Creating and Sustaining a Winning Fan Page on Facebook Presentation by hedongchenchen


									   Creating and
Sustaining Winning
   “Fan pages”
   on Facebook
Facebook Ads



Creating A Facebook Business Page – Search Tips

    The About Box
    One of the few areas
    that you are allowed
     text. Provide some
     relevant keywords
      along with a good
Creating A Facebook Business Page – Search Tips

    The Info Button
     Another good field to
    add keyword rich text
     and inbound links to
     your site. Make sure
    to include address for
        local searches
Creating A Facebook Business Page – Search Tips

   Make sure to
 publish content
from your sites in
addition to status
Making The Most of Your Page

                     Announcing Your Page

                 The usual way
               suggest to friends

Gets lost in your
 Facebook mail
                 Announcing Your Page

Send them an
email directly
Applications & App Providers
                     Applications– RSS Graffiti

 RSS Graffiti automatically
publishes to your feed. You
  set a delay time, and a
schedule of checking your
   feed for new content.
          Applications– YouTube Video Box

  Input URL’s of YouTube
videos and they show up on
   your page and in a tab.
                     Applications - ShopTAB

Add products right
into your Facebook
Applications- Wildfire
          Applications- Reveal – Non Reveal Tabs

Non Fan                         Fan
Facebook Ads – Paid Media
                Facebook Ads – Paid Media

By segmenting our ads, our cost per lead reduced close to
           40% compared to broad campaign
Facebook Ads – Paid Media

  * Facebook Dashboard chart is not Jet Blue’s Campaign
Facebook Insights
Earned Media: What is Engagement on Facebook?



  What’s the
strategy here?

What’s feeding
 your posts?
Is it just about
Case Study
3 “Tags” on
  this post

                Facebook enabled
                comments on log

Youtube Video
 embedded on
facebook page
Results - Facebook

       Facebook Referring Traffic
        Overall traffic to the site grew 40% for the month
        Highest conversion rate of any referring or organic traffic – 3.74%
        Over 800 Video Views, 522 new likes


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