to accommodate pre-encumbrance accounting.                                         Budgetary Control
                  Ability to block approval of a PO when the purchase will exceed the defined                Budgetary Control
                  department budget.
     GL.B15       Ability to control which account categories can be used to make purchases.                 Budgetary Control
                  Ability to define flexible budgetary control standard which can be applied to a range      Budgetary Control
                  of accounts or a specific account.
                  Ability to automatically generate a budget transfer request when budget line item is       Budgetary Control
                  System should automatically notify departmental and accounting staff when account          Budgetary Control
                  budget reaches a pre-defined level of spending.
                  Provide a budget review screen that dept's can use to compare budget to actual             Budgetary Control
                  Ability to restrict access to account information based upon department and job            Budgetary Control

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  Exhibit A - General Ledger                                                                         City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                      Categories    Vendor Response     Response Description

                                                                                                   GL - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                                                                                                          GL - SETUP
    GL.S1       Ability to accommodate four bases of accounting simultaneously:                               GL Setup
   GL.S1.1            Cash                                                                                    GL Setup
   GL.S1.2            Budgetary                                                                               GL Setup
   GL.S1.3            GAAP - Accrual                                                                          GL Setup
   GL.S1.4            GAAP - Modified Accrual.                                                                GL Setup
                Ability to support multiple cash accounts (e.g. restricted vs. unrestricted) in each
   GL.S2        fund; including the ability to specify which cash accounts are to be used for individual      GL Setup
                disbursements and receipt transactions.
                Ability to provide for the maintenance of separate funds, each of which is a self-            GL Setup
   GL.S3        balancing set of accounts, with all funds' records being processed simultaneously by
                the common system.
   GL.S4        Ability to enter transactions across funds.                                                   GL Setup
                Ability to not allow funds to be out of balance and to have fully automated inter-fund        GL Setup
    GL.S6       Provide for classification of each individual fund, as follows:                               GL Setup
   GL.S6.1            General fund                                                                            GL Setup
   GL.S6.2            Special revenue fund (multiple funds)                                                   GL Setup
   GL.S6.3            Debt service fund (multiple funds)                                                      GL Setup
   GL.S6.4            Capital projects fund (multiple funds)                                                  GL Setup
   GL.S6.5            Enterprise fund (multiple funds)                                                        GL Setup
   GL.S6.6            Internal service fund (multiple funds)                                                  GL Setup
   GL.S6.7            Trust and/or agency fund (multiple funds)                                               GL Setup
                Ability to support a suspense file (warnings, funds not available, etc.) with ability to be   GL Setup
                overridden by authorized users.
                                                                                                              GL Setup
                Provide ability to maintain up to 5 years historical financial data, such as actual
   GL.S8        amounts (not including the current fiscal year) for both budgetary and financial data.
                This information must be available for both system reports and inquiry functions.

                System should validate the account code entry from all subsystems with the
   GL.S9                                                                                                      GL Setup

   GL.S9.1           Verify that each element of the account code exists and is a valid element.              GL Setup

                      Posting is not permitted if the account code combination is inactive/frozen,
   GL.S9.2                                                                                                    GL Setup
                      invalid, or summary/control.
   GL.S9.3            Verify validity of account code combinations.                                           GL Setup
                Ability to look up account codes on-line (through drop-down windows), without
   GL.S10                                                                                                     GL Setup
                leaving transaction entry.
                System should provide an online real-time general ledger with the ability to see the
   GL.S11                                                                                                     GL Setup
                detail of the transaction.
                System should utilize a single-transaction posting concept, so that the user only
   GL.S12                                                                                                     GL Setup
                needs to enter the account codes being charged.
                System should automatically balance batch journal entries against item count and
   GL.S13                                                                                                     GL Setup
                dollar amount.

                System should maintain transaction details for more than the current accounting
   GL.S14                                                                                                     GL Setup
                period and allow for inquiry into any prior period that is maintained in the database.

   GL.S15       System should permit automatic and simultaneous posting of account balances in:               GL Setup

  GL.S15.1           The General Ledger                                                                       GL Setup
                     Other subsidiary ledgers (e.g., revenue, expenditure, encumbrance, grant,
  GL.S15.2                                                                                                    GL Setup
                     project, program, payables, and receivables).

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  Exhibit A - General Ledger                                                                            City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                              Business/Technical Requirement                                         Categories   Vendor Response     Response Description

                                                                                               GL - BUDGETARY CONTROL
   GL.S16       System should provide full integration of all sub-ledgers with the General Ledger.         GL Setup

                Ability to void a transaction without additional data entry other than those required by           GL Setup
                system security
   GL.S18       Ability to report total dollars of at least ten (10) billion dollars.                              GL Setup
   GL.S19       Ability to provide an alert for entries posted to suspense files.                                  GL Setup
   GL.S20       Ability to allow only input of valid account numbers.                                              GL Setup
                Ability to provide for convenient online maintenance of rejected batches of journal                GL Setup
   GL.S22       Provide an audit trail for manual journal entries and subsystem journal entries.                   GL Setup
   GL.S23       Ability to segregate restricted from non-restricted accounts.                                      GL Setup
   GL.S24       System should provide at least 9 segments/fields in the account string.                            GL Setup
                Ability, with authorization, to deactivate and reactivate an account within a specific             GL Setup
                fund on-line.
   GL.S26       Ability to designate an account code element for statistical purposes.                             GL Setup
   GL.S27       Ability to adjust and close accounts.                                                              GL Setup
                Ability to fix data entry errors and system errors with an audit trail in both the sub-            GL Setup
   GL.S28       ledger and the general ledger or independently for any field or any screen with
                appropriate security.
   GL.S29       Ability to specify fiscal periods - Fiscal Year, Month, Quarter, etc.                              GL Setup
   GL.S30       System should maintain a Chart of Accounts.                                                        GL Setup
                                                                                                                   GL Setup
                Ability to support accounting functions on different accounting cycles (e.g. Federal
                fiscal year, city fiscal or calendar year, grant year, life-to-date, multi-year reporting).

   GL.S32       Ability to define posting at a summary or detail level.                                            GL Setup
   GL.S33       Ability to alert specified users to user defined fund balance conditions.                          GL Setup
                Ability to set security that restricts someone from making an entry into a specific                GL Setup
                account range which they are not authorized to access.
                                                                                                                   GL Setup
   GL.S35       Ability to control system financial updates by fund or account code combination.

   GL.S36       Ability to delete non-financial records (e.g. statistical data).                                   GL Setup
                Provide ability to maintain the chart of accounts online and prevent deletion of any               GL Setup
                account having current or prior year activity
   GL.S38       Ability to accommodate organizational hierarchy on transactions.                                   GL Setup
                Ability to consolidate accounts for multiple levels of reporting: funds, departments,              GL Setup
                projects, etc.
                The system must provide an interface table that can receive transactions from                      GL Setup
                Ability to validate the account code combination (error checking) before input into                GL Setup
                interface table.
                Ability to automatically reconcile cash balances (electronically track cash drawer                 GL Setup
                balances and reconciliations).
                                                                                                                   GL Setup
   GL.S43       Ability to perform electronic deposits of checks via scanning and electronic deposits.

   GL.S44       Ability to query data and view reports on-line.                                                    GL Setup
   GL.S45       Ability to define account code structure as required                                               GL Setup
   GL.S46       Entry of account code combinations must be validated                                               GL Setup
                 Ability to define ranges of code numbers which are valid for particular a code type               GL Setup
                (i.e. assets, liabilities, revenue, expense)
                Ability to define account code structures in a manner that supports governmental                   GL Setup
                regulations (i.e. GASB 34, etc.)
                                                                                                          GL - JOURNAL ENTRY

                                                                                                                                                                               Page 3
  Exhibit A - General Ledger                                                                         City of Coppell                             Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                      Categories       Vendor Response     Response Description

                System should provide the following options for error processing during a batch - BUDGETARY CONTROL
   GL.J1                                                                                                Journal Entry
   GL.J1.1            Reject the entire batch.                                                          Journal Entry
                      Process correct transactions and suspend the remainder (with appropriate
   GL.J1.2                                                                                              Journal Entry
                      balances changed).
                      Process all transactions, including incorrect transactions with appropriate
   GL.J1.3                                                                                              Journal Entry
                      security for a specified type of error.
                Maintain detailed transaction descriptions on the general ledger for both system and    Journal Entry
                manually generated journal entries.
                Ability to provide for error identification and correction before actual posting occurs Journal Entry
                and to notify the user of deficiencies.
                                                                                                        Journal Entry
   GL.J4        System should allow journal entries to be reversed or canceled prior to final posting.

   GL.J5        Ability to copy and re-create transactions for account reentry                                 Journal Entry
                System should define and maintain a file of standard user-formatted journal entries            Journal Entry
                that can be:
   GL.J6.1            Automatically recurring at user-defined times
   GL.J6.2            Manually recurring                                                                       Journal Entry
   GL.J6.3            Automatic reversing entries.                                                             Journal Entry
                Ability to conduct on-line reviews and approvals, by authorized personnel, of                  Journal Entry
                transactions for posting.
                System should enforce balancing (debits=credits) for all transactions within individual        Journal Entry
   GL.J9        Ability to backdate transactions into a prior open period.                                     Journal Entry
   GL.J10       Ability to backdate transactions into a prior open fiscal year.                                Journal Entry
   GL.J11       Provide a minimum 5000 lines in a journal entry.                                               Journal Entry
   GL.J12       Provide a general description line on each JE that is at least 255 characters.                 Journal Entry
                Ability to provide a description for each line on a JE that contains information specific      Journal Entry
                to the individual line.
   GL.J14       Ability to upload JEs from an excel spreadsheet.                                               Journal Entry
                Provide a total balance for each JE that will allow the user to verify that the JE is          Journal Entry
   GL.J16       Provide templates for recurring types of journal entries.                                      Journal Entry
   GL.J17       Provide summary of journal entries with the ability to drill into specific detail.             Journal Entry
                Ability to scan documents and attach them to specific journal entries (i.e., xls's, PDF,       Journal Entry
                Each JE (automatic or manual) should directly link to the original source document             Journal Entry
                (PO, Check, FA).
   GL.J20       Ability to see account code description when entering an account code.                         Journal Entry
   GL.J21       Ability to copy/duplicate account code and enter it in a new JE line.                          Journal Entry
   GL.J22       Ability to recreate or reverse a JE.                                                           Journal Entry
   GL.J23       Ability to automatically reverse accrual entries (month end and year end).                     Journal Entry
                                                                                                      GL - PERIOD CLOSING
                Ability to close a fiscal period at a user defined time (for example, close July in July,
   GL.P1                                                                                                    Period Closing
                close July in August, or close July in October).
   GL.P2        Ability to utilize an adjustment period(s) in a fiscal year.                                Period Closing
   GL.P3        System should prevent posting to closed periods.                                            Period Closing
                Ability to have more than one accounting period open at a time and process general
   GL.P4                                                                                                    Period Closing
                ledger transactions for:
   GL.P4.1            Preceding open months.                                                                Period Closing
   GL.P4.2            Current month.                                                                        Period Closing
   GL.P4.3            Future months.                                                                        Period Closing

                                                                                                                                                                               Page 4
  Exhibit A - General Ledger                                                                         City of Coppell                               Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                         Categories      Vendor Response     Response Description

   GL.P4.4            Future years.                                                                GL - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                                                                                                             Period Closing
                System should close the year-end balance of any account to another user-specified
   GL.P5                                                                                                     Period Closing
                account (Example, closing nominal accounts to fund balance).
                Ability to automatically roll the prior period balances for balance sheet accounts
   GL.P6                                                                                                     Period Closing
                forward as the beginning balance for the following period.
                Ability to identify by type all adjusting entries made since the last year-end close (e.g.,
   GL.P7                                                                                                     Period Closing
                post closing adjustments).
                System should provide ability to make adjustment to the prior year without it effecting
   GL.P8                                                                                                     Period Closing
                current year (excluding beginning and ending balances).
   GL.P9        Ability to define and annually maintain month-end cut-off dates.                             Period Closing

   GL.P10       Provide ability to require a review of unposted batches prior to the month-end close.           Period Closing

                Ability to automatically perform the journal entry to close all income and expense
   GL.P11                                                                                                       Period Closing
                items to the retained earnings/fund balance at year end.

   GL.P12       Ability to move the current actual balances to the prior actual balances at year end.           Period Closing

                Ability to automatically rollover chart of accounts, code structures and tables at year
   GL.P13                                                                                                       Period Closing

   GL.P14       Ability to identify entries to be reversed in another period, such as year-end accruals.        Period Closing

                Ability to post entries to a temporary or soft closed period, with security, and allow for
   GL.P15                                                                                                       Period Closing
                posting to prior open periods.
                Ability to process transactions for a "prior" fiscal year and a "current" fiscal year and a
   GL.P16                                                                                                       Period Closing
                'budget' year simultaneously before the prior year is closed.
                In year-end closing, allow the safekeeping of encumbrances by account code so as
                not to necessitate user to manually re-input encumbered balances to individual
   GL.P17                                                                                                       Period Closing
                account codes (should user decide not to close all year-end encumbrances out to a
                balance sheet account).
                Ability to close books and prepare predefined financial statements (including Income
   GL.P18       Statement, Balance Sheet, Budget to Actual, Trial Balance) and report for any month             Period Closing
                end and/or year end.
   GL.P19       Ability to permanently close a month/year.                                                      Period Closing
   GL.P20       Provide an adjustment period or 13 month for reconciling purposes .                             Period Closing
                System should create automatic accrual entries based on prior year payables and                 Period Closing
                other revenues associated with prior years.
                Ability to roll the encumbrance forward or void the encumbrance transaction and                 Period Closing
                release funds.
                Ability to define query parameters for certain financial reports and run reports on an          Period Closing
   GL.P23       ad hoc basis with the results automatically exported to Excel Report types: i.e. roll
                forward, detailed account analysis.
   GL.P24       Ability to attach notes to line items that do not reconcile.                                    Period Closing
                                                                                                           GL - REPORTING
                Ability to generate full trial balances at any time both below and above "fund" level
   GL.R1                                                                                                          Reporting
                with user defined aggregation.
                Provide for convenient user-selected retrieval and/or query of general ledger and                 Reporting
                budgetary information.
                Ability to access full account detail (beginning balance, all posting transactions with           Reporting
   GL.R3        complete description) from the beginning of the year. This detail should also be
                accessible by any accounting period.
                Ability to inquire online into any account balance and the ability to display balances            Reporting
                for a single account or for a range of accounts.

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  Exhibit A - General Ledger                                                                          City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                        Categories   Vendor Response     Response Description

                Provides on-line inquiry capabilities to all check information by fund and check GL - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                number, including status of check and date of activity.
                Conveniently display online and/or print individual journal entry transaction detail both   Reporting
   GL.R7        prior to posting the journal entry and after the journal entry is posted/updated to the
                general ledger.
                System should provide notification in the form of a transaction error listing to finance
                staff when a sub-ledger becomes out of balance with the General Ledger.

                System should provide on-line real-time notification to users if sub-ledger becomes              Reporting
                unbalanced with the General Ledger.
                Provide the ability to maintain, track and report on different legal entities that have          Reporting
                separate Federal ID numbers.
                System should provide General Ledger detail reports, sorted by account and system                Reporting
                user ordered by date.
                System should generate "Budget vs. Actual" budgetary basis reports for a user                    Reporting
                specified period.
   GL.R13       Ability to generate a cash flow statement and operating statements by fund.                      Reporting
   GL.R14       Ability to print a detailed general ledger by month with opening and closing totals.

                Ability to produce status/history reports that display budget/actual comparisons                 Reporting
                including the pre-encumbrance amount for each account.
                Ability to report a summary version of the general ledger, with total debits and credits         Reporting
   GL.R16       and ending balance, for that fund/account combination by accounting period for the
                entire fiscal year.
                Provide a year-to-date listing of the activity in any account, to be printed on any              Reporting
                system printer.
                                                                                                           GL - TREASURY
                Ability to automatically sweep cash bank accounts into a pooled investment account
   GL.T1        (Equity interest in Pooled Account); Aggregation of cash reported in multiple funds              Treasury
                using same bank account to facilitate bank reconciliation.

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   Exhibit A - Cash Management                                                                        City of Coppell                              Functional and Technical Requirements

Cash Management Requirements

 Requirement #                              Business/Technical Requirement                                       Categories      Vendor Response     Response Description

                                                                                                           CASH MANAGEMENT
                 System should provide a summary listing of transactions by fund for each Bank
     CM.1                                                                                                      Cash Management
                 Account. It should also sort by date and recognize the fiscal period.
     CM.2        Ability to export query information to Excel or similar spreadsheet software.                 Cash Management
     CM.3        Ability to post transactions by fiscal period.                                                Cash Management
     CM.4        System should review journal entries for duplicate entries.                                   Cash Management

     CM.5        The system should allow for identical check numbers from different payment sources.           Cash Management

     CM.6        Ability to void a transaction without needing to create the reversing journal entry(s).       Cash Management

                 Ability to cancel a check and then reissue the check without doubling the impact on
     CM.7                                                                                                      Cash Management
                 W2's or 1099's.
    CM.8         System should have the ability to tie bank accounts to specific account codes.                Cash Management
    CM.9         Ability to preview a journal entry before it is posted to the general ledger.                 Cash Management
    CM.10        Ability to generate the following lists:                                                      Cash Management
   CM.10.1             Beginning List of Outstanding Transactions.                                             Cash Management
   CM.10.2             Issued Transactions (EFT's, manual checks, checks, etc.).                               Cash Management
   CM.10.3             Voided Transactions                                                                     Cash Management
   CM.10.4             Cleared Transactions                                                                    Cash Management
   CM.10.5             Ending Outstanding List                                                                 Cash Management

    CM.11        Ability to query transactions or transaction amount by a specific date and data range.        Cash Management

                 System should provide a query that shows the beginning and ending balance for an
    CM.12                                                                                                      Cash Management
                 account along with any posted transactions.
    CM.13        System should allow the user to search on any field available for data entry.                 Cash Management
                 Provides a daily batch control report summarizing accepted, rejected, and prior activity
    CM.14        check reconciliation transactions from all sources of input with error messages, as well      Cash Management
                 as a user defined report sequence.

                 Provides for an error suspense report listing all items and actions taken against any of
    CM.15                                                                                                      Cash Management
                 the items with redeemed checks in suspense remaining until reconciled or adjusted.

                 System should perform bank reconciliation for trade payable and payroll disbursement
    CM.16        bank accounts in a similar and consistent manner using the same forms and data                Cash Management
                 System should create an editable transaction or an exception list of unmatched
    CM.17                                                                                                      Cash Management
                 transactions on deposits and checks.
                 System should automatically mark each transaction (deposit or payment) when the
    CM.18                                                                                                      Cash Management
                 transaction has cleared the bank.
    CM.19        System should provide the ability to clear and void checks manually.                          Cash Management
    CM.20        Ability to drill down into a transaction from summary to detail level.                        Cash Management
    CM.21        System should provide an audit trail for bank reconciliation transactions.                    Cash Management

    CM.22        System should not allow the user to perform a reconciliation action for a closed period.      Cash Management

                 System should provide the account distribution and bank code associated with each
    CM.23                                                                                                      Cash Management
                 reconciliation transaction.
    CM.24        System should utilize a bank code when reporting all reconciliation items.                    Cash Management
    CM.25        Ability to update status of bank transaction values including:                                Cash Management
   CM.25.1             Outstanding                                                                             Cash Management
   CM.25.2             Cleared                                                                                 Cash Management

                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 7
  Exhibit A - Cash Management                                                                          City of Coppell                         Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                     Categories      Vendor Response     Response Description

  CM.25.3             Stop payment and void                                                              MANAGEMENT
                                                                                                    CASH Cash Management
  CM.25.4             Returned                                                                           Cash Management
  CM.25.5             Void and reissue                                                                   Cash Management
  CM.25.6             Void no reissue                                                                    Cash Management
  CM.25.7             Funds returned                                                                     Cash Management
   CM.26        System should produce a list of exceptions for:                                          Cash Management
  CM.26.1             Check cleared, never issued.                                                       Cash Management
  CM.26.2             Check cleared, listed as voided.                                                   Cash Management
  CM.26.3             Check cleared under/over amount issued.                                            Cash Management
  CM.26.4             Check cleared on a stop payment.                                                   Cash Management
  CM.26.5             Check cleared, stale-dated.                                                        Cash Management
                Ability to download (payroll, credit card, checks, investments) bank statements from
   CM.27        bank, upload into financial system, and match automatically and provide a list of        Cash Management
                exceptions that can be manually reconciled.
   CM.28        Ability to link multiple bank accounts to a single general ledger "cash" account.        Cash Management

                Provide real-time monitoring and alerts of account balances with the ability to set
   CM.29                                                                                                   Cash Management
                minimum and maximum balances which result in alerts to pre-determined users.

                Ability to identify the payment type in AP (ACH, Check, Wire) and make the appropriate
   CM.30                                                                                                   Cash Management
                transactions with approval.

   CM.31        Ability to make a free-form wire transfer that is controlled by an approval process.       Cash Management

                                                                                                                                                                             Page 8
    Exhibit A - Budgeting                                                                              City of Coppell                     Functional and Technical Requirements

Budget Requirements

  Requirement #                          Business/Technical Requirement                                    Category      Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                      BUDGET - BUDGET ENTRY
                  Ability to justify purpose, benefits, summary of positions for new and existing
     BU.BE1                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  Ability to submit work plans with budgets and assign key areas to
     BU.BE2                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  corresponding budget items.

     BU.BE3       Ability to access all necessary information from one page for each line item.           Budget Entry

                  Ability to create operating, capital and revenue budgets at various account
     BU.BE4                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  Ability to alter a budget and maintain the original and all subsequent versions of
     BU.BE5                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  the budget.

                  System should provide for changes to the active approved version of the
     BU.BE6                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  budget to be made on either a line item, an enhancement or a mass basis

                  Ability to determine and apply the cost allocation for internal service funds and
     BU.BE7                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  administrative services.

     BU.BE8       Ability to enter justification and comments to the system as changes are made.          Budget Entry

                  Ability for department to include mission, goals, objectives, achievements,
     BU.BE9       narrative summary, departmental narrative, major changes and performance                Budget Entry
                  measures related to their specific budget.

                  Ability to enter budget transfers on a real-time basis which when approved are
    BU.BE10                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  available immediately in the general ledger and on an account inquiry screen.

                  Ability for budget module to include at least six user-defined input fields such
    BU.BE11                                                                                               Budget Entry
   BU.BE11.1            Two years prior actual                                                            Budget Entry
   BU.BE11.2            Prior year actual                                                                 Budget Entry
   BU.BE11.3            Current year-to-date actual                                                       Budget Entry
   BU.BE11.4            Current year adopted budget                                                       Budget Entry
   BU.BE11.5            Current year projection                                                           Budget Entry
   BU.BE11.6            Department current year projection                                                Budget Entry
   BU.BE11.7            Adopted budget                                                                    Budget Entry
   BU.BE11.8            Five year budget projection
                  Provide ability to transfer salary and benefit costs electronically to the budget
    BU.BE12                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  module from the payroll/personnel module.
                  Ability to follow Capital projects and budget multi-year projects as follows: Once
    BU.BE13       a capital project is entered into the system it remains in/ rolls forward for each      Budget Entry
                  year's budget until the project is completed.
    BU.BE14       Ability to perform reallocation and tracking of budgets by fund number.                 Budget Entry

                  Ability to perform user-defined allocations for payments (reimbursements) to
    BU.BE15                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  various funding categories for state and federal reimbursements.

                  Ability to allocate overhead and administration costs to departments, cost
    BU.BE16                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  centers, programs, and sub-program levels automatically.
    BU.BE17       Ability to budget at object and sub object level.                                       Budget Entry
                  Ability to accommodate the transfer of funds between budgeted line items by
    BU.BE18                                                                                               Budget Entry
                  authorized user within defined parameters

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 9
  Exhibit A - Budgeting                                                                              City of Coppell                    Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                          Business/Technical Requirement                                   Category      Vendor Response   Response Description

                Ability to provide on-line approval of proposed budgetary transactions, such as BUDGET - BUDGET ENTRY
  BU.BE19                                                                                           Budget Entry
                transfers and amendments, after budget adoption
                Ability to have stages in the budget process, by which forms progress
  BU.BE20       throughout the process. Beginning with initial entry and submission and ending      Budget Entry
                with CC approval.
                Ability to use on-line entry templates/forms. i.e., budget transfer request
  BU.BE21                                                                                           Budget Entry
                (appropriations), with the ability to go to the lowest org levels.
                System to generate list of all authorized positions totaled by department, fund,
  BU.BE22                                                                                           Budget Entry
                and citywide
                System to have ability for initial input of benefit rates on all benefit codes for
  BU.BE23                                                                                           Budget Entry
                new year budget by authorized user.
                System to have ability for initial input of workers' compensation rates on each
  BU.BE24                                                                                           Budget Entry
                position classification for new year budget by authorized user.
                Ability to enter projected benefit rates for plan years beginning on a date
  BU.BE25                                                                                           Budget Entry
                determined by user (fixed date, anniversary date, etc.)
                Ability to allow the rollover of selected budget lines and amounts, or all budget
  BU.BE26       lines into the new fiscal year and adjustment of appropriate spending               Budget Entry
                allocations and encumbrance balances.
                Ability to allow multiple users across the enterprise to enter required base
  BU.BE27       budget and requests for new funding information for on-line budget                     Budget Entry
  BU.BE28       Ability for budget office to define input fields which are mandatory.                  Budget Entry
                Ability to provide dollar and percentage change techniques by budget line item
  BU.BE29                                                                                              Budget Entry
                or line item group to simplify budget preparation.
                Ability to annotate changes/adjustments to budget request values. (i.e.
  BU.BE30                                                                                              Budget Entry
                Development of indirect cost values compared to indirect cost study)

                Ability for departments to provide supplemental detail information on specific
  BU.BE31                                                                                              Budget Entry
                expense codes (e.g.. Request for travel, training, special services)

                Ability to link total supplemental detail information directly to base budget
  BU.BE32                                                                                              Budget Entry
                Ability to request "base" budget (continuation of current service levels at
  BU.BE33                                                                                              Budget Entry
                prescribed target number)

  BU.BE34       Ability to request additional funding for base budget, "adjustments to base"           Budget Entry

                Ability to request additional funding for the new services or programs referred to
  BU.BE35                                                                                              Budget Entry
                as "new programs" or "supplemental" requests
  BU.BE36       Ability to create 5 year supplemental program projections
                Ability to calculate salaries and benefits on positions requested for items
  BU.BE37                                                                                              Budget Entry
                requested, if any.
                Ability to create summary reports of all requests for additional funds detailing
  BU.BE38                                                                                              Budget Entry
                requested, net amounts and status.

  BU.BE39       Ability to provide template for departmental use in requesting new funding.            Budget Entry

                Ability for budget office to modify calculations at individual revenue
  BU.BE40                                                                                              Budget Entry
                source/expenditure code level and globally.

                Ability to record all approved requests for additional funding by budgeted
  BU.BE41                                                                                              Budget Entry
                division with date, comment, positions authorized and funding amounts.

                Ability for Departments to project revenues for the current year and five future
  BU.BE42                                                                                              Budget Entry
                years. Including "what if" analysis by account w/in funds.

                                                                                                                                                                     Page 10
  Exhibit A - Budgeting                                                                            City of Coppell                     Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                         Business/Technical Requirement                                   Category      Vendor Response   Response Description

                Provide the ability to create revenue models for forecasting future year revenue BUDGET - BUDGET ENTRY
  BU.BE43                                                                                            Budget Entry
                budget projections.
  BU.BE44       Ability to create budget requests at roll-up levels as defined by user.              Budget Entry
                Ability to verify transfers to/from internal service, enterprise/special revenue
  BU.BE45                                                                                            Budget Entry
                funds match departmental values.
                Ability to link budgets for revenues/expenditures between internal service funds
  BU.BE46                                                                                            Budget Entry
                and customer departments.
                Ability to modify Human Resources data to adjust for newly authorized positions
  BU.BE47                                                                                            Budget Entry
                and deleted positions.
                Ability to manipulate position data by city-wide, fund, department, program or
  BU.BE48                                                                                            Budget Entry
                budgeted division summary levels.
  BU.BE49       Allow for what-if scenarios on an ad hoc basis by the budget office.                 Budget Entry
                Ability to perform a variety of revenue, expenditure, and fund balance
  BU.BE50                                                                                            Budget Entry
                forecasting including the ability to perform fee analysis.
                Ability to compute "what if" scenarios using actual budget data or adjusted
  BU.BE51       budget data compared to actual expenditure data or adjusted expenditure data         Budget Entry
                in any combination.
                Ability to do forecasting that allows several projections to run at the same time
  BU.BE52                                                                                            Budget Entry
                and on a recurring basis.
                Allow for automatic implementation of a 'what-if' scenario once approved. (i.e..
  BU.BE53       Scenario data should adjust budget development values without further input          Budget Entry
                from the budget office.)

                System to create new year expenditure, revenue and transfer budgets,
  BU.BE54                                                                                             Budget Entry
                including all appropriation units, funds, budgeted divisions, etc. as necessary.

                System to create operating positions (i.e. fund balance) for all funds showing
  BU.BE55       prior-year actual, current-year budgets, current-year estimates, and new-year         Budget Entry
                expenditure, revenue and transfer budgets.
                Ability to modify Human Resources data to adjust for newly authorized positions
  BU.BE56                                                                                             Budget Entry
                and deleted positions.
                                                                                                   BUDGET - EVALUATION
   BU.EV1       Ability to provide real time data at department level.                                 Evaluation
                Ability to perform what if analysis on personnel costs, revenue and expense
   BU.EV2                                                                                              Evaluation
                levels at a centralized and departmental level.
                Ability to calculate the vacancy rate and dollars saved from the vacant
   BU.EV3                                                                                              Evaluation
                Ability to provide centralized monitoring of spending, budget preparation
   BU.EV4                                                                                              Evaluation
                process, and available balances.
                System to maintain historical actual and budgeted values on revenues and
   BU.EV5                                                                                              Evaluation
                expended amounts for a minimum of three to five years
                System to have ability to update data with prior year actual expense and
   BU.EV6       revenue values once they become available. (Year-End Budget Analysis                   Evaluation
                Ability for the budget office to view information on personnel and vacant
   BU.EV7                                                                                              Evaluation
                positions as desired.
                                                                                                   BUDGET - REPORTING
   BU.RP1       Ability to report revenue and expenditure summaries at fund level.                     Reporting
   BU.RP2       Ability to generate fund level reports.                                                Reporting

                System should create a report in summary for base budget, increase/decrease
   BU.RP3                                                                                              Reporting
                in base budget, deletions and additions to each program at a summary level.

                                                                                                                                                                    Page 11
  Exhibit A - Budgeting                                                                                City of Coppell                       Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                          Business/Technical Requirement                                       Category       Vendor Response   Response Description

   BU.RP4       Ability to print a report of all budget changes after budget adoption.                 BUDGET - BUDGET ENTRY
                Ability to view expense and revenue budget on-line detailing budget, year to
   BU.RP5       date expenditures, encumbered amounts and variance in percent and dollar                    Reporting
                values, with history for three years
                Ability to identify variances between payment requests, encumbrances and
   BU.RP6                                                                                                   Reporting
                contracts, and process based on predefined user criteria.
                Ability to create ad hoc budget reports to view budget versus actual at the
   BU.RP7                                                                                                   Reporting
                following levels:
  BU.RP7.1            Fund                                                                                  Reporting
  BU.RP7.2            Department current year projection                                                    Reporting
  BU.RP7.3            Division                                                                              Reporting
  BU.RP7.4            Object Code                                                                           Reporting
  BU.RP7.5            Activity                                                                              Reporting
  BU.RP7.6            Project                                                                               Reporting
   BU.RP8       System to generate list of new positions added to the budget                                Reporting
                                                                                                          BUDGET - SETUP
   BU.SE1       Ability to prevent data entry duplication.                                                   Setup
   BU.SE2       The budget model should interface to the HR position control.                                Setup

   BU.SE3       The system should allow only one person to edit budget line item at a time.                  Setup

   BU.SE4       Ability to attach files (PDF., Excel, etc.).                                                 Setup
   BU.SE5       Ability to display graphics for each line item.                                              Setup
                System should provide review only capability (dependent on system security) to
   BU.SE6                                                                                                    Setup
                individuals for viewing the current working budget.
   BU.SE7       Ability to budget by fiscal year, multi-year or project length.                              Setup

                System should require that all changes to the final approved budget should be
   BU.SE8                                                                                                    Setup
                input as balanced transactions and maintained in the general ledger.

                Ability to transfer budgetary data from any budget version into the general
   BU.SE9                                                                                                    Setup
                ledger for financial reporting purposes.
                Ability to consolidate budgets for multiple levels of reporting -- funds,
  BU.SE10                                                                                                    Setup
                departments, projects.

                Ability to input an account number and scroll to the next consecutive account
  BU.SE11                                                                                                    Setup
                number(s) until the department or activity number changes (at a minimum).

                Ability to identify accounts with budgetary balances that meet criteria for being
  BU.SE12                                                                                                    Setup
                carried forward to the next fiscal period.

                Ability to identify budgets by original budget, first revised budget, second
  BU.SE13                                                                                                    Setup
                revised budget and third revised budget to track amendments after adoption.

                Ability to track the original amount, current amount, payments made, and
  BU.SE14                                                                                                    Setup
                remaining balance for an encumbrance.
                Ability to set spending controls relating to funds available for expenditures.
  BU.SE15       Controls options should allow controls at varying levels, i.e. at line item level or         Setup
                appropriation level.
                Ability to permit the modification of encumbrances (e.g., increase, decrease, or
  BU.SE16                                                                                                    Setup
                cancel) and produce an audit trail of the transaction.
                Ability to allow for pre-encumbrance and/or encumbrance before a contract or
  BU.SE17                                                                                                    Setup
                purchase order is awarded.
                Ability to require or not require expenditures/encumbrances to stay within a line
  BU.SE18                                                                                                    Setup
                item budget for selected line items, cost centers, or funds

                                                                                                                                                                          Page 12
  Exhibit A - Budgeting                                                                              City of Coppell                       Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                          Business/Technical Requirement                                     Category       Vendor Response   Response Description

                System to have ability to update data with prior year actual expense and             BUDGET - BUDGET ENTRY
  BU.SE19       revenue values once they become available. (Year-End Budget Analysis                       Setup
                Allow departments to view updated, current values of their budget development
                only at such times as determined by the budget office. (i.e. Budget scenarios
  BU.SE20                                                                                                   Setup
                may be input prior to the budget office wishing dissemination of sensitive
                Ability to control modification to approved budgeted values. (adding budget
  BU.SE21                                                                                                   Setup
                lines, transferring budget amounts)
                                                                                                      BUDGET - WORKFLOW
                System should provide an approval process with comments for changes to the
  BU.WF1                                                                                                  Workflow
                original approved budget and track revisions.
                                                                                            BUDGET - ACTIVITY BASED BUDGETING
                                                                                                        Activity Based
   BU.AB1       Ability to integrate multiple systems to facilitate flow of information b/w depts.
                                                                                                        Activity Based
   BU.AB2       Ability to connect City Manager performance metrics to budget document.
                                                                                                        Activity Based
   BU.AB3       Ability to accommodate future move to program budgeting.

                Ability to enter new programs for budget consideration with justification.
                                                                                                        Activity Based
   BU.AB4       Program functionality should integrate with the line item budget level. If
                unapproved, the program funds should be extracted from the line item budget.

                Ability to create and assign performance measures to data elements                      Activity Based
                (organizations, funds, programs) and to enter the actual performance values.             Budgeting

                                                                                                                                                                        Page 13
Exhibit A - Accounts Payable                                                                              City of Coppell                               Functional and Technical Requirements

   Accounts Payable Requirements
    Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                       Category                     Response Description
                                                                                                                    AP - 1099
       AP.TN1       Ability to keep 1099 history when a vendor changes its federal id.                                1099
                    System should load all financial transactions into the 1099 history file for vendors that
       AP.TN2                                                                                                         1099
                    are flagged as 1099 vendors.
                    Ability to cancel and re-issue payments and have the 1099 history file updated
       AP.TN3                                                                                                         1099
       AP.TN4       System should update the vendors 1099 totals after each payment is made.                           1099
       AP.TN5       Ability to produce the final 1099's in electronic and printed (IRS) format.                        1099
                                                                                                                AP - Invoice Entry

       AP.IE1       Ability to receive electronic invoices which can be uploaded into the system.                 Invoice Entry

                    Provide the ability to upload purchase order data from the purchasing module to
       AP.IE2                                                                                                     Invoice Entry
                    speed the data entry process of the invoice.
       AP.IE3       Ability to generate payables based upon date range.                                           Invoice Entry
       AP.IE4       Ability to scan invoices and attach to invoice voucher.                                       Invoice Entry
       AP.IE5       Ability to receive invoices electronically from the vendor.                                   Invoice Entry
                    Payables system should record the invoice date, invoice entry date, the date the
       AP.IE6                                                                                                     Invoice Entry
                    payables voucher is created and the payment date.
       AP.IE7       Ability for the system to contain an unlimited number of lines for an invoice.                Invoice Entry
                    System should allow users to place an invoice on hold by using a user defined hold
       AP.IE8                                                                                                     Invoice Entry

       AP.IE9       Allow for the creation of account distributions for payment of recurring invoices.            Invoice Entry

                    System should match the invoice to the purchase order automatically, but allow for a
       AP.IE10                                                                                                    Invoice Entry
                    rematch if not correct.

       AP.IE11      System match should upload the account information from the purchase order.                   Invoice Entry

       AP.IE12      Ability to change the payment terms within the payables system for a single invoice.          Invoice Entry

                    Ability to enter an invoice without a purchase order and then go back tie that invoice
       AP.IE13                                                                                                    Invoice Entry
                    to a purchase order number after it is determined.
                    Ability to allow over receipt tolerances based on the tolerance set in place by the
       AP.IE14                                                                                                    Invoice Entry
                    City's business rules.
                    Ability to assign a purchase order or invoice distribution to one or more projects/grant
       AP.IE15                                                                                                    Invoice Entry
                    funding sources.
       AP.IE16      Ability to quickly process recurring invoices.                                                Invoice Entry
                    Ability to enter invoices for prior open periods, the current period and/or future
       AP.IE17                                                                                                    Invoice Entry
                    Ability to enter credit memos and have these deducted from the next payment to that
       AP.IE18                                                                                                    Invoice Entry
                                                                                                                AP - Notifications
       AP.NO1       Provide alerts for:                                                                           Notifications
      AP.NO1.1             Purchase order and invoice order quantity do not match.                                Notifications
                           Notification of changes to the Purchase Order after approval to the initiator and
      AP.NO1.2                                                                                                    Notifications
       AP.NO2       Ability to make EFT/ACH wire transfer as form of payment                                      Notifications
       AP.NO3       System should alert the user when entering a duplicate invoice.                               Notifications
                    Alert User Department via e-mail when an invoice approaches 30 days without being
       AP.NO4                                                                                                     Notifications
                    matched to a purchase order.
       AP.NO5       System messages should clearly indicate why the invoice is on hold.                           Notifications

                                                                                                                                                                                     Page 14
Exhibit A - Accounts Payable                                                                                City of Coppell                        Functional and Technical Requirements

    Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                     Category                  Response Description
                                                                                                               APAP - 1099
                                                                                                                  - Payments
       AP.PA1       Ability to group multiple invoices to a single vendor onto a single payment.                Payments
                    Ability to print checks onto a blank paper check format, including the attaching of the
       AP.PA2                                                                                                   Payments
                    MICR and check signatures.
       AP.PA3       Ability to make partial payments on an invoice.                                             Payments
       AP.PA4       System should allow for multiple invoices for one purchase order.                           Payments
                    Ability to place a payment voucher on hold and not select that voucher for payment
       AP.PA5                                                                                                   Payments
                    unit the hold has been released.
                    System should assign a payment date based upon the payment terms on the vendor
       AP.PA6                                                                                                   Payments
                    or if different, the invoice.
       AP.PA7       Ability to provide support for multiple bank accounts.                                      Payments
                    Ability to support the issuance of manual checks - (ad hoc, on-line, or anytime) and
       AP.PA8                                                                                                   Payments
                    update the system at issuance.
       AP.PA9       Ability to auto select payments by the discounts available.                                 Payments
                    System should allow for separate simultaneous check runs for specific funds, bank
       AP.PA10                                                                                                  Payments
                    accounts and organizations.
       AP.PA11      Ability to post a hand written check into the payables system.                              Payments

                    Ability to void a check and reopen the associated document and repay. When doing
       AP.PA12                                                                                                  Payments
                    this, the system should make all required financial journal entries.

       AP.PA13      System should provide the ability to transmit positive pay information to a bank.           Payments

                    System should allow for the generation of separate checks for a single
       AP.PA14                                                                                                  Payments
                    vendor/voucher when required.
                    System should maintain a record of the last check number used, which can be
       AP.PA15      overridden to accommodate manual checks written since the last check run with               Payments
                    appropriate authorization.
                    System should accommodate the processing of payment vouchers in a batch mode
       AP.PA16                                                                                                  Payments
                    or on-line mode.

                    Ability to print overflow information on standard blank paper or on successive checks
       AP.PA17                                                                                                  Payments
                    with each check, other than the first being voided and noted with the word void.

                                                                                                               AP - Reporting
                    System should track the payment cycle time for all invoices or a specific invoice for a
       AP.RP1                                                                                                    Reporting
                    user defined date range.
       AP.RP2       Ability to query payment history by vendor.                                                  Reporting
       AP.RP3       System should provide a detailed listing of unpaid invoices. Required fields include:        Reporting
      AP.RP3.1             Age of the invoice                                                                    Reporting
      AP.RP3.2             Date of the invoice                                                                   Reporting
      AP.RP3.3             Date of the entry                                                                     Reporting
      AP.RP3.4             Dollar amount                                                                         Reporting
      AP.RP3.5             Status                                                                                Reporting
       AP.RP4       Ability to query payment history by the following:                                           Reporting
      AP.RP4.1             Vendor                                                                                Reporting
      AP.RP4.2             Invoice                                                                               Reporting
      AP.RP4.3             Payment Voucher                                                                       Reporting
      AP.RP4.4             Pay Date                                                                              Reporting
      AP.RP4.5             Account String                                                                        Reporting
      AP.RP4.6             Purchase Order                                                                        Reporting
      AP.RP4.7             Receiver                                                                              Reporting
      AP.RP4.8             Check Number                                                                          Reporting

                                                                                                                                                                                Page 15
Exhibit A - Accounts Payable                                                                                 City of Coppell                             Functional and Technical Requirements

    Requirement #                               Business/Technical Requirement                                       Category                    Response Description
                                                                                                                     AP - 1099
                    Ability to view the expense budget lines of departments within the payables module in
       AP.RP5                                                                                                        Reporting
                    case an error appears when completing a payment voucher.

                    Ability to run a report or view a screen on discounts taken/lost by each Accounts
       AP.RP6                                                                                                        Reporting
                    Payable Technician within any given period.

                    Ability to run a report or view a screen for any payment vouchers entered for a certain
       AP.RP7                                                                                                        Reporting
                    docket period that were not approved and updated to the system.

                    Ability to generate a report or a query to provide performance statistics on payables
       AP.RP8                                                                                                        Reporting
                    staff. The following data should be available:
      AP.RP8.1             Number of Invoices Entered                                                                Reporting
      AP.RP8.2             Vouchers Paid                                                                             Reporting
      AP.RP8.3             Number of Invoices per Voucher                                                            Reporting
       AP.RP9       Ability to produce a check register for a user defined period.                                   Reporting
      AP.RP10       Ability to generate an aging report.                                                             Reporting
                                                                                                                  AP - Self Service
                    Ability to have vendors check payment status online through a vendor self-service
       AP.SS1                                                                                                       Self-Service
                    application portal.
                    Ability to have the vendor register online and then have procurement staff approve
       AP.SS2       the entry. Vendor should be able to select the NIGP category codes they can propose             Self-Service
                                                                                                                     AP - Setup
       AP.SE1       Ability to set prompt when invoice has not been paid in x days                                     Setup
       AP.SE2       Ability to have a flag for refunds that ties to utility billing credit history                     Setup

                    Ability to do generate refund checks in Accounts Payable for other source systems
       AP.SE3                                                                                                          Setup
                    including: water billing, municipal courts and parks recreation software.

       AP.SE4       System should keep closed invoices for a minimum of five (5) years.                                Setup
                    Ability to create a custom numbering scheme for different types of system documents
       AP.SE5       (purchase order, requisitions, payment vouchers) that then utilizes next available                 Setup
                    Ability for the system to track all changes made by modification on an invoice and
       AP.SE6                                                                                                          Setup
                    payment voucher.
                    System should be integrated with general ledger, purchasing, grants, projects and
       AP.SE7                                                                                                          Setup
                    fixed asset subsystems.
                    System should provide the ability to batch and send journal entries to the general
       AP.SE8                                                                                                          Setup
                    System should provide for budgetary control when entering and approving an
       AP.SE9                                                                                                          Setup
                    invoice/payment voucher for payment.
                    Ability to enter notes/comments to an invoice. The field should have unlimited space
       AP.SE10                                                                                                         Setup
                    that could be edited at any time.
       AP.SE11      System should support 2-way, 3-way and 4-way matching.                                             Setup
       AP.SE12      Ability to provide price tolerance matching.                                                       Setup

       AP.SE13      Ability to create and enter text in a user defined field that will print on the check stub.        Setup

                    Security to prevent the creation of purchasing and payables documents and checks
       AP.SE14                                                                                                         Setup
                    except by authorization as defined by the City's business rules.

       AP.SE15      Ability to restrict access to vendor tables to authorized personnel only.                          Setup
       AP.SE16      Ability to compare vendor file with employee file to determine matches.                            Setup

                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 16
Exhibit A - Accounts Payable                                                                            City of Coppell                        Functional and Technical Requirements

    Requirement #                            Business/Technical Requirement                                   Category                 Response Description
                                                                                                               AP Vendor
                                                                                                              AP - - 1099
       AP.VE1       System should store the vendor's TIN number in the vendor file.                            Vendor
                    Ability to merge two or more vendors into a single vendor retaining all previous
       AP.VE2                                                                                                  Vendor
                    vendor history.
       AP.VE3       Ability to store the following attributes related to a vendor:                             Vendor
      AP.VE3.1             Employee Flag                                                                       Vendor
      AP.VE3.2             1099 Vendor                                                                         Vendor
      AP.VE3.3             Small Business                                                                      Vendor
      AP.VE3.4             Coppell Business                                                                    Vendor
      AP.VE3.5             M/WBE Status Indicator                                                              Vendor
      AP.VE3.6             Desire for EFT                                                                      Vendor
      AP.VE3.7             Bank Account and Bank Routing Information                                           Vendor
      AP.VE3.8             Name of Bank                                                                        Vendor
      AP.VE3.9             Alternate Name for 1099 Purposes.                                                   Vendor
      AP.VE3.10            NIGP Commodity Class and Item                                                       Vendor
      AP.VE3.11            E-mail address (multiple)                                                           Vendor
      AP.VE3.12            Address                                                                             Vendor
      AP.VE3.13            Contact Information                                                                 Vendor
      AP.VE3.14            Phone Number                                                                        Vendor
      AP.VE3.15            Fax Number                                                                          Vendor
       AP.VE4       Ability to enter notes related to the vendor.                                              Vendor
       AP.VE5       Ability to place a vendor on hold from purchase and payment.                               Vendor
       AP.VE6       Ability to store multiple remit-to and order-to addresses for a single vendor.             Vendor

       AP.VE7       Ability to enter one-time vendors and vendor addresses within the vendor table or list.    Vendor

       AP.VE8       Ability to restrict departments to specified vendors.                                      Vendor
                    Ability to add, change or delete vendor master file records with appropriate security
       AP.VE9                                                                                                  Vendor
                    and audit stamp showing who made the change.

                                                                                                                                                                            Page 17
  Exhibit A - Accounts Receivable                                                                 City of Coppell                  Functional and Technical Requirements

Accounts Receivable Requirements
Requirement #                       Business/Technical Requirement                             Category                      Response Description
                                                                                                       AR - Adjustment
                Ability to modify and edit an invoice that has not been posted within any
   AR.AD1                                                                                      Adjustment
                open fiscal period.
   AR.AD2       Ability to track adjustments to invoices.                                      Adjustment

   AR.AD3       Ability to reopen an invoice if payment or adjustment closed it in error.      Adjustment

                                                                                                           AR - Billing
   AR.BI1       Provide the ability to bill for the following:                                   Billing
  AR.BI1.1             Construction type                                                         Billing
  AR.BI1.2             Items                                                                     Billing
  AR.BI1.3             Hours                                                                     Billing
  AR.BI1.4             Services                                                                  Billing
  AR.BI1.5             Rent                                                                      Billing
  AR.BI1.6             Deposits/Refunds                                                          Billing
                Provide the ability to enter hours based on rules of set
   AR.BI2                                                                                        Billing
   AR.BI3       Provide the ability to issue statements per customer.                            Billing
                Provide the ability to enter rate information for future effective dates of
   AR.BI4       an agreement and have the system change the bill rate in a future period         Billing
                based upon the effective date of the rate.
   AR.BI5       Provide the ability to add detail to charge description on an invoice.           Billing
                Provide the ability to enter multiple descriptions with a field length long
   AR.BI6                                                                                        Billing
                enough to handle appropriate details.
   AR.BI7       Ability to record sales tax as a revenue source or as a payable.                 Billing
                Ability to calculate late payment fees and record to separate account
   AR.BI8                                                                                        Billing
                Ability to generate invoices and statements to customers on a job cost or
   AR.BI9                                                                                        Billing
                statistical basis.
                Provide the ability to bill based on various configurable job costing
   AR.BI10                                                                                       Billing
                The ability to generate invoices at a summary, contract or detail level for
   AR.BI11                                                                                       Billing
                a customer/provider.
                Ability to utilize monthly, quarterly, annually, semi-annually and annual
   AR.BI12                                                                                       Billing
                billing cycles or other user defined basis.
                Ability to enter contract start and end dates, renewal dates, rates and
   AR.BI13      other information at the header level and have that data cascade down            Billing
                to an individual line level.
                Ability to invoice in advance or arrears. Ability to note the billing period
   AR.BI14      effective date on the charge or on the invoice, and establish the                Billing
                transaction with the proper fiscal month.
                Ability to automatically generate a statement based on the invoices
   AR.BI15                                                                                       Billing
                System should automatically assign a unique invoice number when a
   AR.BI16                                                                                       Billing
                new invoice is created.
                System allows on-line editing and validation of receipt amounts and
   AR.BI17                                                                                       Billing
                batch totals.
   AR.BI18      Ability to calculate penalties based on flat rate or percentage.                 Billing
                Ability to select which customer is subject to penalty calculations, by
   AR.BI19                                                                                       Billing
                customer or line item.

                                                                                                                                                                Page 18
 Exhibit A - Accounts Receivable                                                                     City of Coppell                     Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                       Business/Technical Requirement                                 Category                        Response Description
   AR.BI20      System should be able to reprint statements and invoices.                           BillingAR - Adjustment

   AR.BI21      Ability to mark a billing as the final billing for a specific project by agency.    Billing

   AR.BI22      Ability to provide for either invoice or statement generation.                      Billing
   AR.BI23      Ability to bill by type of charge and/or type of customer.                          Billing
   AR.BI24      Ability to assess late charges and penalties.                                       Billing
   AR.BI25      Provide the ability to generate electronic invoices                                 Billing
   AR.BI26      Send invoices to all customers through an e-billing function.                       Billing
                                                                                                    AR - Financials Integration
   AR.FI1                                                                                      Financials Integration
                Provide the ability to interface with General Ledger and assign more than two account numbers to that interface.
   AR.FI2       Provide the ability to integrate with central cash system.
   AR.FI3       Provide the ability to automatically create GL JE's.
                System should post receivables into the appropriate fiscal period in the            Financials
                general ledger.                                                                     Integration
   AR.FI5       Ability to utilize a revenue account distribution for a payables transaction.
                Ability to track billed and collected amounts for each Accounts                     Financials
                Receivable subsidiary account and its related source.                               Integration
                Ability to track billings to obligations and track collections against current      Financials
                billings.                                                                           Integration
   AR.FI8       Ability to provide unlimited user-defined accounting distributions.
                Ability to provide for refund checks from Accounts Receivable to                    Financials
                Accounts Payable.                                                                   Integration
                                                                                                              AR - Interface
   AR.IF1       Automate the electronic input of debits/credits.                                   Interface
                Provide the ability to receive data from other systems and generate an
   AR.IF2                                                                                          Interface
                invoice or issue a bill.
   AR.IF3       Ability to utilize Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EPPS).                 Interface
                Ability to receive ACH and Feeder batches within the receivables
   AR.IF4                                                                                          Interface
                                                                                                              AR - Payment
   AR.PY1       Provide the ability to generate and print a customer receipt.                      Payment
   AR.PY2       Ability to accept miscellaneous cash receipts.                                     Payment
   AR.PY3       Ability to accept credit card transactions.                                        Payment
   AR.PY4       Ability to accept payments through the Internet.                                   Payment
   AR.PY5       Provide a web-based payment option                                                 Payment

                Ability to automatically generate an e-mail upon entry of an EFT cash
   AR.PY6                                                                                          Payment
                receipt notifying the originator of the entry and the coding used.

   AR.PY7       Ability to select fiscal period for receipt of cash into the system.               Payment
                Ability to post to the full dollar amount of an invoice or post at the line
   AR.PY8                                                                                          Payment
                level of an invoice.
                Ability to record check detail and cash detail when entering a cash
   AR.PY9                                                                                          Payment
                receipt into the system.
  AR.PY10       Ability to accept partial payments or over-payments for an invoice.                Payment
                System should separate system billed receivables from non-billed cash
  AR.PY11                                                                                          Payment
  AR.PY12       Ability to have the customer number on a cash receipt transaction.                 Payment

                                                                                                                                                                      Page 19
 Exhibit A - Accounts Receivable                                                                    City of Coppell                   Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                      Business/Technical Requirement                                 Category                      Response Description
                                                                                                         AR - -Adjustment
                                                                                                          AR Reporting
   AR.RP1       Provide a receivable aging report.                                                Reporting
   AR.RP2       Ability to track deferred revenue by customer.                                    Reporting
   AR.RP3       Ability to review invoice history for a line at the following levels:             Reporting
  AR.RP3.1             Customer                                                                   Reporting
  AR.RP3.2             Invoice                                                                    Reporting
  AR.RP3.3             Invoice line item                                                          Reporting
  AR.RP3.4             Invoice charges                                                            Reporting
  AR.RP3.5             Payments                                                                   Reporting
  AR.RP3.6             Adjustments                                                                Reporting
                Ability to query line item charges by date or date range and provide a
   AR.RP4                                                                                         Reporting
                notification for expiring contracts.

                System should provide a report that shows the deferred revenue and the
   AR.RP5                                                                                         Reporting
                amount taken out to pay an invoice with the remaining balances.

   AR.RP6       System should display deferred revenue as part of statement.                      Reporting
                System should allow a user to query on a provider/customer, invoice,
   AR.RP7                                                                                         Reporting
                date, check numbers, invoice number.
   AR.RP8       Ability to generate an aging report using user defined criteria.                  Reporting
                System allows the generation of statements for an individual customer or
   AR.RP9                                                                                         Reporting
                for a group of customers.
  AR.RP10       Ability to perform revenue forecasting.                                           Reporting
                Ability to identify overpayment situations with contractors and provide
  AR.RP11                                                                                         Reporting
                billing information to the Accounts Receivable system.
                Ability to produce periodic reminder letters and aging reports for all
  AR.RP12                                                                                         Reporting
  AR.RP13       Ability to track payments throughout their processing cycle.                      Reporting
                Ability to provide on-line query of account status on detail charges and
  AR.RP14                                                                                         Reporting
  AR.RP15       Ability to identify accounts sent to collection agencies.                         Reporting
                Ability to generate aging reports which query for payments 30, 60, and
  AR.RP16                                                                                         Reporting
                90 days late.
                Ability to provide complete on-line and hard copy reporting of Accounts
  AR.RP17                                                                                         Reporting
                Receivable activity and aging.
                Ability to allow for on-line inquiry and hard copy reporting of all Accounts
  AR.RP18                                                                                         Reporting
                Receivable by fund, organization, account and program.
                Ability to generate reports by vendor, vendor #, fund, account,
  AR.RP19                                                                                         Reporting
                organization and year.
                                                                                                       AR - Security & Audit
                System should provide document version control to track changes to an
   AR.SA1       invoice. The system should also allow the user to view, but not edit           Security & Audit
                previous versions.
                System should provide a report that details the audit trail for changes
   AR.SA2                                                                                      Security & Audit
                made to a contract at any level.

                                                                                                                                                                   Page 20
 Exhibit A - Accounts Receivable                                                                     City of Coppell                 Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                      Business/Technical Requirement                                  Category                    Response Description
                                                                                                         AR - Adjustment
                                                                                                          AR - System
   AR.SY1       Provide templates for different types of invoices based on what is being billed.   System
                Enable standard fields to be validated against a pre-completed lists of
   AR.SY2                                                                                          System
                values to ensure uniformity of data entry.
                Provide customer merge functionality and track when customer
   AR.SY3                                                                                          System
                information has changed.
                Provide the ability to schedule the run of the invoice process or run the
   AR.SY4                                                                                          System
                process on demand.
   AR.SY5       Provide the ability to approve documents in groups.                                System
                Ability to image a source document associated with the cash receipt
   AR.SY6                                                                                          System
                System allows for batch or interactive processing for the creation of
   AR.SY7                                                                                          System
                System allows for the creation of templates to speed entry of recurring or
   AR.SY8                                                                                          System
                common receivables invoices.
                Ability to record and utilize the agreement (contract) information for
   AR.SY9       billing criteria. The image of the agreement must be referenced and                System
                accessible for viewing/printing.

  AR.SY10       Ability to provide for user-defined entity types to classify customers.            System

                Ability to define multiple addresses, including the ability to determine
  AR.SY11       which address prints on receipts, statements, invoices, refund checks              System
                and late charge/penalty charge notifications.
                                                                                                            AR - Workflow
  AR.WF1        Provide workflow notifications based on defined events.                            Workflow
                System should allow the addition of user defined work rules that help
  AR.WF2                                                                                           Workflow
                control the receivables process.

                                                                                                                                                                  Page 21
Exhibit A - Procurement                                                                                   City of Coppell                                     Functional and Technical Requirements

   Procurement Requirements

      Requirement #                              Business/Technical Requirement                                          Category         Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                        PO - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                      Purchase order should automatically close and release any remaining encumbrances
         PO.BC1                                                                                                       Budgetary Control
                      when the final payment is made.

         PO.BC2       Ability to automatically encumber money at requisition and purchase order entry.                Budgetary Control

                      System should remove an encumbrance if an approved purchase order or requisition
         PO.BC3                                                                                                       Budgetary Control
                      is deleted, canceled or closed.
                      The ability to allow for pre-encumbrance of approved requisitions and deduct from
         PO.BC4                                                                                                       Budgetary Control
                      available funds.
                      Ability to check available funds for each account distribution on a requisition or
         PO.BC5                                                                                                       Budgetary Control
                      purchase order and provide an error message if funds are not available.
                      Ability to notify the approver with an error message when funds are exceeded at a user
         PO.BC6                                                                                                       Budgetary Control
                      defined budgetary control level.

         PO.BC7       Ability to notify the approver with a warning when funds available will be exceeded.            Budgetary Control

                      System should not allow negative encumbrance balance. An error message should be
         PO.BC8                                                                                                       Budgetary Control
                      generated for the user.

         PO.BC9       Ability to perform automatic encumbrance and ‘pre­encumbrance’ of funds real­time               Budgetary Control

                                                                                                                  PO - ITEMS
                      System should allow for the creation of a central item list for use in the purchasing
         PO.IT1                                                                                                         Items
         PO.IT2       System should contain the following information associated with each item:                        Items
        PO.IT2.1           Manufacturer                                                                                 Items
        PO.IT2.2           Manufacturer Part Number                                                                     Items
        PO.IT2.3           Vendor Part Number                                                                           Items
        PO.IT2.4           Quantity                                                                                     Items
        PO.IT2.5           Unit of Measure                                                                              Items
        PO.IT2.6           Unit Price                                                                                   Items
        PO.IT2.7           Ship To Location                                                                             Items
        PO.IT2.8           Account String                                                                               Items
        PO.IT2.9           Need by Date                                                                                 Items
        PO.IT2.10          Commodity Code                                                                               Items
        PO.IT2.11          Delivery Date                                                                                Items
        PO.IT2.12          Project Information                                                                          Items
        PO.IT2.13          Fixed Asset related information                                                              Items
        PO.IT2.14          Vendor Name and Number                                                                       Items
                                                                                                          PO - ONLINE BIDDING
                      Ability to search on a City contract catalog repository and link to a vendors web site
         PO.BC1                                                                                                        Online Bidding
                      and utilize a procurement card to pay for the purchase.
         PO.BC2       Ability to download a vendor's catalog into the City's Purchasing System.                        Online Bidding

                      Ability to provide on­line access to awarded City bids, blanket PO’s, price agreements,
         PO.BC3                                                                                                        Online Bidding
                      preferred vendors, and contract terms so the user knows what options are available.

                      Provide a text field in order to list any possible exceptions or qualifications by bid or bid
         PO.BC4                                                                                                        Online Bidding
                      item, if applicable.

         PO.BC5       Ability for a vendor to self-register using an electronic on-line service self interface.        Online Bidding

                                                                                                                                                                                           Page 22
Exhibit A - Procurement                                                                                  City of Coppell                               Functional and Technical Requirements

   Procurement Requirements

      Requirement #                              Business/Technical Requirement                                     Category       Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                       PO - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                                                                                                              PO - P-CARD
                      System should have functionality for the entry and tracking of individual procurement
         PO.PC1                                                                                                      P-Card
                      card purchases.
                      Ability to review the detail of procurement card purchases online within the
         PO.PC2                                                                                                      P-Card
                      procurement system.
                      System should capture the procurement card purchase vendor, transaction date, post
         PO.PC3       date, card user name, amount, description, account string code, commodity code,                P-Card
                      MCC code.
         PO.PC4       Ability to see procurement card detail within the purchasing system.                           P-Card
                      Ability to associate a Merchant Category Code (MCC) provided by a procurement card
         PO.PC5                                                                                                      P-Card
                      vendor with a commodity code.

                      Ability for departmental supervisors and purchasing staff to electronically approve an
         PO.PC6                                                                                                      P-Card
                      individual procurement card transaction within the procurement system.

                      Ability to select a number of procurement card transactions and approve the selected
         PO.PC7                                                                                                      P-Card
                      transactions at one time.
                                                                                                         PO - PURCHASE ORDER
                      System should allow an unlimited number of purchases order lines on a single
         PO.PO1                                                                                                   Purchase Order
                      System should minimize data entry in a purchase order by utilizing default values that
         PO.PO2                                                                                                   Purchase Order
                      can be changed if needed by a user.
                      Ability to modify a purchase order without deleting or reversing the receiver or invoice
         PO.PO3                                                                                                   Purchase Order
                      that has been entered in the system.
         PO.PO4       Ability to immediately print or email the purchase order at desktop location.               Purchase Order

         PO.PO5       The ability to automatically generate a purchase order (p/o) from on-line requisitions.     Purchase Order

                      Track all changes to a purchase order and enable users to view a history of the
         PO.PO6                                                                                                   Purchase Order
                      changes on-line.
                      Ability to track a purchase order, particularly when a change is made, so that all users
         PO.PO7                                                                                                   Purchase Order
                      of the purchase order are alerted to the change.

                      Ability to provide tables to store descriptive information that is automatically included
         PO.PO8       on the purchase order document, including vendor name and address, shipping                 Purchase Order
                      instructions, special instructions, and a menu of Terms & Conditions.

                      Ability to track purchase orders and payments issued against blanket orders or price
         PO.PO9                                                                                                   Purchase Order
        PO.PO10       The ability to automatically transfer PO’s to accounts payable on­line.                     Purchase Order
        PO.PO11       Ability to create blanket purchase orders for recurring purchases.                          Purchase Order
        PO.PO12       Ability to create not to exceed contracts.                                                  Purchase Order
                      Ability to create and save requisition and purchase order templates that can be re-
        PO.PO13                                                                                                   Purchase Order
                      Notify the original purchase order requestor via e-mail when the purchase order has
        PO.PO14                                                                                                   Purchase Order
                      received final approval.
        PO.PO15       Ability to print purchase order including standard terms and conditions.                    Purchase Order
        PO.PO16       Record the following items on a purchase order or purchase requisition:                     Purchase Order
       PO.PO16.1             Item description                                                                     Purchase Order
       PO.PO16.2             Quantity                                                                             Purchase Order
       PO.PO16.3             GL Account Code                                                                      Purchase Order

                                                                                                                                                                                    Page 23
Exhibit A - Procurement                                                                                  City of Coppell                                 Functional and Technical Requirements

   Procurement Requirements

      Requirement #                              Business/Technical Requirement                                       Category       Vendor Response   Response Description

       PO.PO16.4            Potential Vendor                                                           PO - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                                                                                                                  Purchase Order

        PO.PO18       System should allow for the electronic creation of contracts and price agreements.            Purchase Order

        PO.PO19       Ability to provide for automatic assignment of requisitions to buyers.                        Purchase Order
        PO.PO20       Ability to create requisitions for items that are desired for purchase.                       Purchase Order
                      Flexibility to use a requisition to initiate purchasing or start directly from a purchase
        PO.PO21                                                                                                     Purchase Order
                      Ability to link to vendor website or on-line exchange and return purchase information
        PO.PO22                                                                                                     Purchase Order
                      into the purchasing system using shopping cart functionality.
                      Provide flexibility to let contracts be managed both centrally and at a departmental
        PO.PO23                                                                                                     Purchase Order
                                                                                                              PO - RECEIVING
         PO.RC1       Ability to identify purchase order line item as received and by whom.                           Receiving
         PO.RC2       Ability to identify a purchase order line item as partially received with notes.                Receiving
                      Ability to accommodate freight charges by charging a freight account or allocating
         PO.RC3                                                                                                       Receiving
                      freight expenses back to expense account for purchased item.
                      Ability to make an electronic copy of contract items and catalogs available to
         PO.RC4                                                                                                       Receiving
                      Ability to allow for the receipt of goods and services process to be centralized or
         PO.RC5                                                                                                       Receiving
         PO.RC6       The ability to allow on­line receiving and updating of PO’s.                                    Receiving
         PO.RC7       Allow option for automatic generation of receiver form.                                         Receiving

         PO.RC8       Ability to document the receipt of items and services in the Purchasing system.                 Receiving

        PO.RC9        Ability to add notes related to the receipt of an item.                                         Receiving
        PO.RC10       Ability to document the condition of the item received.                                         Receiving
        PO.RC11       Ability to require a 3-way match for purchases made by City staff.                              Receiving

                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 24
Exhibit A - Procurement                                                                                 City of Coppell                             Functional and Technical Requirements

   Procurement Requirements

      Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                      Category    Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                       PO - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                                                                                                             PO - REPORTS
         PO.RP1       Provide the ability to search for and view any purchase order.                                Reports
                      Ability to search for purchase orders by vendor, vendor name, purchase order
         PO.RP2                                                                                                     Reports
                      requestor, and purchase order number.
                      Ability to run reports for a date specific range by vendor, date of transaction,
         PO.RP3                                                                                                     Reports
                      purchaser, and posting date.
         PO.RP4       System should provide the following reports:                                                  Reports
                             Number of procurement card purchases and dollars associated with each
        PO.RP4.1                                                                                                    Reports
        PO.RP4.2             Annual spending by vendor and procurement card holder.                                 Reports
        PO.RP4.3             Procurement card spending analysis by department.                                      Reports
         PO.RP5       System should provide a report detailing purchases by 1099 vendor.                            Reports
                      Ability to provide complete on-line and hard copy reporting of purchase orders issued
         PO.RP6                                                                                                     Reports
                      and goods received.
         PO.RP7       Ability to transmit blank and completed receiving reports electronically.                     Reports
         PO.RP8       Ability to generate an open PO report by vendor, PO, or account code.                         Reports
                      Ability to print year-to-date purchase order information by vendor and account code
         PO.RP9                                                                                                     Reports
                      and cost center.
                      Provide information regarding various required approvals based on amount, contract,
        PO.RP10                                                                                                     Reports
        PO.RP11       Ability to query transactions based upon:                                                     Reports
       PO.RP11.1             Document number                                                                        Reports
       PO.RP11.2             Vendor (Partial Name/Vendor ID)                                                        Reports
       PO.RP11.3             Item                                                                                   Reports
       PO.RP11.4             Commodity code                                                                         Reports
       PO.RP11.5             Date range                                                                             Reports
       PO.RP11.6             Account code distribution                                                              Reports
       PO.RP11.7             Award Number                                                                           Reports
       PO.RP11.8             Requisition Number                                                                     Reports
       PO.RP11.9             Contract items through the system                                                      Reports
        PO.RP12       Ability to track amount of purchases against a contract.                                      Reports
                      Ability to query purchase history for a vendor for a given period by contract or
        PO.RP13                                                                                                     Reports
                      purchase order.
                      Ability to query procurement card transactions by card user, dollar amount, vendor,
        PO.RP14                                                                                                     Reports
                      MCC code.
                                                                                                              PO - RFP
                      Provide ability to capture Phone Quotes, Request for Quotes, Request for Bids and
         PO.RF1                                                                                                          RFP
                      Request for Proposals.
         PO.RF2       Ability to pull multiple requisitions onto a single quotation instrument.                          RFP

         PO.RF3       Ability to capture quote information with the requisition and retain the information.              RFP

         PO.RF4       Ability to capture quotes in a location that can be used by other buyers.                          RFP
         PO.RF5       Ability to publish request for purchases to web based catalogs.                                    RFP
                      Ability to create and generate an award document/letter of agreement once the
         PO.RF6                                                                                                          RFP
                      approval and decision has been made.
         PO.RF7       Ability to convert the RFP document into a Contract.                                               RFP

                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 25
Exhibit A - Procurement                                                                                  City of Coppell                            Functional and Technical Requirements

   Procurement Requirements

      Requirement #                              Business/Technical Requirement                                     Category    Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                       PO - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                                                                                                              PO - SETUP

         PO.SE1       Ability to load and maintain a commodity code scheme that is attached to vendors.              Setup

                      Ability to group items according to specific commodity codes for use in volume
         PO.SE2                                                                                                      Setup
                      Ability to restrict the purchases of a commodity code to a contract or purchase
         PO.SE4                                                                                                      Setup
                      agreement(s) containing that commodity code.
                      System should provide an inventory module or the ability to interface to a 3rd party
         PO.SE5                                                                                                      Setup
                      inventory system.
                      System should load any text attachments associated with a requisition into the
         PO.SE7                                                                                                      Setup
                      purchase award.
         PO.SE8       Ability to track purchases by commodity code.                                                  Setup
                      System should notify buyers when purchases against a commodity code approach a
         PO.SE9                                                                                                      Setup
                      user defined limit.
                      System should provide the ability to create security rules for purchasing authorizations
        PO.SE10                                                                                                      Setup
                      as defined by the City's business rules.
                      Ability to allow for the creation of blanket orders or price agreements with limits on
        PO.SE11                                                                                                      Setup
                      specific items, amounts or dates.

        PO.SE12       Ability to establish secondary price structure for items that have multiple contracts.         Setup

                      Allow for automatic match of purchase document, invoice and optional receiver with
        PO.SE13                                                                                                      Setup
                      subsequent automatic generation of a payment document.
        PO.SE14       Ability to automatically flag fixed assets                                                     Setup
        PO.SE15       Ability to show buyer assignments by department and/or commodity.                              Setup
                      Ability to allow buyers to override either user-specified or system generated vendors
        PO.SE16                                                                                                      Setup
                      and prices.
                      Ability to provide document history retrieval on-line, linking requisitions, bids, purchase
        PO.SE17       orders, packing slips, stores issues, invoices, checks, returned goods, and received           Setup

        PO.SE18       Ability to search transactions by purchase order, contract or price agreement number.          Setup

                      Ability to provide multiple methods of data retrieval (e.g., by vendor name, transaction
        PO.SE19       number, check number invoice number, purchase order number, commodity, account                 Setup
                      code) with a user friendly search feature
        PO.SE20       Ability to track numerous modification numbers.                                                Setup
                      Ability to define the numbering scheme used to create the sequential number for all
        PO.SE21                                                                                                      Setup
                      purchasing documents.
        PO.SE22       Ability to attach supporting documents to all purchasing related documents.                    Setup
        PO.SE23       Provide security and controls that:                                                            Setup
       PO.SE23.1             Controls access to purchasing function by user                                          Setup
       PO.SE23.2             Controls the amount of approval authority by user                                       Setup
                      Provide notifications on Purchase Order and Requisition when thresholds are met that
        PO.SE24       inform the purchaser of certain requirements such as level of phone quotes, need for           Setup
                      hub vendor, etc.
        PO.SE25       Provide ability to select from a drop down list of G/L codes.                                  Setup
                      Ability to attach a html link in the document that opens up the PDF copy of the contract
        PO.SE26                                                                                                      Setup
                      in Laser Fiche.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 26
Exhibit A - Procurement                                                                                City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

   Procurement Requirements

      Requirement #                              Business/Technical Requirement                                 Category    Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                   PO - BUDGETARY CONTROL
                                                                                                          PO - VENDOR
         PO.VE1       Ability to electronically file the 1099 information to the IRS.                            Vendor
         PO.VE2       Ability to generate the following 1099 document types:                                     Vendor
        PO.VE2.1             1099 Misc.                                                                          Vendor
        PO.VE2.2             1099R                                                                               Vendor
        PO.VE2.3             1099S, with the property description                                                Vendor
        PO.VE2.4             1099G                                                                               Vendor
        PO.VE2.5             1099I                                                                               Vendor
        PO.VE2.6             1099INT                                                                             Vendor
         PO.VE3       Ability to generate future 1099 forms or form changes as deemed by IRS Law.                Vendor
         PO.VE4       Ability for a single vendor to have:                                                         Vendor
        PO.VE4.1             Multiple remit-to addresses                                                           Vendor
        PO.VE4.2             Multiple solicitation addresses                                                       Vendor
        PO.VE4.3             Multiple award addresses                                                              Vendor
                      Ability to place a vendor on hold, preventing further purchasing until the hold is
         PO.VE5                                                                                                    Vendor
         PO.VE6       Ability to check vendor # on requests (PO’s etc.) against master contract list               Vendor
         PO.VE7       Option to provide an on-line list of candidate vendors.                                      Vendor
                      The system should provide a database table(s) to store common vendor information
         PO.VE8                                                                                                    Vendor
       PO.VE8.1              Vendor Name                                                                           Vendor
       PO.VE8.2              Tax ID                                                                                Vendor
       PO.VE8.3              Physical Address                                                                      Vendor
       PO.VE8.4              Phone Number                                                                          Vendor
       PO.VE8.5              Bill-To Address                                                                       Vendor
       PO.VE8.6              Contact Person                                                                        Vendor
       PO.VE8.7              Fax Number                                                                            Vendor
       PO.VE8.8              Commodity Codes Provided                                                              Vendor
       PO.VE8.9              Hub Vendor                                                                            Vendor
       PO.VE8.10             M/WBE Status                                                                          Vendor
       PO.VE8.11             State Bid List Status                                                                 Vendor
       PO.VE8.12             CompleteW-9 Form                                                                      Vendor
                      Provide a method to track vendor performance and make notes related to the past
         PO.VE9                                                                                                    Vendor
                      performance of a vendor.
        PO.VE10       The system should track the following performance metrics for a vendor:                     Reports
       PO.VE10.1             Service Level                                                                        Reports
       PO.VE10.2             Quality of product                                                                   Reports
       PO.VE10.3             Customer Service                                                                     Reports
       PO.VE10.4             Financial Performance                                                                Reports
                                                                                                         PO - WORKFLOW
                      System should allow for the electronic routing of documents from originator to
        PO.WF1                                                                                                  Workflow
         PO.WF2       Ability to route documents through different approvers based upon:                        Workflow
        PO.WF2.1             Commodity being purchased                                                          Workflow
        PO.WF2.2             Price                                                                              Workflow
        PO.WF2.3             Fund                                                                               Workflow
        PO.WF2.4             Account code                                                                       Workflow

                                                                                                                                                                             Page 27
Exhibit A - Procurement                                                                                  City of Coppell                        Functional and Technical Requirements

   Procurement Requirements

      Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                   Category   Vendor Response   Response Description

                      System should inform requestors when they attempt to purchase an item not PO - BUDGETARY CONTROL
        PO.WF3                                                                                               Workflow
                      contract from a vendor when a contract already exists.
                      Automatically flag user, if vendor has a pre established contract and show contract
        PO.WF4                                                                                               Workflow
                      number and items for user approval.
                      Ability to setup alerts for contracts that are nearing renewal or reaching a dollar
        PO.WF5                                                                                               Workflow

        PO.WF6        Ability to temporarily re-assign purchasing workload or approval responsibility.           Workflow

                      Ability to allow departments to view a complete audit trail for requisitions, open
        PO.WF7                                                                                                   Workflow
                      purchase orders, payments on invoices and other related information.
                      Ability to allow for electronic approval of requisitions with different workflow
        PO.WF8                                                                                                   Workflow
                      requirements for each department.
        PO.WF9        Ability to track the date a requisition is received in Purchasing.                         Workflow
                      The system should support multiple approvers (requestor, supervisor, director, city
        PO.WF10                                                                                                  Workflow
                      manager, finance) based upon city purchasing restrictions.
                      Maintain audit trail of approval with name, date, time that cannot be overwritten and
        PO.WF11                                                                                                  Workflow
                      provides information on who has been approved and when
                      Ability to track performance of contract through the use of a contract evaluation form.
        PO.WF12                                                                                                  Workflow
                      – Tracking of complaints.

                                                                                                                                                                             Page 28
Exhibit A - Fixed Assets                                                                                     City of Coppell                                        Functional and Technical Requirements

       Fixed Asset Requirements

          Requirement #                                 Business/Technical Requirement                                       Categories     Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                               FA - ASSET ENTRY

                           Ability to make corrections to an asset once it has been added to the asset sub-ledger based
                                                                                                                             Asset Entry
                           upon user security without the transaction showing an addition or deletion.
             FA.AE2        System should transfer the following information from payables to fixed assets:                   Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.1              Vendor                                                                                     Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.2              Item Description                                                                           Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.3              Item Price                                                                                 Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.4              Account String                                                                             Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.5              Project Information                                                                        Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.6              Voucher Number                                                                             Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.7              Purchase Order Number                                                                      Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.8              Funding Source                                                                             Asset Entry
            FA.AE2.9              Vendor Invoice Number                                                                      Asset Entry
             FA.AE3        Ability to enter and track warranty information.                                                  Asset Entry
             FA.AE4        Ability to enter the budget year when required.                                                   Asset Entry
             FA.AE5        Ability to record multiple updates to a fixed asset record during any one processing period.      Asset Entry
             FA.AE6        Ability to record capital and operating leases.                                                   Asset Entry
             FA.AE7        System should allow the user to add value or betterment to the asset.                             Asset Entry
             FA.AE8        Ability to record bar code information in the system.                                             Asset Entry
             FA.AE9        Ability to add an unlimited number of betterment's.                                               Asset Entry
             FA.AE10       Ability to store transaction dates and fiscal year and month.                                     Asset Entry
                           Ability to enter and maintain planned capital additions and retirements for forecasting
                                                                                                                             Asset Entry
             FA.AE11       purposes.
             FA.AE12       Ability to review all asset journal entries before being posted to the general ledger.            Asset Entry
             FA.AE13       Ability to maintain the detail payment information with each asset.                               Asset Entry
             FA.AE14       Ability to enter data into a future open fiscal period.                                           Asset Entry
             FA.AE15       Ability to transfer assets from accounts payable to fixed assets.                                 Assets Entry

                           Ability for system to review payables transactions, capture the data required for the fixed
                                                                                                                             Assets Entry
             FA.AE16       asset system and allow the entry person to record the asset data at the time of payment.

                                                                                                               FA - DEPRECIATION
             FA.DP1        Ability to run and calculate depreciation.                                                        Depreciation
             FA.DP2        Ability to depreciate all capital assets except land and construction in process.                 Depreciation
             FA.DP3        Ability to run depreciation based upon Straight Line Depreciation.                                Depreciation
             FA.DP4        Ability to depreciate betterment's based upon the in-service date of the betterment.              Depreciation
             FA.DP5        System should depreciate based upon user defined dates.                                           Depreciation
             FA.DP6        Ability to allocate depreciation expense to multiple funding sources or cost centers.             Depreciation
                           System should allow for improvements to assets to be depreciated separately from the asset,
             FA.DP7        with separate useful lives.
             FA.DP8        Ability to test various depreciation methods prior to running depreciation.                       Depreciation
             FA.DP9        Ability to calculate depreciation based upon historical or depreciable cost.                      Depreciation
             FA.DP10       Ability to create a detailed analysis of Net Book Value.                                          Depreciation
                           Ability to provide for automatic calculation of depreciation and posting of entries to the
             FA.DP11       General Ledger for all acquired assets.
             FA.DP12       Ability to allow depreciation to be calculated on either a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.   Depreciation
                           Ability to provide the option of having depreciation data updating the General Ledger or
             FA.DP13       being stored in Fixed Assets for information purposes only.
             FA.DP14       Ability to re-run deprecation based on updated data.                                              Depreciation

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 29
Exhibit A - Fixed Assets                                                                                      City of Coppell                                             Functional and Technical Requirements

       Fixed Asset Requirements

          Requirement #                                  Business/Technical Requirement                                          Categories       Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                                   FA ASSET ENTRY
                                                                                                                  FA - - REPORTING
             FA.RP1        System should provide a detailed report or query of fixed assets.                                   Reporting
             FA.RP2        Ability to query on an asset based upon any field in the record.                                    Reporting
                                                                                                                  FA - RETIREMENT
             FA.RP1        Ability to place retired assets back in-service.                                                          Retirement
             FA.RP2        Ability to reverse erroneous retirements and reinstate current/previous fiscal year records.              Retirement
                           Ability to dispose or retire an asset due to damage, loss, theft, auction, trade-in, sale,
             FA.RP3        obsolesce, salvage etc.
             FA.RP4        Ability to process retroactive retirements to current period.                                             Retirement
             FA.RP5        Ability to process partial retirements for both parent and component.                                     Retirement
                                                                                                                        FA - SETUP
                           Ability to post depreciation to the General Ledger as well as create memo entries for general
             FA.SE1        fund assets.
             FA.SE2        Ability to identify and flag fixed assets early in the purchase to pay process.                             Setup
             FA.SE3        Ability to integrate capital assets into project model.                                                     Setup
             FA.SE4        Ability to support capital asset GASB 34 reporting requirements                                             Setup
             FA.SE5        Ability to integrate 3rd party systems to print barcodes, tags, or RFID chips.                              Setup
             FA.SE6        Ability to identify a fixed asset at the point of purchase or payment.                                      Setup
                           System should notify the claims agent when the payable is created that an item on the
             FA.SE7        payable is a fixed asset.
             FA.SE8        Ability to track location for the asset.                                                                    Setup
             FA.SE9        Ability to track multiple funding sources for the asset.                                                    Setup
             FA.SE10       Ability to track depreciable life.                                                                          Setup
             FA.SE11       Ability to track the salvage value of an asset.                                                             Setup
             FA.SE12       Ability to track asset type.                                                                                Setup
             FA.SE13       Ability to track the in-service date.                                                                       Setup
             FA.SE14       Ability to track the acquisition date.                                                                      Setup
             FA.SE15       Ability to track the Vehicle Identification Number and/or Serial Number for an asset.                       Setup
             FA.SE16       Ability to track model and manufacturer for the asset.                                                      Setup
             FA.SE17       Ability to embed electronic pictures or other documents with the fixed asset.                               Setup
                           Ability to define default asset information such as depreciation method, useful life,
             FA.SE18       depreciation expense account etc.
             FA.SE19       Ability to accept and edit replacement costs.                                                               Setup
                           Ability to track asset financing information such as method, mortgagor/lessor/renter,
             FA.SE20       purchase option information, contract date and monthly payment amount.
             FA.SE21       System should provide a capitalization threshold based upon user rules.                                     Setup
             FA.SE22       Ability to create a user defined field for an asset for additional required information.                    Setup
             FA.SE23       System should allow the user to transfer assets between locations, funds and/or activities.                 Setup
             FA.SE24       System should validate all account code combinations.                                                       Setup
                           System should validate that all required fields are complete before allowing depreciation to
             FA.SE25       run.
             FA.SE26       System should require the following fields for each asset:                                                  Setup
            FA.SE26.1             Asset Useful Life                                                                                    Setup
            FA.SE26.2             Depreciation Method                                                                                  Setup
            FA.SE26.3             Acquisition Date                                                                                     Setup
            FA.SE26.4             In-Service Date                                                                                      Setup
            FA.SE26.5             Depreciation Expense Account Code Combination                                                        Setup
            FA.SE26.6             Salvage Value                                                                                        Setup
             FA.SE27       Ability to infer the original asset information when making a betterment to an asset                        Setup

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 30
Exhibit A - Fixed Assets                                                                                       City of Coppell                                    Functional and Technical Requirements

       Fixed Asset Requirements

          Requirement #                                   Business/Technical Requirement                                     Categories   Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                                  FA - ASSET ENTRY
                           Ability to restrict inquiry, changes, deletions and additions to the fixed asset record by user.      Setup
             FA.SE29       System should maintain full history of all addition, deletion and transfer activity.                 Setup
             FA.SE30       System should allow for the reversal of a depreciation run.                                          Setup
             FA.SE31       System should allow for the use of asset tracking through use of bar code technology.                Setup
             FA.SE32       Ability to adjust asset cost for capitalized repairs that extend the useful life of an asset.        Setup
             FA.SE33       System should provide detail of depreciation run with the asset register.                            Setup
             FA.SE34       Ability to review all costs and revenues associated with an asset in detail, online.                 Setup
                           System should automatically roll and clear depreciation, additions, retirements and transfers
             FA.SE35       at the end of the appropriate period.
                           System should provide for the automatic computing of gain or loss on disposition and
             FA.SE36       optionally generate the appropriate general ledger entries.
                           System should perform capital vs. operating lease evaluations based on GAAP and provide
             FA.SE37       lease information.
             FA.SE38       Provide audit trails for both dollar activity and physical movement transactions.                    Setup
                           Ability to generate a listing of fixed assets and summary totals by any sort in the fixed asset
             FA.SE39       record.
                           Ability to integrate the Fixed Assets module with the General Ledger, Purchasing/Receiving,
             FA.SE40                                                                                                            Setup
                           and Accounts Payable modules.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Page 31
   Exhibit A - Grant & Project Accounting                                                             City of Coppell                       Functional and Technical Requirements

Grant & Project Accounting Requirements
  Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                      Category                      Response Description

                                                                                                      PROJECT ACCOUNTING

     PG.PA1       Ability to budget and track project data and status at phase, task and subtask level.     Project Accounting

     PG.PA2       Ability to track and budget for a project over multiple years.                            Project Accounting
                  Ability to track significant dates that occur for a project. Example is Consultant
     PG.PA3       Selection, Negotiate with Consultant, Council Approval, Project Initiation, Project       Project Accounting
                  Phase Start and End Dates, etc.
                  Ability to interface with GIS system to retrieve spatial data such as on-line maps or
     PG.PA4                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  Ability to embed documents, maps or drawings with project detail as stored in the
     PG.PA5                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  project tracking system.
                  Ability to designate a project as approved and funded, approved and unfunded or
     PG.PA6                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  Ability to view all phases, steps or tasks of a project including start date, end date,
     PG.PA7                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  council approval, current status, budget and current expenditures.
    PG.PA8        Ability to track retainages associated with a project.                                    Project Accounting
    PG.PA9        Ability to transfer a project from the project tracking system to fixed assets.           Project Accounting
    PG.PA10       Ability to calculate and track change orders against a project.                           Project Accounting
                  Ability to warn the project manager when the cumulative total of change orders
    PG.PA11                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  approaches a certain user defined percentage.
                  System should be fully integrated with the Financial system's General Ledger so that
    PG.PA12                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  financial data is captured and stored in only one place.
    PG.PA13       Ability to record direct and indirect costs against a project.                            Project Accounting
                  System should integrate with payroll system so that time worked on a project can be
    PG.PA14                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  tracked against a project.

    PG.PA15       Ability to establish the types of projects, such as streets, parks, drainage etc.         Project Accounting

                  System should include the ability to create tasks/subprojects which are subordinate
    PG.PA16                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  to the overall phase of the project.

    PG.PA17       Ability to assign costs to tasks/subprojects on direct cost or percentage basis.          Project Accounting

    PG.PA18       Ability to establish an equipment and/or labor file with associated usage costs.          Project Accounting

    PG.PA19       System should include narrative information for projects and tasks.                       Project Accounting

    PG.PA20       System should check for duplicate project numbers when the project is being setup.        Project Accounting

                  Ability to process adjustments to project and print a transaction register of the
    PG.PA21                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  Ability to create templates that contain common data for different types of projects
    PG.PA22                                                                                                 Project Accounting
                  that can be applied when creating a new project.
    PG.PA23       Ability to tie project funds to multiple revenue streams.                                 Project Accounting

    PG.PA24       Ability to block financial activity against a project that is not approved and funded.    Project Accounting

    PG.PA25       Ability to reconcile project cost against the data contained in the financial system.     Project Accounting

                  System should record expenditure, revenue, and budget (appropriation) transactions
    PG.PA26       by grant/project and revenue code, with inception-to-date (ITD) information available     Project Accounting
                  for multi-year grants and capital projects.

                                                                                                                                                                         Page 32
 Exhibit A - Grant & Project Accounting                                                              City of Coppell                           Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                           Category                      Response Description
  PG.PA27       Ability to calculate total YTD (year-to-date) and ITD costs for a project.                 Project Accounting
                                                                                                     PROJECT ACCOUNTING

  PG.PA28       Integration with purchasing so that purchasing activity updates the project system.            Project Accounting

                Ability to drill down into a purchase award, invoice and/or check paid against a
  PG.PA29       project and see the detail of the award, invoice and/or check including attached               Project Accounting
                documents for the length of the project.
                Ability to report on an individual projects status, phase, budget available and funds
  PG.PA30                                                                                                      Project Accounting
                Ability to view project description, purchase awards, vendors, change orders, budget
  PG.PA31       allocated, current expenditures to date, status of phases, task, and subtasks in a             Project Accounting
                project summary report or screen.
  PG.PA32       Ability to create reports by fiscal year and project to date.                                  Project Accounting
  PG.PA33       Ability to query financial information for a project for a date specified range.               Project Accounting

                                                                                                          GRANT ACCOUNTING

   PG.GA1       Ability to enter revenue and expense (appropriate) budget information to the penny.             Grant Accounting

   PG.GA2       Ability to allocate the grant funds in the financial system                                     Grant Accounting
   PG.GA3       Ability to track expenditures and revenues by the project or grant task level.                  Grant Accounting
   PG.GA4       Ability to see the beginning balance and current balance of a grant.                            Grant Accounting
   PG.GA5       Ability to plan and budget a grant for multiple years in the grants sub-system.                 Grant Accounting
                Ability to budget by categories or tasks as defined by the grant and/or sub-grant
   PG.GA6                                                                                                       Grant Accounting
                Ability to enter as a memo entries for sub-grantee actual expenditures by categories
   PG.GA7                                                                                                       Grant Accounting
                as defined by the grant and/or sub-grant contract.
                The system should track and report grant operations (i.e., budget, award,
                expenditures, encumbrances, revenue) by grant document number over several
   PG.GA8                                                                                                       Grant Accounting
                different periods including state fiscal year, federal fiscal year, multiple-year grant
                period etc.
                Ability to record funds disbursed from an agency as transfers or as reductions of
   PG.GA9                                                                                                       Grant Accounting
                Ability to capture the effective beginning and end date of the primary and the sub-
  PG.GA10                                                                                                       Grant Accounting
                Ability to prohibit action or warn user if drawdown or reimbursement request
  PG.GA11       exceeds the available grant award balance. Negative balances should not be                      Grant Accounting
                permitted by the system.
                The system should provide ability to record direct and indirect costs associated with
  PG.GA12       a grant as a memo or actual entries, both for fixed dollars and for applied rates to            Grant Accounting
                labor or allowable expenses.

  PG.GA13       The system should allow for establishing expendable budgets for grants at the:                  Grant Accounting

 PG.GA13.1            Grant                                                                                     Grant Accounting
 PG.GA13.2            Grant phase                                                                               Grant Accounting
 PG.GA13.3            Object level                                                                              Grant Accounting
 PG.GA13.4            Task                                                                                      Grant Accounting
                The system should electronically interface with Federal or State grant systems so
  PG.GA14       that grant information can be automatically exchanged (examples include CDBG                    Grant Accounting
                and LLEBG).
                The system should track federal, state, local grant matching requirements, and
  PG.GA15                                                                                                       Grant Accounting
                funding sources.

                                                                                                                                                                            Page 33
 Exhibit A - Grant & Project Accounting                                                       City of Coppell                           Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                           Business/Technical Requirement                                      Category                      Response Description
                Ability to track federal, state and special funding sources by individual cost centers     ACCOUNTING
                                                                                                   PROJECTGrant Accounting
                for direct and indirect costs.
                For reimbursable grants, the ability to generate a billing and grants receivable
  PG.GA17                                                                                                 Grant Accounting
  PG.GA18       Ability to query on current year for multi-year projects.                                 Grant Accounting
                Ability to track maintenance of effort (performance measures such as number of
  PG.GA19                                                                                                 Grant Accounting
                clients served).

                                                                                                                                                                     Page 34
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                                                         City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                            Business/Technical Requirement                                          Category    Vendor Response     Response Description

                                                                                                             HR - BENEFITS
                 Ability to enter and maintain benefit records for participants. Example, insurance
    HR.B1                                                                                                          Benefits
                 information, age restrictions, student status and marital status.
                 Ability to sort benefit information by tier, aggregate, member, dependant status,
    HR.B2                                                                                                          Benefits
                 employee status, etc.
    HR.B3        Ability for employees to view benefit information in real-time.                                   Benefits
    HR.B4        System should provide benefit eligibility status reports.                                         Benefits
                 Ability to monitor plans and the number of participating employees and
    HR.B5                                                                                                          Benefits
                 dependants in each plan.
                 Ability to capture additional premiums due or refund overpayments to
    HR.B6                                                                                                          Benefits

    HR.B7        System should be able to capture dollar cost values for each benefit election.                    Benefits

                 Ability to maintain beneficiary information as it relates to life insurance, final wages
    HR.B8                                                                                                          Benefits
                 and fringe benefits.
                 System should support open enrollment process by allowing employees to select
    HR.B9                                                                                                          Benefits
                 their benefit choices for the upcoming year.
                 System should be able to handle the management of life events and provide
    HR.B10                                                                                                         Benefits
                 monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
                 System should create an alert for duplicate plan enrollment at any given time.
    HR.B11                                                                                                         Benefits
                 (Example, an employee enrolling in an HMO and PPO at the same time.)
                 Ability to accept electronic files from a third party and the ability to generate
    HR.B12                                                                                                         Benefits
                 electronic eligibility files to send back to third party claim administrators.
                 Ability to electronically track all issues pertaining to a benefit file including pending
    HR.B13                                                                                                         Benefits
                 Ability to provide cost detail by department for benefits charged to GL at month
    HR.B14                                                                                                         Benefits
                 Ability to track the employees’ choices for specific benefit elections offered by the
    HR.B15                                                                                                         Benefits
                 employer: (i.e. Medical, Dental, Supplemental, Life, Dependant).
    HR.B16       Ability to complete a "what if" benefit eligibility analysis.                                     Benefits
                 Ability to generate communications and literature surrounding the benefits
    HR.B17                                                                                                         Benefits
                 Ability to setup default benefit plans so that participants are automatically enrolled
    HR.B18                                                                                                         Benefits
                 in a plan if they have not made an election.
    HR.B19       Ability to generate annual and instant benefit statements for an employee.                        Benefits
    HR.B20       Ability to support FMLA processing as per current and future Federal rules.                       Benefits
    HR.B21       Ability to view FMLA eligibility status of paid/unpaid leave taken.                               Benefits
                 Ability to track FMLA participants by department as well as reconcile them to
    HR.B22                                                                                                         Benefits
    HR.B23       Ability to track FMLA request approval.                                                           Benefits
    HR.B24       Ability to track FMLA eligibility/usage on rolling 12-month basis.                                Benefits
                 System should handle salary continuation benefits while employee is on Workers'
    HR.B25                                                                                                         Benefits
                 Compensation leave.

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                  Page 35
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                                                          City of Coppell                        Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                            Business/Technical Requirement                                        Category     Vendor Response     Response Description

                 Ability to track and report on employees who are in a paid or unpaid leave status        HR - BENEFITS
    HR.B26                                                                                                       Benefits
                 for two consecutive pay periods.
                 Ability to access an employee's record by name, social security number or unique
    HR.B27                                                                                                       Benefits
                 employee identification number.
    HR.B28       Ability to track and monitor employees eligible for COBRA.                                      Benefits
                 Ability to set up flexible vacation accrual rates and maximums as negotiated
    HR.B29                                                                                                       Benefits
                 through the collective bargaining process.
    HR.B30       System should be able to enter and maintain pension information for City retirees.              Benefits

                 System should allow a fellow employee to donate sick time to another employee
    HR.B31       according to city policy. (i.e. should have hours accrued before you can donate                 Benefits
                 hours. An individual cannot donate more than 24 for hours to an employee.)

    HR.B32       System should monitor balances for injury hours and injury hour usage.                          Benefits

    HR.B33       Ability to determine who is eligible for participation in 401(a), pension and 457.              Benefits

    HR.B34       Ability to track and monitor the tuition reimbursement program.                                 Benefits
    HR.B35       Ability to track employees who receive advance earned income credit.                            Benefits
                 Ability to track employees receiving a company car or pay employees receiving a
    HR.B36                                                                                                       Benefits
                 car allowance.

                                                                                                        HR - COMPENSATION
                 System should generate a warning when the base pay is below the minimum or
    HR.C1                                                                                                     Compensation
                 above the maximum amount for that grade.
                 Process mass pay and classification changes as a result of mass pay and class
    HR.C2                                                                                                     Compensation
                 changes. (salary, classification, uniform allowance etc.)
                 Ability to maintain multiple pay plans with flexibility for numerous steps, pay rates,
    HR.C3                                                                                                     Compensation
                 and pay grades.
    HR.C4        Ability to make changes to the pay plan structure.                                           Compensation
                 Ability to provide detailed tracking and reporting on all pay categories (shift
    HR.C5        differential, incentive pay, acting pay, etc.) and all types of leave events. (sick,         Compensation
                 FMLA, donated sick, converted sick, etc.)

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                 Page 36
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                                                       City of Coppell                            Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                           Business/Technical Requirement                                     Category          Vendor Response     Response Description

                                                                                                  HR - BENEFITS
                                                                                           HR - EMPLOYEE MAINTENANCE
                 The system should provide the ability to complete forms for common human
    HR.E1                                                                                              Employee Maintenance
                 resource changes and route the form electronically based on type.
    HR.E2        Create an electronic form that captures the following items:                          Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.1            Salary Change                                                                    Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.2            Address Change – employee self service                                           Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.3            Promotions                                                                       Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.4            Demotions                                                                        Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.5            Equipment Changes                                                                Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.6            Termination                                                                      Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.7            Other                                                                            Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.8            Military Leave                                                                   Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.9            Extended military leave                                                          Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.10           Leave with/without pay                                                           Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.11           Anything related to salary                                                       Employee Maintenance
   HR.E2.12           Interim status changes – 30 day pay changes                                      Employee Maintenance
                 The system should automatically generate a list of potential pay increases based
    HR.E3                                                                                              Employee Maintenance
                 upon employee hire dates.
    HR.E4        Ability to change employee status from active to inactive and inactive to active.     Employee Maintenance
                 The system should evaluate the need for a drug test if status changes from active
    HR.E5                                                                                              Employee Maintenance
                 to inactive was less than 6 months.
    HR.E6        The system should provide the following employee self service functions:              Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.1            Ability to add and change the employee's address                                 Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.2            Ability to view, add and change the employee's W-4                               Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.3            Ability to add and view dependents                                               Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.4            Ability to view, add and change marital status                                   Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.5            Ability to add, view and change beneficiaries                                    Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.6            Ability to add, view and change direct deposit information                       Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.7            Ability to view check stubs within the system                                    Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.8            Ability for employees to see salary progression over time                        Employee Maintenance
   HR.E6.9            Ability to view performance evaluations                                          Employee Maintenance
    HR.E7        Ability to record and track the following workers compensation related information:   Employee Maintenance
   HR.E7.1            Injury details                                                                   Employee Maintenance
   HR.E7.2            Injury investigation results                                                     Employee Maintenance
   HR.E7.3            Workers Comp status                                                              Employee Maintenance
   HR.E7.4            FMLA Qualifications                                                              Employee Maintenance
   HR.E7.5            Return to work status                                                            Employee Maintenance
   HR.E7.6            Time Missed                                                                      Employee Maintenance
   HR.E7.7            Wage Continuation status                                                         Employee Maintenance
   HR.E7.8            Online Wage Statement                                                            Employee Maintenance

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                  Page 37
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                                                    City of Coppell                               Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                    Category         Vendor Response     Response Description

    HR.E8        System should be able to store/contain the following employee information:            Employee Maintenance
                                                                                                      HR - BENEFITS
   HR.E8.1            Personal data (names, address, etc.)                                             Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.2            Emergency contact                                                                Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.3            Gender and ethnicity                                                             Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.4            Digital employee photo                                                           Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.5            Promotional/lateral/demotional history                                           Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.6            Work history at current or prior companies (resume)                              Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.7            Education, training, national certifications, honors and awards, publications    Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.8            Professional memberships                                                         Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.9            Special job skills                                                               Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.10           Current job title and classification code                                        Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.11           Current Supervisor's name                                                        Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.12           Current base salary                                                              Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.13           Miscellaneous Pay (uniform allowance, car allowance etc.)                        Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.14           Probationary period ending date                                                  Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.15           Tax status                                                                       Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.16           Military history and status                                                      Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.17           Physical work location (code and descriptions)                                   Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.18           Shift and workday assignments                                                    Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.19           Department/Organization assignment history                                       Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.20           Employment status (Ex., full or part-time, active, terminated, etc.)             Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.21           Pay review date                                                                  Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.22           Current pay grade and range and/or step                                          Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.23           Leave anniversary date                                                           Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.24           Longevity date                                                                   Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.25           Date in current job/classification                                               Employee Maintenance
                      Salary and earnings history:
   HR.E8.26             -by type (I.e. promotion, performance pay etc.)                                Employee Maintenance
                        -by date
   HR.E8.27           Unique employee identification number                                            Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.28           Date of Hire                                                                     Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.29           Projected retirement date                                                        Employee Maintenance
   HR.E8.30           Years of Service                                                                 Employee Maintenance
                      Adjusted service credit date (calculated for individuals who leave and return
   HR.E8.31                                                                                            Employee Maintenance
                      to City employment)
                      Termination date including:
   HR.E8.32             -reason for termination                                                        Employee Maintenance
                        -rehire eligibility status
    HR.E9        Ability to apply for multiple positions with a single application.                    Employee Maintenance
    HR.E10       Ability to transfer employees from one department to another.                         Employee Maintenance

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                  Page 38
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                                                       City of Coppell                                Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                               Business/Technical Requirement                                     Category          Vendor Response     Response Description

                 System should be able to specify which personnel information fields are required.        HR - BENEFITS
    HR.E11                                                                                                 Employee Maintenance
                 (i.e. social security number, effective date, personnel action, title, etc.).

                 System should keep a history of positions, salary, earnings, deductions, leave, and
    HR.E12                                                                                                 Employee Maintenance
                 System should be able to ensure that valid personnel actions are performed within
    HR.E13       the system. (You cannot put a terminated employee on leave, temporary                     Employee Maintenance
                 employees cannot accrue leave).
                 Ability to track employees’ expiring authorization documents and to notify
    HR.E14                                                                                                 Employee Maintenance
                 departments prior to expiration date. (I9 form)
                 Ability to maintain job classification files including position titles, job codes, pay
    HR.E15       grade assignments, FLSA status, EEO job categories, supervisor/division                   Employee Maintenance
                 manager/executive etc.
    HR.E16       Ability to provide Position Control functionality including:                              Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.1            Unique position identification number                                               Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.2            Position status and available to fill date, if vacant                               Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.3            Fund assignment                                                                     Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.4            Department                                                                          Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.5            Organization assignment                                                             Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.6            Salary grade                                                                        Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.7            Multiple job titles                                                                 Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.8            Current fiscal year funding                                                         Employee Maintenance
   HR.E16.9            Location                                                                            Employee Maintenance
                 Ability to change actual effective dates on employee records, including prorating
    HR.E17                                                                                                 Employee Maintenance
                 pay adjustments.
    HR.E18       Ability to reclassify a position.                                                         Employee Maintenance
                 Ability to assign an employee to multiple assignment/positions in the same pay
    HR.E19                                                                                                 Employee Maintenance

                                                                                                          HR - NEW HIRE
    HR.N1        Ability to Requisition a new employee. Fields & Functions Required:                             New Hire
   HR.N1.1             Name                                                                                      New Hire
   HR.N1.2             Dates                                                                                     New Hire
   HR.N1.3             Advertisement                                                                             New Hire
   HR.N1.4             Justification                                                                             New Hire
   HR.N1.5             Position control #                                                                        New Hire
   HR.N1.6             Approval                                                                                  New Hire
    HR.N2        Ability to route new employee requisition.                                                      New Hire
    HR.N3        Ability to set up a flexible routing sequence.                                                  New Hire
    HR.N4        Ability to publish job requisition to website.                                                  New Hire
    HR.N5        Ability to print job notices.                                                                   New Hire
    HR.N6        Ability to tie position to job description.                                                     New Hire

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                      Page 39
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                                                          City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                           Category   Vendor Response     Response Description

    HR.N7        Ability for individual to fill out online job application and route it to hiring managers.   HR - BENEFITS
                                                                                                                    New Hire

    HR.N8        Ability to store job applications online.                                                          New Hire
    HR.N9        Track status of job applications: applied, interviewed, hired, excluded.                           New Hire
    HR.N10       Allow background information to be attached to the application (doc, PDF, axles).                  New Hire
                 The system should provide the ability to add additional supplemental data to the
    HR.N11                                                                                                          New Hire
                 basic application depending job performed (fire, police etc).
    HR.N12       Ability to attach resume to application as file.                                                   New Hire
                 The system should provide a form in which the City can record comments and an
    HR.N13                                                                                                          New Hire
                 evaluation of each Applicants skills and credentials.
    HR.N14       The system should provide field sensitive security for areas such as EEO, SSN,                     New Hire
    HR.N15       The online application should addresses the following areas;                                       New Hire
   HR.N15.1           Name                                                                                          New Hire
   HR.N15.2           Address                                                                                       New Hire
   HR.N15.3           Employment History                                                                            New Hire
   HR.N15.4           Education History                                                                             New Hire
   HR.N15.5           Skills                                                                                        New Hire
   HR.N15.6            Criminal History                                                                             New Hire
                 The system should route interview recommendations to the hiring manger for
    HR.N15                                                                                                          New Hire
                 Ability to capture background check, physical, reference checks, drug screen
    HR.N16                                                                                                          New Hire
    HR.N17       Ability for system to generate a letter to unsuccessful candidates.                                New Hire
                 Ability for applicant to log into system and check their status to avoid fielding
    HR.N18                                                                                                          New Hire
                 phone calls.
                 Provide the ability for the hiring department to determine equipment and software
    HR.N19                                                                                                          New Hire
                 Provide notifications of final start date to IT, Building Management for issuance of
    HR.N20                                                                                                          New Hire
                 required equipment.
                 Provide the ability for the Department to create a conditional job offer letter with
    HR.N21       name, position, salary, estimated start date, benefits description, and conditions                 New Hire
                 for employment and job description.
    HR.N22       The system should convert application information to an employee record.                           New Hire
    HR.N23       The system should provide the following functions:                                                 New Hire
                      Ability to issue and track employee ID’s or integrate to the City's current
   HR.N23.1                                                                                                         New Hire
                      software solution
   HR.N23.2           Ability to issue and track IT equipment assigned to each employee                             New Hire
   HR.N23.3           Ability to issue and track other equipment and property.                                      New Hire
   HR.N23.4           New employee orientation training (Quarterly)                                                 New Hire
    HR.N24       Ability to track and report on turnover by department and classification.                          New Hire
                 Ability to track all applicants, positions applied for, referrals source, recruiters, and
    HR.N25                                                                                                          New Hire
                 interview history.

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                   Page 40
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                                                           City of Coppell                       Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                            Business/Technical Requirement                                        Category     Vendor Response     Response Description

                 System needs in-house job postings and applications on-line and through the              HR - BENEFITS
    HR.N26                                                                                                      New Hire
                 intranet. (internal postings)
    HR.N27       Ability to track EEO information for applicant flow data.                                      New Hire
                 Ability to be alerted when applicant is input into a position that requires a special
    HR.N28                                                                                                      New Hire
                 license. Example: ABC card, valid drivers license, etc.
    HR.N29       Ability to set a control on the number of incumbents authorized to fill each position.         New Hire

                                                                                                     HR - PERFORMANCE
    HR.P1        Ability to record the following:                                                              Performance
   HR.P1.1            Performance Appraisal Results                                                            Performance
   HR.P1.2            Accommodations                                                                           Performance
   HR.P1.3            Public Letters                                                                           Performance
   HR.P1.4             Disciplinary Records and Comments                                                       Performance
                 Ability to track who made complaint (employee or citizen), what the resulting action
    HR.P2                                                                                                      Performance
                 was and who complaint was against.
    HR.P3        Ability to produce reports with history by person , by type of complaint                      Performance
    HR.P4        Ability for employees to view both internal and external performance appraisals               Performance
    HR.P5        Ability to track when a performance appraisal is completed and when due.                      Performance
    HR.P6        Ability to attach a word file to the performance appraisal form.                              Performance
    HR.P7        Ability to send out reminder to complete performance appraisal.                               Performance
                 Ability to create an evaluation form online, route to supervisor for completion, and
    HR.P8                                                                                                      Performance
                 then complete online.
    HR.P9        Ability to aggregate performance metrics.                                                     Performance
    HR.P10       Ability to route the performance appraisal form through pre-determined workflow.              Performance
    HR.P11       Ability to have and document individual goals and performance standards.                      Performance
    HR.P12       The system should link results to training plan and development program.                      Performance

    HR.P13       Ability to track workflow and status of a given evaluation or group of evaluations.           Performance

                 Ability to track performance evaluations by there due date and actual completion
    HR.P14                                                                                                     Performance
                 Ability to track employee grievances by type, employee group, date filed, date
    HR.P15                                                                                                     Performance
                 resolved, and resolution stage.

                                                                                                          HR - REPORTING
    HR.R1        Ability to monitor and track vacancy rate by department and classification.                    Reporting
    HR.R2        Ability to show all active/inactive employees at a specific date.                              Reporting
    HR.R3        Ability to produce reports required by federal state laws (EEO4).                              Reporting
    HR.R4        Ability to query and report data for employment verification.                                  Reporting
    HR.R5        System should be able to provide the following reports:                                        Reporting
   HR.R5.1            Salary increase cost impact scenarios                                                     Reporting
   HR.R5.2            Federally compliant EEO4 workforce reports                                                Reporting
   HR.R5.3            Training, certification and license expirations                                           Reporting

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                 Page 41
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                                                       City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                             Business/Technical Requirement                                      Category     Vendor Response     Response Description

   HR.R5.4            Performance rating by demographics, departments, age, division etc.                      Reporting
                                                                                                         HR - BENEFITS
   HR.R5.5            Average % salary increase by type for city, department, job classification, etc.         Reporting
   HR.R5.6            Eligible retirees, based on age and years of service                                     Reporting
   HR.R5.7            Employee skills inventory                                                                Reporting
   HR.R5.8            Seniority data by position, department, etc.                                             Reporting
   HR.R5.9            Employee activity analysis reports by type (promotions, terminations etc.)               Reporting
   HR.R5.10           Turnover data by position, department, etc.                                              Reporting
   HR.R5.11           Termination report                                                                       Reporting
   HR.R5.12           Position control list by department                                                      Reporting
   HR.R5.13             Employee/position roster by classification                                             Reporting
                        EEO workforce analysis by department and city-wide for Affirmation Action
   HR.R5.14                                                                                                    Reporting
                 Provide the capability to calculate adverse impact statistics based on positions
    HR.R6                                                                                                      Reporting
                 filled and EEO information.
    HR.R7        Ability to track and report on actual hours worked by temporary employees                     Reporting

                                                                                                     HR - TERMINATION
    HR.TE1       Ability to enter and store information from exit interviews                                  Termination
                 Ability to notify other departments prior to termination date to ensure return of
    HR.TE2                                                                                                    Termination
    HR.TE3       Only allow certain individuals to go in and check and enter equipment form.                  Termination
    HR.TE4       Ability to record a forwarding address for the issue of last check.                          Termination
    HR.TE5       Ability to document reason for leaving.                                                      Termination

                                                                                                         HR - TRAINING
    HR.TR1       Ability to record employee licenses and certification.                                         Training
    HR.TR2       Ability to record licensing standards for different types of licenses.                         Training
    HR.TR3       Ability to track dates when certification or license expires.                                  Training
    HR.TR4       Ability to track what certifications officers hold                                             Training
    HR.TR5       Ability to track classes and licenses which they support, date issued, date expired.           Training

                 The system should provide an on-line training module which allows instructors to
    HR.TR6       setup a class, take registrations from employees, track attendance and record                  Training
                 successful completion of class in employee's record.
    HR.TR7       Ability to load training for each employee.                                                    Training
    HR.TR8       Ability to provide online testing functionality for applicant testing.                         Training
                 Ability to track employee development by class (including attendance), by date, by
    HR.TR9                                                                                                      Training
                 department, by social security number.
                 Ability to create and maintain multiple training schedules that roll up into a master
   HR.TR10                                                                                                      Training
                 training calendar.

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                Page 42
   Exhibit A - Human Resources                                    City of Coppell                     Functional and Technical Requirements

Human Resources Requirements
 Requirement #                   Business/Technical Requirement         Category    Vendor Response     Response Description

                                                                   HR - BENEFITS

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                        Page 43
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 44
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 45
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 46
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 47
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 48
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 49
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 50
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 51
Exhibit A - Human Resources   City of Coppell   Functional and Technical Requirements

4/8/2012                                                                     Page 52
   Exhibit A - Payroll                                                                            City of Coppell                                     Functional and Technical Requirements

Payroll Requirements
 Requirement #                               Business/Technical Requirement                                             Category                              Response Description
                                                                                          PAYROLL - DEDUCTIONS & PAY CODES

                 The ability to maintain rules-based FLSA overtime calculation data on the work schedule
                 code. Information should include, but not be limited to: (retroactively) Number of FLSA
    PT.DP1                                                                                                        Deductions & Pay Codes
                 work cycle days, Number of hours employee can work in the FLSA cycle without requiring
                 overtime compensation, Previous FLSA calculation date

    PT.DP2       The ability to user-define pay codes to accommodate time reporting detail information.           Deductions & Pay Codes

                 Provide ability to record employee expenses by account number and type into the system
    PT.DP3                                                                                                        Deductions & Pay Codes
                 as pay as part of a pay check.
    PT.DP4       Ability to apply deductions and benefits to a pay cycle.                                         Deductions & Pay Codes

    PT.DP5       Ability to apply various pay codes with different calculations to a single employee.             Deductions & Pay Codes

                 Ability to accommodate an unlimited number of pay codes (e.g., Regular, Holiday,
    PT.DP6                                                                                                        Deductions & Pay Codes
                 Vacation, Workers Comp, Sick, etc)
                 Ability to accommodate an unlimited number of deduction codes (e.g., Medical, Dental,
    PT.DP7                                                                                                        Deductions & Pay Codes
                 Life, TMRS, LTD, 529, etc.)
   PT.DP8        Ability to define deduction codes as needed.                                                     Deductions & Pay Codes
   PT.DP9        Ability to maintain and track multiple leave codes.                                              Deductions & Pay Codes
   PT.DP10       Ability to maintain and track multiple overtime codes.                                           Deductions & Pay Codes
    PT.PY1       Ability to have various and multiple pay cycles with unique calculations.                                Payroll
                 Abiility to support checks and direct deposit to more than 4 banks with multiple bank
    PT.PY2                                                                                                                Payroll
    PT.PY3       Ability to cut checks on site on an adhoc basis.                                                         Payroll
    PT.PY4       Ability to add, change or remove garnishments.                                                           Payroll

    PT.PY5       Ability to distinguish between part-time and full-time employees for benefit calculations.               Payroll

                 Ability to distinguish those months with three pay cycles and cease to deduct benefit
    PT.PY6                                                                                                                Payroll
                 payments for the third pay period.
    PT.PY7       Ability to perform overtime calculations based upon the following FLSA cycles:                           Payroll
   PT.PY7.1            Fire - 21 day                                                                                      Payroll
   PT.PY7.2            Police - 80 hr                                                                                     Payroll
   PT.PY7.3            General Employees - 40 hr                                                                          Payroll
    PT.PY8       Ability to calculate premium overtime rates according to FLSA.                                           Payroll

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                                          Page 53
   Exhibit A - Payroll                                                                             City of Coppell                      Functional and Technical Requirements

Payroll Requirements
 Requirement #                               Business/Technical Requirement                                      Category                       Response Description
                                                                                                    DEDUCTIONS & PAY CODES
                                                                                          PAYROLL -PAYROLL - SETUP

                 System should alert managers when overtime is entered in excess of a pre-determined
    PT.SP1                                                                                                        Setup
    PT.SP2       Ability to correct a time sheet which has already been submitted.                                Setup
                 Ability for a supervisor or other approver to correct a time sheet which has already been
    PT.SP3                                                                                                        Setup
    PT.SP4       Provide notification to an employee who enters an incomplete timesheet.                          Setup
    PT.SP5       Ability to perform retroactive compensation changes.                                             Setup
    PT.SP6       Ability to perform time off calculations (leave accruals) on different basis.                    Setup
                 Provide a display accrued time (vacation, sick, comp) available on the employee's
    PT.SP7                                                                                                        Setup
    PT.SP8       Ability to have multiple pay, overtime and holiday calculation rules.                            Setup
    PT.SP9       Ability to calculate overtime, comp time, workers compensation and regular time.                 Setup
                 Ability to verify that all equipment is returned before issuing final paycheck for terminated
   PT.SP10                                                                                                        Setup
   PT.SP11       Ability to turn on/off direct deposit as needed.                                                 Setup
   PT.SP12       Ability to pay all accrued time for terminated employees.                                        Setup
                 Ability to stop or double benefit deductions for new employees or terminated employees
   PT.SP13                                                                                                        Setup
                 based upon the day of the month.
   PT.SP14       Ability to import and export data.                                                               Setup
   PT.SP15       Ability to integrate to 3rd party payroll and benefit providers.                                 Setup
   PT.SP16       Ability to view and print pay stubs.                                                             Setup
                 Ability to view and change the following types of documents online through a self-service
   PT.SP17                                                                                                        Setup
  PT.SP17.1            W-4                                                                                        Setup
  PT.SP17.2            Pay Deductions                                                                             Setup
  PT.SP17.3            Address                                                                                    Setup
  PT.SP17.4            Direct Deposit Accounts                                                                    Setup

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                                                            Page 54
   Exhibit A - Payroll                                         City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Payroll Requirements
 Requirement #           Business/Technical Requirement                         Category                        Response Description
                                                          PAYROLL - DEDUCTIONS & PAY CODES

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                            Page 55
   Exhibit A - Payroll                                         City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Payroll Requirements
 Requirement #           Business/Technical Requirement                         Category                        Response Description
                                                          PAYROLL - DEDUCTIONS & PAY CODES

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                            Page 56
   Exhibit A - Payroll                                         City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Payroll Requirements
 Requirement #           Business/Technical Requirement                         Category                        Response Description
                                                          PAYROLL - DEDUCTIONS & PAY CODES

   4/8/2012                                                                                                                            Page 57
 Exhibit A - Utility Billing                                                                        City of Coppell                                 Functional and Technical Requirements

Utility Billing Requirements

  Requirement #                                Business/Technical Requirement                                       Category      Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                  UTILITY BILLING - GENERAL
                   Ability to maintain account history/Ability to see balance in account 'as of prior date'.
     UB.GE2        Ability to track audit changes, updates, and delete invalid user.                                General
     UB.GE3        Ability to validate customer and address entry.                                                  General
                   Provide the ability to assign the account number automatically with the ability to input the
                   route manually.                                                                                  General
                   Ability to set up customers and assign to an account based upon physical address.
     UB.GE6        Ability to receive address data electronically from GIS system.                              General
                   Ability to select an address from a validated list of addresses provided by the City's Arc
                   Info GIS system.                                                                             General
     UB.GE8        Ability to make all changes in one place and update all related locations.                   General
     UB.GE9        The system should provide a customer summary screen which provides:                          General
    UB.GE9.1             Payee                                                                                  General
    UB.GE9.2             Address                                                                                General
    UB.GE9.3             Account history                                                                        General
    UB.GE10        Need the ability to interface with the General Ledger and Accounts Payable.                  General
                                                                                             UTILITY BILLING - WORK ORDER
    UB.WO1         Provide the ability to enter and track a work order.                                       Work Order
    UB.WO2         Provide the ability to tie a work order to a specific account.                             Work Order
                   Provide the ability to set up a work order independent of any specific account (i.e. -
                   Check for an unregistered meter around the 500 blk of North Main).                         Work Order
     UB.WO3        Ability to print work order forms with acct number, name, addr, etc. by account.           Work Order
     UB.WO4        Ability to query work order by date.                                                       Work Order
     UB.WO5        Ability to generate reports on work orders:                                                Work Order
    UB.WO5.1             Completed                                                                            Work Order
    UB.WO5.2             Active                                                                               Work Order
    UB.WO5.3             Daily List                                                                           Work Order
    UB.WO5.4             By Account                                                                           Work Order
    UB.WO5.5             By Assignment/Type                                                                   Work Order
                   Provide the ability to update an account, based upon data entered in the work order with
                   water utility office approval.                                                             Work Order
    UB.WO7         The system should provide a meter read list that includes only active accounts.            Work Order
    UB.WO8         Ability to query, view and print work order history activity.                              Work Order
    UB.WO9         Ability to link equipment, hours, activities, and parts.                                   Work Order
                                                                                           UTILITY BILLING - METER READING
     UB.MR1        The system should generate a report that shows meters not read.                                Meter Reading
     UB.MR2        The system should determine abnormal readings based upon defined variables                     Meter Reading
     UB.MR3        Ability to indicate whether the read of the meter is manual or electronic.                     Meter Reading
                   Electronically load read data into software directly from badger for the trace transponder
                   or the Orion transmitter.                                                                      Meter Reading
                   The system should be able to download and upload account and meter information into
                   the City's Connect system.                                                                     Meter Reading
     UB.MR6        Generate reports on consumption (highs & lows, low reads).                                     Meter Reading
                   Ability to bill for water, trash, sewer, storm drain based on meter read or other
                   independent user defined formula.                                                              Meter Reading
     UB.MR8        Ability to calculate bills based on bill types and the account.                                Meter Reading
     UB.MR9        Ability to have multiple account types: Commercial and Residential.                            Meter Reading

                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 58
Exhibit A - Utility Billing                                                                        City of Coppell                                Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                                 Business/Technical Requirement                                        Category    Vendor Response   Response Description

                  Ability to calculate and bill at different rates based on "below" with override UTILITY BILLING - GENERAL
                                                                                                                Meter Reading
  UB.MR10.1             Size of meter                                                                           Meter Reading
  UB.MR10.2             Account type - Commercial and Residential or Bulk                                       Meter Reading
  UB.MR10.3             Services such as trash, water, sewer, stormwater                                        Meter Reading
   UB.MR11        Ability to assign 'read type' to a meter.                                                     Meter Reading
   UB.MR12        System must pro-rate accounts based on actual read cycle/service cycle.                       Meter Reading
   UB.MR13        Ability to pre-determine the monthly service period ranges.                                   Meter Reading
                                                                                               UTILITY BILLING - ADJUSTMENT
    UB.AD1        Ability to adjust account charges (recalculations, overpayments, credits, etc.).              Adjustment
                  Ability to highlight incomplete accounts and generate a report showing incomplete
                  accounts.                                                                                     Adjustment
    UB.AD3        Ability to flag accounts to prevent them from generating or calculating a bill.               Adjustment
    UB.AD4        Provide the ability to output a bill once error corrected.                                    Adjustment
    UB.AD5        Provide a query that shows exceptions and errors.                                             Adjustment
    UB.AD6        Ability to flag accounts for a final bill.                                                    Adjustment
    UB.AD7        Ability to perform multiple sample bill calculations before final calculations.               Adjustment
   UB.AD7.1             Usage bar chart/graph                                                                   Adjustment
   UB.AD7.2             Usage history                                                                           Adjustment
   UB.AD7.3             Notes                                                                                   Adjustment
   UB.AD7.4             Billing information                                                                     Adjustment
                                                                                                  UTILITY BILLING - BILLING
    UB.BI1        Provide electronic bill presentment and payment functionality.                                     Billing
                  Ability for customer to view account information and billing history online through a
                  website.                                                                                           Billing
    UB.BI3        Provide the ability to establish new service online.                                               Billing
    UB.BI4        Ability to set up new meter fees, schedules, calculations, and assessments.                        Billing
                  Ability to electronically route new meter fees for calculation to Planning, Public Works,
                  Building Inspection, GIS.                                                                          Billing
    UB.BI6        Ability to track accounts by payee, owner, tenant, and account histories.                          Billing
    UB.BI7        Ability to calculate penalties.                                                                    Billing
    UB.BI8        Ability to flag problem accounts and deactivate as necessary.                                      Billing
    UB.BI9        Ability to accommodate a flexible penalty process for delinquent accounts.                         Billing
    UB.BI10       Ability to set-up payment plans.                                                                   Billing
    UB.BI11       Ability to upload meter reading data.                                                              Billing
                  Ability to generate groups of reports, i.e. Consumption Reports, Read Reports, Unread
                  Meter Reports                                                                                      Billing
    UB.BI13       Ability to 'roll back' billing activities.                                                         Billing
                  Ability to print final bill showing deposit subtracted and sort by user defined variables, i.e.
                  account number, zip code, street.                                                                  Billing
    UB.BI15       Ability to modify bill format for single cycle or permanently.

                                                                                                                                                                               Page 59
   Exhibit A - Reporting                                                                              City of Coppell                          Functional and Technical Requirements

Reporting Requirements

  Requirement #                           Business/Technical Requirement                                     Category        Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                              REPORTING - ANALYTICAL REPORTING
                  Ability to drill down, drill up, and/or drill around (create cross tabs) to supporting
     RP.AR1                                                                                                Analytical Reporting
                  documents and related transactions
     RP.AR2       Provide the ability to perform online analytical (OLAP) reporting:                       Analytical Reporting
    RP.AR2.1            Enable slice and dice of data by dimensions                                        Analytical Reporting
    RP.AR2.2            Enable drill down on dimension hierarchies                                         Analytical Reporting
    RP.AR2.3            Provide out of the box data mining algorithms                                      Analytical Reporting
                                                                                                      REPORTING - DATA ACCESS
                  Provide out of the box Data Warehouse with denormalized data for easy
     RP.DA1                                                                                                 Data Access
     RP.DA2       Provide out of the box OLAP cubes for common subject areas.                               Data Access

     RP.DA3       Provide the ability to incorporate external data sources into the Data Warehouse.         Data Access

     RP.DA4       Provide the ability to report against external data sources.                              Data Access
                                                                                                    REPORTING - PERFORMANCE
                  Ability to notify requestor or other specified user if a query/report is going to run
     RP.PF1       longer than a user-defined period of time and give requestor/user the ability to          Performance
                  cancel the job.

     RP.PF2       Provide intelligent report/data caching to support enhance report performance.            Performance

                                                                                                  REPORTING - REPORT DELIVERY
     RP.RD1       Ability to run reports automatically and/or at specified times.                          Report Delivery
                  Ability to automatically run and email reports to specific users or distribution lists
     RP.RD2                                                                                                Report Delivery
                  at specified times.
     RP.RD3       Ability to preview reports before the report is printed.                                 Report Delivery
                  Ability to schedule and run groups of reports within a single report set (Example -
     RP.RD4                                                                                                Report Delivery
                  Month-end reconciliation reports).
     RP.RD5       Ability to save reports to a folder to support common use.                               Report Delivery
     RP.RD6       Ability to customize folder structure where reports are stored.                          Report Delivery

                                                                                                                                                                            Page 60
 Exhibit A - Reporting                                                                               City of Coppell                                 Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                           Business/Technical Requirement                                           Category          Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                               REPORTING - REPORT REPORTING
                                                                                            REPORTING - ANALYTICAL WRITER
  RP.RW1        Ability to generate ad hoc queries and reports.                                                Report Writer
  RP.RW2        Ability to run ad-hoc queries that can access any fields within the system.                    Report Writer
                Ability to query and see both the summary and detail level information on the
  RP.RW3                                                                                                       Report Writer
                same report.
  RP.RW4        Ability to run reports based on a date, date range and/or data range.                          Report Writer
                Ability to incorporate parameterized reports that prompt the user to enter values
  RP.RW5                                                                                                       Report Writer
                at run time and drive reporting results.
  RP.RW6        All report writer and viewer capabilities should utilize a web client.                         Report Writer

  RP.RW7        Ability to perform partial queries or front and back "wildcard" functionality in fields.       Report Writer

   RP.RW8       Ability for on-line inquiry access to any transaction.                                         Report Writer
   RP.RW9       Ability to create various report types and visualizations:                                     Report Writer
  RP.RW9.1            Support crosstab reports                                                                 Report Writer
  RP.RW9.2            Support tabular reports                                                                  Report Writer
  RP.RW9.3            Support graphing and charting (bar, line, scatter, combination, etc.)                    Report Writer
                      Support combination reports (multiple tabular, graphic/charts on single
  RP.RW9.4                                                                                                     Report Writer
  RP.RW9.5            Support geographic representation in reports                                             Report Writer
                Ability for technical and business users to easily create reports using a graphical
  RP.RW10                                                                                                      Report Writer
                report designer:
 RP.RW10.1            Drag and drop fields onto the report                                                     Report Writer
                      Define report filters using multiple AND and OR conditions across multiple
 RP.RW10.2                                                                                                     Report Writer
 RP.RW10.3            Define grouping and summarization of data                                                Report Writer
 RP.RW10.4            Define sort order                                                                        Report Writer
 RP.RW10.5            Provide a library of standard report functions (i.e. Top N)                              Report Writer
 RP.RW10.6            Define calculated fields using formulas                                                  Report Writer
                      Define conditional formatting (color code where values over specified
 RP.RW10.7                                                                                                     Report Writer
 RP.RW10.8            Define multiple fonts to be used within the report                                       Report Writer
 RP.RW10.9            Define other formatting (bold, italics, underline)                                       Report Writer
 RP.RW10.10           Define column widths on the report                                                       Report Writer
  RP.RW11       Provide the ability to display reports in Microsoft SharePoint Portal.                         Report Writer

  RP.RW12       Ability to extract reports to Microsoft Excel for offline analysis and viewing.                Report Writer

                                                                                          REPORTING - DASHBOARD & SCORECARD

   RP.DS1       Provide the ability to display numerous scorecard reports in a dashboard view.             Dashboard & Scorecard

   RP.DS2       Ability to customize scorecard dashboard view by department or end user.                   Dashboard & Scorecard

                Ability to define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and incorporate into the
   RP.DS3                                                                                                  Dashboard & Scorecard
                scorecard dashboard.
                Ability to group KPIs and tie to the City's various initiatives, objectives and
   RP.DS4                                                                                                  Dashboard & Scorecard
                Ability to drill down on a KPI and launch a report that provides more insight into
   RP.DS5                                                                                                  Dashboard & Scorecard
                the detail data that drives the KPI.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 61
 Exhibit A - Reporting                                                                         City of Coppell                            Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                          Business/Technical Requirement                                   Category        Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                         REPORTING - ANALYTICAL REPORTING
                Provide icons like stoplights (red, yellow, and green), and gauges that show the
   RP.DS6                                                                                        Dashboard & Scorecard
                relative significance of a KPI metric against a target benchmark.
   RP.DS7       Provide the ability to define business owner for the KPI.                        Dashboard & Scorecard
                Provide the ability for KPI owners to provide commentary on each KPI and for
   RP.DS8                                                                                        Dashboard & Scorecard
                commentary to be displayed in KPI reports.
   RP.DS9       Ability to graphically display the up or down trend of a KPI over time.          Dashboard & Scorecard
                Ability to graphically display a balance scorecard Strategy Map that depicts
  RP.DS10                                                                                        Dashboard & Scorecard
                relationships between Strategies, Objectives and Initiatives.
                                                                                           REPORTING - SECURITY & AUDIT

   RP.SA1       Utilize integrated role based security model that is used in other system modules.   Security & Audit

                Provide secure access to all reports delivered to the end users including ad-hoc
   RP.SA2                                                                                            Security & Audit
                reports, scorecards, analytical reports and operational reports:
  RP.SA2.1            Enable security at the transaction or row level                                Security & Audit
  RP.SA2.2            Enable security at the report level                                            Security & Audit
  RP.SA2.3            Enable security at the report folder level                                     Security & Audit
  RP.SA2.4            Enable security at the dimension level for analytical reporting                Security & Audit
                Utilize Microsoft Active directory for user authentication, single sign-on and
   RP.SA3                                                                                            Security & Audit

                                                                                                                                                                       Page 62
 Exhibit A - Reporting                                         City of Coppell                        Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #            Business/Technical Requirement                Category     Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                          REPORTING - ANALYTICAL REPORTING

                                                                                                                                   Page 63
  Exhibit A - Technical Architecture                                                                              City of Coppell                                  Functional and Technical Requirements

Technical Architecture Requirements

 Requirement #                                 Business/Technical Requirement                                           Category       Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                            TA - ARCHITECTURE
                 Ability for all suites/modules/applications of the solution to be fully integrated. Specifically,
    TA.AR1       updating of any data element occurs only once in a unified data model, and is then reflected          Architecture
                 throughout all applications.
                 System should be supported by a normalized data model, with all unique data elements
    TA.AR2                                                                                                             Architecture
                 occurring only once in the database.
                 System supports multi-user online inquiry and update even during the batch processing
    TA.AR3                                                                                                             Architecture
                 window and ensures data integrity, accuracy and completeness.
                 System should be web based with thin client architecture (ActiveX components are
    TA.AR4                                                                                                             Architecture
                 All database transactions whether adding, deleting or retrieving will be performed in real
    TA.AR5                                                                                                             Architecture
                 Ability to perform all major system functions (except system maintenance) in real-time or
    TA.AR6                                                                                                             Architecture
                 near real-time mode.
                                                                                                            TA - CONFIGURABLE

    TA.CF1       Provide the ability to easily configure/customize the system to meet the needs of the City.           Configurable

   TA.CF1.1            Define required fields on a screen (describe how this is accomplished)                          Configurable
   TA.CF1.2            Define data validation at the field level (describe how this is accomplished)                   Configurable
   TA.CF1.3            Define new fields on a screen (describe how this is accomplished)                               Configurable

   TA.CF1.4            Define custom business logic / calculations (describe how this is accomplished)                 Configurable

                       Modify screen layout and orientation of fields on the screen (describe how this is
   TA.CF1.5                                                                                                            Configurable

   TA.CF1.7            Define custom help text at screen or field level (describe how this is accomplished)            Configurable

                        Define custom screens/templates for fast data entry (describe how this is
   TA.CF1.8                                                                                                        Configurable
                        Define default values at the user level to speed data entry (describe how this is
   TA.CF1.9                                                                                                        Configurable
                        Customize menus by user based on their role/security (describe how this is
  TA.CF1.10                                                                                                        Configurable
    TA.CF2       Ability to input values with an implied decimal format.                                           Configurable
                                                                                                        TA - DATA MANAGEMENT
    TA.DM1       Ability to specify data archiving criteria based on configuration values.                           Data Management
    TA.DM2       Ability to reactivate/reintegrate archived data into the system.                                    Data Management

    TA.DM3       Ability to provide data archiving that is configurable by subject area (G/L, A/P, A/R, etc.)        Data Management

                 Ability to provide automated records management and/or document management for
    TA.DM5                                                                                                           Data Management
                 logging, routing and electronic archiving of documents into Laserfiche.
                                                                                                           TA - ERROR HANDLING
                 Ability to provide descriptive error messages which are understandable to non-technical
    TA.ER1                                                                                                            Error Handling
                 Validation errors are indicated at the time of entry, along with the appropriate field options
    TA.ER2                                                                                                            Error Handling
                 responses to assist user in correcting the issue.
                                                                                                                  TA - GENERAL
    TA.GE1                                                                                                       General
                 System should comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for accounting, internal controls and financial reporting.

    TA.GE2       System should post receivables into the appropriate fiscal period in the general ledger.                General

    TA.GE3       System should post transactions into the appropriate fiscal period in the general ledger.               General

                                                                                                                                                                                                Page 64
 Exhibit A - Technical Architecture                                                                           City of Coppell                                   Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                                Business/Technical Requirement                                         Category        Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                         TA - ARCHITECTURE
                                                                                                        TA - INFRASTRUCTURE
                Ability to utilize TCP/IP network connections and access system over a secure connection
   TA.IF1                                                                                                          Infrastructure
                (note which network protocols are used in you system architecture).
   TA.IF2       The system supports the City's standard technology stack                                           Infrastructure

  TA.IF2.1            Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 (note any special integration with SQL Server)            Infrastructure

  TA.IF2.2            Microsoft SharePoint 2003 (note any special integration with SharePoint)                     Infrastructure
  TA.IF2.3            Microsoft Internet Information Server V5.1 and above                                         Infrastructure
  TA.IF2.4            Novell Groupwise v 7                                                                         Infrastructure
  TA.IF2.5            Microsoft Outlook (note any special integration with Outlook)                                Infrastructure

  TA.IF2.6            Microsoft Office XP and 2003 (note any special integration with Office products)             Infrastructure

  TA.IF2.7            Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.x                                                      Infrastructure

  TA.IF2.8            Microsoft Active Directory (note any special integration with Active Directory)              Infrastructure

                System can be setup in a high availability configuration that would enable failover of the
   TA.IF3       server based components of the solution (e.g. web server, application server, database             Infrastructure
                server, etc.)
                                                                                                             TA - INTERFACE
                Ability for all modules to be image-enabled (e.g., ability to attach any electronic documents
   TA.IN1                                                                                                            Interface
                to any module).
                Provide the ability to automatically create Microsoft Active Directory users when someone is
   TA.IN2                                                                                                            Interface
                added to the HR module
   TA.IN3       The system provides out of the box integration with other key systems used by the City:              Interface
  TA.IN3.1           ESRI Geographical Information System                                                            Interface
  TA.IN3.2           LaserFiche Imaging, Document, and Records Management                                            Interface
  TA.IN3.3           ACS Firehouse (interface training info in ACS into HR module)                                   Interface
  TA.IN3.4           MCRS Municipal Courts (AR to GL interface)                                                      Interface
  TA.IN3.5           CLASS Parks and Recreation application (AR to GL interface)                                     Interface
  TA.IN3.6           Syrsi/Dymix Library System (AR to GL interface)                                                 Interface
   TA.IN4       The system provides standard mechanisms to interface with other systems:                             Interface
  TA.IN4.1           Interface electronic funds transfer via EFT, EDI, XML and ACH.                                  Interface
                     Web services interface into common functions (provide details of available web
  TA.IN4.2                                                                                                           Interface
                     Application Programming Interface (API) for common functions (provide details of
  TA.IN4.3                                                                                                           Interface
                     available API)
   TA.IN5       The system should provide various input/output interfaces:                                           Interface
  TA.IN5.1           Upload transactions from Excel or CSV file                                                      Interface
  TA.IN5.2           Download information into Excel or into CSV file format                                         Interface
  TA.IN5.3           Fax directly out of the system                                                                  Interface
  TA.IN5.4           Email directly out of the system                                                                Interface
  TA.IN5.5           Print to a network laser or impact printer as needed                                            Interface
  TA.IN5.6           Input data from bar-coding hardware/software.                                                   Interface

                                                                                                                                                                                             Page 65
 Exhibit A - Technical Architecture                                                                               City of Coppell                                    Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                                 Business/Technical Requirement                                            Category         Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                             TA ARCHITECTURE
                                                                                                            TA - -MAINTAINABILITY

                The system provides maintenance software that will periodically review the tables and
   TA.MT1                                                                                                             Maintainability
                identify any data inconsistencies and incomplete records and exception reports.

                Ability to provide for separate and distinct environments (e.g. development, testing, training,
   TA.MT2                                                                                                             Maintainability
                and production). Ability to run multiple environments on a single server.

                The product provides a full suite of utility jobs required to execute various system
   TA.MT3                                                                                                             Maintainability
                maintenance functions (please specify the utilities/functions that you provide).
                The product provides a full suite of performance tools designed to measure both online and
   TA.MT4                                                                                                             Maintainability
                batch performance of both the system and the database.
                The system should be upgradeable by city IT staff and should not require a site visit by
   TA.MT5                                                                                                             Maintainability
                vendor personnel
                The system should provide a facility to be able to make modifications to the system and for
   TA.MT6       those modifications be able to easily reapplied after vendor provided fixes and upgrades are          Maintainability
                applied to the system.
                The product source code, data analysis, and any other information are provided thereby
   TA.MT7                                                                                                             Maintainability
                giving the City complete documentation.
                                                                                                            TA - PERFORMANCE

   TA.PF1       Ability to do both on-line immediate updates as well batch processing for all transactions.           Performance

                Ability to allow mass changes or deletes by batch table-driven data with proper security,
   TA.PF2                                                                                                      Performance
                approvals and audit trails.
   TA.PF3       Software should be capable of at least 300 concurrent users.                                   Performance
                                                                                                     TA - SECURITY & AUDIT
                Ability to determine which employees are utilizing the system at any point in time, with
   TA.SA1                                                                                                            Security & Audit
                appropriate security control.

   TA.SA2       Ability to integrate with Microsoft Active Directory for authentication and authorization            Security & Audit

  TA.SA2.1            Enable single sign-on with Active Directory                                                    Security & Audit
                      Utilize Active Directory security groups and tie those groups to security profiles in the
  TA.SA2.2                                                                                                           Security & Audit

  TA.SA2.3            Utilize Active Directory to require users to change their passwords periodically               Security & Audit

                Ability to support electronic signatures and digital certificates. Specify preferred encryption
   TA.SA3                                                                                                            Security & Audit
                methodology and key management methodology.
                The ability for electronic approval of transactions to be made through the use of digital
   TA.SA4                                                                                                            Security & Audit
                signatures or through security profiles within the systems.
                Ability to provide a verification process during employee self-service that certified that
   TA.SA5       employee acknowledges and agrees to the changes that they have entered through the self-             Security & Audit
                service module.
                The ability to set up individualized security profiles for user and group access and support
   TA.SA6                                                                                                            Security & Audit
                segregation of duties through security.

                Maintain a log of unauthorized authentication and authorization within the system. Security
   TA.SA7                                                                                                            Security & Audit
                log should be accessible at any time through a report request or online query.

                System should inhibit display of passwords whenever a user is prompted to enter a
   TA.SA8                                                                                                             Security & Audit
                Provide the ability to delegate security administration responsibilities at the module level to
   TA.SA9                                                                                                             Security & Audit
                various individuals within the city
  TA.SA10       Provide an audit trail for entries and corrections made to the database.                              Security & Audit
  TA.SA11                                                                                                             Security & Audit
                Ability to maintain a transaction log containing the history of all transactions with time, date and user stamped.
                Access to the system should be strongly controlled. This includes implementing and
  TA.SA12                                                                                                             Security & Audit
                maintaining multiple levels of security including:

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 66
 Exhibit A - Technical Architecture                                                                               City of Coppell                              Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                                Business/Technical Requirement                                           Category     Vendor Response   Response Description

 TA.SA12.1           Field                                                                              TA - ARCHITECTURE
                                                                                                                Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.2           Transaction type (add, delete, modify, etc.)                                               Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.3           Form                                                                                       Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.4           Process                                                                                    Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.5           User levels                                                                                Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.6           Machine                                                                                    Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.7           File                                                                                       Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.8           Report                                                                                     Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.9           Folder                                                                                     Security & Audit
 TA.SA12.10          Menu                                                                                       Security & Audit
                The authorized security administrator will be able to create, copy, enable, disable, modify,
  TA.SA13                                                                                                       Security & Audit
                maintain and set access security for user accounts.
                                                                                                                TA - SUPPORT
                The product is supported through a product support line staffed by business and technical
   TA.SP1                                                                                                          Support
                The product is supported such that a call back will be received in one hour from the vendor
   TA.SP2                                                                                                          Support
                for priority 1 types of problems/issues.
                The vendor provides online access to a number of online support facilities which include the
   TA.SP3                                                                                                          Support
  TA.SP3.1          Online knowledge base                                                                          Support
  TA.SP3.2          Online user forum                                                                              Support
  TA.SP3.3          Online downloads for patches, releases, versions, online documentation                         Support
  TA.SP3.4          Online patch/fix/version installation instructions                                             Support
                                                                                                           TA - USABILITY
                Ability to access other input screens and modules without backing out of menus or menu
   TA.US1                                                                                                              Usability
   TA.US2       Ability to open multiple screens/windows/sessions concurrently.                                        Usability
                Ability to provide keystrokes for rapid data entry and movement from screen to screen
   TA.US3                                                                                                              Usability
                ("hotkeys", macros or coding reduction techniques).
   TA.US4       Ability to provide a consistent user interface across all components.                                  Usability
   TA.US5       Ability to highlight required elements upon data entry.                                                Usability
                The ability to use Internet/Intranet for self-service for updating personal information such as
   TA.US6       name, address, benefit enrollment, open enrollment, education, benefits changes, etc. with             Usability
                appropriate security restrictions.

                The ability to accommodate two types of on-line screens, one for high volume data entry
   TA.US8       users which will minimize keystrokes and where screen performance is very fast, and the                Usability
                other for casual users, which will provide more complete and comprehensible information.

                Provide the ability to display on-line picture of workflows and business processes in flowchart
   TA.US9                                                                                                              Usability

  TA.US10       There is a provision for non-technical, complete, and easy-to-read user documentation                  Usability

                The system provides online help features at all screen and field levels that is context
  TA.US11                                                                                                              Usability
  TA.US12       Ability to utilize standard Windows Copy, Cut and Paste functionality within the application.          Usability
                The space provided for text entry should be expandable by the user and allow word
  TA.US13                                                                                                              Usability
                wrapping and scrolling capabilities.
  TA.US14       All fields and functions should be accessible via the keyboard.                                        Usability
  TA.US15       System should be compliant with the American's with Disabilities Act.                                  Usability

                                                                                                                                                                                            Page 67
 Exhibit A - Technical Architecture                                                                          City of Coppell                                   Functional and Technical Requirements

Requirement #                                Business/Technical Requirement                                        Category        Vendor Response   Response Description

                                                                                                        TA - ARCHITECTURE
                                                                                                       TA - DATA VALIDATION

   TA.DV1       System provides field-level validation for data entry to ensure entry of complete information.   Data Validation

                Data validation should be provided though data driven lookup tables, not "hard coded" into
   TA.DV2                                                                                                      Data Validation
                the system
                List boxes, drop-down boxes, radio buttons, clearly marked exits, tabs and other easy-to-use
   TA.DV3                                                                                                      Data Validation
                options should be provided for the user to correctly enter data.
   TA.DV4       The system should validate business rules when importing data.                                 Data Validation
                                                                                                         TA - WORKFLOW
   TA.WF1       The ability to maintain work lists within the system for regular users.                            Workflow
   TA.WF2       Ability for workflow to be supported by email notification.                                        Workflow
                Provide the ability to setup pre-configure process flows in the delivered system which can
   TA.WF3                                                                                                          Workflow
                then be tailored to user’s individual needs.
                Provide the ability to electronically route various documents according to the City's business
   TA.WF4                                                                                                          Workflow
                processes. (Workflow capabilities)

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