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									  Welcome Gabriella Teachers and
Administrators to a “Playshop”, where
 you will learn to make a book and a
 movie that tie to content standards.
  Today is a day for Project Based
     Learning. There will be an
 opportunity to put your work on the
            web. Please visit
 to see what we will be doing today.
(Adapt to your own grade level and themes;
     this is just by way of illustration)
  Grade 2, Social Studies Standard 2.1.1

Make a “Photo Album” tracing the history of
   a family from the era of their great
      grandparents to the present.
 (Adapt to your own grade level, subject
 matter and themes; this is just by way of
 Grade 4, Social Studies Standard 4.2.3

Make a “Movie” telling the story of Spanish
 exploration, colonization, and missionary
activities, as seen from the eyes of a Native

Making a Book

 Lunch Break

Making a Movie
      You have all been given a
     resources CD. This CD has
 tutorials, content, K-4 Standards,
   today’s presentation and other
 goodies to help you best use the
digital tools at your disposal in your
 classroom. Today we will explore
 what you can do with the iLife set
  of tools from Apple. We will also
   explore using Microsoft Power
 Point as a Page Layout program.
    The Resources CD includes a “Cookbook” from the
             Center for Digital Storytelling
•   This is a curriculum that has been done with over
    10,000 people in 16 countries over more than a
    decade. Many thanks to Joe Lambert and the folks at
    CDS for allowing us to offer this to you. We printed
    one copy of the Cookbook to pass around.
We encourage you to please sign up for a
free 60 day .mac account. This will enable
you to explore some of the simple “file
management” web publishing for your
creative work. Dan and I both have
accounts and, it only takes a few minutes
to sign up and get you going on the web.
 There is a very detailed intro to iPhoto basics on your
    resource CD. Depending on interest, we may go
through this intro or simply respond to your interests as
               you work on your projects.

• Say Cheese!
 In the CDS cookbook there are great instructions
for how to make a work of art. We may go through
 the Cookbook together or simply respond to your
        requests as you work on your projects.

• Everyone has a story to tell!
            Garage Band
See what you can do with Podcasts and even see
 a story book come to life. We will spend a brief
          time looking at this program.

• Radio-Radio-Radio
• Finally, web publishing for
  the rest of us
• So what to do with these
  works of art?
  Dan and I hope you got
 something useful from our
time together today. Please
   take a few minutes to
complete the evaluation, so
    we can continue to

  Thanks again from the
team. It’s an honor serving
  a school like Gabriella.

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