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                               To The Pointe                                                                Drive
                                  Fairway Pointe Community Association (FPCA)
                                     []                   June 2008

  FPCA Annual Meeting - July 15                                       Alarm Permit Renewal Reminder
Fairway Pointe homeowners will soon be receiving official          Remember to renew your alarm permit each year. The
notification of the 2008 Fairway Pointe Community                  City of League City Alarm Ordinance, Section 38-61
Association’s Annual Meeting. The meeting is planned for           states that “No person shall operated…an alarm
7pm on Tuesday, July 15 at the South Shore Harbor                  systems unless a valid permit has been issued for that
Country Club, 4300 South Shore Boulevard. This year’s              system…Any person who alarm system
meeting agenda will include the election of 1 Director and         without a valid permit shall be subject to misdemeanor
discussion on matters that should properly come before the         prosecution and response fees.” Permits are not
meeting in accordance with the Bylaws. If you are                  required for stand-alone smoke alarms. Homeowners
interested in running for a position on the Board of               can get an alarm permit application from
Directors, please contact Libby Hodges with C.I.A.        or from City Hall.
Services 713-981-9000 or at                 The annual fee for the permit is $10. No renewal
                                                                   notices are issued; permit holders are responsible for
                                                                   renewal. Questions regarding burglar, hold-up or panic
    National Night Out - Times 2!                                  alarms should be directed to the Police Department at
                                                                   (281) 332-2566.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of “National Night
Out” (NNO). Nationally it is set for Tuesday, August 5.                   Curb Trees Need Trimming
But Texas has set a later date to celebrate - Tuesday,
                                                                   A number of yards in Fairway Pointe have trees
October 7 - to avoid the August heat. So you can
                                                                   (usually Drake Elms) near sidewalks and driveways.
celebrate either or both dates! Many of last year’s
                                                                   Please be conscientious about low hanging branches
Fairway Pointe block parties were very successful. Start
                                                                   that may be in the way of cars parked in driveways or
planning your block parties now - for ideas and 'how-to’
                                                                   pedestrians walking on sidewalks.          Trim any
materials such as, promotional ideas, guidelines, tips,
                                                                   interfering branches so as to keep these passageways
Q&A's, camera-ready art, etc., visit the NNO website at:
                                                                   clear. A minimum 8-foot clearance is recommended.
                                                                       Landscaping Contract Renewal
Or Call 1-800-NITE-OUT
                                                                   A recent solicitation for renewal of the FPCA
                                                                   landscaping and ground maintenance contract
                                                                   resulted in the selection of the incumbent contractor,
         Sidewalk Expansion Joints                                 Green Pros, to continue for another 2 years. Two
                                                                   other contractors also provided bids, but were
To avoid some future sidewalk issues, repairs will begin           considerable higher in cost. The contract also now
soon on a number of deteriorated expansion joints on               includes 2 annual options to continue the contract at a
Fairway Pointe sidewalks. Please be patience with the              predetermined rate if the Board decides that
contractor performing any repairs near your property or            performance merits a additional 1 year extension.
driveway. Thank you!                                               The cost for the new 2-year base contract is $42,899.

                                                                        2008 Annual Assessment Status
   Reminder: Residents of Fairway Ponte no                         Approximately 98% of the 2007 FPCA annual
   longer have approved access to the South                        assessments have been received as of May. Efforts
          Shore Harbour Resort pool.                               continue to collect the remaining 2%, including all
                                                                   accrued late fees and legal costs.

      Fairway Pointe Community Association, Inc. C/O C.I.A. Services 9800 Centre Parkway, Suite 625,
             Houston, TX 77036-8294; Phone: 713-981-9000; Fax: 713-981-9090;
                                 To The Pointe, page 2
          ACC Reminders on                                             ACC Reminders on Decks
       Landscaping Improvements
                                                             7.1 Decks and patios may not encroach into any utility or
2.5 Installation of landscaping beds and trees in            neighbor access easement unless the utility companies or
addition to those provided with the original home            other parties with rights to the easement have granted
construction requires prior AC approval; however, the        their written consent to such encroachment.
installation of seasonal flowers in existing beds and
tree wells does not require prior AC approval.               7.2 Decks and patios should not be situated on the lot so
                                                             that they may pose a problem to the effective drainage of
2.8 Proposed landscaping timbers, bricks, stones,            the lot or neighboring lot.
flowerbed borders, landscaping lights, trellises,
underground    sprinkler  systems  and    similar            7.3 Decks and patios cannot be higher than twenty-four
improvements require AC approval.                            inches (24”) above grade.

2.10 Front yard gardening of fruits and/or vegetables        7.4 Decks and patios may be constructed of cedar, CCA-
is not permitted. Artificial plants in the front yard are    treated timber, concrete, brick or composite materials. A
not permitted except in pots on the front porch.             sample or specifications must be submitted with the AC
                                                             Form for consideration.
2.13 Access to the neighbor access easement by an
adjacent property owner shall not rendered hazardous
or hinder the property owner from maintaining
adjacent property by the installation of vegetation,             From FPCA Deed Restrictions….
landscaping or improvements (e.g., trellises, hanging
baskets, yard art, pools, ponds, etc.) unless the adjacent   Sec 6.6. No Recreational vehicle, camper, … boat, mobile
property owner has provided expressed, written               home, … or other trailer, tractor, motor home or truck
consent.                                                     (other than a pickup truck or van) shall be stored or shall
                                                             be parked for longer than twelve (12) hours on or about
2.14 Lawns shall be properly maintained (i.e., mowed         any Lot or Common Area, (including driveways) or on
regularly, free from large patches of dead grass and         any public or private road or street in such a manner as to
weeds, etc.) and grass/weeds shall be kept                   be visible from any other Lot or from any portion of
from/removed from joints in adjacent curbs, streets,         Common Area. Any such vehicle may be kept only within
driveways and walkways.                                      a garage, …

4.1 Additions such as porches, screened-in porches,
patio covers and solariums must be professionally
designed, fabricated and constructed subject to the AC                  “To The Pointe” Articles
review and approval process. Unfinished aluminum             You may notice a number of articles being repeated over
will not receive AC acceptance.                              the years in FPCA newsletters. While seemingly a bit
                                                             repetitive, due to the frequent influx of new residents,
14.1 Placement of decorative appurtenances, such as          the FPCA Board feels that reminders are required from
statuary, sculptures, birdbaths, fountains, or other         time to time. Often new residents have not had time to
decorative embellishments in the front yard requires         read Deed Restrictions and ACC Guidelines. Including
AC approval.                                                 snippets from these important rules and regulations
                                                             serves as a reminder to review these documents in their
20.4 Flagpoles shall not exceed ten feet (10’) in height     entirety. Other repeat newsletter articles are seasonal
and must be approved by the AC if they are to be             reminders or serve to alert residents of observed general
installed for periods greater than 72 continuous hours.      issues that can lead to ACC violations, if left untended.

       Fairway Pointe Community Association, Inc. C/O C.I.A. Services 9800 Centre Parkway, Suite 625,
                Houston, TX 77036-8294; Phone: 713-981-9000; Fax: 713-981-9090;

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