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									Wordlist: English to French
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                  If it's a good thing that something
a good thing      happened, it is lucky that it happened.
                  If someone or something has a high level of
                  something, they have a large amount of
a high level of   that thing.

                  If someone or something has a high profile,
a high profile    they receive a lot of public attention.

a lot of          a large amount of

                  the physical or mental skill or qualities that
ability           you need to do something
                  used before a number or amount to mean
about             approximately
abruptly          suddenly and unexpectedly
                  as though you are thinking about
absent-mindedly   something else
absolutely        completely
                  to understand and remember facts that you
absorb            read or hear

                  Abstract art involves shapes and colours
abstract          and not images of real things or people.
                  related to education, schools, universities,
academic          etc

                  the way in which someone pronounces
                  words, influenced by the country or area
accent            they come from, or their social class
                  to agree to take something that is offered to
accept            you
                  when you have the right or opportunity to
access            use or see something
accidentally      by chance or by mistake
acclaim           praise from a lot of people
                  to happen or exist at the same time as
accompany         something else

accomplishment    when you succeed in doing something good

according to      as said by someone or shown by something
                  having to be responsible for what you do
accountable       and able to explain your actions
                   when you say that someone has done
accusation         something bad
                   to say that someone has done something
accuse             bad
                   to say that someone has done something
accuse             bad
                   to succeed in doing something good,
achieve            usually by working hard

                   happening or having an effect on people at
across-the-board   every level and in every area
                   to do a particular job, especially one that
act as             you do not normally do
                   very involved in an organization or planned
active             activity
                   a woman whose job is to perform in plays
actress            and films

                   a way of treating pain or illness by putting
acupuncture        thin needles into different parts of the body

                   to change a book or play so that it can be
adapt              made into a film or television programme
                   a slight change that you make to something
                   so that it works better, fits better, or is
adjustment         more suitable

                   the work of organising and arranging the
admin              operation of something such as a business
                   to agree that you did something bad, or that
admit              something bad is true
advance            happening or ready before an event
                   the business of trying to persuade people to
advertising        buy products or services
                   If something is advisable, it will avoid
advisable          problems if you do it.
                   to make a suggestion about what you think
                   someone should do or how they should do
advise             something
                   to make a suggestion about what you think
                   someone should do or how they should do
advise             something
                   someone whose job is to give advice about a
advisor            subject
                   relating to beauty and the way something
aesthetic          looks
age group          people of a particular age
agree              to have the same opinion as someone

agree              to decide something with someone

                   a clock that you can set to wake you up at a
alarm clock        particular time with a loud noise

alien              relating to creatures from another planet
alive              living, not dead
all in all            considering everything
all sorts of things   many different things
                      when you say that someone has done
                      something wrong or illegal, without proof
allegation            that this is true
                      to give some time, money, space, etc to be
allocate              used for a particular purpose
                      to make it possible for someone to do
allow                 something
all-purpose           used to do many different things

                      someone who supports you, especially
ally                  when other people are against you
                      different from something else but able to be
alternative           used instead of it
                      one of two or more things that you can
alternative (noun)    choose between

alternatively         used to give a second possibility

                      the main official sent by the government of
ambassador            a country to represent it in another country

amid                  while something else is happening
amuse                 to make someone smile or laugh
                      to keep someone interested and help them
amuse                 to have an enjoyable time
                      the process of examining the details of
analysis              something carefully

ancient               very old
                      and everything related to the subject
and all that          mentioned
and so forth          together with other similar things

and so on             together with other similar things
                      and other things, which may or may not be
and stuff             similar or related

and things            and other things of a similar type

and what have you     and other similar things
and whatnot           and other things of a similar type

                      a robot machine controlled by computer
android               which is made to look like a human
                      a spiritual creature like a human with
                      wings, who some people believe lives with
angel                 God in heaven
angle                 the way you think about a situation
                      to tell people about something officially or
announce              with force or confidence
anonymous             not giving a name

answer                a solution to a problem
                  to take orders from, obey and explain your
answer to         actions to someone

                  a medicine which cures infections by
antibiotic        destroying harmful bacteria
                  to expect something, or to prepare for
anticipate        something before it happens
anxiety           the feeling of being very worried

anywhere          in or to any place

apart from        except for or in addition to
                  to tell someone that you are sorry about
apologise         something you have done

                  something you say or write to say that you
apology           are sorry about something you have done

appalled          extremely shocked or upset
                  used to say that something seems to be
apparently        true, although it is not certain
appeal            to interest or attract someone
appear in (sth)   to perform in a film, play, etc.

appear to         to seem to
applicant         someone who applies for a job

application       an official request for a job

                  to request something, usually officially,
apply             especially by writing or sending in a form

appoint           to officially choose someone for a job
                  a time you have arranged to meet someone
appointment       or go somewhere

appreciate        to feel grateful for something

                  when someone learns the skills needed to
                  do a job by working for someone who
apprenticeship    already has skills and experience

approach          a way of doing something
                  suitable or right for a particular situation or
appropriate       person

approve           to allow or officially agree to something

                  a curved structure that usually supports
arch              something, for example a bridge or wall
                  someone who studies ancient cultures by
                  looking for and examining their buildings,
archaeologist     tools, and other objects
area              a part of a subject or activity
arise             to start to happen or exist
                      a contest in which two people try to press
                      each other's arm down to see who is
arm wrestle           stronger
                      a substance used to treat minor injuries
arnica                such as bruises

                      If the police arrest someone, they take them
                      away to ask them about a crime which they
arrest                might have committed.
artificial            not natural, but made by people

as                    because

as far as             as much as
                      used when you are talking about something
                      that must happen before something else
as long as            can happen
                      used to emphasize that someone does know
as you know           what you are referring to
                      feeling guilty or embarrassed about
ashamed               something you have done

                      to say something to someone as a question
ask                   which you want them to answer

asleep                sleeping or not awake
                      to make a judgment about the quality, size,
assess                value, etc of something
                      a piece of work or job that you are given to
assignment            do
assist                to help
assistance            help
                      to relate two things, people, etc in your
associate             mind
                      to think that something is likely to be true,
assume                although you have no proof

assurance             a promise
astonished            very surprised
astronomical          relating to astronomy
at all                in any way
at ease               feeling relaxed and comfortable

                      something that you say before you give the
at the end of the day most important fact of a situation
                      the smallest unit that an element can be
atom                  divided into

attach                to join or fix one thing to another
                      something that makes people come to a
attraction            place or want to do a particular thing
attractive            beautiful or pleasant to look at
                      a quality or characteristic that someone or
attribute             something has
                         to say that something is caused by
attribute (sth) to (sth) something else
                         a book that has been read aloud by an actor
audio book               and recorded
                         recorded information about a place such as
                         a museum that you can listen to as you visit
audio tour               it
                         certain to happen as part of the normal
automatic                process or system
                         a wide road in a town or city, often with
avenue                   trees along it
awake                    to wake up
                         a prize given to someone for something
award                    they have achieved
                         interested in and knowing a lot about a
aware                    particular subject
                         a feeling of great respect and sometimes
awe                      fear
                         a piece of plastic, metal, etc with words or
                         pictures on it that you wear on your clothes
badge                    for decoration
                         If something baffles you, you cannot
baffle                   understand it at all.
                         If something baffles you, you cannot
baffle                   understand it at all.
                         when the weight of someone or something
                         is spread in such a way that they do not fall
balance                  over
balding                  becoming bald
ball game                any game that is played with a ball
                         a type of dancing where a man and a
                         woman dance together using special steps
ballroom dancing         and music

                        a row of black lines on something you buy,
bar code                that a computer reads to find the price
                        the hard substance that covers the surface
bark                    of a tree

                        the most important part of something, from
base                    which other things can develop
                        being the main or most important part of
basic                   something
                        used to introduce a short explanation about
basically               something
                        a situation, fact, or idea from which
basis                   something can develop
                        If an activity or subject is someone's thing,
                        they are very interested in it and like doing
be someone's thing      it.

be sure to              to be certain to
be used to              to be familiar with something, having
something               experienced it many times
                        an area of sand or small stones next to the
beach                   sea
beauty               the quality of being beautiful
before long          soon
                     to think something, without being
believe              completely sure
                     to be confident that something is effective
believe in           and right
                     an electrical object that makes a ringing
bell                 sound when you press a switch

belong to            to be a member of a group or organisation
                     under something, or in a lower position
beneath              than something
                     something that helps you or gives you an
benefit              advantage
                     a colourless liquid made from petroleum,
                     from which plastics and many chemical
benzene              products can be made

besides            used to give another reason for something
                   someone or something that is better than
best (noun)        any other
                   a very popular book that many people have
bestseller         bought
                   an expression used to tell someone that
                   what you are about to say should be kept
between you and me secret

big-budget           costing a large amount of money
bilingual            using or able to speak two languages
                     connected with the natural processes of
biological           living things
                     an official document that records when and
birth certificate    where a person was born
bite                 to cut something using your teeth
bizarre              very strange and surprising
                     with dark marks on your skin caused by
black and blue       being hit or having an accident

                     when people say that someone or
blame                something is responsible for something bad
                     If a place is bleak, it is cold, empty and not
bleak                attractive.

blend                a combination of two or more things
blond                with pale yellow hair
                     to destroy something or kill someone with a
blow up              bomb
                     one of the hard pieces that make the
bone                 structure inside a human or animal
                     a large fire outside, often used for burning
bonfire              waste
boom                 a long pole that holds a microphone
bossy                always telling other people what to do
                     to hit a surface and then move quickly
bounce               away, or to make something do this
box                    a square or rectangular container
                       the part of a vehicle that makes it stop or go
brake                  more slowly
                       one of several shops, offices, etc that are
branch                 part of a company or organisation

bratty                 behaving in an unpleasant, childish way

                       If a system, relationship, or discussion
                       breaks down, it fails because there is a
break down             problem or disagreement.
                       to get into a building, car or container using
break into             force, usually to steal something
                       to suddenly stop speaking or doing
break off              something
break off              to separate from a larger piece

                    an important discovery or development
breakthrough (noun) that helps solve a problem
                    a flat, rectangular case with a handle for
briefcase           carrying documents, books, etc
briefly             for a short time
bright              full of light or shining strongly
                    to make something more colourful and
brighten (sth) up   attractive

bring along            to take someone with you
bring out the worst    to cause someone to behave badly or show
in someone             negative qualities

broad                  including a wide range of things
                       someone whose job is to speak on radio or
broadcaster            television programmes
                       made of bronze (= a shiny orange-brown
bronze                 metal)

                       a model of the Indian holy man on whose
Buddha                 life and teachings Buddhism is based
                       to increase or develop, or to make
build up               something increase or develop

bullet                 a small, metal object that is fired from a gun

                       someone who intentionally frightens a
bully                  person who is smaller or weaker than them
                       a house that has all its rooms on the ground
bungalow               floor
                       involving long and difficult dealings with
bureaucratic           officials

by that time           at that moment
                       a wire covered by plastic that carries
cable                  electricity, telephone signals, etc
                       to discover an amount or number using
calculate              mathematics
call (verb)            to ask someone to come somewhere
                   to decide that a planned event will not
call off           happen

calmly             in a relaxed way
                   a series of organised activities or events
campaign           intended to achieve a result
                   a vehicle containing a bed, kitchen
camper van         equipment, etc that you can live in
                   the land and buildings belonging to a
campus             college or university

can’t              cannot
                   a serious disease that is caused when cells
                   in the body grow in a way that is
cancer             uncontrolled and not normal

                   one of the people taking part in an election
candidate          or trying to get a job
                   the main part of a parachute, made from
canopy             cloth

caramel            a sweet made from sugar, milk, and butter

carefully          with great attention

                   one of the separate parts of a train where
carriage           the passengers sit

carry on           to continue doing something
                   a particular situation or example of
case               something

                   a book with a list of all the goods that you
                   can buy from a shop, or of all the books,
catalogue          paintings, etc that you can find in a place
                   to take part in special enjoyable activities in
                   order to show that a particular occasion is
celebrate          important

                   a measurement of temperature in which
Celsius            water freezes at 0° and boils at 100°

                   a formal event that is performed on
ceremony           important social or religious occasions
                   a board with a dark surface that you can
chalkboard         write on with chalk
                   to invite someone to compete in a game or
challenge          fight
                   to invite someone to compete in a game or
challenge          fight
                   to stop having or using one thing, and start
change (verb)      having or using another
change someone's
behaviour          to cause someone to act differently
change someone's   to cause someone to think differently or to
mind               have different beliefs

                   the way in which something is described by
characterisation   showing its main qualities
charming           pleasant or attractive

check out          to go to a place in order to see what it is like

                   the place in a large shop, especially a food
check-out          shop, where you pay for your goods
                   a general medical examination to see if you
check-up           are healthy

cheek              the soft part of your face below your eye
cheerful           bright and pleasant to look at
chemical           relating to chemistry or chemicals
                   a strong, usually wooden, container with a
chest              lid, used for keeping things in
                   Childish behaviour is silly, like that of a
childish           small child.
chilly             unpleasantly cold

choice             the things or people you can choose from
choir              a group of people who sing together
chore              a boring job that you must do
circle             to draw a circle around something
                   a complete circle that an electric current
circuit            travels around
                   facts or events that make a situation the
circumstances      way it is
                   someone who works in one of the
                   government departments responsible for
                   putting central government plans into
civil servant      action
                   a war between groups of people who live in
civil war          the same country
                   a society with well developed social
                   organisations, or the culture and way of life
civilisation       of a society
                   to say that something is true, although you
claim              have not proved it

                   to suddenly stop talking, usually because
clam up            you are embarrassed or nervous

                   to suddenly stop talking, usually because
clam up            you are embarrassed or nervous
                   having a traditional style that is always
classic            fashionable
                   with nothing dirty and everything ordered
clean and tidy     and in the right place

clean up           to make a person or place clean and tidy
clear              easy to understand or see
clear              to get rid of something
                  someone who works in an office or bank,
                  keeping records and doing general office
clerk             work
                  to change your opinion or admit that you
climb down        are wrong
                  If a business or organization closes down,
                  or if someone or something closes it down,
close down        it stops operating.
                  If a business or organisation closes down, it
close down        stops operating.
clothing          clothes, especially of a particular type

                  a sign or a piece of information that helps
clue              you to solve a problem or answer a question

                  a machine from which you can buy coffee
coffee machine    and other hot drinks by putting coins into it
colloquially      in an informal situation

combine           to do two or more activities at the same time

                  to have or achieve a particular position in a
come              race, competition, list, etc.

come across       to seem to be a particular type of person
come across
something         to find something by chance

come along        to start to exist
                  If an event or decision comes as a shock,
                  disappointment or relief, etc., it causes
come as           those feelings.
                  to talk again about something that you
come back to      mentioned earlier

come down         to fall and land on the ground
                  to become involved in a situation, story or
come in           plan

come into use     to start to be used

                  If a book, record, film, etc comes out, it
come out          becomes available for people to buy or see.

come round        to visit someone at their house
                  to be a particular total when numbers or
come to           amounts are added together
                  If a thought or idea comes to you, you
come to someone   suddenly start to think about it.
                  If a problem or difficult situation comes up,
come up           it happens.

come up with      to suggest or think of an idea or plan
                    to do something to show you remember an
                    important person or event in the past with
commemorate         respect
commercial          relating to buying and selling things

                    when you are willing to give your time and
commitment          energy to something that you believe in
                    happening often or existing in large
common              numbers
                    a language that everyone in two or more
common language     groups speaks
                    the natural ability to be practical and to
common sense        make good decisions
                    someone who is able to tell people about
                    their ideas and emotions in a way that
communicator        other people understand
                    work that someone who has committed a
                    crime does to help other people instead of
community service   going to prison
                    someone who you spend a lot of time with
companion           or go somewhere with
                    to reduce the bad effect of something, or
                    make something bad become something
compensate          good
                    to pay someone money because you are
                    responsible for injuring them or damaging
compensate          something
                    to say that something is wrong or that you
complain            are annoyed about something

                    when someone says that something is
complaint           wrong or not satisfactory

complete            used to emphasize what you are saying
                    involving a lot of different parts, in a way
complicated         that is difficult to understand
complimentary       given free, especially by a business

composition         the process of writing something
                    to agree to something that is not exactly
compromise          what you want
                    when you agree to something which is not
compromise (noun)   exactly what you want
                    If something is compulsory, you must do it
compulsory          because of a rule or law.
computer literate   able to used computers well

                    to direct your attention or efforts towards a
concentrate on      particular activity or subject
                    if we are discussing or thinking about a
concerned           particular thing

                    trusting someone's ability or believing that
confidence          something will produce good results
                    when things must be kept secret, especially
confidentiality     in an official situation
                   when you think that one person or thing is
confusion          another

connect            to join two things or places together

                   the feelings or ideas that words or actions
connotation        give in addition to their usual meanings
                   when all the people in a group agree about
consensus          something

consent            permission for someone to do something
                   the result of an action or situation,
consequence        especially a bad result

consequent         happening as a result of something
conservation       the protection of nature

conservative       not trusting sudden changes or new ideas
                   to think carefully about a decision or
consider           something you might do

considerable       large or important enough to have an effect
                   when you think about something very
consideration      carefully

consist of (sth)   to be made of or formed from something
                   always behaving or happening in a similar,
consistent         usually positive, way
consistently       without changing or stopping

                   someone who secretly plans with other
conspirator        people to do something bad or illegal
constantly         all the time or often
construct          to build something from several parts
construction       something large that is built

consumer           someone who buys or uses goods or services

                   when you communicate with someone,
contact            especially by speaking to them

                   your telephone number, email address, etc.
contact details    that people can use to talk or write to you

                   a small piece of plastic that you put on your
contact lens       eye to make you see more clearly
                   to give something or do something in order
                   to achieve something together with other
contribute         people
                   something that you do to help produce or
                   develop something, or to help make
contribution       something successful

controversial      causing a lot of disagreement or argument
                   a lot of disagreement and argument about
controversy        something
convenience       when something is convenient
conventional      traditional and ordinary
                  a continuous moving piece of rubber or
                  metal used to transport objects from one
conveyor belt     place to another
convinced         completely certain about something

cookie            a thin, flat cake that is dry and usually sweet
cool down         to become less hot
                  when you work together with someone or
cooperation       do what they ask you
                  someone who reports news for newspapers,
                  television, or radio, usually from another
correspondent     country
                  a passage in a building or train with rooms
corridor          on one or both sides

                  dishonest or immoral behaviour, usually by
corruption        people in positions of power
                  If something costs a particular amount of
                  money, you have to pay that in order to buy
cost              or do it.

cottage           a small house, usually in the countryside
                  used to express possibility, especially slight
could             or uncertain possibility
                  used to express possibility, especially slight
couldn’t          or uncertain possibility
                  work done by students as part of their
coursework        course of study

cover             to form a layer on the surface of something
                  to include or deal with a subject or piece of
cover (verb)      information

                  the American term for covering letter; a
                  letter that you send with something else, to
cover letter      explain what you are sending
                  a letter that you send with something to
                  explain what it is or to give more
covering letter   information about it

crime             something someone does that is illegal
                  someone who says that they do not approve
critic            of someone or something

criticise         to say that something or someone is bad
                  a shape with a long vertical line with a
                  shorter horizontal line across it or an object
cross             with this shape

crucial           extremely important or necessary
                  made or done in a simple way and without
crude             much skill
                  a short road with houses which is blocked
cul-de-sac        at one end
                  to make someone with an illness healthy
cure              again

curious           wanting to know or learn about something
                  important political or social events which
                  are happening in the world at the present
current affairs   time

                  all the subjects taught in a school, college,
curriculum        etc or on an educational course

                  a symbol on a computer screen which
cursor            shows the place where you are working

cut               to remove part of a film or piece of writing
                  If you cut down a tree or bush, you make it
                  fall to the ground by cutting it near the
cut down (sth)    bottom.
                  to start eating less of something that is bad
cut down on       for your health
                  to break the surface of something with a
cut into          sharp tool
                  to stop people from continuing a telephone
                  conversation by breaking the telephone
cut off           connection
                  a fixed point or level at which you stop
cut-off           including people or things
                  a document which describes your
                  qualifications and the jobs you have done,
                  which you send to an employer that you
CV                want to work for
                  to have pleasant thoughts about something
daydream          you would like to happen
                  happening every day as a regular part of
day-to-day        your job or your life
dead or alive     whether now living or not

deadline          a time by which something must be done

                  when someone performs or presents
debut             something to the public for the first time

decade            a period of ten years
                  to make someone believe something that is
deceive           not true
decent            of a satisfactory quality or level
                  to choose something after thinking about
decide            several possibilities

                  to make something look more attractive by
decorate          putting things on it or around it

dedicate          to give your energy, time, etc. completely
                believing that something is very important
dedicated       and giving a lot of time and energy to it
definitely      without any doubt
                to give someone else part of your work or
delegate        some of your responsibilities
                intentionally, having planned to do
deliberately    something
delicate        needing to be dealt with very carefully

delighted       very pleased
                where everyone has equal rights and can
democratic      help to make decisions
                to express or show that you have a feeling,
demonstrate     quality, or ability

                If one thing depends on another, the first
depend on       thing is affected by the second thing.
                the distance from the top of something to
depth           the bottom
descent         a movement down

                If something is desirable, it is very good or
desirable       attractive and most people would want it.
                used to say that something happened or is
                true, although something else makes this
despite         seem not probable
                to discover or notice something, especially
                something that is difficult to see, hear,
detect          smell, etc
                when someone continues trying to do
determination   something, although it is very difficult
                to make a telephone call to a particular
dial            number
                a form of a language that people speak in a
dialect         particular part of a country
dialogue        the talking in a book, play, or film

differ          to be different
                not easy and needing skill or effort to do or
difficult       understand
                to break or move the ground with a tool,
dig             machine, etc
                to make a liquid thinner or weaker by
dilute          adding water or another liquid to it
dining room     a room in which meals are eaten
                to put something into a liquid for a short
dip             time

                someone whose job is to live in another
                country and to keep a good relationship
                between their government and that
diplomat        country's government

                to have a different opinion from someone
disagree        else about something
disastrous          extremely bad
                    to make someone less confident or
discourage          enthusiastic about something

discover            to find something
discuss something   to talk about something in a direct and
openly              honest way

                    an illness caused by an infection or by a
disease             failure of health and not by an accident
                    If you dislocate a part of your body, the
                    bones move away from their correct
dislocate           position.
                    when you are not pleased or happy with
dissatisfaction     something
                    a very long piece of writing done as part of
dissertation        a course of study

                    a degree for which you study at home
                    rather than at a university, sending and
distance degree     receiving your work by email or post

                    a way of studying, especially for a degree,
                    where you study mostly at home, receiving
distance learning   and sending off work by post

distinction         a difference between two similar things
                    Something that is distinctive is easy to
                    recognise because it is different from other
distinctive         things.
                    to recognise the differences between two
distinguish         people, ideas, or things
                    to make someone stop giving their
distract            attention to something

                    a part of a city or country, either an official
                    area or one that is known for having a
district            particular characteristic or business
                    to interrupt what someone is doing by
disturb             making noise or annoying them
                    to make things or people separate into
divide              parts or groups

divide into         to separate something into different bits
                    the activity of swimming under water or
                    moving towards the bottom of an area of
diving              water
                    to study a subject, especially in order to
do research         discover new information about it
                    to be the largest, most important, or most
dominate            noticeable part of something
                    when money or goods are given to help a
donation            person or organisation

                    someone who gives money or goods to a
donor               person or organisation that needs help
                 an entrance to a building or room through
doorway          a door
                 windows that have two layers of glass to
double-glazing   keep a building warm or quiet
down             sad

down             to drink something quickly

downside         the disadvantage of a situation
dozen            twelve, or a group of twelve
                 a piece of writing or a plan that is not yet in
draft            its finished form

                 to use your knowledge or experience of
draw on (sth)    something to help you do something
                 to imagine something that you would like
dream            to happen
                 to decide to stop including someone or
drop             something

drop into        to fall into something
                 to stop doing something before you have
drop out         completely finished
                 to stop taking part in something before it
drop out of      has finished
due              expected or planned
                 a man of very high social rank in some
duke             parts of Europe

dump             to suddenly end a romantic relationship

durable          remaining in good condition for a long time

duration         the amount of time that something lasts
                 something you must do because it is
duty             morally or legally right

dynamic          full of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm
                 the part of a telephone that you hold near
earpiece         to your ear
earth            soil or ground
                 a change, reaction, or result that is caused
effect           by something
                 successful or achieving the result that you
effective        want

effort           the energy that you need to do something
                 used for saying that the result of two
                 different things happening would be the
either way       same
                 Your elder sister or brother is older than
elder            you.
electrify        to supply something with electricity

                 a small object through which an electric
electrode        current enters or leaves something
                   stylish or attractive in appearance or
elegant            behaviour
                   to remove something from something, or
eliminate          get rid of something
                   belonging to the richest, most powerful,
                   best educated or most skilful group in a
elite              society

embarrass          to make someone feel ashamed or shy
                   to appear from somewhere or come out of
emerge             somewhere
                   the male ruler of an empire (=group of
                   countries ruled by one person or
emperor            government)

                   the extra force that you give to a word or
emphasis           part of a word when you are saying it
                   to show that something is especially
emphasise          important or needs special attention

                   to make someone able to do something, or
enable             to make something possible

end up             to finally be in a particular place or situation
                   to have something as the result of doing
end up with        something
                   the ability to keep doing something
                   difficult, unpleasant, or painful for a long
endurance          time
                   a country or army that your country or
enemy              army is fighting against in a war
engage in (sth)    to take part in something
enormous           extremely large
                   to ask someone for information about
enquire            something

                   to make certain that something is done or
ensure             happens
enter              to start working in a particular job
                   someone whose job is to entertain people
entertainer        by singing, telling jokes, etc
                   when you feel very interested in something
                   and would very much like to be involved in
enthusiasm         it

enthusiastically   with great excitement, pleasure and interest

entire             whole or complete
                   to give someone the right to do or have
entitle            something
                   If you are entitled to something, you have a
entitled to        right to have or do it.
                   the air, land, and water where people,
environment        animals, and plants live
                   when everyone is equal and has the same
equality           opportunities, rights, etc
                 when you show that two amounts are equal
equation         using mathematical symbols
                 a period of time in history that is special for
era              a particular reason

erect            to build or put up a structure
erect            to build or put up a structure

                 when someone succeeds in getting out of a
escape           place or a dangerous or bad situation

essential        very important and necessary
                 used when you are emphasising the basic
essentially      facts about something
                 to start a company or organisation that will
establish        continue for a long time
                 used at the end of a list to show that other
                 things or people could also be added to it;
et cetera        often abbreviated as etc

ethical          relating to what is right or wrong
                 Someone's ethnicity is what race or culture
ethnicity        they are from.
euphoric         extremely happy and excited
                 used to emphasize that a particular
                 situation would not change what you have
even if          just said

                 a series of classes for adults in a particular
evening course   subject that happens in the evening
                 something that makes you believe that
evidence         something is true or exists

exactly          used to emphasize what you are saying
                 to look at someone or something very
                 carefully, especially to try to discover
examine          something
execute          to kill someone as a legal punishment
expect           to think that something will happen
                 an organised journey, especially a long one
expedition       for a particular purpose

                 knowledge that you get from doing a job, or
experience       from doing, seeing, or feeling something

                 someone who has a lot of skill in something
expert           or a lot of knowledge about something
expertise        skill

                 to go around a place where you have never
explore          been in order to find out what is there
                 to show what you think or how you feel
express          using words or actions
                 to stretch over a particular object or area of
extend           land
external              relating to the outside part of something
extraordinary         very special, unusual, or strange
extravagant           costing a lot
extremely             very, or much more than usual
                      If two people make eye contact, they look at
eye contact           each other at the same time.
eyesight              the ability to see

                      a building, area, etc that looks ugly
eyesore               compared to the things that are around it

face a challenge      to have to deal with something difficult
                      to start to accept that a difficult situation
face up to            exists

face-to-face          directly, meeting someone in the same place
                      learning which happens as a result of
                      spending time with a teacher and talking
face-to-face learning with them
fairly                more than average, but less than very

famous                known or recognized by many people
                      a situation or event that you imagine, which
fantasy               is not real or true
far                   very much
                      land which is used for or suitable for
farmland              farming

fascinated            extremely interested
fascinating           extremely interesting

fatal                 A fatal accident or illness causes death.
fatigue               when you feel very tired

favour                when people like something or someone

                      a strong, unpleasant feeling that you get
                      when you think that something bad,
fear                  dangerous, or frightening might happen
feasible              possible to do
                      an amount of money that you pay to do
                      something, to use something, or to get a
fee                   service
feebly                in a way that is unskilful or ineffective

                      an opinion from someone about something
feedback              that you have done or made

feel                  to think something or have an opinion
                      describes someone who has the same job or
                      interests as you, or is in the same situation
fellow                as you

                      to touch or move things with your fingers
fiddle with (sth)     because you are nervous or bored
                  to keep making small movements with your
                  hands or feet because you are nervous or
fidget            bored

                  to finally understand or find the solution to
figure out        something, after thinking for a while

                  a collection of information and documents
file              about someone or something

                  the activity of putting a file onto a special
                  place on your computer so that many other
                  people can copy it, look at it, or use it by
file sharing      using the Internet

finally           after a long time or some difficulty
                  to think or feel a particular way about
find              someone or something
                  to discover something or someone that you
find out          have been searching for
                  an amount of money that you must pay for
fine              breaking a law or rule
                  the hard, thin part on the top of the end of
fingernail        your finger
                  the mark made on something by the
                  pattern of curved lines on the end of
fingerprint       someone's finger

                  a small object that explodes to produce a
                  loud noise and bright colours and is often
firework          used to celebrate special events
                  basic medical treatment that you give
                  someone who is ill or injured in an
first aid         emergency
                  the language that someone learns to speak
first language    first
first thing       at the earliest time in the day
                  healthy, especially because you exercise
fit               regularly

                  looking too bright, big, and expensive, in a
flashy            way that is intended to get attention

flavour           the taste of a particular type of food or drink

flesh-and-blood   involving a real person who is present
                  an illness like a very bad cold, that makes
flu               you feel hot and weak
                  to give a lot of attention to one particular
focus on          subject
                  to give a lot of attention to one particular
focus on sth      person, subject or thing
                  giving a lot of attention to one particular
focused           thing
follow            to understand something
follow              to be interested in an event or activity

football club       a club for people who play football

for instance        for example
for instance        for example
for me              used to introduce your opinion

                    used for saying that there are a number of
for one reason or   reasons for something but that you are not
another             going to explain them now
forbidden           not allowed, especially by law
                    the lower part of your arm between your
                    hand and your elbow (=the place where it
forearm             bends)
                    written or spoken in a language that is not
foreign-language    your own
forever             for all time in the future

formal              public or official
                    a plan or method that is used to achieve
formula             something
                    to break something hard such as a bone, or
fracture            a piece of rock
fragile             easily broken, damaged, or destroyed
                    a structure that goes around the edge of
                    something such as a door, picture, window,
frame               or mirror

frankly             in an honest and direct way

                    able to live, happen, or exist without being
free                controlled by anyone or anything
free of charge      costing nothing
                    the right to live in the way you want, say
                    what you think, and make your own
                    decisions without being controlled by
freedom             anyone else
                    a line or border between two countries or
frontier            areas
                    a course which someone does for the whole
full-time course    of a working week
fundamentally       in a basic and important way
                    when you collect money for a particular
fundraising         purpose
                    a ceremony for burying or burning the body
funeral             of a dead person

funnily enough      although it seems strange and surprising

furiously           in a very angry way

                    far: at or to a place or time that is a longer
further             distance away
future                 the time which is to come
futurologist           someone who studies the future
gain                   to get something useful or positive
                       a very large group of stars held together in
galaxy                 the universe
                       someone who plays games, especially
gamer                  computer games

                       someone who works in a garden, growing
gardener               plants and making it look attractive

                       to think something is true because you have
gather                 heard or seen information about it

                       a set of parts in a motor vehicle or bicycle
gear                   that control how fast the wheels turn
                       someone or something that you like very
gem                    much and think is very special
                       used to introduce a statement that is
generally speaking     mainly or usually true
                       giving other people a lot of money,
generous               presents, or time in a kind way
                       a polite word for 'man', used especially
                       when talking to or about a man you do not
gentleman              know
                       If something is genuine, it is really what it
genuine                seems to be.
get                    to obtain or buy something

get an idea from       to develop a thought about something that
something              you want to do as a result of something else
                       to be able to live or deal with a situation
                       with difficulty, usually by having just
                       enough of something you need, such as
get by                 money
                       to communicate with someone by
get in touch           telephoning them, writing, etc.

get someone talking to make people want to speak

                       to become familiar with something or
get used to            someone, after experiencing it many times
something              or spending a lot of time with them
                       the spirit of a dead person which appears to
ghost                  people who are alive
                       extremely big, or much bigger than other
giant                  similar things
                       a pale brown root with a strong taste used
ginger                 as a spice in cooking

give                 to provide someone with something
                     to use something for the first time to find
give something a try out if it is suitable or effective
                     If you give up a habit such as smoking, or
                     give up something unhealthy such as
give up              alcohol, you stop doing it or having it.
                     to stop doing something before it is
                     finished because it is too difficult or it is not
give up on           successful
glad                 happy about something

glamorous            attractive in an exciting and special way
global               relating to the whole world

glue                 a substance used to stick things together
                     to stick something to something else with
glue                 glue
go ahead             to start to do something
go along with        to agree with someone's opinion
go away              to disappear

                     If two things go hand in hand, they exist
go hand in hand      together and are connected with each other.
go into              to move towards the inside of
                     If something that makes a noise goes off, it
go off               suddenly starts making a noise.

go on                to last for a particular period of time
                     to stop being used, having been replaced by
go out of use        something newer
                     to try very hard to do something, especially
go out of your way   for someone else
go over              to study or explain something
go with something    to choose to accept a particular thing
                     something you want to do successfully in
goal                 the future
                     a female spirit that people pray to and who
                     they believe has control over parts of the
goddess              world or nature
good                 suitable or satisfactory

good at              able to do something well
                     something you say when you are surprised
good lord            or angry
                     able to deal with something or someone
good with            well
                     kind, friendly, or helpful feelings towards
goodwill             other people

                     a number or letter that shows how good
grade                someone's work or performance is
gradually            slowly over a period of time

                     someone who has studied for and received
graduate             a degree (=qualification) from a university

                     to complete your education successfully at
graduate             a university, college, or, in the US, at school
grandchild           the child of your son or daughter

gratitude            the feeling or quality of being grateful
                     relating to nature and protecting the
green                environment
grow                 to start to do something gradually
                     to make certain that something is true or
guarantee            will happen

guidance             help or advice
                     an organisation of people who have the
guild                same job or interests
                     someone who plays the guitar, especially as
guitarist            their job
                     the natural environment of an animal or
habitat              plant
                     to use a computer to illegally get into
                     someone else's computer system and read
hack                 the information that is kept there

                     an artificial covering of hair used to hide an
hairpiece            area of the head where there is no hair

half                 one of two equal parts of something; 1 2 ;
halfway              in the middle of a period of time
hammer (sth) into    to repeat something to someone a lot of
(sb)                 times until they remember it
handle               to deal with something

handle (+_ing)       to deal with something
                     the action of taking someone's right hand
                     and shaking it when you meet or leave each
handshake            other

                     physically doing something and not only
hands-on             studying it or watching someone else do it

happy                satisfied and not worried

happy with           satisfied and pleased with

harden               to become hard and stiff
                     If a ghost or other creature haunts a place,
haunt                it appears there often.

have a tendency to   to often do something
                     to have a short conversation with someone
                     about a particular subject, usually with no
have a word          one else present
                     to be considering something, intending to
have in mind         do something
headteacher          the person in charge of a school
heal                 to make a person healthy again
                    when you make regular payments to an
                    insurance company in exchange for that
                    company paying most or all of the costs of
health insurance    your medical care
                    Health-conscious people try to keep
health-conscious    themselves healthy.
                    according to some religions, the place
heaven              where good people go when they die

heavily             a lot or to a great degree
heights             high places
                    to help someone, especially by giving them
help out            money or working for them
                    in several different places but without any
here and there      pattern
                    when someone is considered by most
                    people to be important and a lot of respect
high status         and admiration is felt for them
                    using technology that provides very clear,
high-definition     detailed images
                    to emphasize something or make people
highlight           notice something
                    involving pressure which is greater than
high-pressure       usual
                    to take control of an aircraft during a
hijack              journey, especially using violence
                    a person who goes for a long walk in the
hiker               countryside
                    important in history or likely to be
historic            important in history
historically        in a way that is connected to history
                    an attempt to make people believe
hoax                something which is not true

hold sway           to have power or a very strong influence

hold together       to make something stay in one piece
hollow              having a hole or empty space inside

homeless            without a place to live
                    Homeopathic medicines use extremely
                    small amounts of natural substances to
homeopathic         treat illnesses.
                    a way of treating illnesses using very small
homeopathy          amounts of natural substances
                    the first page that you see when you look at
homepage            a website on the Internet
                    feeling sad because you are away from your
homesick            home

honest              sincere and telling the truth
                    to get together with someone in order to do
hook up with (sb)   something

hope                to want something to happen or be true
                  used, often at the start of a sentence, to
hopefully         express what you would like to happen

horrified         very shocked
                  someone who invites people to a meal or a
host              party, or to stay in their home
                  a place where natural hot water comes up
hot spring        out of the ground
                  feelings, qualities, and behaviour that are
human nature      typical of most people
                  the department of an organisation that
                  deals with finding new people to work
                  there, keeping records about all the
                  organisation's employees, and helping
human resources   them with any problems
                  describes someone who has been made to
humiliated        feel ashamed or stupid
hunt              a search for something or someone
                  a mental state like sleep, in which a
                  person's thoughts can be easily influenced
hypnosis          by someone else
                  an understanding, thought, or picture in
idea              your mind
                  a stupid person or someone who is
idiot             behaving in a stupid way

                  used when you want to say how doing
                  something simple would make it possible to
if only           avoid something unpleasant
                  to pay no attention to something or
ignore            someone
illness           a disease of the body or mind
illness           a disease of the body or mind

                  the use of words or pictures in books, films,
imagery           paintings, etc to describe ideas or situations
imaginary         not real but imagined in your mind
                  the ability to create ideas or pictures in
imagination       your mind
                  Something which is imaginative is new or
imaginative       clever and often unusual.
                  to create an idea or picture of something in
imagine           your mind
                  happening or done without waiting or very
immediate         soon after something else
                  when someone comes to live in a different
immigration       country

                  the effect that a person, event, or situation
impact            has on someone or something
                  to make a law, system, plan, etc start to
implement         happen or operate
implode          to fall towards the inside with force
                 to suggest or show something, without
imply            saying it directly

important        valuable, useful, or necessary
                 to officially order that a rule, tax,
impose           punishment, etc will happen
                 If an action or event is impossible, it cannot
impossible       happen or be done.
                 an idea, feeling, or opinion about
impression       something or someone

                 Someone or something that is impressive
impressive       makes you admire and respect them.

in addition      as well

in agreement     having the same opinion
in and out       into and out of a place

                 used to give another reason for something
in any case      that you are saying, or that you have done
                 being the person who controls or is
in charge of     responsible for someone or something
                 used before saying the truth about
                 something, usually when it is not what you
in fact          would expect

                 If you are in favour of a plan or an idea, you
in favour        agree with it or approve of it.
                 in order to celebrate or show respect for
in honour of     someone or something
in part          partly
in particular    especially
in place         in the correct position

in response to   as a reaction to
in that case     because of the mentioned situation
                 preventing someone from doing what they
in the way       want to do
in two minds     unable to decide about something

in use           used

inactive         not active or working
                 a unit for measuring length, equal to 2.54
inch             centimetres
                 an event, especially one that is bad or
incident         unusual

include          to make something part of something else
                 not able to do your job, or things that you
incompetent      are expected to do, successfully
                 when something causes difficulty such as
inconvenience    unexpected changes or effort
incredibly       extremely
                 someone or something that has an effect on
influence        another person or thing

inform           to tell someone about something
inform           to tell someone about something
                 when someone puts a drug into your body
injection        using a needle
                 a coloured liquid that you use for writing,
ink              printing, or drawing
inn              a small hotel in the countryside

                 Inner feelings, thoughts, etc are ones that
inner            you do not show or tell other people.
                 a quality in someone's character that allows
                 them to stay calm and succeed in difficult
inner strength   situations
innocent         not guilty of committing a crime

innovative       using new methods or ideas

                 the ability to understand what something is
insight          really like, or an example of this

insist on        to demand something forcefully
                 a sudden good idea about what you should
inspiration      do
                 to give someone an idea for a book, play,
inspire          painting, etc
                 to make someone feel that they want to do
inspire          something and can do it
                 to put a piece of equipment somewhere and
install          make it ready to use
                 to say or do something to someone that is
insult           rude and offensive
intend           to want and plan to do something
intend           to have as a plan or purpose

interact         to talk and do things with other people
interior         the inside part of something
                 between the highest and lowest levels of
intermediate     knowledge or skill
                 inside a person, object, organisation, place
internally       or country
                 a period of time spent doing a job as part of
internship       becoming qualified to do it
                 a meeting in which someone asks you
                 questions to see if you are suitable for a job
interview        or course
                 If someone or something intrigues you,
intrigue         they interest you very much.
                 If someone or something intrigues you,
intrigue         they interest you very much.
introduce someone    to help someone to experience something
to something         for the first time
                     alone and not having help or support from
isolated             other people
                     a single thing in a group of things or on a
item                 list
jammed               full of people

jocular             funny or intended to make someone laugh
joke                to say funny things, or not be serious
                    something or someone that makes you feel
joy                 very happy
                    a sudden movement off the ground or off a
jump                high place
                    an area of land, usually in tropical
                    countries, where trees and plants grow
jungle              close together
junior              low or lower in rank
                    behaviour or treatment that is fair and
justice             morally correct
                    to have something permanently or for the
keep                whole of a period of time
                    to go to a meeting or event that has been
keep an appointment arranged

                     to hope that things will happen in the way
keep my fingers      that you want them to, sometimes putting
crossed              one finger over another to bring good luck
                     to continue without stopping or changing
                     or to continue something without allowing
keep up              it to stop or change

                     to move at the same speed as someone or
                     something that is moving forward so that
keep up with (sb)    you stay level with them
                     When a football match or other event kicks
kick off             off, it starts.
                     something that makes something start to
kickstart            happen

                     to go down into or stay in a position where
kneel                one or both of your knees are on the ground
                     a place where pieces of string, rope, etc
knot                 have been tied together
                     information and understanding that you
knowledge            have in your mind
laboratory           a room used for scientific work
                     to not have something, or not have enough
lack                 of something
                     a building that you can easily recognize,
                     especially one that helps you to know where
landmark             you are
                     the appearance of an area of land,
landscape            especially in the countryside
                 communication between people, usually
language         using words
                 a strong beam of light that has medical and
laser            technical uses
                 a group of teams which compete against
league           each other in a sport
                 to not take something with you when you
                 go away from a place, either intentionally
leave            or by accident

                 a formal talk given to a group of people in
lecture (noun)   order to teach them about a subject
                 the process of going to court so that a
legal action     decision can be made officially by law
                 If a bank lends money, it gives money to
                 someone who then pays the money back in
lend             small amounts over a period.

                 A person's life's work is the work which is
                 most important to them and to which they
life’s work      give a lot of time and effort
lifelong         for all of your life

lifetime         the period of time that someone is alive
                 similar to or in the same way as someone or
like             something

limitation       a rule or situation that limits something
linguistic       relating to language or linguistics
                 to make a connection between two or more
link             people, things, or ideas
liquefy          to change into a liquid form

                 a substance, for example water, that is not
liquid           solid and that can be poured easily

listener         someone who listens
                 having the real or original meaning of a
literally        word or phrase
                 pieces of paper and other waste that are left
litter           in public places

load             A load of something is a lot of that thing.
                 to find the exact position of someone or
locate           something
                 If something is located in a particular place,
locate           that is where it is.

logging          the activity of cutting down trees for wood

logical          using reason

                 a design or symbol used by a company to
logo             advertise its products
long term        continuing a long time into the future
long-lasting          continuing for a long period of time
long-term             continuing a long time into the future
look at               to consider a subject carefully

look forward to       used at the end of a formal letter to show
(+_ing)               that you hope to hear from someone soon
                      thinking about and planning for what will
looking ahead         happen in the future
lose your temper      to suddenly become very angry

low-key               not attracting attention
low-quality           of a poor standard
lyrics                the words of a song
                      more than half of a group of people or
majority              things

make                  to produce or create something
make good use of      to use something effectively, with good
something             results

                   to understand or think about someone or
make of            something in a particular way
                   to have a meaning or reason that you can
make sense         understand
                   to cause someone to have doubts about
                   something or to consider something very
make someone think seriously
make something
feel (+ adj)       to cause something to seem a particular way
                   to take action so that you are certain that
make sure          something happens, is true, etc

make up one's mind to decide something
                   a serious disease that you can get in hot
                   countries if a mosquito (=small insect)
malaria            bites you

malfunction           a failure to work or operate correctly

manage                to be in control of an office, shop, team, etc
                      to control someone or something in a
                      clever way so that they do what you want
manipulate            them to do
                      the way in which a person talks and
manner                behaves with other people
                      to produce something, usually in large
manufacture           numbers in a factory
                      to represent an area of land in the form of a
map                   map
marine                found in the sea, or relating to the sea

                      the activity of rubbing or pressing parts of
                      someone's body in order to make them
massage               relax or to stop their muscles hurting
massive               very big
master             someone who does something very well

                   The maximum amount of something is the
maximum            largest amount that is allowed or possible.
                   used to talk about what is possibly true or
may                will possibly happen

                   If you say that something may well happen,
may well           you mean that it is likely to happen
mean               to have a particular meaning

                   in the time between two things happening,
meanwhile          or while something else is happening
                   a way of achieving something or dealing
measure            with a situation
                   a metal disc given as a prize in a
                   competition or given to someone who has
medal              been very brave

medicine           a substance used to cure an illness or injury

                   to think calm thoughts for a long period in
meditate           order to relax or as a religious activity
                   a person who belongs to a group or an
member             organization
                   relating to the mind, or involving the
mental             process of thinking
                   to briefly speak or write about something or
mention            someone

mention            a brief remark

                   an experienced person who gives help and
mentor             advice to someone with less experience
                   a piece of electrical equipment for
                   recording or broadcasting sounds, or for
microphone         making sounds louder
                   a piece of scientific equipment which uses
                   lenses (=pieces of curved glass) to make
microscope         very small objects look bigger

middle-aged        in the middle of your life before you are old

might have         used to talk about what was possibly true
                   When weather is mild, it is less cold than
mild               you would expect.
                   If you do not mince your words, you say
                   what you mean directly, even if this upsets
mince your words   people.

mind               to be annoyed or worried by something
                   an underground system of holes and
                   passages where people dig out coal or other
mine               minerals
miniature          extremely small
                   The minimum amount of something is the
                   smallest amount that is allowed, needed, or
minimum            possible.
                   a politician who is responsible for a
                   government department or has an
minister           important position in it

miss               to not do an activity
                   when someone does not understand
misunderstanding   something correctly
                   to (cause different substances to) combine,
                   so that the result cannot easily be separated
mix                into its parts
                   If you have mixed feelings about
                   something, you are pleased and not pleased
mixed feelings     at the same time.
                   when there is a mistake because things are
mix-up             confused
                   using the newest ideas, design, technology,
modern             etc and not traditional

                   If you are modest, you do not talk in a
modest             proud way about your skills or successes.
                   the smallest unit of a substance, consisting
molecule           of one or more atoms
monolingual        using only one language
                   a statue or building that is built to honour a
monument           special person or event

                   a small motorcycle which also has
                   pedalsparts which you press with your feet
                   to move forward which can be used when
moped              starting it or travelling up a hill

more or less       almost

morning glory      a type of flower which opens in the morning

mortified          very embarrassed
                   the first language you learn when you are a
mother tongue      baby
                   to make someone enthusiastic about doing
motivate           something

                   to change place or position, or to make
move               something change place or position
                   to go forwards towards the end of
move along         something
                   to change from one subject to another
move on            when you are talking or writing
movie              a film
                   to think carefully about something for a
mull over          long time

multilingual       using or speaking more than two languages
multi-task             to do several activities at the same time

                       used to show that you think something is
must                   very likely or certain to be true
                       something strange or unknown that cannot
mystery                be explained or understood

                       If something mystifies someone, they
                       cannot understand or explain it because it
mystify                is confusing or complicated.
                       a thin piece of metal with a sharp end, used
nail                   to join pieces of wood together

narrative              a story or description of a series of events

                       to make something, for example a list or a
                       choice, smaller and clearer by removing the
narrow (sth) down      things that are less important

                       Something that is natural exists or happens
                       because of nature, not because it was made
natural                or done by people.

nearly                 almost

nearly all          all except a very small number of
                    The next time, event, person, or thing is the
                    one nearest to now or the one that follows
next                the present one.
                    having no more qualities or advantages
no better than      than
no way              certainly not
                    to officially suggest a person or their work
nominate            for a prize
                    If something is none of someone's
                    business, they do not need to know about
                    it, although they want to, because it does
none of my business not affect them.
                    always trying to find out private things
nosy                about other people
                    If you wouldn't mind doing something, you
not mind (+ –ing)   are willing to do it.
                    to not think someone or something is good
not think much of   or important
                    a cut in the shape of the letter V on the edge
notch               or surface of something
                    words that you write down to help you
note                remember something
novel               new or different from anything else
novelist            a person who writes novels
                    at the present time, especially when
nowadays            compared to the past
                    relating to the energy that is released when
                    the nucleus (=central part) of an atom is
nuclear             divided
null                  having no substance or value
                      a type of grain that people eat or feed to
oat                   animals
                      to do what you are told to do by a person,
obey                  rule, or instruction

objective             something that you are trying to achieve
                      If you are obliged to do something, you
obliged to            have to do it.

observe               to watch someone or something carefully
obsolete              not used now
obtain                to get something
obvious               easy to understand or see

obviously             in a way that is easy to understand or see

occur                 to happen, often without being planned

                      various things of different types, usually
odds and ends         small and not important or of little value
                      away from the direction in which a ship,
off course            aircraft, etc. should be moving
offensive             likely to make people angry or upset
offer                 to give or provide something
                      to say that you will pay a particular amount
offer                 of money

                      when someone tells a person in authority
official complaint    that something is wrong or not satisfactory

                      a language that has a special importance in
                      a country, often the language used in its
official language     courts and parliament

old days              a period in the past
                      used for adding emphasis to questions,
                      often when the speaker is surprised or
on earth              angry

on the grounds that   for the reason that

                      used for introducing an opposite opinion or
on the other hand     way of thinking about something

on the way            going to happen soon
                      a way of learning that involves the use of
online learning       computers and the Internet

open                  not closed or fastened
                      If someone has an open mind, they
                      consider ideas and opinions that are new or
open mind             different to their own.
                   If an organisation or business operates, it is
                   working, and if you operate it, you manage
operate            it and make it work.
                   to make a machine or piece of equipment
operate            do what it is designed to do
                   a thought or belief about something or
opinion            someone
                   being too certain that your strong opinions
opinionated        are correct
                   a situation in which it is possible for you to
                   do something, or a possibility of doing
opportunity        something
                   If you are opposed to a plan or activity, you
                   disagree with it and want to stop it or
opposed to (sth)   change it

option             a choice
                   the cause of something, or where
origin             something begins or comes from
                   special and interesting because of not being
original           the same as others

other side         the opposite way of considering a situation
                   used when saying what will happen if
                   someone does not obey an order or do what
otherwise          has been suggested
out                no longer included
                   not right or suitable for a particular
out of place       situation
                   more than a particular amount, number, or
over               age
                   to deal with and control a problem or
overcome           feeling
                   to hear what someone is saying when they
overhear           are not talking to you
                   If something is overrated, it is considered
                   to be better or more important than it
overrated          really is.
                   to watch work as it is done in order to make
oversee            certain that it is done correctly
                   to go past a vehicle or person that is going
overtake           in the same direction

owe                to have to pay money back to someone

painkiller         a drug which reduces pain
                   a tall tree with long leaves at the top which
palm tree          grows in hot countries
                   a large, black and white animal that lives in
panda              forests in China
                   a small piece of metal used to hold several
paperclip          pieces of paper together
                a large piece of cloth which is fixed to your
                body by strings and helps you to drop safely
parachute       from an aircraft

participant     someone who is involved in an activity
pass through    go from one side to the other
                a long, narrow space that connects one
passage         place to another
passion         when you like something very much
                a secret word that allows you to do
password        something, such as use your computer
patient         having patience
                to cover a path or road with flat stones,
pave            bricks, concrete, etc
                a path by the side of a road that people walk
pavement        on

                a large tent that is used for outside events
pavilion        or a decorative building in this shape
peculiar        strange, often in an unpleasant way

                someone who you write friendly letters to
pen friend      regularly, but you have never met
                the ability to deal well with people and
                form good relationships with them,
people skills   especially at work

perfectly       used to emphasise the word that follows
                A persistent person continues to do
                something although other people do not
persistent      want them to.
                relating to the private parts of someone's
                life, including their relationships and
personal        feelings
                the quality of having a very strong or
personality     interesting character
                used when you are going to give your
personally      opinion

                the department of an organisation that
                deals with finding people to work there,
personnel       keeping records about them, etc

perspective     the way you think about something

persuasive      able to make people agree to do something
                something that exists or happens, usually
phenomenon      something unusual
                to make a copy of a document with a
                machine which produces copies of
photocopy       documents using light and electricity

physically      in a way that relates to the body
physicist       someone who studies physics
                 treatment for illness or injury in which you
physiotherapy    practise moving parts of your body
                 to lift someone or something using your
pick up          hands, a tool or a machine
                 a small, hard piece of medicine that you
pill             swallow
                 a container that is filled with sweets or
                 small presents and is hit with sticks until it
piñata           breaks, used at celebrations
                 using ideas and methods that have never
pioneering       been used before
                 someone who attacks ships and steals from
pirate           them
                 a small point that forms part of the image
pixel            on a computer screen

place            to put something in a particular position
                 a substance that is not a medicine but
                 which a patient takes, thinking it is a
                 medicine. The purpose of a placebo is
                 either to make a patient feel better because
                 they think they have been treated, or to
                 compare the effect of no medicine with the
                 effect of medicine when it is given to other
placebo          patients.
                 to annoy someone, especially by asking
plague           repeated questions.
                 to decide what you are going to do in
plan ahead       advance
                 a large, round object in space that moves
planet           around the sun or another star

play a part in   to be involved in something
poet             someone who writes poems
                 an opinion, idea, or fact which someone
point            says or writes
                 to make a person notice someone or
                 something, usually by telling them where
                 they are or by holding up one of your
point out        fingers towards them

                 a game played with cards in which people
poker            try to win money from each other

                 a long, thin stick made of wood or metal,
pole             often used to hold something up
                 a set of ideas or a plan of what to do in
                 particular situations that has been agreed
policy           by a government, business, etc

                 when people are asked questions to
poll             discover what they think about a subject
                      a collection of designs, pictures,
                      documents, etc that represents a person's
                      work, or the large, flat container that it is
portfolio             carried in
                      a painting, drawing, or photograph of
portrait              someone

                      If a book or film portrays someone or
portray               something, it describes or shows them.

position              a job

                      Something that is positive makes you feel
positive              better about a situation.
possess               to have or own something

                      a chance that something may happen or be
possibility           true

                    a course of study that a person does after
postgraduate course they have received their first degree
                    a round container, usually used for storing
pot                 things or cooking

potentially           possibly
pour into             to make a liquid flow into something
                      suitable or useful for a situation which may
practical             involve some difficulty
                      when you repeat an activity to improve
practice              your ability
prayer                the words you say to a god
                      when someone or something is considered
                      more important than another person or
precedence            thing

                      behaving in a very formal and unnatural
                      way by giving too much attention to details
                      that are not important and trying too hard
precious              to be perfect.

precise               used to give exact details of something
                      to say what you think will happen in the
predict               future
prepared to           willing to
                      to say what medical treatment someone
prescribe             needs

present               to give people information in a formal way

                      to keep something the same or prevent it
preserve              from being damaged or destroyed

                      when someone tries to make someone else
pressure              do something by arguing, persuading, etc.
                      when you stop something from happening
prevention            or stop someone from doing something
                      a feeling of satisfaction at your
                      achievements or the achievements of your
pride                 family or friends
                      the daughter of a king or queen, or one of
princess              their close female relatives
                      a basic idea or rule which explains how
principle             something happens or works
                      to produce writing or images on paper with
print onto            a machine
prior to (sth)        before a particular time or event

                      something that is very important and that
priority              must be dealt with before other things
                      a place where criminals are kept as a
prison                punishment

procedure             the official or usual way of doing something
                      to do something after you have done
proceed to (do sth)   something else
                      a series of actions that you take in order to
process               achieve a result
proficient            very good at something
                      to improve or develop in skills, knowledge,
progress              etc
prolong               to make something last longer

                      to say that you will certainly do something
promise               or that something will certainly happen
promote               to advertise something
                      a fact or a piece of information that shows
proof                 something exists or is true

proper                socially acceptable

proposal              a suggestion for a plan

propose               to suggest a plan or action

propose               to suggest a plan or action

                      Prospective buyers, employers, parents,
                      etc., are not yet buyers, employers, parents,
prospective           etc., but are expected to be in the future.
                      the first model or example of something
                      new that can be developed or copied in the
prototype             future

provided              only if
                      to try to discover private things about
pry                   people

psychology            the study of the human mind and feelings
public                all ordinary people

                      If you do something publicly, everyone can
publicly              see it, hear it, or know about it.
punishment            when someone is punished

purchase              to buy something
                      A pure substance is not mixed with
pure                  anything else.

puritanical           having very strict ways of behaving
                      an activity that you spend time doing, often
pursuit               when you are not working

                      to fix a large piece of equipment or system
put in                into a room or building, ready to be used

put into              to place something inside something
                      to decide or arrange to delay an event or
put off               activity until a later time
                      to make a device operate, or to cause a
                      device to play something, such as a CD or
put on                video, by pressing a switch

put someone at ease to make someone start to feel relaxed
put someone on
edge                to make someone feel nervous

put together          to move things next to each other

put up                to stay somewhere for the night
                      to accept unpleasant behaviour or an
                      unpleasant situation, although you do not
put up with           like it
                      to accept unpleasant or annoying behaviour
put up with (sb)      although you do not like it

                      a soft, grey substance that becomes hard
                      when it is dry and is used to fasten glass
putty                 into windows or to fill small holes in wood
                      to pass exams so that you are able to do a
qualify               job

quarter               one of four equal parts of something; 1 4
                      a document or a statement saying how
quote                 much a piece of work will cost
                      a device for receiving, for scientific study,
                      the electomagnetic waves sent out by
radio telescope       objects in space such as stars
rail                  the metal tracks that trains run on
rain or shine         whatever the weather is

                      to say, do, or feel something because of
react                 something else that has been said or done
                      something you say, feel, or do because of
reaction              something that has happened

                      the number and type of people who read a
readership            particular newspaper, magazine, etc

real                  important, proper
                      to understand a situation, sometimes
realise               suddenly

                      showing things and people as they really
realistic             are, or making them seem to be real

                      the set of situations most humans have to
                      deal with in their lives, rather than what
real-world            happens in stories, films, etc

reasonably            in a fair way, showing good judgment
                      to react to a suggestion or piece of work in a
receive               particular way
                      to advise someone that something should
recommend             be done
                      information that is written on paper or
                      stored on computer so that it can be used in
record                the future

                      to become healthy or happy again after an
recover               illness, injury, or period of sadness
                      to talk or write about someone or
refer to (sth)        something, especially briefly
                      a letter that is written by someone who
                      knows you, to say if you are suitable for a
reference             job or course

reflex                a physical reaction that you cannot control

refreshing            making you feel less hot or tired
                      to say that you will not do or accept
refuse                something
                      to say that you will not do or accept
refuse                something
regard something as
something           to consider something in a particular way
                    a language that is used only in a part of a
regional language   country
                    to put information about someone or
                    something, especially a name, on an official
register            list

                      used to say that you are sorry that you have
regret                to tell someone about a situation
                      happening or doing something often,
                      especially at the same time every week,
regular               year, etc.
reject             to refuse to accept or agree with something

reject             to refuse to accept or agree with something
related to (sth)   connected to or similar to something
                   quite, when compared to other things or
relatively         people

relentless         never stopping or getting any less extreme
                   related or useful to what is happening or
relevant           being talked about
                   the good feeling that you have when
                   something unpleasant stops or does not
relief             happen

reluctant          not wanting to do something

remarkably         in a way that makes you feel surprised
                   something that makes you better when you
remedy             are ill
                   If you remember a fact or something from
                   the past, you keep it in your mind, or bring
remember (+ ing)   it back into your mind.
                   to arrange to continue an official
renew              agreement that was going to end soon
renowned           famous
                    the amount of money that you pay to rent
rental             something

repair             to fix something that is broken or damaged

                   doing or saying the same thing several
repetitive         times, especially in a way that is boring
                   Someone you report to at work is the
                   person in authority who gives you tasks and
report to          checks that you do them.
                   If something has reportedly happened or is
                   reportedly a fact, people say it has
reportedly         happened or is true.
                   the opinion that people have about
                   someone or something based on their
reputation         behaviour or character in the past

                   when someone studies a subject in detail in
research           order to discover new information
residence          a building where someone lives
                   when someone tells their employer that
resignation        they are leaving their job
                   when someone fights against someone who
resistance         is attacking them
                   something that it is your job or duty to deal
responsibility     with
                   having control and authority over
responsible for    something or someone
restore              to make something good exist again
restore              to repair something old

results              good things that have been achieved
                     a document which describes your
                     qualifications and the jobs that you have
                     done, which you send to an employer that
résumé               you want to work for
                     a part at the back of the eye, which is
                     affected by light and sends messages to the
retina               brain
                     to change something so that it is more
revise               accurate
                     a situation or event that you cannot
riddle               understand
right                correct or true

right                something that the law allows you to do

right in saying      correct in your opinion or explanation

rightly              in a correct way

rigid                not able to change or be changed easily

                     someone or something that is competing
rival                with another person or thing

roam                 to move around a place without any purpose
roar                 a loud, deep sound
                     a machine controlled by a computer, which
                     can move and do other things that people
robot                can do
                     the job someone or something has in a
role                 particular situation
                     someone you try to behave like because you
role model           admire them
                     involving an activity in which people
role-playing         pretend to be other people
                     an exciting relationship of love between
romance              two people, often a short one
rosebush             a short, thick plant with roses
                     to complete an event or activity in a
round off            pleasant way
                     to move a substance backwards and
                     forwards over a surface so that it covers it
rub                  and goes into it
                     to decide or state that something is
                     impossible or will not happen, or that
rule (sth) out       something or someone is not suitable

run something past   to tell someone about something so that
someone              they can give their opinion about it
                     to move on your feet at a faster speed than
run up/down          walking
rural              relating to the countryside and not to towns
                   a bad situation where you do the same
                   things all the time, or where it is impossible
rut                to make progress
safely             in a safe way

                   a fixed amount of money that you receive
salary             from your employer, usually every month
                   to tell someone about a fact, thought, or
say                opinion
                   to look around an area quickly to try to find
scan               a person or thing
                   the attractive, natural things that you see in
scenery            the countryside

                   a plan that gives events or activities and the
schedule           times that they will happen or be done
                   someone who has studied a subject and
scholar            knows a lot about it
                   If something has no scientific basis,
                   according to science it is not true or does
scientific basis   not exist.
sci-fi             science fiction
                   to speak angrily to someone because they
scold              have done something wrong
                   a story that is written for television or for a
screenplay         film

screenwriter       someone who writes the story for a film
                   a piece of art that is made from stone,
sculpture          wood, clay, etc

                   to close an entrance or container so that air
seal off (sth)     or liquid cannot enter or leave it

search             when you try to find someone or something

                   a language that you speak that is not the
second language    first language you learned as a child
                   something that you tell no one about or
secret             only a few people
                   one of the parts that something is divided
section            into
                   to imagine or think about something or
see                someone in a particular way
seek               to try to find or get something

seem               to give the effect of being; to be judged to be
                   the ability to make yourself do things that
self-discipline    you do not want to do
                   confidence in yourself and a belief in your
self-esteem        qualities and abilities
                   a meeting of a group of people with a
                   teacher or expert for training, discussion,
seminar            or study of a subject
                 to cause something to go from one place to
send             another

sense            the meaning of a word, phrase, or sentence
                 able to understand what people are feeling
                 and deal with them in a way that does not
sensitive        upset them
                 a punishment that a judge gives to someone
sentence         who has committed a crime
                 to give a punishment to someone who has
sentence         committed a crime
                 thinking or speaking sincerely about
serious          something and not joking

seriously        in a serious way

session          a period during which you do one activity
set              to establish or cause to exist

set up           to arrange for an event or activity to happen

                 a town or village which people built to live
settlement       in after arriving from somewhere else
                 a small simple building that has been badly
shack            built
                 a colour, especially when referring to how
shade            dark or light it is
                 a dark area made by something that is
shadow           stopping the light
                 in a way that is bad and should make you
shamefully       feel embarrassed and guilty
shell            a hard outer covering for something

shift            to move something to another place

shine            to produce bright light
                 to use a camera to record a film or take a
shoot            photograph
short term       lasting a short time

shot             a photograph
                 If a picture, film, map, etc shows
                 something, that thing can be seen in the
show             picture, film, etc.

                 a place where people go to pray because it
shrine           is connected with a holy person or event

                 angry and bored because something
sick and tired   unpleasant has been happening for too long

                 another effect that a drug has on your body
                 in addition to the main effect for which the
side effect      doctor has given you the drug

sign up          to arrange to do an organized activity
signify           to be a sign of something
                  making something complicated seem
simplistic        simple by ignoring many of the details

since             because
                  considered on its own; separate from other
single            things
                  a funny television programme that is about
                  the same group of people every week in
sitcom            different situations
size              how big or small something is
sketch            to draw a rough picture
                  the pattern that is made against the sky by
skyline           tall buildings
                  a period of time when someone is not very
slack             busy
                  the activity of sliding over snow and ice on
                  a long platform with strips of wood or
sledding          metal under it

slightly          a little
                  to become slower or to make something
slow down         become slower

smoothly          without any sudden movements or changes
                  to take a photograph of someone or
snap              something
sob               to cry in a noisy way
                  used to show that this is an informal, little
                  known, or new name that something or
so-called         someone is know as
                  a device that changes energy from the sun
solar panel       into electricity
solar power       energy that comes from the sun
solution          the answer to a problem

solve             to find the answer to something
                  used to say that you do not know exactly
                  when something will happen, but you are
sooner or later   sure that it will happen

                  used to show sympathy or sadness for a
sorry             person or situation
                  to deal satisfactorily or successfully with a
                  problem, a situation, or a person who is
sort out          having difficulties
                  how something seems to be, from what is
sound             said or written
sour              very unfriendly or unpleasant
                  a small spacecraft, with no one travelling in
                  it, sent into space to make measurements
                  and send back information to scientists on
space probe       Earth
                  an unusual type of action in a film, or an
                  entertainment on stage, created by using
special effects   special equipment
                  a group of plants or animals which share
species           similar characteristics
                  used to refer to a particular thing and not
specific          something general

specifically      for a particular reason, purpose, etc
                  a long, thin shape with a sharp point at one
spike             end

                  the narrow part of a book cover where the
                  pages are joined together and which you
spine             can see when it is on a shelf
                  a tall, pointed tower on the top of a building
spire             such as a church
                  relating to deep feelings and beliefs,
spiritual         especially religious beliefs
                  If two people who have a romantic
                  relationship split up, they finish their
split up          relationship.
                  doing things suddenly and without
spontaneous       planning them


                  to increase, or move to cover a larger area
spread            or affect a larger number of people
                  If you do something on the spur of the
                  moment, you do it suddenly, without
spur              planning it.
squeeze           to press something firmly
stair             one of the steps in a set of steps
                  a level of quality, especially a level that is
standard          acceptable
                  to look at someone or something for a long
stare             time and not move your eyes

                  to begin by doing something, or to make
start off         something begin by doing something
                  to begin your life, or the part of your life
start out as      when you work, in a particular way

startle           to suddenly surprise or frighten someone

state             to officially say or write something

                  a model that looks like a person or animal,
statue            usually made from stone or metal
                  the position that you have in relation to
                  other people because of your job or social
status            position
                  a very strong metal made from iron, used
steel             for making knives, machines, etc
steer             to control the direction of a vehicle
                  one of the things that you do to achieve
step              something
stick             put (informal)
                  If it is stormy, the weather is bad with a lot
stormy            of wind and rain.
                  an explanation of why something
story             happened, which may not be true
straightforward   easy to do or understand
                  the long, dried stems of plants such as
                  wheat (=plant for grain), often given to
straw             animals for sleeping on and eating
                  a good quality or ability that makes
strength          someone or something effective
striking          very attractive
                  If a taste, smell, etc is strong, it is very
strong            noticeable.
strongly          very much or in a very serious way

structure         a building or something that has been built
                  a way of designing hair, clothes, furniture,
style             etc
submarine         a boat that travels under water

                  If a government or other organisation
                  subsidises something, it pays part of the
subsidise         cost of it, so that prices are reduced.
substance         a solid, liquid, or gas
                  something that has a good result or that is
success           very popular

such as           for example

suddenly          quickly and unexpectedly
                  to say that someone or something is
suggest           suitable for something

suggest           to make something seem likely to be true
suit              to make someone look more attractive
sum               an amount of money

                  to describe briefly the important facts or
sum up            characteristics of something or someone
                  to describe briefly the main facts or ideas of
summarise         something

summit            the top of a mountain
sunlight          the light from the sun
super             used to emphasise an adjective
                  to watch a person or activity and make
                  certain that everything is done correctly,
supervise         safely, etc
                  someone who likes a particular sports team
supporter         and wants them to win
sure              certain
surface           the top or outside part of something
                      when a doctor cuts your body open and
surgery               repairs or removes something
                      feeling surprise because something has
surprised             happened that you did not expect

surprisingly          unexpectedly or in a way that is unusual

                      to think that someone may have committed
suspect               a crime or done something bad
                      a large, white bird with a long neck which
swan                  lives on lakes and rivers

swap                  to exchange one thing for another
sweep up (sth)        to clear something away using a brush

switch                to exchange one thing for another
                      to turn off a light, television, etc by using a
switch off            switch
                      a sign or object that is used to represent
symbol                something

                      when you show that you understand and
sympathy              care about someone's problems
                      a long piece of music for an orchestra
symphony              (=large group of different musicians)

                      a physical feeling or problem which shows
symptom               that you have a particular illness

tackle                to try to deal with a problem

take a look           to look at something

take action           to do something to deal with a situation
                      to arrange for a lawyer to tell you what the
                      law states or how you should behave
take legal advice     according to the law
take on               to accept a responsibility

take steps            to do things to achieve something

                      how much people start to use or accept a
                      service, or sometimes a product, that has
take up               become available to them
                      a story, especially one which is not true or
tale                  is difficult to believe

talent                a natural ability to do something

talented              with talent; able or skilful
talk                  to say things to someone
                      to discuss something with someone, often
                      to find out their opinion or to get advice
talk something over   before making a decision
tangle               to become twisted together
                     to do a type of dance in which the rhythm is
                     kept by the noise of the dancer's shoes on
tap dance            the floor
                     a piece of work, especially something
task                 unpleasant or difficult
                     to put a design on someone's skin using ink
tattoo               and a needle
                     money that you have to pay to the
                     government from what you earn or when
tax                  you buy things
taxpayer             a person who pays tax
                     a particular or special way of doing
technique            something
telly                television

tend to              to generally behave in a particular way
                     something that someone often does, or
tendency             something that often happens

                     a structure made of metal poles and cloth
                     which is fixed to the ground with ropes and
tent                 used as a cover or to sleep under
                     If you terminate something, you make it
terminate            end.
terribly             very
terrific             excellent
terror               a feeling of being very frightened
                     used at the beginning of a sentence to show
                     that you are pleased or grateful about
thankfully           something

that kind of thing   similar objects

that way             as a result of doing that
                     the area of a view or picture which seems
the foreground       closest to you
                     the most important pieces of information
                     about something, or general information
the gist             without details
the ground           the surface of the Earth
                     the change from the year 1999 to 2000 in
the Millennium       the Western calendar

the spur of the      describes a decision, action, etc. that is
moment               sudden and done without any planning
                     things that cannot be explained by our
the supernatural     knowledge of science or nature
                     the government department that is
the taxman           responsible for collecting taxes
                     everything that exists, including stars,
the universe         space, etc

the use of           the act of using something
                     a complete description of a situation,
the whole picture    including every aspect of it
theme                 the subject of a book, film, speech, etc

                      a park with entertainments, such as games,
                      machines to ride on, restaurants, etc, that
theme park            are all based on one idea

                      someone whose job is to treat a particular
therapist             type of mental or physical illness

therefore             for that reason
thief                 someone who steals things

                      used when you are talking about something
thingummy             whose name you cannot remember

                      used to refer to something or someone
thingy                when you cannot remember their name
                      If you ask someone what they think about
                      something or someone, you are asking for
think about           their opinion of them.
                      to think about things that will happen in
think ahead to        the future

think aloud           to automatically say what you are thinking
                      to remember something that happened in
think back to         the past
                      to make your own decisions and form your
                      own opinions, without depending on other
think for yourself    people
                      to consider someone to be important and
think highly of       have a lot of respect for them
think long and hard
about                 to consider something for a long time

think of              to get an idea in your mind
                      to make a quick decision or give an answer
think on your feet    quickly

think straight        to think clearly
                      to consider whether what you are planning
think twice about     to do will have good results
thoroughly            very carefully
thought               an idea or opinion

                      to discuss a plan or problem in detail until
thrash (sth) out      you reach an agreement or find a solution
                      someone or something that is likely to
threat                cause harm or damage
                      to be likely to cause harm or damage to
threaten              something or someone

thrilled              very excited and pleased
                      the back part of your mouth and the
throat                passages inside your neck
throughout              during the whole of a period of time
                        used after saying a fact to introduce what
thus                    then happened as a result
tight                   firm and difficult to move
tiny                    extremely small
                        the American spelling of tyre; the rubber
tire                    covering for a wheel
                        used before saying your real opinion or
to tell you the truth   feeling about something
tobacco                 dried leaves that are inside cigarettes

tone down               to make something less forceful

                        a piece of equipment that you use with your
tool                    hands in order to help you do something

                        a small, thin stick that you use to remove
toothpick               pieces of food from between your teeth
total                   extreme or complete
                        someone who visits a place for pleasure and
tourist                 does not live there
                        a competition with a series of games
                        between many teams or players, with one
tournament              winner at the end
                        a very tall, narrow building, or part of a
tower                   building
                        to buy and sell goods or services, especially
trade                   between countries

                        following the customs or ways of behaving
                        that have continued in a group of people or
traditional             society for a long time

traditionally           according to tradition; in a traditional way
                        the process of learning the skills you need
training                to do a particular job or activity
transferable            able to be used in different situations
                        to change written or spoken words from
translate               one language to another
                        to broadcast something, or to send out
transmit                signals using radio, television, etc

transpose               to use something in a different situation
                        a flat object with higher edges, used for
tray                    carrying food and drinks
                        to give medical care to someone for an
treat                   illness or injury

                        something which you do to try to cure an
                        illness or injury, especially something
treatment               suggested or done by a doctor
                        a general development or change in a
trend                   situation
                        a way of learning the best way to do
trial and error         something by trying different methods
tricky                  difficult to deal with or do
                    used many times before and proved to be
tried and tested    successful

trim                when you cut something to make it tidy
                    an important success, achievement, or
triumph             victory

trouble             inconvenience or effort
                    a large road vehicle for carrying goods from
truck               place to place

trust               to hope and expect that something is true
                    to use something to discover if it works or if
try out something   you like it
                    a large container that you fill with water
tub                 and sit in to wash
turn down           to refuse an offer or request

                    to move the switch on a machine, light, etc
                    so that it stops working, or to stop the
turn off            supply of water, electricity, etc
                    to happen in a particular way, or to have a
turn out            particular result
                    to move an object or page so that a
turn over           different side or surface is on the top
                    to increase the level of sound or heat that a
turn up             machine produces
                    the number of people at an event, such as a
turnout             meeting or election
                    to turn part of your body to face a different
twist               direction
type                to write something using a keyboard

typically           used for saying what usually happens
ubiquitous          seeming to be in all places

under               less than a number, amount, or age

under               according to a rule, law, etc
                    to know the meaning of something that
understand          someone says
                    used to say that you wish something was
                    not true or that something had not
unfortunately       happened
unheard of          never having happened before
                    relating to everyone in the world, or to
universal           everyone in a particular group

unless              except if

                    describes a spacecraft, or a place where
                    military guards work, that has no people
unmanned            present to operate or be in charge of it
unobtrusive         not attracting attention
                    An unspoiled place is beautiful because it
                    has not been changed or damaged by
unspoiled           people.
                    to open a knot or something that has been
untie               tied with a knot
                    to remove the cover from an object as part
unveil              of an official ceremony
up                  not in bed

up                  to make something increase

up to               the responsibility of
upcoming            An upcoming event will happen soon.

                    to copy computer programs or information
                    electronically, usually from a small
upload              computer to a larger one or to the Internet
urge                a strong wish or need

use something as    to put something to a particular purpose

use something for   to put something to a particular purpose

use up              to finish a supply of something
utter               used to emphasise something

vacancy             a job that is available for someone to do
                    when someone is given a vaccine (=
                    substance put into the body through the
                    skin with a needle) to stop them from
vaccination         getting a disease

                    a substance that is given to people to stop
vaccine             them from getting a particular disease

                    a vehicle that is used for carrying things but
van                 which is smaller than a truck
vanish              to disappear suddenly

varied              consisting of many different things or types
                    If things of the same type vary, they are
vary                different from each other.
vast                extremely big
                    something such as a car or bus that takes
                    people from one place to another,
vehicle             especially using roads
                    someone's description of what has
version             happened

very                used to emphasize a noun
                    someone who has suffered the effects of
victim              violence, illness, or bad luck
                      a person belonging to a race of
                      Scandinavian people who travelled by sea
                      and attacked parts of northern and
                      southern Europe between the 8th and the
                      11th centuries, often staying to live in
Viking                places they travelled to
                      using computer images and sounds that
                      make you think an imagined situation is
virtual               real
                      when a computer produces images and
                      sounds that make you feel an imagined
virtual reality       situation is real
                      in a way that uses computer images and
                      sounds that make you think an imagined
virtually             situation is real
virtue                a good quality that someone has
visible               able to be seen
visibly               in a way that can be seen
                      an idea or image in your mind of what
vision                something could be like in the future
                      to create a picture in your mind of someone
visualise             or something

vital                 necessary
                      a strong feeling that you are right for a
                      particular type of work, or a job that gives
vocation              you this feeling
                      when people are taught the skills and
                      knowledge that prepare them for jobs
vocational training   rather than for university studies

                      work that people do because they want to
voluntary work        do it and for which they are not paid

                      a piece of paper that can be used instead of
voucher               money to pay for goods and services
                      to walk slowly about a place without any
wander                purpose

                      If you warm to an idea, you start to become
warm to               interested in or enthusiastic about it.
warm to (sth)         to start to like something

                      a person who has experience and skill in
warrior               fighting in a war, especially in the past

                      a tower built especially around the edges of
                      prisons and army camps, the top of which
                      provides a good position from which to see
watchtower            anyone who is coming close
                      a line of higher water that moves across the
wave                  surface of the sea or a lake

                      the length of radio wave used by a radio
wavelength            company for broadcasting its programmes
way               how you do something
way of (+ing)     a method for doing something

way to            a method for doing something
weak              difficult to see or hear
                  a wild plant that you do not want to grow in
weed              your garden
                  If something is well worth doing, you
                  should do it because it is very enjoyable or
well worth        very useful.
                  good at planning things carefully and
well-organised    keeping things tidy
                  having a large supply of things for use or
well-stocked      sale

                  a very large animal that looks like a large
                  fish, lives in the sea and breathes air
whale             through a hole at the top of its head
                  used for referring to a woman or girl when
                  you cannot remember or do not know her
what’s-her-name   name
                  used for referring to a man or boy when
                  you cannot remember or do not know his
what’s-his-name   name

                  any object or person whose name you have
whatsit           temporarily forgotten or do not know

whereby           by which
                  affecting or including a lot of places,
widespread        people, etc
                  the mental power to control your thoughts
                  and actions or to succeed in doing
will              something difficult

willing           wanting to do something

                  to get the most points in a competition or
win               game, or the most votes in an election
                  the distance between the ends of the wings
wingspan          of a bird, insect or aircraft
                  to want a situation that is different from the
wish              one that exists
                  If something works, it is effective and
work              successful.

work              a painting, book, piece of music, etc
                  If you work as something, that is what you
work as           do as your job.
                  a period of time in which a student
                  temporarily works for an employer to get
work experience   experience
                  to spend time trying to improve something,
work on           especially a skill
                    to succeed gradually in getting an
                    important job by repeatedly changing your
                    job for a more important one, having
                    started your working life with little power
work one’s way up   or responsibility

                    to understand something or to find the
work out            answer to something by thinking about it
                    to do things that will help you to achieve a
work towards        particular thing

                    to do things with another person or
work with           organization in order to achieve something
                    when a group of people meet to learn more
                    about something by discussing it and doing
workshop            practical exercises
worldwide           in all parts of the world
                    how important or useful someone or
worth (+ ing)       something is
worthless           not important or useful

Zen                 a religion that developed from Buddhism
    example                                                    unit        French

    It’s a good thing I didn’t send that email.             UNIT EIGHT     une bonne chose

    A focus puller requires a high level of expertise.       UNIT NINE     un niveau élevé

    Can you name someone from your country with a
    high profile internationally?                            UNIT NINE     très en vue
    There’s a lot of laughing, shouting and screaming –
    and crying as well.                                     UNIT FOUR      beaucoup de

    Satellites give us the ability to look at our planet
    with a global perspective.                               UNIT TEN      possibilité/capacité
    About eight out of ten people said they usually got
    their bread at the supermarket.                        UNIT ELEVEN     environ
    Our conversation was abruptly terminated.                UNIT SIX      brusquement

    He was playing absent-mindedly with his pen.             UNIT FIVE     distrait
    The plot was absolutely ridiculous.                    UNIT THIRTEEN   absolument

    It's hard to absorb so much information.                UNIT EIGHT     assimiler/absorber

    Well, it’s a kind of abstract sculpture, maybe a
    monument.                                               UNIT FOUR      abstrait
    Schools should focus on academic subjects rather
    than vocational training.                               UNIT THREE     scolaire/universitaire

    an American accent                                      UNIT EIGHT     accent

    I don't think we can accept that.                      UNIT THIRTEEN   accepter
    Are patients given access to their own medical
    records?                                               UNIT TWELVE     accès
    I accidentally locked myself out of my flat.             UNIT TWO      accidentellement
    She’s won international acclaim and awards.              UNIT TEN      reconnaissance
    The teachers' book is accompanied by a video
    cassette.                                               UNIT THREE     accompagner
    Her greatest accomplishment would be if, one day,
    her work wasn’t needed!                                  UNIT TEN      réussite
    According to one version, he was blown off course
    by bad weather.                                          UNIT TEN      selon
    On a film set, everybody is accountable to the
    director.                                                UNIT NINE     redevable
He made a number of accusations against his
former colleagues.                                      UNIT SEVEN     accusation
She has been accused of using his password to delete
information.                                              UNIT SIX     accuser

He was falsely accused of murder.                         UNIT SIX     accuser
What do you hope to have achieved after six months
in the job?                                            UNIT FOURTEEN   réussir

There has been an across-the-board improvement.         UNIT ELEVEN    général
I act as a representive for our members at different
events.                                                  UNIT NINE     faire office de / servir de
 I play quite an active part in the Screenwriters'
Guild.                                                   UNIT NINE     actif

His mother was an actress.                               UNIT FOUR     actrice

Acupuncture is considered to be an alternative
medicine.                                               UNIT TWELVE    acupuncture

Both novels have been adapted for television.            UNIT FOUR     adapter

We've made a few adjustments to the schedule.            UNIT FIVE     ajustement

He works in the admin department.                       UNIT EIGHT     administration

He admitted that he didn’t want a job.                    UNIT SIX     admettre
advance planning/warning                                UNIT EIGHT     en avance

an advertising agency                                     UNIT SIX     publicité

It’s advisable to get tickets for one act only.          UNIT FOUR     conseillé

I’d advise against it.                                  UNIT ELEVEN    conseiller

His doctor advised him to take time off work.           UNIT ELEVEN    conseiller

a financial advisor                                    UNIT FOURTEEN   conseiller

the aesthetic appeal of cats                             UNIT FIVE     esthétique
job training for people in the 16-24 age group           UNIT ONE      groupe d'âge
Are we all agreed on that?                               UNIT FIVE     être d'accord

I’m afraid we can’t agree to cancel the entire cost.   UNIT THIRTEEN   accepter

My alarm clock went off at six.                         UNIT EIGHT     réveil

an alien spacecraft                                      UNIT TEN      extraterrestre
Are your grandparents still alive?                       UNIT TWO      vivant
All in all, you have to admit that’s not a bad result!       UNIT SIX     tout compte fait
There's sweets, toys and all sorts of things.               UNIT ONE      toutes sortes de choses

allegations of corruption                                  UNIT ELEVEN    allégation
The government has promised to allocate extra
money for health care.                                     UNIT TWELVE    attribuer
Satellites allow us to look at our planet with a global
perspective.                                                UNIT TEN      permettre
an all-purpose tool                                         UNIT FIVE     universel/polyvalent

These people became our allies.                             UNIT TEN      allié

We can make alternative arrangements if necessary.           UNIT SIX     alternatif/autre

It's a low-fat alternative to butter.                     UNIT THIRTEEN   option

Alternatively, he could hide somewhere and wait.           UNIT SEVEN     sinon/autrement

the French ambassador to Britain                            UNIT FOUR     ambassadeur
Security was increased amid fears of further
terrorist attacks.                                           UNIT SIX     au moment de / au milieu de
Was the structure built just to amuse people?               UNIT FOUR     amuser
I bought a magazine to amuse myself while I was on
the train.                                                 UNIT SEVEN     se divertir

a detailed analysis                                 UNIT FOURTEEN         analyse
It's a historic town with some very impressive
ancient buildings and statues.                        UNIT FOUR           antique/ancien
Stella’s bringing some Indian pop –Bollywood music
and all that .                                         UNIT ONE           et la suite
What about games and activities and so forth?          UNIT ONE           et ainsi de suite
The meal’s all planned – the starters, meat dishes,
vegetarian dishes and so on.                           UNIT ONE           et cætera

I’ll bring some salsa and meringue and stuff.               UNIT ONE      et ce genre de trucs
By vegetarian dishes, do you mean salads and
things?                                                     UNIT ONE      et ce genre de choses
I think we should stick with balloons and what have
you.                                                        UNIT ONE      et je ne sais quoi encore
OK, now what about snacks and whatnot.                      UNIT ONE      et tout ce qui s'en suit

We watched a movie about androids.                        UNIT FOURTEEN   androïde

a statue of an angel                                        UNIT FOUR     ange
Try looking at the problem from my angle.                   UNIT TEN      point de vue
She announced that she’d require indoor parking for
her moped.                                                 UNIT ELEVEN    annoncer
an anonymous phone call                                      UNIT SIX     anonyme
At what time of day do you find it easiest to find out
answers to problems?                                       UNIT SEVEN     solution
On a film set, everybody answers to the director.         UNIT NINE     rendre compte à

I’m going to give you a couple of prescriptions. One
of them’s an antibiotic, the other’s a painkiller.       UNIT TWELVE    antibiotique

to anticipate a problem                                  UNIT SEVEN     anticiper
That explains his anxiety about her health.               UNIT FIVE     anxiété
It can be anywhere between two hundred and four
hundred people.                                           UNIT FOUR     n'importe où

Nobody knows about this apart from a few friends.         UNIT TWO      sauf

He apologised for the interruption.                      UNIT ELEVEN    s'excuser

I would like to receive a formal apology from the
directors of the hotel.                                   UNIT EIGHT    excuse

I was appalled by his words and refused to pay.           UNIT EIGHT    choqué/scandalisé

Apparently, he goes to quite a good school.              UNIT THREE     apparemment
That doesn’t really appeal to me.                        UNIT THREE     attirer
She appeared in his latest movie.                         UNIT FOUR     jouer dans (qch)
The gentleman standing at the table appears to be
opening the family jewel-box.                             UNIT FIVE     sembler
There were over fifty applicants for the job.            UNIT ELEVEN    candidat

There were more than fifty applications for the post.    UNIT TWELVE    candidature

What are your reasons for applying for this
position?                                               UNIT FOURTEEN   postuler

He was appointed as company director last year.           UNIT FOUR     nommer
How easy is it to make an appointment at a clinic or
with a doctor?                                           UNIT TWELVE  rendez-vous
                                                                      apprécier / être reconnaissant
We very much appreciated the efforts you made.          UNIT FOURTEEN de

Employees who’ve done apprenticeships are better
than those with paper qualifications.                    UNIT THREE     apprentissage
A different approach would be to inform the head of
the lab.                                                 UNIT SEVEN     approche

Is this film appropriate for young children?            UNIT FOURTEEN   approprié
The council has approved plans for a new shopping
centre.                                                  UNIT TWELVE    approuver

You enter the palace through a grand marble arch.         UNIT FOUR     arche

He is an archaeologist.                                    UNIT TEN   archéologue
I’ll be looking at four main areas.                       UNIT NINE   zone
I'll let you know if any vacancies arise.               UNIT FOURTEEN survenir / se présenter
He challenged me to an arm wrestle.                        UNIT ELEVEN    bras de fer

He gave me arnica for the bruising.                        UNIT TWELVE    arnica

She was arrested for hacking into his computer.              UNIT SIX     arrêter
an artificial flower/lake                                   UNIT FOUR     artificiel
If I were you, I’d go for the second as it offers value
for money.                                                  UNIT FIVE     car

As far as I can remember it was the fifteenth century.      UNIT FOUR     autant que

There’s a chance the ISPs will take action as long as
they can all agree to act together.                          UNIT SIX     tant que
As you know, money was recently allocated for
improvements to the café.                                  UNIT TWELVE    comme vous le savez

You've got nothing to be ashamed of.                       UNIT THREE     qui a honte / honteux

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the big hurry?         UNIT SEVEN     demander
I fell asleep I started to sleep as soon as my head hit
the pillow.                                                 UNIT EIGHT    endormi
The tests are designed to assess a child's reading
skills.                                                     UNIT ONE      évaluer

a written assignment                                       UNIT THREE   devoir/mission
The army assisted in the search.                          UNIT FOURTEEN aider
financial/medical assistance                              UNIT FOURTEEN assistance

Most people associate this brand with good quality.        UNIT TWELVE    associer
Everything was quiet when I got home so I assumed
that you had gone out.                                      UNIT TWO      présumer/supposer
I would like to receive an assurance that the
employee has been disciplined.                              UNIT EIGHT  assurance
I was astonished to hear what he said.                       UNIT SIX   étonné
astronomical research                                       UNIT TEN    astronomique
Sorry but we don’t understand that at all.                UNIT THIRTEEN du tout
I felt completely at ease with him.                        UNIT ELEVEN à l'aise

At the end of the day, you have to admit that’s not a
bad result!                                                  UNIT SIX     au bout du compte

an oxygen atom                                             UNIT SEVEN     atome

Another machine attaches the cover to the book
block using hot glue to hold everything together.           UNIT NINE     attacher

The Eiffel Tower quickly became a tourist attraction.       UNIT FOUR     attraction
an attractive woman                                         UNIT FIVE     attirant

What skills or attributes does he need in his work?       UNIT FOURTEEN   attribut
He attributes his success to hard work.                     UNIT TWELVE    attribuer (qch) à (qch)

I listen to audio books while I'm driving.                  UNIT ELEVEN    livre audio

You can rent audio tours here.                               UNIT FOUR     visite audioguidée

You get an automatic promotion after two years.             UNIT ELEVEN    automatique

a tree-lined avenue                                          UNIT FOUR     avenue
He awoke at dawn.                                           UNIT SEVEN     se réveiller

She’s won international acclaim and awards.                  UNIT TEN      prix
As you're aware, I’m putting together the agenda for
Monday’s meeting.                                            UNIT FIVE     conscient

I was filled with awe at the sheer size of the building.    UNIT TWELVE    admiration

She was wearing a badge on her jacket.                       UNIT ONE      badge

She must have been baffled by my cold reaction.              UNIT FOUR     déconcerter

The police were baffled by his disappearance.                UNIT FOUR     dérouter

He's good at sailing – he must have a good sense of
balance.                                                     UNIT ONE      équilibre
a balding man                                               UNIT ELEVEN    dégarni
He enjoyed tennis and other ball games.                     UNIT THREE     jeu de ballon

I love ballroom dancing.                                    UNIT TWELVE    danse de salon

Scan the bar code.                                          UNIT ELEVEN    code barre

These trees have very thick bark.                            UNIT FOUR     écorce

a solid economic base                                        UNIT ONE      base

basic ideas/principles                                       UNIT TWO      de base
Basically, the producer isn’t very involved in the
interview                                                   UNIT THREE     en fait / au fond

I tend to respond to things on a day-to-day basis.         UNIT FOURTEEN   base

This one isn’t really my thing.                             UNIT THREE     être son truc
Be sure to go to the Kabuki Theatre when you're in
Tokyo.                                                       UNIT FOUR     être sûr de
Do you know anyone who is used to a lot of pressure
in their daily life?                                        UNIT THREE     être habitué à

a sandy beach                                                UNIT TEN      plage
The whole area is famous for its natural beauty.            UNIT TWO      beauté
He'll be home before long.                                UNIT FOURTEEN   sous peu
We believe that the money should be spent in four
areas.                                                     UNIT TWELVE    croire

Not everyone believes in homeopathy.                       UNIT TWELVE    croire en

Please ring the bell for attention.                        UNIT THREE     cloche

I belong to a local charity.                                UNIT NINE     appartenir à

He hid the letter beneath a pile of papers.                  UNIT TEN     sous

That kind of medicine offers no benefit.                     UNIT TEN     avantage

He was trying to work out the chemical structure of
benzene.                                                   UNIT SEVEN     benzène
We just don’t have the room. And besides, it’s not just
you.                                                      UNIT THIRTEEN   d'ailleurs
A successful journalist knows how to get the best out
of somebody.                                               UNIT ELEVEN    meilleur

Her books became bestsellers.                             UNIT FOURTEEN   best-seller

Between you and me I think his company's in
trouble.                                                   UNIT THREE     entre nous
A DP on big-budget films will experience many of
the things a director does.                                 UNIT NINE     à gros budget
a bilingual dictionary                                      UNIT EIGHT    bilingue

biological sciences                                          UNIT TEN     biologique

You must provide a copy of your birth certificate.           UNIT ONE     acte de naissance
She bit into an apple.                                     UNIT ELEVEN    croquer
bizarre behaviour                                           UNIT TWO      bizarre
I fell and hurt my knee. It was black and blue for
ages.                                                       UNIT EIGHT    (avoir) un bleu / hématome

The manager should take the blame for the team's
defeat.                                                     UNIT NINE     responsabilité/faute

a bleak landscape                                           UNIT FOUR     austère/morne

Their music is a blend of jazz and African rhythms.        UNIT THREE     mélange
blond hair                                                  UNIT FIVE     blond

They threatened to blow up the plane.                       UNIT FOUR     faire exploser

She broke a bone in her foot.                               UNIT TWO      os

We put the old chair on the bonfire.                        UNIT FOUR   feu (de jardin)
Make sure the boom stays out of the shot.                   UNIT NINE   perche
My sister's really bossy.                                 UNIT FOURTEEN autoritaire

The ball bounced high into the air.                         UNIT TWO      rebondir
a cardboard box                                             UNIT TWO      carton/boîte

I slammed my foot on the brake.                            UNIT THREE     frein

a bank with branches all over the country                   UNIT TWO      agence/succursale

your bratty friends                                         UNIT FOUR     gamin/morveux

The relationship between the neighbours broke
down completely.                                          UNIT THIRTEEN   se détériorer

She broke into someone's locker.                             UNIT SIX     cambrioler
Do you know anyone who’s broken off an
engagement?                                                UNIT ELEVEN    rompre
One of the branches broke off.                             UNIT THREE     se détacher

He had his first breakthrough with a collection of
short stories at the age of 49.                             UNIT FOUR     percée

Where is my briefcase?                                     UNIT ELEVEN    mallette
We chatted briefly about the weather.                       UNIT TWO      brièvement
It's nice and bright.                                       UNIT FIVE     radieux

We could brighten up the café with some flowers.           UNIT TWELVE    égayer
We invite each participant to bring along a
supporter.                                                UNIT THIRTEEN   amener

He can bring out the worst in people.                      UNIT ELEVEN    faire ressortir le pire

The magazine covers a broad range of subjects.              UNIT ONE   vaste
                                                                       personnalité de la radio ou de
He was a famous broadcaster in the 1930s.                  UNIT ELEVEN la télévision

a bronze statue                                             UNIT FOUR     bronze

There was a Buddha in the corner of the room.               UNIT FOUR     Bouddha
Students should follow their interests earlier to build
up experience.                                              UNIT ONE      développer/accroître

a bullet wound                                              UNIT NINE     balle

He was such a bully.                                        UNIT NINE     brute/tyran

They live in a bungalow.                                  UNIT THIRTEEN   pavillon
I had a lot of bureaucratic hassle trying to get the
information I needed.                                       UNIT FIVE     bureaucratique
By that time, we’d been waiting more than two
hours.                                                      UNIT TWO      à ce moment-là

overhead power cables                                     UNIT FOURTEEN   câble

to calculate a cost/percentage                              UNIT NINE     calculer
We called a meeting.                                      UNIT THIRTEEN   convoquer
When was the last time you had to call off a meeting?           UNIT ELEVEN    annuler
Think of something you find difficult to think about
calmly.                                                          UNIT TWO      calmement

an advertising/election campaign                                UNIT ELEVEN    campagne

We went away in our camper van.                                 UNIT THREE     camping-car
Distance learning isn’t as effective as face to face or
on-campus learning.                                             UNIT THREE     campus
It can’t have been because I paid. He knew I was
going to.                                                       UNIT EIGHT     ne peut pas

breast/lung cancer                                              UNIT TWELVE    cancer

Interviewers sometimes observe candidates having
group discussions, to see how they interact.                   UNIT FOURTEEN   candidat
The strings attached to the canopy got tangled
around my legs.                                                  UNIT TWO      voilure

chocolates with a caramel centre                                 UNIT NINE     caramel
Think of something you choose carefully when                                   avec précaution /
shopping.                                                        UNIT TWO      soigneusement
She threw her bag carelessly into the corner of the                            avec négligence / sans faire
room.                                                            UNIT TWO      attention
The front carriage of the train is for first-class
passengers only.                                                 UNIT TWO      wagon
Think of a subject you wish you’d carried on
studying for longer.                                            UNIT THREE     continuer

But even if that’s the case, I still don't think it's right.     UNIT FIVE     cas

a clothing catalogue                                             UNIT TWO      catalogue

The monument is in the shape of a spire and was
erected to celebrate the Millennium.                             UNIT FOUR     célébrer

250 degrees Celsius                                              UNIT NINE     Celsius

a wedding/marriage ceremony                                      UNIT TWO      cérémonie

The name of each scene is written on a chalk board.              UNIT NINE     tableau noir

He challenged me to an arm wrestle.                             UNIT ELEVEN    lancer un défi / défier

He challenged Smith to a fight.                                 UNIT ELEVEN    lancer un défi / défier
I did ask about changing the date, but half the sales
team are on a training course.                                   UNIT FIVE     changer
                                                                               transformer le comportement
She’s changed people’s minds and behaviour.                      UNIT TEN      de qn
She’s changed people’s minds and behaviour.              UNIT TEN      faire changer qn d'avis

I would argue with her characterisation of the
country as 'hostile'.                                    UNIT TEN      caractérisation
A row of charming little shops.                          UNIT FOUR     charmant

Check out the food floors in department stores.          UNIT FOUR     aller voir

a supermarket checkout                                   UNIT ONE      caisse

Are people encouraged to regular check-ups?             UNIT TWELVE    bilan de santé

Tears ran down his cheeks.                              UNIT EIGHT     joue
It's nice and cheerful.                                  UNIT FIVE     joyeux/gai
a chemical reaction                                     UNIT SEVEN     chimique

a treasure chest                                         UNIT FIVE     coffre

Don't be so childish!                                   UNIT TWELVE    enfantin
a chilly evening                                        UNIT TWELVE    frais
Do patients have a choice between public and
private hospitals?                                      UNIT THREE     choix
a school/church choir                                    UNIT TWO      chorale
household chores                                        UNIT THREE     corvée
Circle the answer you think is correct.                  UNIT TWO      entourer

an electrical circuit                                  UNIT FOURTEEN   circuit
I usually react to circumstances and tend to respond
to things spontaneously.                               UNIT FOURTEEN   circonstances

He is a civil servant.                                   UNIT TEN      fonctionnaire

He was killed in the civil war.                          UNIT FIVE     guerre civile

one of the world's great civilisations                   UNIT TEN      civilisation
Other sources claim that he was following the route
of an earlier explorer.                                   UNIT SIX     prétendre

What do you do when the person you're
interviewing just clams up.                             UNIT ELEVEN    se fermer

He was afraid he would clam up in front of the
television camera.                                      UNIT ELEVEN    ne plus dire un mot

classic dance moves                                     UNIT THREE     classique

Wow! The kitchen’s so clean and tidy. Nice work!        UNIT EIGHT     propre et rangé
She decides what day and time we should meet to
clean up the area.                                      UNIT ELEVEN    nettoyer
Is that clear?                                           UNIT NINE     clair
He cleared all my doubts.                               UNIT THREE     faire disparaître
a bank clerk                                             UNIT EIGHT    employé

We climbed down the mountain.                            UNIT ELEVEN   descendre

After a lot of problems with the bank, we had to close
down the factory.                                        UNIT ELEVEN   fermer

My brother's company recently closed down.               UNIT SEVEN    fermer
outdoor/protective clothing                               UNIT FIVE    vêtement

Police are searching the area for clues to the murder.    UNIT TEN     indice

I need some coins for the coffee machine.                UNIT TWELVE   machine à café
This is the language we use colloquially.                UNIT EIGHT    familièrement
I don't know how she combines working with
studying.                                                UNIT ELEVEN   combiner

Former justice minister Laurence Taylor came
second with 31% of the vote.                             UNIT SEVEN    arriver (en)

Enrico comes across as very serious at first,but
actually he’s got a lovely sense of humour.              UNIT SEVEN    donner l'impression
We were walking through the woods when we came
across a strange little house.                           UNIT SEVEN    tomber sur qch
Discussions are coming along slowly as there are a
few problems with the draft contract                     UNIT SEVEN    avancer

The results have come as a shock to the ruling party.    UNIT SEVEN    surprendre, faire un choc

I’ll come back to that later.                             UNIT NINE    revenir à/sur
I like the way the sunlight comes down through the
clouds.                                                  UNIT ELEVEN   descendre
Our wonderful recipes will come in useful for parties
or quiet dinners for two.                                UNIT SEVEN    arriver à point
What kinds of technology and equipment are
starting to come into use?                               UNIT THREE    être utilisé

The first of Hrabal’s collected writings came out in
1991.                                                    UNIT SEVEN    sortir
Would you like to come round for dinner this
weekend?                                                 UNIT SEVEN    venir
What would you do if a restaurant bill came to a lot
less than you expected?                                  UNIT SEVEN    s'élever à / se monter à
The image of the famous monster came to the author
in her sleep.                                            UNIT SEVEN    apparaître
I’m going to be late again tonight - something’s come
up at work.                                              UNIT SEVEN    survenir / se présenter

The purpose of mediation is to allow the participants
to come up with solutions for themselves.                UNIT SEVEN    proposer
Statues often commemorate a past event.                    UNIT FOUR     commémorer
commercial logging                                         UNIT TEN      commercial

We are looking for someone with talent, enthusiasm,
and commitment.                                           UNIT THREE     engagement

It’s increasingly common for people to call you first.      UNIT SIX     courant

                                                          UNIT EIGHT     langue commune
The children shouldn't be in any danger as long as
they use their common sense.                             UNIT FOURTEEN   bon sens

Being an effective communicator is an important
part of management.                                        UNIT ONE      communicateur

Two teenagers were sentenced to 360 hours of
community service.                                          UNIT SIX     travaux d'intérêt général

a travelling companion                                     UNIT TEN      compagnon

We believe we should be compensated for our losses.      UNIT THIRTEEN   compenser

Victims of the crash will be compensated for their
injuries.                                                UNIT THIRTEEN   compenser

She complained that she hadn’t had lunch.                 UNIT ELEVEN    se plaindre
I’d like to make a complaint about the extremely
rude and unprofessional behaviour of one of your
staff.                                                    UNIT EIGHT     plainte

It was complete rubbish.                                 UNIT THIRTEEN   total/fini

It's kind of complicated.                                 UNIT SEVEN     compliqué
a complimentary glass of wine                             UNIT EIGHT     gratuit

There is a story connected to the poem's composition.     UNIT SEVEN     composition
                                                                         transiger / accepter un
The ability to compromise is essential for the job.        UNIT ONE      compromis

They talked it over and came up with a compromise.       UNIT THIRTEEN   compromis

It’s compulsory to vote here.                              UNIT TEN      obligatoire
You need to be computer literate in this job.            UNIT FOURTEEN   expérimenté en informatique

Do you prefer to concentrate on one problem at a
time or tackle several at once?                            UNIT ONE      se concentrer sur

That’s it as far as lifestyle is concerned.                 UNIT SIX     concerné

I hope that you will be able to restore my confidence
in your hotel.                                            UNIT EIGHT     confiance

We expect total confidentiality.                         UNIT FOURTEEN   confidentialité
There was confusion over which baby was which.          UNIT THIRTEEN   confusion

I think we should connect that page to Portraits.          UNIT SIX     lier

The word 'second-hand' has connotations of poor
quality.                                                 UNIT TWELVE    connotation

to reach a consensus                                      UNIT TEN      consensus

You can't come without your parents' consent.            UNIT TWELVE    consentement

The ship capsized, with disastrous consequences.          UNIT FIVE     conséquence
the closure of the factory and the consequent loss of
400 jobs                                                  UNIT FIVE     résultant/conséquent
wildlife conservation                                     UNIT TEN      préservation

Older people tend to be very conservative.               UNIT EIGHT     conformiste
                                                                        prendre en considération /
Yes, I think that solution is worth considering.           UNIT SIX     tenir compte de
The cost of marine expeditions is rising, but the
results would be of considerable benefit.                 UNIT TEN      considérable
We hope that our proposals will be given serious
consideration.                                           UNIT TWELVE    considération

The concert will consist ofa series of songs.             UNIT FOUR     consister en qch

consistent effort/improvement                             UNIT FIVE     constant
I've been training consistently for many years.           UNIT ONE      constamment

All the conspirators were caught.                         UNIT FOUR     conspirateur
The present machine breaks down constantly.              UNIT TWELVE    sans cesse
The building was constructed in 1930.                     UNIT FOUR     construire
This steel construction is 20m tall.                      UNIT FOUR     construction

These price cuts are good news for consumers.            UNIT ELEVEN    consommateur

We will certainly contact you if any suitable
vacancies arise in the future.                          UNIT FOURTEEN   contacter

We have your contact details and we will to get in
touch if we require your assistance.                    UNIT FOURTEEN   coordonnées

I wear contact lenses.                                  UNIT FOURTEEN   lentille de contact

Do come to the meeting if you feel you have
something to contribute.                                UNIT FOURTEEN   contribuer

What contributions will you make to good staff
relations?                                              UNIT FOURTEEN   contribution

a controversial decision/issue                            UNIT FOUR     controversée

The sculpture caused a lot of controversy at first.       UNIT FOUR     controverse
We look forward to discussing them further at a
time of your convenience.                                 UNIT TWELVE    commodité/convenance
conventional farming/medicine                             UNIT TWELVE    conventionnel

The goods move along a conveyor belt.                      UNIT NINE     courroie transporteuse
I'm not really convinced.                                  UNIT ONE      convaincu

chocolate chip cookies                                     UNIT NINE     cookie/biscuit
She waited for her coffee to cool down.                    UNIT NINE     se refroidir

international cooperation                                  UNIT TEN      coopération

a correspondent for the New York Times                    UNIT ELEVEN    correspondant

We passed in the corridor.                               UNIT THIRTEEN   couloir

He was arrested for corruption and bribery.               UNIT ELEVEN    corruption

It cost me another twenty pounds.                          UNIT TWO      coûter

They have a cottage in France.                            UNIT SEVEN     maison de campagne

The waiter could have made a mistake in the bill.         UNIT EIGHT     pourrait / aurait pu
He couldn't have felt unhappy with the meal. He                          ne pourrait pas / n'aurait pas
really enjoyed it.                                        UNIT EIGHT     pu
Students’ grades should be based on coursework
rather than final exams.                                  UNIT THREE     contrôle continu

Snow covered the trees.                                    UNIT FOUR     couvrir

The course covers a range of topics.                      UNIT THREE     couvrir

I sent the goods with a cover letter.                                    lettre d'accompagnement

To get to the interview stage, you really need to sell
yourself in your CV and covering letter.                 UNIT FOURTEEN   lettre de motivation

Deleting online characters may not be a crime, but
breaking into someone’s computer certainly is.              UNIT SIX     crime/délit

an outspoken critic of the government                     UNIT TWELVE    critique
It was heavily criticised at first but people are
beginning to warm to it now.                               UNIT FOUR     critiquer

The cloth was decorated with crosses.                      UNIT FOUR     croix
Satellites are absolutely crucial for doing ocean
research.                                                  UNIT TEN      crucial

a crude device/weapon                                      UNIT NINE     rudimentaire
Their house is in a cul-de-sac.                          UNIT THIRTEEN   impasse
Getting a better chair completely cured my back
problems.                                                 UNIT TWELVE    guérir

I was curious about his life in India.                     UNIT TEN      curieux

a current affairs programme                               UNIT ELEVEN    actualité, questions d'actualité

the school curriculum                                     UNIT THREE     programme d'enseignement

Put the cursor at the beginning of the word.             UNIT FOURTEEN   curseur

I think we should cut the ‘About Us’ page.                  UNIT SIX     couper/supprimer

We cut down the old apple tree.                           UNIT THREE     abattre qch
To improve my health, I’ve decided to cut down on
less salty and fatty food.                                UNIT ELEVEN    réduire sa consommation de
The folding machine folds the paper and cuts a little
notch into the spine.                                      UNIT NINE     découper

What should you do if you get cut off during a phone
call?                                                      UNIT NINE     couper
March 31 is the cut-off date for applications to be
accepted.                                                  UNIT ONE      limite

To get to the interview stage, you really need to sell
yourself in your CV and covering letter.                 UNIT FOURTEEN   CV

I was staring out of the window, daydreaming.               UNIT SIX     rêvasser

I tend to respond to things on a day-to-day basis.       UNIT FOURTEEN   quotidien
We really need to find it. Dead or alive.                 UNIT EIGHT     mort ou vif

to meet/miss a deadline                                   UNIT THREE     date limite / dernier délai

She made her debut as a pianist in 1975.                   UNIT FOUR     débuts

I did not meet him again for more than a decade.           UNIT FOUR     décennie
The company deceived customers by selling old
computers as new ones.                                    UNIT TWELVE    tromper
He earns a decent salary.                                 UNIT EIGHT     décent
What we decided to do was include English
summaries.                                                UNIT SEVEN     décider

They decorated the room with balloons for her party. UNIT FOURTEEN décorer

She’s dedicated herself to saving the panda.               UNIT TEN      (se) consacrer
dedicated teaching staff                                 UNIT THREE     dévoué
That’s definitely the best price we can manage.         UNIT THIRTEEN   sans aucun doute
You have to be able to delegate if you want to
succeed as a manager.                                     UNIT ONE      déléguer

Rikyu had deliberately cut down all the flowers!          UNIT TWO      délibérément
It’s a bit delicate.                                     UNIT SEVEN     délicat
They were really delighted with the restaurant I
chose.                                                   UNIT EIGHT     ravi

a democratic discussion/debate                           UNIT TWELVE    démocratique
He has demonstrated a genuine interest in the
project.                                                 UNIT ELEVEN    démontrer

That depends on what we agree.                          UNIT THIRTEEN   dépendre de

The lake reaches a maximum depth of 292 metres.           UNIT TEN      profondeur
The plane began its descent into Heathrow.                UNIT TEN      descente

A good education is highly desirable.                   UNIT FOURTEEN   souhaitable

I'm still pleased with the house despite all the
problems we've had.                                       UNIT NINE     malgré

A submersible detected something enormous passing
beneath it.                                               UNIT TEN      détecter
Andy Murray will need great determination and
skill to win this match.                                 UNIT THREE     détermination

Dial 0 for the operator.                                UNIT FOURTEEN   composer (un numéro)
There are many different languages in India and
there are even more dialects.                            UNIT EIGHT     dialecte
The dialogue is very clever.                             UNIT THREE     dialogue
Where exactly was Vinland? Sources differ on this
question.                                                 UNIT TEN      différer

It’s a difficult situation.                              UNIT SEVEN     difficile

Digging the garden is good exercise.                      UNIT TWO      creuser

You need to dilute this before you drink it.             UNIT TWELVE    diluer
We had dinner in the dining room.                       UNIT THIRTEEN   salle à manger

She dipped the brush into the paint.                      UNIT NINE     tremper

My father was a diplomat.                                 UNIT ONE      diplomate

In response to RealGuy’s comments that virtual
worlds are a waste of time, I couldn’t disagree more.     UNIT FIVE     ne pas être d'accord avec
disastrous consequences                                     UNIT FIVE     désastreux

I didn't mean to discourage her.                            UNIT TEN      décourager

Who has discovered a new club or café recently?             UNIT TEN      découvrir
Do doctors discuss medical treatments openly with
their patients?                                           UNIT TWELVE     parler ouvertement

heart disease                                             UNIT TWELVE     maladie

I think you've dislocated your shoulder.                    UNIT TWO      disloquer
I’m writing to express my dissatisfaction with your
staff.                                                     UNIT EIGHT     insatisfaction

She's writing a dissertation on American poetry.           UNIT THREE     dissertation/mémoire

I'm doing a distance degree.                               UNIT THREE     diplôme par correspondance

Distance learning isn’t as effective as face-to-face or                   enseignement par
on-campus learning.                                        UNIT THREE     correspondance

the distinction between spoken and written language       UNIT TWELVE     distinction

a distinctive style of writing                              UNIT NINE     caractéristique
Children must learn to distinguish between right
and wrong.                                                 UNIT THREE     distinguer

Stop distracting me - I'm trying to finish my essay.       UNIT SEVEN     distraire

the fashion district of New York                           UNIT THREE     district

Please don't disturb the animals.                           UNIT TEN      déranger

I'll divide you into three groups.                        UNIT TWELVE     diviser

I’ve divided my talk into three parts.                      UNIT NINE     diviser en

The cameras were well below the diving depth of a
whale.                                                      UNIT TEN      plongée

Who has done research into their family history?            UNIT TEN      faire des recherches

The cathedral dominates the skyline.                       UNIT FOUR      dominer

Would you like to make a donation?                         UNIT THREE     don

Ten thousand dollars was given by an anonymous
donor.                                                    UNIT THIRTEEN   donateur
She waited in the doorway while I ran back inside.         UNIT FIVE     embrasure

Does the house have double glazing?                      UNIT FOURTEEN   double vitrage
You look a bit down today. Are you OK?                    UNIT ELEVEN    déprimé
Brenda quickly downed her coffee and ran out of the
office.                                                   UNIT ELEVEN    avaler

The downside of living in a city is all the pollution.    UNIT TWELVE    inconvénient
There were about a dozen people at the party.              UNIT NINE     douzaine

He made several changes to the first draft.               UNIT SEVEN     brouillon

This position will draw on all your skills.              UNIT FOURTEEN   faire appel à qch
If my uncle sent me a gift, I wouldn’t dream of
phoning him.                                                UNIT SIX     rêver

I think we should drop the ‘About Us’ page.                 UNIT SIX     abandonner / renoncer à
The book finally drops into the three-knife trimmer,
which cuts the edges of the paper off.                     UNIT NINE     tomber dans

He dropped out of school at 14.                           UNIT THREE     laisser tomber
Have you ever dropped out of a course or
competition?                                              UNIT THREE     abandonner
He was due to fly back this morning.                       UNIT TWO      censé

the Duke of Beaufort                                       UNIT TWO      duc

Why don't you just dump him?                             UNIT FOURTEEN   plaquer

If something is long-lasting, it is durable.               UNIT FIVE     durable
The singer remained in the hotel for the duration of
his stay in the UK.                                        UNIT FOUR     durée

It’s our duty to organise this in turn.                    UNIT NINE     devoir
I don’t think they look dynamic enough for our
business.                                                  UNIT FIVE     dynamique

He tapped the earpiece.                                  UNIT FOURTEEN   écouteur
a mound of earth                                           UNIT TWO      terre
I bought a natural remedy at the chemist’s, but it
doesn’t seem to be having any effect.                      UNIT TEN      effet
Being an effective communicator is an important
part of management.                                        UNIT ONE      efficace

I put a lot of effort into organising the party.          UNIT THREE     effort

We can cut salaries or employ fewer people. Either
way, it’s going to be difficult.                           UNIT NINE     dans les deux cas

I look like my elder brother.                              UNIT FIVE     aîné
an electrified railway                                   UNIT FOURTEEN   électrifier

They attached electrodes to his head.                    UNIT FOURTEEN   électrode
I’d say the colours are low-key and, well, quite
elegant.                                               UNIT FIVE     élégant

Let’s eliminate this one.                              UNIT FIVE     éliminer

elite athletes                                         UNIT ONE      élite
My dad's always embarrassing me in front of my
friends.                                              UNIT EIGHT     gêner

The printed sections then emerge from the press        UNIT NINE     émerger

Emperor Charlemagne                                    UNIT FOUR     empereur

The emphasis is on the final syllable.                 UNIT FOUR     accentuation

This further emphasises the family’s helplessness.     UNIT FIVE     souligner

Satellites enable us to look at our planet with a
global perspective.                                    UNIT TEN      permettre
My company moved to Alabama, so that’s how I
ended up living here.                                  UNIT TWO      finir (par)

You will end up with a lovely, soft mixture.           UNIT NINE     obtenir

You have to have plenty of endurance to compete in
a race.                                                UNIT ONE      endurance

enemy forces/territory                                 UNIT TEN      ennemi
The two sides have agreed to engage in talks.           UNIT SIX     prendre part à
You go through an enormous red gate.                   UNIT FOUR     énorme

Are you staying long? she enquired.                  UNIT FOURTEEN   s'enquérir

I strongly recommend you take steps to ensure that
such an incident doesn’t happen again.                UNIT EIGHT     veiller à ce que
I entered the teaching profession in my forties.      UNIT ELEVEN    rejoindre

She is a children's entertainer.                       UNIT FOUR     amuseur/comique

People give up doing things when hey have no
enthusiasm for them.                                   UNIT ONE      enthousiasme

The audience cheered enthusiastically.                 UNIT TWO      avec enthousiasme

She spent her entire life caring for other people.     UNIT FOUR     entier

I'm entitled to apply for citizenship.               UNIT THIRTEEN   autoriser

I feel we’re entitled to a 50% refund of the cost.    UNIT TWELVE    qui est autorisé à

Most people are concerned about the environment.       UNIT FIVE     environnement

racial/sexual equality                                UNIT SEVEN     égalité
It's a simple equation.                                   UNIT SEVEN     équation

the Victorian era                                          UNIT TEN      ère/époque
The monument was erected to celebrate the
Millennium.                                               UNIT FOUR      ériger
When was this building erected?                           UNIT FOUR      ériger

There was an escape from the prison last night.           UNIT THREE     évasion
Satellites are absolutely essential for doing ocean
research.                                                  UNIT TEN      essentiel
What he is saying is essentially true.                    UNIT FOUR      ment

The brewery was established in 1822.                       UNIT TWO      établir

Yeah, salads of course but also vegetarian soup,
pasta, curry et cetera.                                    UNIT ONE      et cætera

The book raises some serious ethical questions.          UNIT TWELVE     éthique
Ideally, the group should be made up of many
different ethnicities.                                   UNIT THIRTEEN   ethnicité
a euphoric mood                                           UNIT FOUR      euphorique

Even if you stopped file sharing completely, it
wouldn’t lead to a big increase in sales.                  UNIT SIX      même si

Evening courses for adults should be partly financed
by the government.                                        UNIT THREE     cours du soir
There’s a lot of evidence that people learn in
different ways.                                            UNIT TEN      preuve/témoignage

What exactly did you have in mind?                         UNIT NINE     exactement

She picked up the knife and examined it closely.           UNIT ONE      examiner
He was executed for murder.                                UNIT FIVE     exécuter
I expect to receive a formal apology                      UNIT EIGHT     s'attendre à
You’re expected to respond pretty quickly.                 UNIT SIX      censé

Peary led the first expedition to the North Pole.          UNIT TEN      expédition

My experience is that rights and responsibilities go
hand in hand.                                            UNIT TWELVE     expérience

She is one of the world’s top experts on panda
conservation.                                              UNIT TEN      expert
the technical expertise of the engineers                   UNIT NINE     expertise

Who loves exploring new towns and cities?                  UNIT TEN      explorer
We’d like to express our gratitude for the efforts you
made.                                                     UNIT EIGHT     exprimer

The spire extends above all the other buildings.          UNIT FOUR      s'étendre
the external walls of the house                           UNIT FOURTEEN   externe
an extraordinary tale of courage                            UNIT FOUR     extraordinaire
the extravagant lifestyle of a movie star                   UNIT FOUR     extravagant
extremely beautiful                                        UNIT THREE     extrêmement

He refused to make eye contact with me.                   UNIT FOURTEEN   croisement des regards
She has good eyesight.                                      UNIT ONE      vue

Some people loved the new monument, others called
it an eyesore.                                              UNIT FOUR     monstruosité/horreur
                                                                          faire face à des situations
She’s faced some hard challenges.                           UNIT TEN      difficiles
They have to face up to reality and be ready to
compromise                                                UNIT THIRTEEN   affronter

A face-to-face meeting.                                      UNIT SIX     face à face

Distance learning isn’t as effective as face-to-face or
on-campus learning.                                        UNIT THREE     apprentissage en face à face
a fairly big family                                        UNIT TWELVE    assez
She was probably the most famous singer of the
Arab World.                                                 UNIT FOUR     célèbre

The big house was just a fantasy.                           UNIT TEN      fantasme
It’s a far bigger order than usual.                       UNIT THIRTEEN   beaucoup plus

He owns over 100 acres of farmland.                         UNIT TEN      terres cultivées/arables
I was really fascinated by all the cultural differences
I noticed                                                  UNIT EIGHT     fasciné
The shops are fascinating.                                  UNIT FOUR     fascinant

a fatal car crash                                          UNIT TWELVE    mortel
She was suffering from fatigue.                            UNIT TWELVE    épuisement

So, we’re all in favour of it.                              UNIT FIVE     favorable à, pour

She was trembling with fear.                                UNIT TWO      peur
Yes, I think that solution is quite feasible.              UNIT SEVEN     faisable

an entrance fee                                             UNIT NINE     frais/tarif
If you can draw, however feebly, it helps.                  UNIT ONE      faiblement

It's important to get immediate feedback.                   UNIT ONE      feed-back, réactions
We do not feel that there is any need for new tables
and chairs.                                                UNIT TWELVE    penser

your fellow students                                       UNIT THREE     camarade

Stop fiddling with your hair!                               UNIT FIVE     tripoter
She fidgeted all the way through the job interview.       UNIT ELEVEN    gigoter

I couldn’t figure out what to do.                         UNIT SEVEN     arriver à comprendre / trouver

Would you mind if we keep your records on file?          UNIT FOURTEEN   fichier

There's nothing wrong with file sharing.                    UNIT SIX     partage de fichiers

Finally, when I realised that there was nothing more
I could do, I thought, “Right, I’m dead.”                  UNIT TWO      finalement
I've always found that rights and responsibilities go
hand in hand.                                             UNIT SEVEN     trouver/estimer
At what time of day do you find it easiest to find out
answers to problems?                                      UNIT SEVEN     trouver/découvrir
It carries a maximum sentence of five years in
prison prison or a fine of £3,200.                          UNIT SIX     amende

She has very long fingernails.                            UNIT ELEVEN    ongle

The police found fingerprints all over the murder
weapon.                                                  UNIT FOURTEEN   empreinte digitale

a firework display                                         UNIT FOUR     feux d'artifice

The policeman gave him first aid before the
ambulance arrived.                                        UNIT THREE     premiers soins
Madeleine's first language is French, but she also
knows English and German.                                 UNIT EIGHT     langue maternelle
He said he'd phone back first thing tomorrow.               UNIT SIX     dès le réveil

You have to be physically fit and strong for sailing.      UNIT ONE      en forme

flashy gold jewellery                                      UNIT FIVE     clinquant

We sell 50 different flavours of ice cream.                UNIT NINE     goût/parfum
She was arrested for a virtual crime, rather than a
flesh-and-blood murder.                                     UNIT SIX     en chair et en os / réel

I had the flu last week.                                   UNIT TWO      grippe
Lessons focus on the classic moves of this
entertaining and beautiful dance form.                    UNIT THREE     se concentrer sur

His article focussed on the French Revolution.             UNIT TEN      se concentrer sur
You have to be very focused on the conditions
around you.                                                UNIT ONE      concentré
Do you follow me?                                          UNIT ONE      suivre
Students should follow their interests.                     UNIT ONE      poursuivre
I'm a lifelong supporter of Crystal Palace football
club.                                                       UNIT NINE     club de football
Many teenagers earn money, for instance by
babysitting or cleaning cars.                               UNIT ONE      par exemple
Jane, for instance, can drive.                              UNIT TWO      par exemple
For me, it’s a choice between two or three.                UNIT THREE     pour moi

                                                                          pour une raison ou pour une
It just never happened for one reason or another.          UNIT EIGHT     autre
Smoking is forbidden.                                      UNIT FOUR      interdit

He had a large tattoo on his forearm.                     UNIT ELEVEN     avant-bras

foreign-language broadcasts                                UNIT SEVEN     langue étrangère
I'll love you forever.                                      UNIT FIVE     pour toujours
I would like to receive a formal apology from the
directors of the hotel.                                    UNIT EIGHT     officiel

There's no magic formula for success.                       UNIT NINE     formule

She's fractured her ankle.                                  UNIT TWO      (se) fracturer
a fragile china cup                                        UNIT THREE     fragile

a picture frame                                             UNIT FIVE     cadre
Frankly, I think the tree should be cut down - it's not
safe.                                                      UNIT THREE     franchement

They’re free to pass through people’s land.                 UNIT TEN      libre
Are medicines free of charge?                             UNIT TWELVE     gratuit

My brother thinks we should have the freedom to
vote or not, as we choose.                                  UNIT TEN      liberté

frontier guards                                             UNIT TEN      frontière

                                                           UNIT THREE     cours à plein temps
Fundamentally, nothing has changed.                        UNIT SEVEN     fondamentalement

a fundraising event                                       UNIT THIRTEEN   collecte de fonds

The funeral will be held next Friday.                      UNIT FOUR      enterrement
Funnily enough, I was just thinking about you when
you called.                                                UNIT THREE     curieusement

Have you ever reacted furiously to something on TV?         UNIT TWO      furieusement

Further into the future, we could very well have a
country-wide transport system of small electric cars.     UNIT TWELVE     plus loin
Further into the future, we could very well have a
country-wide transport system of small electric cars. UNIT FOURTEEN avenir
I work as a futurologist.                             UNIT FOURTEEN futurologue
The country gained independence in 1948.               UNIT THREE obtenir
In our galaxy alone, there are an estimated 100
billion stars.                                           UNIT TEN   galaxie

online gamers                                              UNIT SIX     joueur

We employ three gardeners.                                UNIT TWO      jardinier

I gather you’d like to work out some compensation.      UNIT THIRTEEN   comprendre

a mountain bike with 21 gears                           UNIT FOURTEEN   vitesse

She's an absolute gem.                                    UNIT FIVE     perle/merveille
Generally speaking, I think people used to be more
open and friendly.                                        UNIT TWO      d'une manière générale

a very generous man                                     UNIT THIRTEEN   généreux

There's a gentleman here to see you.                      UNIT FIVE     monsieur

a genuine gold necklace                                   UNIT ONE      véritable
Could you get me some chocolate?                          UNIT ONE      prendre

Mary got the idea for Frankenstein from a dream.         UNIT SEVEN     trouver l'idée dans

I don't know how he gets by on so little money.           UNIT TWO      subsister
We have your contact details and we will get in
touch if we require your assistance.                    UNIT FOURTEEN   contacter
To be a successful journalist, you need to be able to
get people talking.                                      UNIT ELEVEN    faire parler quelqu'un

Do you know anyone who takes a long time to get
used to new people?                                      UNIT THREE     s'habituer à

Do you believe in ghosts?                                UNIT SEVEN     fantôme

a giant spider                                            UNIT FIVE     géant

ginger cake                                               UNIT ONE      gingembre
A dream could give you the idea for a great work of
art.                                                      UNIT TWO      donner

I’d like to give this one a try.                         UNIT THREE     tenter
I've decided to give up smoking completely.              UNIT THREE     arrêter de

It was so frustrating that I just gave up on it.         UNIT SEVEN     renoncer à
I’m glad things turned out the way they did.             UNIT EIGHT     content

a glamorous woman                                         UNIT NINE     séduisant/éblouissant
the global problem of nuclear waste                       UNIT TEN      mondial
Put a bit of glue on both edges and hold them
together.                                                 UNIT NINE     colle

Do you think you can glue this vase back together?        UNIT NINE   coller
Shall I start the lesson?' 'Yes, go ahead.'                UNIT SIX   y aller
I’d go along with you there.                              UNIT FIVE   être d'accord avec
They hoped the problem would go away.                   UNIT THIRTEEN disparaître

Prosperity goes hand in hand with investment.            UNIT TWELVE    aller de pair
Large sheets of paper go into the press.                  UNIT NINE     entrer dans

An alarm clock went off in the candidate’s briefcase.    UNIT ELEVEN    sonner
This went on for some years until they finally
complained to the police.                                 UNIT FOUR     continuer
What kinds of technology and equipment have gone
out of use?                                              UNIT THREE     devenir obsolète
Everyone went out of their way to make us feel
welcome. It was lovely.                                   UNIT NINE     faire tout son possible
Can you go over that again?                               UNIT NINE     examiner/vérifier
We’re going with this one.                                UNIT FIVE     choisir quelque chose

The process involves setting specific goals.              UNIT ONE      objectif

the ancient goddess of hunting                           UNIT SEVEN     déesse
It's a good size.                                         UNIT ONE      bon

I’m good at helping people get on with each other.        UNIT ONE      bon en / doué pour

Good lord! Is that the time?                             UNIT ELEVEN    mon dieu

I’ve always been good with numbers.                       UNIT ONE      habile / qui sait s'y prendre
He gave them a thousand pounds as a gesture of
goodwill.                                                UNIT THREE     bonne volonté

Steve never studies, but he always gets good grades.    UNIT FOURTEEN   note
Gradually he began to get better.                         UNIT TWO      petit à petit

New graduates should usually have some internship
experience.                                             UNIT FOURTEEN   diplômé/licencié

                                                                        obtenir un diplôme / une
He graduated from Cambridge University in 2006.           UNIT FOUR     licence
                                                                         petit-fils/petite-fille (petits-
My grandchildren came to stay with me.                     UNIT EIGHT    enfants)
We’d like to express our gratitude for the efforts you
made.                                                    UNIT FOURTEEN   gratitude

a green activist/campaigner                                UNIT FIVE     écologiste/vert
People didn't like it at first but grew to love it.        UNIT FOUR     finir par
These dishes guarantee something to everyone's
taste.                                                    UNIT THREE     garantir
Students make choices about their future, with the
guidance of their teachers.                               UNIT TWELVE    conseils

the Designers' Guild                                       UNIT NINE     corporation/association

He was a guitarist in a rock band.                         UNIT ONE      guitariste

the fox's natural habitat                                  UNIT TEN      habitat

Two British youths were caught hacking into
government computers.                                       UNIT SIX     s'introduire en fraude dans

Do you think he wears a hairpiece?                        UNIT ELEVEN    postiche
Just under half of them buy their lunches from our
shop.                                                     UNIT ELEVEN moitié
the halfway point                                         UNIT SEVEN  mi-chemin
We try to hammer it into the children to take care                    enfoncer de force qch dans la
crossing the road.                                        UNIT TWELVE tête de qn
He knows how to handle people.                            UNIT ELEVEN gérer/s'occuper de

How will you handle living in a closed community?        UNIT FOURTEEN   gérer

He had a firm handshake.                                 UNIT FOURTEEN   poignée de main

hands-on experience                                       UNIT THREE     pratique
How can we solve this problem and keep everyone
happy.                                                   UNIT THIRTEEN   satisfait

I’d be happy with either Cookery or Psychology.           UNIT THREE     tranquille/content
This island is formed from volcanic lava that has
hardened into rock.                                        UNIT NINE     durcir

A murdered knight haunts the castle.                      UNIT SEVEN     hanter
People have a tendency to learn languages in the big
cities.                                                    UNIT TWO      avoir tendance à

                                                         UNIT THIRTEEN   toucher deux mots

What exactly did you have in mind?                         UNIT FIVE  avoir à l'esprit
She was sent to the headteacher.                          UNIT THREE  directeur
traditional methods of healing                            UNIT TWELVE guérir
Does everyone have health insurance?                      UNIT TWELVE    assurance maladie

I think the people here are quite health-conscious.       UNIT TWELVE    soucieux de sa santé

They think they will go to heaven.                         UNIT FOUR     paradis
It was heavily criticised at first but people are
beginning to warm to it now.                               UNIT FOUR     fortement
I've always been scared of heights.                        UNIT TWO      hauteurs

Are families expected to help out with patient care?      UNIT TWELVE    aider

Neil took us here and there sightseeing.                  UNIT EIGHT     ici et là

Would you say that doctors and nurses have a high
status?                                                   UNIT TWELVE    statut élevé

a high-definition lens                                   UNIT FOURTEEN   haute définition

His blonde hair and blue suit highlight his innocence.     UNIT FIVE     souligner/mettre en lumière
Describe a a high-pressure situation in your work or
studies.                                                   UNIT NINE     stressant

The plane was hijacked by terrorists.                      UNIT ONE      détourner

On sunny days the trails are full of hikers.               UNIT TEN      randonneur
It's a historic town with some very impressive
ancient buildings and statues.                             UNIT FOUR     historique
Historically, this was a mill town.                         UNIT SIX     historiquement

The police said the bomb threat was a hoax.                UNIT TEN      canular / fausse alerte
Fundamentalist beliefs hold sway over whole
districts.                                                UNIT TWELVE    avoir de l'emprise

Another machine attaches the cover to the book
block using hot glue to hold everything together.          UNIT NINE     maintenir
a hollow shell/tube                                      UNIT THIRTEEN   creux

10,000 people were made homeless by the floods.            UNIT NINE     sans-abri/SDF

homeopathic medicine/remedies                             UNIT TWELVE    homéopathique
Some people consider homeopathy to be no better
than a sugar pill.                                        UNIT TWELVE    homéopathie

I've set Facebook to be my homepage.                        UNIT SIX     page d'accueil

I felt homesick when I went to university.                UNIT EIGHT     avoir le mal du pays
If you want my honest opinion, I think your hair
looks awful.                                               UNIT FIVE     honnête

Why don't you hook up with some mates to do it?            UNIT ONE      sortir avec / retrouver (qn)
I hope that you will be able to restore my confidence
in your hotel.                                            UNIT EIGHT     espérer
Hopefully he won't go out of business.                    UNIT THREE     avec un peu de chance

When she saw me, she ran over and hugged me and
kissed me on both cheeks. I felt absolutely horrified.    UNIT EIGHT     horrifié

He is a wonderful host.                                   UNIT EIGHT     hôte

We bathed in a hot spring.                                 UNIT FOUR     source d'eau chaude

It's human nature to want to be loved.                     UNIT TEN      nature humaine

She works in human resources.                            UNIT FOURTEEN   ressources humaines
The waiter looked humiliated when he saw the size
of the tip they gave him.                                 UNIT EIGHT     humilié
a job hunt                                                UNIT TWELVE    recherche/chasse

Police placed witnesses under hypnosis in an effort
to gain additional information.                           UNIT TWELVE    hypnose
A dream could give you the idea for a great work of
art.                                                      UNIT SEVEN     idée

Like an idiot, I believed him.                            UNIT THREE     idiot

If only I’d asked for some advice.                        UNIT EIGHT     si seulement

You can't ignore it, the problem won't go away.           UNIT SEVEN  ignorer
Unfortunately I couldn't go because of illness.           UNIT TWELVE maladie
a serious/terminal illness                                UNIT TWELVE maladie

The poem is famous for its beautiful imagery.             UNIT SEVEN     images/imagerie
The story takes place in an imaginary world.               UNIT FIVE     imaginaire

A game designer has to have plenty of imagination.         UNIT ONE      imagination

an imaginative use of colour                               UNIT FOUR     imaginatif

I can imagine it in the kitchen.                           UNIT FIVE     imaginer
The government has promised to take immediate
action.                                                    UNIT ONE      immédiat

immigration policy                                         UNIT TWO      immigration

Latino singers have had a major impact on pop
music this year.                                           UNIT TEN      impact
Our new computerised system will soon be fully
implemented.                                             UNIT THIRTEEN   mettre en place
The vacuum inside the tube caused it to implode
when the external air pressure was increased.               UNIT TEN      imploser
This implies that he has some sympathy for their
situation.                                                  UNIT FIVE     laisser entendre
If you receive a job offer, it’s really important that
you get it in writing.                                       UNIT SIX     important

to impose a ban/tax                                        UNIT TWELVE    imposer

an impossible task                                          UNIT NINE     impossible
It caused a lot of controversy – it made a big
impression on people.                                      UNIT THREE     impression

It's a historic town with some very impressive
ancient buildings and statues.                              UNIT FOUR     impressionnant
In addition to his flat in London, he has a villa in
Italy.                                                      UNIT FOUR     en plus
Sources are in agreement that Leif Eriksson died in
about 1020.                                                 UNIT TEN      du même avis
People were wandering in and out.                          UNIT EIGHT     entrer et sortir

In any case, that room's too small.                       UNIT THIRTEEN   en tout cas
The director of photography is in charge of the
camera and lighting crew.                                   UNIT NINE     responsable de

In fact most travel writers find it hard just to make a
living.                                                     UNIT NINE     en fait

Most people are in favour of reducing traffic in cities.    UNIT FIVE     partisan de
It's a bronze statue, erected in honour of Saigo
Takamori.                                                  UNIT FOUR      en l'honneur de
He is in part to blame for the accident.                  UNIT TWELVE     en partie
For Hilary in particular it was interesting.                UNIT ONE      en particulier
I tend to make sure everything's in place.               UNIT FOURTEEN    en place

In response to RealGuy’s comments that virtual
worlds are a waste of time, I couldn’t disagree more.        UNIT SIX     en réaction à
Well, in that case, I’ve got another idea.                UNIT THIRTEEN   dans ce cas
Spencer wants to be the next President, but Gomez is
in the way.                                                 UNIT NINE     sur son chemin
I’m in two minds about this one.                           UNIT THREE     partagé
What kinds of technology and equipment are in
regular use nowadays?                                      UNIT THREE     utilisé

Beetle grubs stay inactive underground until spring.       UNIT SEVEN     inactif

The snow was 6 inches deep in some places.                UNIT FOURTEEN   pouce
I suggest you take steps to ensure that such an
incident doesn’t happen again.                             UNIT EIGHT     incident

He included the story in his book on France.                UNIT TWO      inclure

incompetent managers                                       UNIT ELEVEN    incompétent
The Director apologised for any inconvenience
caused.                                                        UNIT TWO   dérangement
I remember feeling incredibly lonely.                          UNIT TWO   incroyablement
They’re expected to work independently.                       UNIT TWELVE indépendamment

He was quite a positive influence on me.                      UNIT THREE     influence
We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer
you a position at this time.                                  UNIT EIGHT     informer
If he calls me again, I shall inform the police.               UNIT TEN      informer

an insulin injection                                          UNIT TWELVE    injection

My pen has run out of ink.                                     UNIT NINE     encre
They stayed at an inn.                                         UNIT FOUR     auberge

a profound sense of inner peace                               UNIT THREE     intérieur

He was one of those people who have a lot of inner
strength.                                                     UNIT THREE     force intérieure
He claims to be innocent of the crime.                        UNIT SEVEN     innocent

an innovative approach to programme making                     UNIT FIVE     innovateur

The book provides a fascinating insight into the
world of art.                                                UNIT FOURTEEN   regard/enseignement

I regret I didn’t insist on seeing a director at the time.    UNIT EIGHT     insister sur / pour
Scientists and engineers get a lot of inspiration from
dreams.                                                       UNIT SEVEN     inspiration

Srinivasa Ramanujan was inspired by dreams.                   UNIT SEVEN     inspirer
A drama teacher at school had inspired Sam to
become an actor.                                               UNIT FIVE     inciter

The school has installed a burglar alarm.                     UNIT SEVEN     installer

How dare you insult me in front of my friends!                UNIT SEVEN     insulter
What do you intend to do after this job?                     UNIT FOURTEEN   avoir l'intention de
The vase was intended to be a gift.                            UNIT FOUR     avoir pour but
At school, teachers say he interacted well with other
students.                                                       UNIT SIX     avoir de bons rapports
the grand interior of the hotel                              UNIT FOURTEEN   intérieur

intermediate students                                          UNIT ONE      intermédiaire

This medicine should not be taken internally.                  UNIT ONE      à usage interne
New graduates should usually have some internship
experience.                                                  UNIT FOURTEEN   internat/stage

To get to the interview stage, you really need to sell
yourself in your CV and covering letter.                 UNIT FOURTEEN entretien
I was really intrigued by all the cultural differences I
noticed                                                    UNIT EIGHT  intriguer

Ancient Egyptian art has always intrigued me.                 UNIT EIGHT     intriguer
This course introduces you to the skill of creative                       initier quelqu'un à quelque
writing.                                                   UNIT THREE     chose

I just felt so isolated.                                   UNIT EIGHT     isolé

the last item on the list                                  UNIT ELEVEN    élément
It’s a busy area, jammed with people.                       UNIT FOUR     plein

a jocular comment                                          UNIT ELEVEN    jovial/facétieux
Are you joking?                                             UNIT FIVE     blague

She's a joy to work with.                                  UNIT ELEVEN    joie

He won with a jump of 8.5 metres.                           UNIT TWO      saut

jungle animals                                              UNIT TWO      jungle
a junior minister/senator                                   UNIT ONE      subordonné

She tried to bring about fairness and justice for all.      UNIT ONE      justice
How can we solve this problem and keep everyone
happy.                                                    UNIT THIRTEEN   maintenir/entretenir

I always keep my appointments.                            UNIT THIRTEEN   respecter un rendez-vous

I always keep my fingers crossed when my flight
takes off.                                                UNIT THIRTEEN   croiser les doigts

It can be difficult to keep up your concentration.         UNIT THREE     maintenir

I couldn't keep up with him.                               UNIT EIGHT     suivre (qn)
What time do football matches in your country
usually kick off?                                          UNIT ELEVEN    donner le coup d'envoi

I will do my homework - I just need a little kickstart.   UNIT FOURTEEN   coup de pouce

She knelt down beside the child.                           UNIT SEVEN     s'agenouiller

I untied the knots.                                         UNIT FOUR     nœud
She’s used her knowledge and training to benefit the
environment.                                                UNIT TEN      connaissances
research laboratories                                       UNIT TEN      laboratoire

She really lacks confidence.                                UNIT ONE      manquer de

The Statue of Liberty is one of the world's most
famous landmarks.                                           UNIT FOUR     repère
It looked odd at first but now people just see it as
part of the landscape.                                      UNIT FOUR     paysage
There are many different languages in India and
there are even more dialects.                              UNIT EIGHT     langue

a laser beam                                              UNIT FOURTEEN   laser

top/bottom of the league                                    UNIT ONE      ligue/championnat

If we leave it where it is, no one’ll see it.               UNIT TWO      laisser

Seminars are a waste of time. Students learn much
more from lectures.                                        UNIT THREE     cours
They came up with a compromise so there was no
need for legal action.                                    UNIT THIRTEEN   action en justice

Would you lend me fifty euros?'                             UNIT TWO      prêter

She’s made preserving the natural world her life’s
work.                                                       UNIT TEN      œuvre d'une vie
a lifelong friend/interest                                  UNIT NINE     de toute une vie

I can't see it happening within my lifetime.              UNIT FOURTEEN   vivant
Nowadays the mine at Wieliczka is like a huge
underground city.                                           UNIT FIVE     comme

space limitations                                           UNIT ONE      limitation/restriction
There is huge linguistic variety in India.                 UNIT EIGHT     linguistique

I think we should link that page to Portraits.               UNIT SIX     créer un lien / relier
Gases liquefy under pressure.                               UNIT NINE     liquéfier

The chocolate turns back into a liquid.                     UNIT NINE     liquide

I'm a good listener.                                        UNIT ONE      personne qui écoute / auditeur

They were responsible for literally millions of deaths.     UNIT NINE     littéralement

There was a lot of litter in the street.                    UNIT TEN      détritus

I printed a load of leaflets.                             UNIT THIRTEEN   plein

Who finds it difficult to locate places on a map?           UNIT TEN      localiser

a cottage located in the countryside                        UNIT NINE     situer

logging companies.                                          UNIT TEN      abattage
The logical thing is to return the tree to the garden
centre.                                                     UNIT ONE      logique
Mathematics can be quite complex and you need to
be able to think logically.                                 UNIT ONE      logiquement

a corporate logo                                           UNIT ELEVEN    logo
long-term unemployment                                    UNIT FOURTEEN   à long terme
If something is long-lasting, it is durable.               UNIT FIVE     de longue durée
A long-term commitment.                                     UNIT SIX     à long terme
I’ll be looking at four main areas.                        UNIT NINE     considérer/étudier

We look forward to discussing them further at a
time of your convenience.                                  UNIT FOUR     avoir hâte de

                                                         UNIT FOURTEEN   prévoyant
He doesn't often lose his temper.                         UNIT THREE     perdre son sang-froid
I’d say the colours are low-key and, well, quite
elegant.                                                   UNIT FIVE     sobre
A low-quality science fiction movie.                        UNIT SIX     de mauvaise qualité
The song has beautiful lyrics.                             UNIT FOUR     paroles
The majority of people in this country own their
houses.                                                    UNIT ONE      majorité
How easy is it to make an appointment at a clinic or
with a doctor?                                            UNIT TWELVE    faire
Do you think you made good use of your time at
school or college?                                        UNIT THREE     faire bon usage de

People didn’t know what to make of the tower at first.     UNIT FOUR     penser

It makes a lot of sense.                                   UNIT ONE      avoir du sens

                                                           UNIT FOUR     faire réfléchir quelqu'un

It’d make the room feel a lot bigger .                     UNIT FIVE     rendre
Make sure you see the Great Buddha while you're
there.                                                     UNIT FOUR     veiller à

I can’t make up my mind about it.                         UNIT THREE     se décider

Many people died of malaria.                              UNIT TWELVE    paludisme

Shortly before the crash the pilot had reported a
malfunction of the aircraft's navigation system.           UNIT TWO      dysfonctionnement
The director of photography manages the camera
and lighting crew.                                         UNIT ONE      gérer

He knows how to manipulate people to get his won
way.                                                      UNIT ELEVEN    manipuler
Do doctors tend to have a formal or informal
manner towards patients?                                  UNIT TWELVE    attitude / façon d'être
Local industries manufacture plastic products,
boats, and clothing.                                       UNIT FIVE     fabriquer

It must be amazing to map an unexplored area.              UNIT TEN      cartographier
marine creatures/life                                      UNIT TEN      marin

to have a massage                                         UNIT TWELVE    massage
a massive building                                       UNIT THIRTEEN   énorme
He was a master of disguise.                               UNIT TWO     maître/professionnel

the maximum temperature/speed                               UNIT SIX    maximum/maximal

He may have felt a bit ill after eating too much.         UNIT EIGHT    il se peut que

She may well have forgotten what I looked like.           UNIT EIGHT    il se peut bien que
What do you mean by ‘special ingredient’?                  UNIT NINE    vouloir dire / signifier

The mother is ill. The child, meanwhile, is living with
foster parents.                                            UNIT TWO     entre-temps / en attendant

This arrangement is only a temporary measure.               UNIT SIX    mesure

a bronze medal                                            UNIT THREE    médaille

Do you know if you’re allergic to any medicine?           UNIT TWELVE   médicament

I meditate twice a day.                                   UNIT SEVEN    méditer

I’m a member of the Screenwriters’ Guild                   UNIT NINE    membre

mental health/illness                                      UNIT ONE     mental
Earlier I mentioned how folding machine folds the
paper.                                                     UNIT FIVE    mentionner
Interestingly, several sites make no mention of his
companions.                                                UNIT TEN     mention

I had a great mentor in my first job.                     UNIT THREE    mentor

You will need to use a microphone.                         UNIT NINE    microphone

We looked at the cells under the microscope.              UNIT SEVEN    microscope

A middle-aged piano teacher.                                UNIT SIX    d'âge moyen

He might have been a bit angry. It’s hard to say.         UNIT EIGHT    avoir (au conditionnel) pu être

a mild winter                                              UNIT TEN     doux

Rob was not a man to mince his words.                     UNIT EIGHT    mâcher ses mots

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the big hurry?        UNIT SEVEN    déranger

He worked at the mine.                                     UNIT TWO     mine
a miniature camera                                         UNIT FIVE    miniature
How much is the minimum wage?                              UNIT TEN      minimum

a finance/health minister                                 UNIT SEVEN     ministre
Don’t miss the well-stocked Hakuhinkan toy store in
Tokyo.                                                    UNIT FOUR      rater

How would you deal with a misunderstanding.                UNIT TWO      malentendu

The bottle-makers crush the ingredients to a powder
and mix them up.                                         UNIT ELEVEN     mélanger

I’ve got mixed feelings about that one                    UNIT THREE     sentiments partagés

There was a mix-up with the bags at the airport.           UNIT TWO      confusion

modern art/architecture                                   UNIT FOUR      moderne

He's very modest about his achievements.                   UNIT ONE      modeste

a hydrogen molecule                                       UNIT SEVEN     molécule
monolingual dictionaries                                  UNIT EIGHT     monolingue
The monument is in the shape of a spire and was
erected to celebrate the Millennium.                      UNIT FOUR      monument

She gets around town on a moped.                         UNIT ELEVEN     mobylette

Just a minute. I’ve more or less finished this report.    UNIT EIGHT     plus ou moins

We planted some morning glories.                           UNIT TWO      belle-de-jour

When she saw me, she ran over and hugged me and
kissed me on both cheeks. I felt absolutely mortified!    UNIT EIGHT     mort de honte

My mother tongue is French.                               UNIT EIGHT     langue maternelle

Teaching is all about motivating people to learn.        UNIT THIRTEEN   motiver

It’s better to move all that information to the
homepage.                                                  UNIT SIX      déplacer

The book moves along a conveyor belt.                      UNIT NINE     se déplacer

Let’s move on to how you can get into the business.        UNIT NINE     passer à
Casablanca' is my favourite movie.                         UNIT SIX      film

I spent a long time mulling it over.                      UNIT SEVEN     réfléchir longuement à

                                                          UNIT EIGHT     multilingue
Most mothers are good at multi-tasking.                    UNIT ONE      multitâches

I think she must have felt homesick.                      UNIT EIGHT     devoir

an unsolved mystery                                       UNIT SEVEN     mystère

She must have been mystified by my cold reaction.         UNIT EIGHT     déconcerter

a three-inch nail                                          UNIT FOUR     clou

The class will focus on dialogue and narrative.           UNIT THREE     narration/récit

We've narrowed the choice of restaurants down to
three.                                                     UNIT FIVE     réduire

Do you know anyone who has natural talent in
something?                                                 UNIT ONE      naturel
Nearly all of them said they’d be interested in buying
from us.                                                  UNIT ELEVEN    presque
Nearly all the sandwiches we make have meat in
them.                                                     UNIT ELEVEN    presque tous

Next thing I knew, I was falling fast.                     UNIT TWO      prochain

Some see homeopathy as no better than a sugar pill.       UNIT TWELVE    pas mieux que
There’s no way I’d just telephone.                        UNIT THREE     aucune chance

He was nominated for an award.                            UNIT THREE     nominer

Maybe it’s none of my business but what's the
problem?                                                  UNIT SEVEN     pas mes affaires
I don’t want to be nosy but do you know what’s
going on?                                                 UNIT SEVEN     curieux/indiscret

I wouldn’t mind doing a course in First Aid.              UNIT THREE     ne pas déranger de
Where I live, people generally think highly of                           ne pas avoir une haute
doctors but they don’t think much of teachers.             UNIT ONE      opinion de

He cut a notch in the wood.                                UNIT NINE     encoche

I have made a note of your telephone number.             UNIT FOURTEEN   note
a novel idea/approach                                      UNIT FIVE     nouveau/original
He is a children's novelist.                               UNIT FOUR     romancier

Nowadays people celebrate Bonfire Night together.          UNIT FOUR     de nos jours

nuclear weapons/waste                                      UNIT TEN      nucléaire
Their readership was null.                                    UNIT SEVEN     nul

oat biscuits                                                 UNIT THIRTEEN   avoine

If you refuse to obey the law, you'll be arrested.             UNIT TEN      obéir
CVs usually include a main objective, details of
experience and references.                                   UNIT FOURTEEN   objectif
Sellers are not legally obliged to accept the highest
offer.                                                         UNIT TEN      obligé de

Children learn by observing adults.                            UNIT TWO   observer
obsolete equipment                                           UNIT FOURTEENobsolète
to obtain permission                                          UNIT ELEVEN obtenir
It's a bit obvious.                                            UNIT ONE   évident

Obviously, they had a lucky escape.                           UNIT THREE     évidemment
According to the police, the shooting occurred at
about 12.30 a.m.                                              UNIT EIGHT     avoir lieu

Look! here a box of odds and ends from our old flat.          UNIT EIGHT     bric-à-brac

The ship was blown off course.                                 UNIT TEN   déporté
an offensive remark                                          UNIT FOURTEENoffensant/blessant
That kind of medicine offers no benefit.                      UNIT TWELVE présenter

We can offer a refund on the room rental.                      UNIT TWO      proposer

If you are really unhappy with the service you could
make an official complaint.                                  UNIT THIRTEEN   plainte officielle

                                                              UNIT EIGHT     langue officielle
In the old days, people used to celebrate Bonfire
Night in their back gardens.                                   UNIT FOUR     temps / vieux temps

How on earth did she manage that?                            UNIT THIRTEENdiable
I’d reject the first on the grounds that it could be too                  en raison de / sous prétexte
cold.                                                         UNIT TWELVE que

On the other hand, you have people who say that
even if it is illegal, it doesn't hurt the music industry.      UNIT SIX     d'autre part

It’s chilly, isn’t it? Winter’s definitely on the way.         UNIT NINE     en chemin
Is the use of online learning in teaching small
children a good idea?                                         UNIT THREE     apprentissage en ligne

The Eiffel Tower opened to the public in May 1889.             UNIT FOUR     ouvert

When it comes to politics, I try to keep an open mind.       UNIT THIRTEEN   esprit ouvert
Our company is operating under very difficult
conditions at present.                                   UNIT NINE     fonctionner/gérer

You have to be trained to operate the machinery.         UNIT NINE     faire fonctionner

She spoke to everyone involved and got their opinion. UNIT THIRTEEN opinion

She's a very opinionated young woman.                    UNIT TWO      dogmatique

We were pleased to have the opportunity to discuss
your qualifications and expectations.                  UNIT FOURTEEN   opportunité

We're opposed to any tax increases.                     UNIT TWELVE    opposé à (qch)
We have the option of hiring someone to do the
cleaning.                                                UNIT TWO      option

the origin of the universe                               UNIT TEN      origine
Where do you come up with your best or most
original ideas?                                         UNIT SEVEN     original

I'd like to present the other side of the story.          UNIT SIX     autre facette

They should send her to prison, otherwise,
everyone’ll start doing this.                             UNIT SIX     autrement
These two are out.                                       UNIT FIVE     exclus

I just felt so out of place.                            UNIT EIGHT     pas à sa place
Just over 150 people were surveyed including 40
from local businesses.                                  UNIT ELEVEN    plus de
He's trying to overcome his drug addiction and find
a job.                                                 UNIT THIRTEEN   surmonter

I overheard him telling her he was leaving.            UNIT FOURTEEN   entendre par hasard

I think his work is overrated.                           UNIT ONE      surfait/surestimé
The director of photography oversees the camera
and lighting crew.                                       UNIT NINE     superviser

It's dangerous to overtake on a bend.                    UNIT NINE     dépasser
He taught me a lot about determination – I owe him
a lot.                                                   UNIT TWO      devoir

I’m going to give you a couple of prescriptions. One
of them’s an antibiotic, the other’s a painkiller.      UNIT TWELVE    antalgique

We sat under the palm trees.                             UNIT FOUR     palmier

He is an expert on pandas.                               UNIT TEN      panda

I fastened the sheets with a paperclip.                  UNIT FIVE     trombone
Her parachute failed to open.                              UNIT TWO      parachute
All participants finishing the race will receive a
medal.                                                   UNIT THIRTEEN   participant
The sections pass through the folding machine.             UNIT NINE     passer par
There's a passage to the side of the house, leading to
the garden.                                                UNIT TWO      passage
a passion for football                                   UNIT THIRTEEN   passion

Key in your password.                                       UNIT SIX     mot de passe
I’ve never met anybody so patient.                        UNIT THREE     patient

They want the whole area paved over.                     UNIT THIRTEEN   paver

It's illegal to park on the pavement.                      UNIT TEN      trottoir

We visited the pavilion.                                   UNIT FOUR     pavillon
The wine had a peculiar, musty smell.                      UNIT FOUR     particulier/spécial

I have a French pen friend.                               UNIT EIGHT     correspondant

You must be able to work independently and have
strong organisational and people skills.                 UNIT FOURTEEN   compétences humaines

To be perfectly honest, I don't really care.               UNIT FIVE     parfaitement

He can be very persistent sometimes.                      UNIT ELEVEN    persistant/tenace

It's just a personal thing.                               UNIT SEVEN     personnel

Who do you know has a big personality?                     UNIT NINE     personnalité
Personally, I think it’s amazing that someone so
young could do that.                                      UNIT THREE     personnellement

I need to speak to someone in Personnel.                  UNIT ELEVEN    service du personnel
Being unemployed has made me see things from a
different perspective.                                     UNIT TEN      perspective

I don't find it very persuasive.                           UNIT ONE      persuasif

storms, lightning, and other natural phenomena            UNIT SEVEN     phénomène

I need to photocopy some papers.                         UNIT THIRTEEN   photocopie

You have to be physically fit and strong for sailing.      UNIT ONE      physiquement
My father is a physicist.                                  UNIT TEN      physicien
                                                         UNIT TWELVE    kinésithérapie
The gathering machine picks an ‘A’ section up, then a
‘B’ section and so on.                                    UNIT NINE     soulever

a vitamin pill                                           UNIT TWELVE    comprimé/pilule

We made a piñata for Maria's party.                       UNIT ONE      piñata/pignatta

pioneering techniques                                     UNIT TEN      novateur

They were attacked by pirates.                           UNIT ELEVEN    pirate

The image is formed of thousands of pixels.             UNIT FOURTEEN   pixel

My idea is to place another page here.                     UNIT SIX     placer

The placebo effect is far more powerful than most
people realise.                                          UNIT TWELVE    placébo

We plagued him with questions.                           UNIT THREE     harceler
I like to plan ahead because then I have a long time
to look forward to things                               UNIT FOURTEEN   prévoir

Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system.        UNIT TEN      planète
 I play quite an active part in the Screenwriters'
Guild.                                                    UNIT NINE     jouer un rôle dans
He was a French poet.                                     UNIT FOUR     poète
I take your point but I have to disagree with you
there.                                                    UNIT FIVE     remarque/propos

When I pointed this out, the clerk said, “Don’t cause
trouble”.                                                UNIT EIGHT     faire remarquer

They played poker all evening.                            UNIT FIVE     poker

tent poles                                                UNIT NINE     piquet

foreign policy                                           UNIT TWELVE    politique

A recent poll indicated that 77 percent of Americans
supported the president.                                 UNIT SEVEN     sondage
He showed us his portfolio.                               UNIT THIRTEEN   portefeuille

a portrait of the princess                                   UNIT SIX     portrait

Yeames portrays the Parliamentarian soldiers with
some sensitivity.                                           UNIT FIVE     dresser le portrait
What are your reasons for applying for this
position?                                                 UNIT FOURTEEN   poste

The cost of marine expeditions is rising, but the
results would have a positive effect on all our lives.      UNIT TEN   positif
They simply don’t possess the talent.                       UNIT ONE   posséder
 There’s also the possibility that ‘thought recognition’
could allow you to just think a number instead of
dialling it.                                             UNIT FOURTEEN possibilité

These days you need to do postgraduate courses to
get a good job.                                            UNIT THREE     cours de troisième cycle

a flower pot                                                UNIT TWO      pot

There have been a number of articles criticising
homeopathic remedies as potentially lethal.                UNIT TWELVE    potentiellement
The operator pours ink into the printing press.             UNIT NINE     verser dans

That’s not really practical.                               UNIT SEVEN     pratique
Practice is important if you want to be good at
something.                                                  UNIT ONE      pratique
Shall we say a prayer for him?                             UNIT THREE     prière

to give precedence to something                             UNIT TEN      priorité

She's so precious about her art.                            UNIT ONE      maniéré
To be precise, the chocolate seals off the filling from
the oxygen in the air                                       UNIT NINE     précis
I predict that mobile phones will become obsolete by
2020.                                                     UNIT FOURTEEN   prédire
We’re prepared to add an extra $250.                      UNIT THIRTEEN   prêt à
Painkillers are the most common drugs prescribed
by doctors in Britain.                                     UNIT TWELVE    prescrire
The purpose of this proposal is to present some
suggestions.                                                 UNIT SIX     présenter

to preserve peace                                           UNIT TEN      préserver

They are under pressure from the music industry.             UNIT SIX     pression
the prevention of disease                                 UNIT TWELVE    prévention

She felt a great sense of pride as she watched him
accept the award.                                         UNIT THREE     fierté

He married a princess.                                     UNIT TWO      princesse
The organisation works on the principle that all
members have the same rights.                             UNIT TWELVE    principe

The press prints 16 pages onto the paper                   UNIT NINE     imprimer sur
three weeks prior to her death                           UNIT FOURTEEN   avant (qch)

Tell us about something which is a high priority in
your life.                                                 UNIT NINE     priorité

He's spent most of his life in prison.                      UNIT SIX     prison
The company has new procedures for dealing with
complaints.                                               UNIT ELEVEN    procédure

She sat down and proceeded to tell me her life story.     UNIT ELEVEN    se mettre à (faire qch)

And that’s the whole process.                              UNIT NINE     processus
She's proficient in two languages.                        UNIT EIGHT     compétent
Technology has progressed rapidly in the last 100
years.                                                    UNIT SEVEN     progresser
Eating a good diet can prolong your life.                UNIT FOURTEEN   prolonger

He promised that he’d have the corporate logo
tattooed on his forearm.                                   UNIT TWO      promettre
The band is promoting their new album.                   UNIT FOURTEEN   promouvoir

There’s no proof that it works.                           UNIT TWELVE    preuve

Writing a letter is considered the proper thing to do.      UNIT SIX     convenable
We hope that our proposals will be given serious
consideration.                                            UNIT TWELVE    proposition

We also propose that the company buy several
poster-size prints to brighten up the walls even more.    UNIT TWELVE    proposer
I propose that we delay our decision until we have
more information.                                           UNIT SIX     proposer

We interview all the prospective candidates.              UNIT SEVEN     potentiel

a prototype for a new car                                UNIT FOURTEEN   prototype
We’d be willing to come here again provided we can
sort out this problem.                                   UNIT THIRTEEN   à condition que

I don't mean to pry but is something wrong?               UNIT SEVEN     être indiscret

child psychology                                           UNIT ONE      psychologie
The Eiffel Tower opened to the public in May 1889.           UNIT FOUR     public

I would like to see homeopaths debating publicly
with their critics.                                         UNIT TWELVE    en public
Is community service a useful punishment?                     UNIT SIX     punition

Tickets must be purchased two weeks in advance.             UNIT TWELVE    acheter

pure gold                                                    UNIT TWO      pur

They are puritanical about speaking one language.           UNIT EIGHT     puritain

outdoor pursuits                                             UNIT ONE      occupation/activité

It’s a very old building but we’ve decided to put in
central heating.                                             UNIT ONE      installer
The operator puts the sheets into the folding
machine.                                                     UNIT NINE     mettre dans

I know I should see a dentist but I keep putting it off.    UNIT SEVEN     repousser/différer

Do you mind if I put the television on?                    UNIT THIRTEEN   allumer
The first question an interviewer asks should put
them at ease.                                               UNIT ELEVEN    mettre à l'aise

If you put somebody on edge, they won't be able to.         UNIT ELEVEN    stresser
The gathering machine puts a complete set together
to make a ‘book block'.                                      UNIT NINE     assembler
The hotel was full so I asked Abbas to put me up for
a few days.                                                  UNIT FOUR     héberger/loger

They simply put up with the problem.                       UNIT THIRTEEN   tolérer

I don't know how she puts up with him.                     UNIT THIRTEEN   supporter

The putty around the windows is cracked.                     UNIT NINE     mastic

He's recently qualified as a doctor.                        UNIT THREE     obtenir un diplôme de
Three quarters of local people said they need cakes
for special occasions.                                      UNIT ELEVEN    quart

We got three quotes for the work.                          UNIT FOURTEEN   devis

They use radio telescopes to search the skies for
signals from alien civilisations.                            UNIT TEN      radiotélescope
The train travels along the rails.                         UNIT FOURTEEN   rail
We’re going rain or shine. Nothing will stop us.            UNIT EIGHT     quoiqu'il arrive

I usually react to circumstances and tend to respond
to things spontaneously.                                   UNIT FOURTEEN   réagir
What was his reaction to the news?                        UNIT EIGHT     réaction

These magazines have a very young readership.             UNIT SEVEN     lectorat
She had her first real success when she began
performing at the Arabic Theatre Palace.                   UNIT FOUR     véritable
Kekulé realised that benzene molecules have the
shape of a ring.                                          UNIT SEVEN     réaliser

That statue is very realistic.                             UNIT FOUR     réaliste

People may seek real-world justice for people who
harm them virtually.                                        UNIT SIX     réalité/monde réel

Bright, modern, reasonably priced events marquee.         UNIT TWELVE    raisonnablement
The monument was badly received when it was first
built.                                                     UNIT FOUR     recevoir

I’d strongly recommend it.                                 UNIT FOUR     recommander

Would you mind if we keep your records on file?          UNIT FOURTEEN   état/dossier

It takes a long time to recover from surgery.              UNIT FOUR     se remettre/se rétablir

She did not refer to the past.                            UNIT EIGHT     se référer à (qch)

CVs usually include a main objective, details of
experience and references.                               UNIT FOURTEEN   référence

She's good at sport, she must have quick reflexes          UNIT ONE      réflexe
If you can, try out a mountain onsen - they’re
wonderfully refreshing.                                    UNIT FOUR     rafraîchissant

They refused my job application.                          UNIT ELEVEN    refuser

I asked him to leave but he refused.                      UNIT EIGHT     refuser
Today, the Tower is widely regarded as a striking                        considérer quelque chose
piece of structural art.                                   UNIT FOUR     comme
Their mother tongues are regional languages and
are absolutely different.                                 UNIT EIGHT     langue régionale

Is he registered with the authorities to sell alcohol?     UNIT TEN      s'inscrire

We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer
you a position at this time.                              UNIT EIGHT     regretter

regular exercise                                           UNIT NINE     régulier
The United States government rejected the proposal.    UNIT TWELVE    rejeter

Why do they reject the other ideas?                    UNIT SEVEN     rejeter
The language is related to French.                     UNIT EIGHT     lié à (qch)

Eating out is relatively cheap.                         UNIT NINE     relativement

relentless criticism                                  UNIT FOURTEEN   incessant

relevant information                                    UNIT ONE      pertinent

It'll be such a relief when these exams are over.      UNIT TWELVE    soulagement
Many victims of crime are reluctant to go to the
police.                                                 UNIT TWO      réticent
Have you reluctantly agreed to do anything
recently?                                               UNIT TWO      à contrecoeur
He works remarkably long hours.                        UNIT THREE     remarquablement
I bought a natural remedy at the chemist’s, but it
doesn’t seem to be having any effect.                  UNIT TWELVE    remède

I remember feeling incredibly lonely.                   UNIT TWO      se rappeler
I've decided not to renew my golf club membership
this year.                                             UNIT ELEVEN    renouveler
The Lake District is renowned for its beauty.           UNIT FIVE     renommé

The price includes flights and car rental.            UNIT THIRTEEN   location

I must get my bike repaired.                           UNIT TWELVE    réparer

a repetitive job                                       UNIT ELEVEN    répétitif

On a film set, everybody reports to the director.       UNIT NINE     rendre compte à

Two students were reportedly killed and several
wounded.                                                 UNIT SIX     apparemment

Both hotels have a good reputation.                   UNIT THIRTEEN   réputation

Research suggests that people learn in different
ways.                                                  UNIT TWELVE    recherche
the Queen's official residence                        UNIT FOURTEEN   résidence

a letter of resignation                                UNIT ELEVEN    démission

a symbol of national resistance                         UNIT FIVE     résistance
It’s the camera operator’s responsibility to make
sure the camera moves smoothly                          UNIT NINE     responsabilité
The director is responsible for interpreting the
screenplay.                                             UNIT NINE     chargé de
I hope that you will be able to restore my confidence
in your hotel.                                             UNIT EIGHT     rétablir
to restore antiques                                         UNIT FOUR     restaurer

It involves setting specific goals and getting results.     UNIT ONE      résultat

She asked to see my résumé.                                UNIT ELEVEN    curriculum vitæ

a damaged retina                                          UNIT FOURTEEN   rétine

a revised edition of the book                              UNIT SEVEN     réviser/revoir
Scientists may have solved the riddle of Saturn's
rings.                                                      UNIT ONE      énigme
Maybe you’re right about that.                              UNIT FIVE     qui a raison
Hikers have the right to walk on public or privately
owned land.                                                 UNIT TEN      droit
I think I’m right in saying that you can rent an
audio tour.                                                 UNIT FOUR     pouvoir dire
If I remember rightly, it’s a two or three hours by
bus.                                                        UNIT FOUR     correctement

I found the rules a little too rigid.                      UNIT EIGHT     rigide

business/political rivals                                    UNIT SIX     rival

gangs of youths roaming the street at night                 UNIT TEN      errer dans
a lion's roar                                               UNIT TEN      rugissement

They use robots in the factory.                             UNIT TEN      robot

I’ve recently taken on the role of their teacher.           UNIT NINE     rôle

Jane is such a good role model for her younger sister.     UNIT THREE     modèle

a role-playing game                                          UNIT SIX     jeu de rôles
They got married last September after a whirlwind
romance.                                                   UNIT EIGHT     histoire d'amour
They planted a rosebush in the garden.                      UNIT NINE     rosier
Do you like to round off a big meal with a coffee or
something sweet?                                           UNIT ELEVEN    clore

Rub the cream into your skin.                              UNIT TWELVE    frictionner / faire pénétrer

We've ruled out several dates already.                     UNIT TWELVE    exclure/écarter (qch)

Can you run that past me again?                             UNIT NINE     expliquer

He ran up the stairs.                                      UNIT ELEVEN    monter/descendre en courant
a rural area                                             UNIT TWELVE    rural

I need to get out of this rut.                          UNIT FOURTEEN   routine
We all arrived safely.                                    UNIT NINE     sain et sauf

Usually people don’t ask about salary and but it’s
discussed later when they offer you something.          UNIT FOURTEEN   salaire

I'd rather not say.                                       UNIT FOUR     dire
He loved to scan the night sky looking for stars and
planets.                                                  UNIT TEN      scruter/observer
The Grand Canyon is famous for its spectacular
scenery.                                                  UNIT ONE      paysage

I have a very busy schedule today.                       UNIT THREE     programme

a legal scholar                                           UNIT ONE      érudit/spécialiste

It has no scientific basis.                              UNIT TWELVE    base scientifique
He's a big sci-fi fan.                                  UNIT THIRTEEN   science-fiction (SF)

Their mother scolded them.                                UNIT TEN      gronder

I write screenplays for films.                            UNIT NINE     scénario

She's a screenwriter.                                     UNIT NINE     scénariste

It’s a huge sculpture in the shape of an angel.           UNIT FOUR     sculpture

The chocolate seals off the filling from the air.         UNIT NINE     sceller
Police are continuing their search for the missing
girl.                                                     UNIT TWO      recherches

                                                         UNIT EIGHT     deuxième langue

I know how to keep a secret.                            UNIT THIRTEEN   secret

a non-smoking section in a restaurant                     UNIT FOUR     section
I can see the Sahara turning into a vast solar power
station.                                                  UNIT FIVE     imaginer
to seek advice/a solution                                  UNIT SIX     demander/chercher
The guard with the sobbing young girl seems to be
comforting her.                                           UNIT FIVE     sembler

Do you have a lot of self-discipline?                     UNIT ONE      autodiscipline

Those who receive training have a better self-esteem.     UNIT ONE      estime de soi

Seminars are a waste of time. Students learn much
more from lectures.                                      UNIT THREE     séminaire
He sent me a text.                                        UNIT TWO      envoyer
You mentioned that being a sports producer was
‘repetitive’. In what sense?                              UNIT NINE     sens

be sensitive to people's feelings                         UNIT ONE      sensible
It carries a maximum sentence of five years in
prison prison or a fine of £3,200.                         UNIT SIX     peine

He was sentenced to five years in prison.                  UNIT SIX     condamner
We hope that our proposals will be given serious
consideration.                                           UNIT TWELVE    sérieux
Our students take their responsibilities very
seriously.                                               UNIT THREE     sérieusement

a weekly aerobics session                               UNIT THIRTEEN   session
The process involves setting specific goals.              UNIT ONE      fixer
As a mediator, you set up and guide the discussion
at all times.                                            UNIT ELEVEN    mettre en place

a Jewish settlement                                       UNIT TEN      colonie

Their house is little more than a shack.                  UNIT TWO      cabane

a pale/dark shade of grey                                 UNIT FIVE     coloris

The tree had cast (=made) a long shadow.                UNIT THIRTEEN   ombre

The children were shamefully neglected.                  UNIT TWELVE    honteusement
caramel in a chocolate shell                              UNIT NINE     enveloppe/coquille
It’s better to shift all that information to the
homepage.                                                  UNIT SIX     déplacer

The sun was shining brightly through the window.          UNIT TWO      briller

Most of the film was shot in Italy.                       UNIT NINE     tourner
short-term memory                                       UNIT FOURTEEN   à court terme

I got a good shot of them leaving the hotel together.     UNIT NINE     photo

This painting shows an imaginary scene.                   UNIT TWO      représenter

They prayed at the shrine.                                UNIT FOUR     sanctuaire

I’m sick and tired of watching TV. It’s boring!          UNIT EIGHT     qui en a assez

Headaches are one side effect of this drug.              UNIT TWELVE    effet secondaire
If you had more time, what course would you sign
up for?                                                  UNIT THREE     s'inscrire
The sculpture signifies that you have arrived
somewhere.                                                  UNIT FOUR     signifier

It seems quite simplistic.                                  UNIT ONE      simpliste
I’d rule it out since it might not involve everyone
equally.                                                   UNIT TWELVE    étant donné que

She got top marks in every single subject.                UNIT THIRTEEN   unique

He starred in several sitcoms.                              UNIT FOUR     série (comédie de situation)
It's a good size.                                           UNIT FIVE     taille
I sketched a map for him on a scrap of paper.               UNIT ONE      ébaucher

the New York skyline                                        UNIT FOUR     silhouette/profil

We need a little slack in the schedule.                    UNIT SEVEN     temps mort

Free time activities include dog sledding.                UNIT FOURTEEN   luge
In the cities, people do things in a slightly different
way.                                                        UNIT TWO      légèrement
I don’t understand what you’re saying. Please slow
down.                                                      UNIT ELEVEN    ralentir

Make sure the camera moves smoothly.                        UNIT NINE     en douceur / sans à-coups
Photographers snapped the Princess everywhere she
went.                                                      UNIT ELEVEN    prendre une photo
She started sobbing.                                        UNIT FIVE     sangloter

the so-called 'Robin Hood tax'                              UNIT TEN      dénommé

We installed solar panels in our house.                   UNIT FOURTEEN   panneau solaire
We want to use more solar power.                          UNIT FOURTEEN   énergie solaire
I came up with a brilliant solution.                       UNIT SEVEN     solution
Would you say your work or home life involves
solving lots of problems?                                  UNIT SEVEN     résoudre

You’ll have to tell him sooner or later. Why not now?      UNIT EIGHT     un jour ou l'autre

I am sorry to say that we already have enough
volunteers and we will not be needing any more.            UNIT EIGHT     désolé

If people haven’t sorted out their differences after
two hours, then they’re not going to.                     UNIT THIRTEEN   régler/résoudre

I like the sound of this one.                              UNIT THREE     style
Their relationship suddenly turned sour.                     UNIT SIX     amer

Space probes allow us to gather data about other
planets.                                                    UNIT TEN      sonde spatiale
The new Harry Potter film includes some very
frightening special effects.                                 UNIT NINE     effets spéciaux

a rare species of bird                                       UNIT TEN      espèce
To be more specific, the chocolate seals off the filling
from the oxygen in the air                                   UNIT NINE     spécifique

It was a magazine specifically about languages.             UNIT SEVEN     spécifiquement

The spike extends above all the other buildings.             UNIT FOUR     pointe

The spines of the books were damaged.                        UNIT NINE     dos

We gazed up at the church spire.                             UNIT FOUR     flèche

a spiritual leader                                           UNIT TWO      spirituel

She has just split up with her boyfriend.                   UNIT EIGHT     se séparer

I tend to be quite spontaneous.                            UNIT FOURTEEN   spontané
I usually react to circumstances and tend to respond
to things spontaneously.                                   UNIT FOURTEEN   spontanément

The smoke soon spread into all the rooms in the
house.                                                       UNIT TWO      se diffuser / se répandre

I usually act on the spur of the moment.                   UNIT FOURTEEN   impulsion
She squeezed his hand and said goodbye.                     UNIT THREE     serrer
stair lights                                                 UNIT TEN      marche
Talk about an organisation which you feel has high
standards.                                                   UNIT NINE     norme

Sean was staring at me.                                      UNIT TEN      fixer

To start off, I'll just say a few words about the
printing press itself.                                       UNIT NINE     démarrer
He started out as a poet but became a famous for his
short stories.                                               UNIT FOUR     débuter

The sound startled me.                                       UNIT TEN      faire sursauter
Other sources state that he was following the route
of an earlier explorer.                                      UNIT TEN      déclarer

It's a bronze statue, erected in honour of Saigo
Takamori.                                                    UNIT FOUR     statue

The pay and status of nurses has improved.                    UNIT SIX     statut

the steel industry                                           UNIT FOUR     acier
I tried to steer the boat away from the bank.              UNIT FOURTEEN   piloter
The next step could be uploading a brain onto a
computer, then programming it into an android.               UNIT NINE     étape
My idea is to stick another page here.                        UNIT SIX     coller

a stormy night                                              UNIT SEVEN     orageux

I'd like to present the other side of the story.              UNIT SIX     histoire
The task looked fairly straightforward.                      UNIT FIVE     simple/facile

a straw hat                                                  UNIT FOUR     paille

What would you say are your greatest strengths?            UNIT FOURTEEN   force
The colours are very striking.                               UNIT FIVE     saisissant

I love the strong colours                                    UNIT ONE      fort
I’d strongly recommend it.                                  UNIT EIGHT     fortement

the tallest structure in Paris                               UNIT FOUR     structure

I’m not so sure about the style.                             UNIT FIVE     style
They use a research submarine.                               UNIT TEN      sous-marin

We have a subsidised restaurant at work.                     UNIT TEN      subventionner
a dangerous substance                                       UNIT TWELVE    substance
If the film is a big success, the director will get most
of the credit.                                               UNIT FOUR     succès
She performed in cities such as Damascus and
Baghdad.                                                     UNIT FIVE     tel que
Suddenly, he noticed that the garden was full of
fantastic flowers.                                           UNIT TWO      tout à coup
I suggest you take steps to ensure that such an
incident doesn’t happen again.                               UNIT FIVE     proposer
Research suggests that people learn in different
ways.                                                       UNIT TWELVE    suggérer
It wouldn’t suit our living room.                            UNIT FIVE     convenir à
a large/small sum of money                                   UNIT NINE     somme

The purpose of a conclusion is to sum up the main
points of an essay.                                           UNIT SIX     résumer
The purpose of this proposal is to summarise the
reaction of the staff to your ideas.                        UNIT TWELVE    résumer
The climbers hope to reach the summit before
nightfall.                                                   UNIT FOUR     sommet
Sunlight broke through the clouds.                           UNIT FIVE     (lumière du) soleil
super fast                                                   UNIT TWO      super

The director of photography supervises the camera
and lighting crew.                                           UNIT NINE     superviser
I’m a lifelong supporter of Crystal Palace football
club.                                                        UNIT NINE     supporter
I'm not so sure about the style.                             UNIT FIVE     sûr
the Earth's surface                                          UNIT TEN      surface
Surgery should be considered as a last resort.           UNIT TWELVE    chirurgie
I’d be surprised if a prototype isn’t available in
about five years.                                       UNIT FOURTEEN   surpris
Surprisingly, he managed on his own at first but
nowadays he gets funding from the regional
government.                                              UNIT THREE     étonnamment

He was suspected of drug dealing.                          UNIT SIX     soupçonner

a swan's nest                                            UNIT SEVEN     cygne

I think we should swap Landscapes and Weddings.            UNIT SIX     échanger
We swept up the broken glass.                             UNIT TEN      balayer (qch)

I think we should switch Landscapes and Weddings.          UNIT SIX     échanger

Do you ever switch off your phone? When?                 UNIT ELEVEN    éteindre

A heart shape is the symbol of love.                      UNIT FIVE     symbole

I have no sympathy for people who say they can't
find work but are really just too lazy to look.           UNIT FIVE     compassion

They played Beethoven's fifth symphony.                  UNIT ELEVEN    symphonie

What exactly are your symptoms? Well, just a really
painful sore throat.                                     UNIT TWELVE    symptôme
Do you prefer to concentrate on one problem at a
time or tackle several at once?                          UNIT SEVEN     s'attaquer à
Now let’s take a look at how you can get into the
business.                                                 UNIT NINE     jeter un œil

We must take action before the situation gets worse.       UNIT SIX     agir

They weren't sure about their rights so they decided                    demander des conseils
to take legal advice.                                   UNIT THIRTEEN   juridiques
I’ve recently taken on the role of their teacher.        UNIT THREE     prendre/accepter

I strongly recommend you take steps to ensure that
such an incident doesn’t happen again.                   UNIT EIGHT     prendre des mesures

I took up sailing when I was living in Brazil.           UNIT ELEVEN    se mettre à
My grandfather used to tell us tales of his time as a
pilot during the war.                                    UNIT SEVEN     histoire/conte
Do you know anyone who has natural talent in
something?                                                UNIT ONE      talent

Do you know anyone who is talented at something?          UNIT ONE      doué
I can’t really talk about it right now.                  UNIT SEVEN     parler

They talked it over and came up with a compromise.      UNIT THIRTEEN   en discuter
The rope was tangled around my legs.                       UNIT TWO      (s')enchevêtrer

He started tap dancing around the office.                 UNIT ELEVEN    claquettes

The focus puller’s main task is to focus the camera.       UNIT NINE     tâche

He had an angel tattooed on his arm.                      UNIT ELEVEN    tatouage

They're putting up the tax on cigarettes.                 UNIT TWELVE    impôt
This is a waste of taxpayers' money.                        UNIT SIX     contribuable
One of her techniques was to repeat a single line of a
song’s lyrics.                                             UNIT FOUR     technique
What's on the telly tonight?                             UNIT FOURTEEN   télé

People tend to keep to themselves now.                     UNIT TWO      avoir tendance à

She has a tendency to talk for too long.                   UNIT ONE      tendance

It only took twenty minutes to put the tent up
(=make it ready to use).                                  UNIT TWELVE    tente

His contract has been terminated.                           UNIT SIX  résilier
She must be terribly happy about it.                     UNIT THIRTEENextrêmement
a terrific opportunity                                    UNIT ELEVEN génial
There was a look of terror on his face.                   UNIT SEVEN terreur

Thankfully, the whole family was out and no one got
hurt.                                                     UNIT THREE     heureusement
Right. Well, I think we should have balloons and
candles and that kind of thing.                            UNIT ONE      ce genre de choses

That way, she’ll be paying something back to society.       UNIT SIX     de cette manière
There's a seated figure in the foreground of the
painting.                                                  UNIT FIVE     le premier plan

That was the gist of what he said.                         UNIT ONE      l'essentiel
I sat down on the ground.                                  UNIT TWO      le sol

Where did you celebrate the Millennium?                    UNIT FOUR     le millénaire

I tend to be quite spontaneous and usually act on the
spur of the moment.                                      UNIT FOURTEEN   l'impulsion du moment

She's very interested in the supernatural.                UNIT SEVEN     le surnaturel

Too much of what we earn goes to the taxman.               UNIT FOUR     les impôts
Many people believe that there is life elsewhere in
the universe.                                              UNIT TEN      l'univers
Do you think the use of these things in teaching
young children is a good idea?                            UNIT THREE     l'utilisation de

That’s not the whole picture.                              UNIT ONE      toute l'histoire
The theme of loss runs through most of his novels.        UNIT FOUR      thème

a Disney theme park                                       UNIT EIGHT     parc d'attractions à thème

a speech therapist                                       UNIT ELEVEN     thérapeute

The region has suffered severe flooding and tourists
are therefore advised not to travel there.                 UNIT ONE      par conséquent
a car thief                                               UNIT SEVEN     voleur

We’d need a thingummy - erm, a video camera.               UNIT ONE      truc

OK, and how about a thingy for her to wear?                UNIT ONE      machin

What do you think about your country’s football
team?                                                      UNIT ONE      penser de
I know people who are always thinking ahead to
their next holiday.                                        UNIT ONE      penser à

I find that thinking aloud helps me to solve problems.     UNIT ONE      penser tout haut
As I get older, I think back to my schooldays more
and more.                                                  UNIT ONE      repenser à

The best school teachers encourage children to think
for themselves.                                            UNIT ONE      se faire ses propres opinions
Where I live, people generally think highly of
doctors but they don’t think much of teachers.             UNIT ONE      avoir une haute opinion de
I thought long and hard about what shoes to wear
today.                                                     UNIT ONE      bien réfléchir
Can you think of three reasons why you started
studying English?                                          UNIT ONE      penser à
I really don’t enjoy situations where I have to think
on my feet.                                                UNIT ONE      prendre une décision rapide
I can’t think straight if there’s music on while I’m
trying to work.                                            UNIT ONE      avoir les idées claires
If I won a lot of money, I’d think twice about telling
my friends.                                                UNIT ONE      bien réfléchir
Homeopathy has been tested thoroughly.                   UNIT TWELVE     consciencieusement
What are your thoughts on the new design?                  UNIT FIVE     pensée

We sat round the table and thrashed it out.              UNIT THIRTEEN   débattre de / démêler (qch)

a threat to the environment                                UNIT TEN      menace
He threatened to take legal action against the
newspaper.                                               UNIT ELEVEN     menacer

They were really thrilled with the restaurant I chose.    UNIT EIGHT     ravi

a sore throat                                            UNIT THIRTEEN   gorge
He yawned throughout the performance.                       UNIT FOUR     pendant

The guard fell asleep, thus allowing Bates to escape.      UNIT SEVEN   ainsi
Make sure the knot is tight.                                UNIT TWO    serré
a tiny baby                                               UNIT FOURTEEN minuscule

One of my tires burst.                                     UNIT THREE     pneu
To tell you the truth, I think owning your own
business is quite stressful.                               UNIT THREE     à vrai dire / à dire vrai
pack of tobacco                                           UNIT THIRTEEN   tabac
How about if we ask LogoForum to tone down the
colours a little?                                          UNIT ELEVEN    atténuer

I have a special tool for shaping the wood.                 UNIT FIVE     outil

He used the stick as a toothpick.                           UNIT FIVE     cure-dent
It was a total waste of time.                             UNIT THIRTEEN   total

The Eiffel Tower quickly became a tourist attraction.       UNIT FOUR     touriste

a golf/tennis tournament                                    UNIT ONE      tournoi

a church tower                                              UNIT FOUR     tour
This will increase costs for companies trading with
Asia.                                                       UNIT EIGHT    faire du commerce

It’s well worth staying at a ryokan, a traditional inn.     UNIT FOUR     traditionnel
Traditionally, it’s a celebration for an entire
community.                                                  UNIT FOUR     traditionnellement

Those who receive training have a better self-esteem.       UNIT ONE      formation
transferable skills                                         UNIT ONE      transférable

We were asked to translate a list of sentences.             UNIT FOUR     traduire
The information is transmitted electronically to the
central computer.                                           UNIT TEN      transmettre

I was able to transpose my skills to the new job.          UNIT ELEVEN    transposer

She came back carrying a tray of drinks.                    UNIT FOUR     plateau
Do hospitals treat people immediately or are there
waiting lists?                                             UNIT TWELVE    soigner

Does your health insurance cover every kind of
treatment?                                                 UNIT TWELVE    traitement
There's a trend towards more locally produced
television programmes.                                    UNIT FOURTEEN   tendance

I taught myself to paint, learning by trial and error.      UNIT EIGHT    tâtonnement
That would be tricky.                                      UNIT SEVEN     difficile
It’s a tried and tested team-building activity for
adults.                                                  UNIT TWELVE   qui a fait ses preuves

The hedge needs a trim.                                   UNIT NINE    coupe d'entretien

Barcelona's 2-0 triumph over Manchester United            UNIT FIVE    triomphe

I had to go to the trouble of collecting it myself.       UNIT TWO     peine

                                                          UNIT TWO     camion
I trust that you will be able to restore my confidence
in your hotel.                                           UNIT EIGHT    imaginer
If you can, try out a mountain onsen - they’re
wonderfully refreshing.                                   UNIT FOUR    essayer quelque chose

I always sing in the tub.                                UNIT SEVEN    baignoire
I had to turn down their dinner invitation.              UNIT ELEVEN   refuser

He turned off his alarm clock.                           UNIT ELEVEN   éteindre

I’m glad things turned out the way they did.              UNIT FOUR    s'avérer/se terminer

The press turns the paper over.                           UNIT NINE    retourner

Will you turn up the TV? I can’t hear.                   UNIT ELEVEN   monter le son

They blamed the low turnout on the bad weather.           UNIT TEN     taux de participation
She twisted her head so she could see what was
happening.                                               UNIT SEVEN    tourner
I need to type up my notes.                               UNIT NINE    taper
Typically you’ll have at least three, four coffees a
day.                                                      UNIT TWO     typiquement
the ubiquitous security cameras                           UNIT FIVE    omniprésent
Just under half of them buy their lunches from our
shop.                                                    UNIT ELEVEN   en dessous de
These virtual goods are goods under Dutch law, so
this is theft.                                             UNIT SIX    selon
As we understand it, the Board has three main
suggestions.                                             UNIT TWELVE   comprendre

Unfortunately Dominic can’t make it – he’s still at
the office.                                              UNIT THREE    malheureusement
It’s unheard of to reply to a job offer by text.           UNIT SIX    inouï / sans précédent
Kittens and puppies have an almost universal
appeal.                                                   UNIT FOUR    universel
Unless that happens, they’ll just be afraid of losing
customers to their rivals.                                 UNIT SIX    à moins que

an unmanned mission to the planet Mars                    UNIT TEN     automatique
Unobtrusive and low-key are synonyms.                     UNIT FIVE    discret
an island with clean, unspoiled beaches                 UNIT FOURTEEN   intact

I untied my shoelaces and kicked off my shoes.            UNIT TWO      détacher

The statue was unveiled in 2011.                          UNIT FOUR     dévoiler
I was up all night writing an essay.                     UNIT ELEVEN    debout
The news of the take over upped the company’s
share price by 6%.                                       UNIT ELEVEN    faire monter
It’s up to the DP to make sure the team delivers what
the director wants.                                       UNIT NINE     du ressort de
the upcoming elections                                    UNIT NINE     à venir

I uploaded some of the images.                          UNIT FOURTEEN   télécharger
I resisted a powerful urge to slap him.                   UNIT NINE     forte envie

You could cut it in half and use it as a cup.            UNIT THREE     utiliser quelque chose comme
I suppose you could use them for packing fragile
things.                                                  UNIT THREE     utiliser quelque chose pour

I’ve used up all the milk. Can you buy some more?        UNIT ELEVEN    finir
She dismissed the article as utter nonsense.              UNIT FIVE     pur/total

Tell me if you hear of any vacancies for secretaries.   UNIT FOURTEEN   poste vacant

All the children have received two vaccinations
against measles.                                         UNIT TWELVE    vaccination

a flu vaccine                                            UNIT TWELVE    vaccin

I borrowed my brother's van.                             UNIT THREE     camionnette
The sun vanished behind the trees.                       UNIT SEVEN     disparaître

a varied diet                                            UNIT THREE     varié

Sources vary on this question.                            UNIT TEN      varier/différer
a vast amount of money                                  UNIT FOURTEEN   vaste

The driver of the vehicle was unhurt.                   UNIT FOURTEEN   véhicule
In one version, he was blown off course by bad
weather.                                                  UNIT TEN      version
What were you doing at the very beginning of last
year?                                                     UNIT FOUR     tout

victims of crime                                         UNIT ELEVEN    victime
a Viking settlement                                        UNIT TEN    viking

Do you think people should be punished for virtual
crimes?                                                     UNIT SIX   virtuel

virtual reality games                                       UNIT SIX   réalité virtuelle

All these things can be experienced virtually.              UNIT SIX   virtuellement
Patience is not among his virtues.                         UNIT FIVE   vertu
Through a doorway, more soldiers are visible               UNIT FIVE   visible
He was visibly upset.                                    UNIT THIRTEEN visiblement

a vision of a better society                               UNIT NINE   vision

I can't quite visualise what you mean.                     UNIT ONE    visualiser
Satellites are absolutely vital for doing ocean
research.                                                  UNIT TEN    vital

He knew that teaching was his true vocation.              UNIT THREE   vocation

Schools should focus on academic subjects rather
than vocational training.                                 UNIT THREE   formation professionnelle

I occasionally do voluntary work for a local charity.      UNIT NINE   travail bénévole

I have some vouchers to spend in the book shop.            UNIT TWO    coupon

They wandered aimlessly around the town.                  UNIT EIGHT   déambuler

Nobody liked it at first but people warmed to it after
a while.                                                  UNIT FOUR    se faire à
People are beginning to warm to the idea.                 UNIT FOUR    se faire à (qch)

Greek warriors                                            UNIT FOUR    guerrier

There were watchtowers all around the prison.             UNIT FOUR    mirador

I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks.         UNIT TWO    vague

What wavelength are they on?                               UNIT TEN    longueur d'onde
Your job is to collect information in the fastest way
possible.                                                   UNIT TWO      manière
What’s the easiest way of giving up smoking?                UNIT NINE     façon de

What’s the best way to travel around your country?          UNIT NINE     façon de
The colours are a bit weak.                                 UNIT FIVE     faible

Dandelions are common weeds.                                UNIT TEN      mauvaise herbe

It’s well worth staying at a ryokan, a traditional inn.    UNIT FOUR      qui vaut vraiment la peine de

A good manager has to be well-organised.                    UNIT ONE      bien organisé
Don’t miss the well-stocked Hakuhinkan toy store in
Tokyo.                                                     UNIT FOUR      bien achalandé

They hunt for whales.                                       UNIT TEN      baleine

Can you bring your CDs by what’s-her-name? The
Brazilian guitarist?                                        UNIT ONE      machine

I can ask what’s-his-name ...Kerry’s cousin.                UNIT ONE      machin

What about a Mexican whatsit?                               UNIT ONE      bidule
They've introduced a system whereby people share
cars.                                                     UNIT ELEVEN     grâce auquel

a widespread problem                                        UNIT TWO      répandu

have the will to succeed                                    UNIT ONE      volonté
We’d be willing to come here again provided we can
sort out this problem.                                    UNIT THIRTEEN   prêt

The movie won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in
1967.                                                      UNIT FOUR      gagner

The eagle has an enormous wingspan.                        UNIT FOUR      envergure

I wish I’d thought about it more carefully.                 UNIT TWO      regretter de ne pas

Homeopathy works for me.                                    UNIT FIVE     marcher
One of his most famous works is a story written in a
single sentence.                                           UNIT FOUR      œuvre

I work as a writer.                                         UNIT NINE     travailler en tant que

Many firms understand that giving work experience
to students will benefit everyone in the long term.        UNIT THREE     stage professionnel
What skills did you have to work on when you were
younger?                                                   UNIT THREE     travailler à
Stella worked her way up from shop assistant to
regional manager.                                   UNIT NINE    gravir les échelons

Wait there while I work out what to do.            UNIT SEVEN    arriver à comprendre
Write down a goal you are working towards at the
moment.                                            UNIT THREE    travailler pour

Her professor worked with the government to
improve things.                                     UNIT TEN     travailler pour

a workshop on crime prevention                     UNIT TWELVE   atelier
10 million copies have been sold worldwide.          UNIT SIX    mondialement
It might be worth speaking to the two workers
privately.                                         UNIT SEVEN    qui vaut la peine de
He made me feel stupid and worthless.              UNIT TWELVE   inutile

a Zen rock garden                                   UNIT FOUR    zen

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