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									Dear Colleagues,

Rooms for you are reserved at hotel “Sovetskaya” http://www.hotels.spb.ru/sovetskaya/index.html

Te get to the hotel from the airport you can use either hotel transfer service, or taxi (it may be expensive) or
public transportation.
1. You can order a car/minivan to meet you at the airport or railway station. Your personal driver will be
meeting you at the airport (railway) arrival area with a personalized sign with your name on it. You will have
complete assistance from the airport to the hotel reception desk. Our drivers know the city perfectly and can
bring you to your hotel or any other destination in the city.
One-way transfer: Airport (Railway station) to (from) hotel:          1-2 persons USD 40 (per vehicle)
                                                                      3-6 persons USD 60 (per vehicle)
You could order the transfer by e-mail,
phone +7 (812) 3155830 or on our web site. http://www.hotels.spb.ru/transfer.htm
3. If you prefer public transportation, you must use bus (13, 13K, or other bus from PULKOVO
International, 39, 39K, or other bus from PULKOVO domestic) to get to metro station “Moskovskaya”
(«Московская» in Russian). In bus there is a cashier, or driver-cashier, rate is 10 Rubbles in 13 and 39, or
17 Rubbles in others).

                                                                            Your Bus stop– 1st stop after the
                                                                            Victory Square – metro Moskovskaya
  From the airport                                                 metro

                           Victory Square
                           and monument

From metro station “Moskovskaya” direct line to station “Technological Institute” («Технологический
институт» in Russian).
From metro station “Technological Institute” 10-15 minutes walk to your hotel in accordance with the
scheme (red line) or by trolleybus №8 (two trolleybus stops) or by minivan K-90.
                              Trinity                            №8

Monday, 17 October. To get to the ITMO to register and take part in the Boat-party (Monday, 14-00) you
must get to metro station “Gorkovskaya” («Горьковская» in Russian). From Sovietskaya hotel you can use
either “Technological Institute” station, or “Baltiiskaya” station, in the last you will must change the line on
“Technological Institute”). From “Gorkovskaya” metro station 5 minutes walk through the garden according
to the scheme. Find, please, “new” ITMO building behind the “old” one.
To get to the Boat-party, follow, please, yellow line to find ship “Flagman” (ФЛАГМАН in Russian). We
will go the Boat-party from ITMO hall after the registration (14-10 or about)

18-19 October. The Meeting will take place at ITMO, shuttle will start from Sovietskaya hotel at 9-00, and
back to Sovietskaya hotel from ITMO at 18-30.

20 October. Bus-trip to Pavlovsk and dunner in Pushkin. Bus will start at 10-00 from ITMO, 10-15 or about will pik-
up from Sovietskaya, 17-00 back to Sovietskaya.

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