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                            ‘We endorse Parramatta C.E.O. policies, procedures and guidelines.’

 1st September 2010                                          Term 3                                                    Week 7

Class                 Name                          Reason
K Butterflies         Ayak John Dor                 Excellent participation in Maths Day Activities.
                      Isabella Burke                Writing a detailed narrative.
K Echidnas            Athot Tiap                    Improvement in writing interesting sentences.
                      Joshua Malangi                Fantastic improvement in recognising letters and sounds.
1 Kangaroos           Zara Mafi                     Fantastic improvement in Reading Groups.
                      Madison Nohra                 Looking after her friends in Year 1.
1 Goannas             Victor Alofaki                Clever thinking during Maths Fun Day.
                      Alain Limos                   Careful listening during our Maths Fun Day.
2 Monkeys             Janelle Sallit                Fantastic participation in Numeracy Day activities.
                      Georgina Youssef              Great participation in Numeracy Day
2 Dolphins            Nita Mafi                     Great participation in Numeracy Day activities.
                      Awok Aguer                    Great participation in Numeracy Day activities.
3 Opals               Buddy Wehbe                   Participation in Numeracy Week activities.
                      Genesis Cagiloaloa            Religious Education tasks.
3 Crystals            Ta’a Taufa                    Joining in with all Dance and Drama activities.
                      Talisha Ivory                 Working well in Reading Groups and writing an interesting response.
4 Diamonds            Chloe Frangie                 Outstanding effort during gymnastics.
                      Malakai Cagi                  Enthusiastically participating in Captivate dance/drama lessons.
4 Emeralds            Jamil Atileh                  Enthusiastically participating in Maths Groups.
                      Marc-Anthony Nakhoul          Enthusiastically participating in Maths Groups.
5 Neptune             Aryk Deng                     Working well on all set tasks.
                      Josip Markovic                Working well in Maths Groups.
5 Mars                Jayden Downes                 Excellent work in Mathematics.
                      Olivia Dunn                   Excellence in Music.
6 Saturn              Gabby Hanna                   Striving for accuracy with his Maths Mentals.
                      Omar Elchehimi                Striving for accuracy in Maths problem solving.
6 Venus               George Mikhail                Great skill shown in illustrating.
                      Johnny Boudolh                Great skill at running and at gym.
Bronze Awards: Diana Jbarah, John Achi, Elias Issa, Tony Soukkar, Isabella Burke, Janis Silverwood, Tatiana Arida, Georgia McIntyre,
Paris Youssef, Peter Elters, Timmy Vu, Emmanuel Deng, Isaac Ishac, Anthony Azzi, Chloe Hannouch, Samir Laoulach, Mathew Issa,
Gabrielle Brain                        .

Class Mass:.
Year 4 will attend the 9.10am Mass at Holy Family Church on Thursday. Parents are most welcome to
attend Mass with their children.

Mary’s Birthday Mass:
On Wednesday 8th September Kindergarten are preparing a Mass for us all, to
celebrate the feast of Mary’s Birthday. We encourage all our parents to come
along and think about the wonderful honour that Mary received in being called to
be the mother of Jesus. We also pray for our needs through the intercession of
Mary who is our mother also.
              Student Photos: From time to time photos or videos are taken of the students by school
              staff or CEO photographer. These may then be used on the school’s website, on
              promotional materials or in presentations. If you do not want your child included in such
              publications you are asked to notify the Principal in writing.

All parents are invited to attend Community Story Time tomorrow at 2:00 as part of our celebrations
for National Literacy & Numeracy Week. Your children have been placed in family groups so that
parents need only go to one room to enjoy this activity with all their children at once.

During this time the children will hear favourite stories shared by community guests including the Lord
Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Parramatta, our federal government member of parliament, the Executive
Director of Schools for Parramatta Diocese, staff of the Catholic Education Office, staff from Delany
College, NSW Police Officers and many more special guests.

Please join your children for this wonderful time of sharing the joy of reading.

                                           Father’s Day Raffle
Thank you to all families who so generously supported the Father’s Day Raffle. These
prizes were drawn this afternoon and we know that there will be many happy winners.
This activity has raised $1190.00 which will be used for new playground games for the
Again we thank the energetic band of mothers who have organised this special activity. We draw your
attention to the list of sponsors on the back page of this newsletter.

                                           Library News
Premier’s Reading Challenge Finishes!
This week we congratulate George and Monique Gebrael, Janelle and Marc-Anthony Sarkis, Annabella Vargas, Abraham
Youssef, Isabella Webe, Caroline Sikimeti and Nermin Elchehimi who have now completed their Premier’s Reading
Challenge requirements.
We now have 41 students eligible for the Certificate Award.
Online entries for the challenge are now closed.
Certificates will be sent to the school late in term 4.
Student Book Reviews: Ingo Series

                        I wish I was away in Ingo
                        Far across the briny sea
                        Sailing over deepest waters
                        Where love, nor care, never trouble me…
                        Sapphire was an ordinary girl, going to school, doing ordinary things until, one day, something changed her and
                        her brother Conor’s lives forever. Nothing will be ordinary again as she becomes one of the very few people to
                        know the secrets of Ingo.
                        Dive through darkness and danger and into the magical and mysterious world of Ingo…
                        If you like books about mermaids, epic journeys and fantasy, then I recommend that you read these books! Once
                        you start reading, you won’t want to stop.
Guest Reviewer: Sousann, Year 6
The Ingo Series by Helen Dunmore (Ingo, The Tide Knot, The Deep, The Crossing of Ingo) is available in the Library and Information Services
Centre, where you can find the full text of Sousann’s review along with a display of books from the series.
Happy Reading!
Mrs Carol Webber       Teacher-Librarian
Thursday 2nd September             2:10pm Community Story Time
Friday 3rd September               MUFTI DAY for all students
                                   Mini Fete to support Yr 6 trip to Canberra
                                   Gym program for Primary
Sunday 5th September               Fathers’ Day

                                 Happy Birthday !
  We congratulate Charlie Bechara, Jayden Kastrounis, Christopher Wehbe, Chanel
  Georges, Joseph Barakat, Chloe Jbarah, Christine Nasrallah, Edward Aldo, Miss
     Grey, Raymond Azar, Elian Tleige and Sandra Youssif who celebrate their
                               birthdays this week.

                                                  Office Request
                 Occasionally children have accidents at school that require them to have their school uniform, underwear
                and socks changed. Office staff in some cases provide items of clothing to assist. We ask parents to return
                all clothing that has being borrowed. These items of clothing are not for the students to keep, they are to be
                                        washed and returned to school as soon as possible. Thank you.

                                                   Parent News
Parents are invited to have a look at the www.partners4learning.edu.au website. This
has been newly established to assist parents and school communities in engaging in
effective communication.
Lots of great information and ideas for all.

                                               Community News

                                                             Parramatta Marist
                                                             190th Anniversary Dinner
Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who so generously donated
to our fundraising efforts. We ask that you now support these businesses in return:

The Shopping Network                                Cincotta Chemist Merrylands

Castrol        REBEL Sports Parramatta               Peter Wynn’s Parramatta

Budget Gifts & Kitchenware                 Nader Electronics Granville       Myers

Wireless Parramatta          Kmart Parramatta            Parra Accessories

                   Star Shots Parramatta        Hair Warehouse Parramatta

Granvila Florist           Brands R Us Fairfield     NYS Collection

              Norm Wehbe Automotive Repairs             Pulse Pharmacy

   Silly Willies Granvilla                         Bunnings Warehouse Villawood

            Holy Family Parent Committee

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