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What is love? What is its quality? How various kinds of love exist? Is love as educated by the
Buddha different from our general understanding of love? What is the initial destination is our
understanding of love? These are questions we can ask really before we start to speak or write
about love.

Love is a really much used and popular phrase. We share it, speak about it (it is part and parcel
of our daily vocabulary), read about it and consider it the essence of life. We have sayings like
Love is a many splendored thing, Love signifies never having to say sorry, Love makes the planet
go round and slogans including make love not war.

So we keep returning to the question: What is love? The dictionary defines love valiantly as a
warm, type feeling; a deep and tender sense of love for or connection or devotion up to a great
individual or persons; a sense of brotherhood and good will toward all people; a strong.
Normally passionate passion of one individual for another based in part on intimate attraction;
and intimate intercourse.

It is apt that we start by defining the type of love we are going to discuss here. It is the straight-
forward fact that warm kind of feeling for different people, wanting for their welfare; it is soft,
caring and tender; it is unselfish, not expecting anything in return for loving; it is lofty,
transcending all obstacles of creed, sex, race, nationality, etc. it extends to all living beings in the
universe, including inserts, fishes, animals and spirits.

It is not petty or passionate connection up to a great person; it has no intimate connotation; it is
not alluring or sexual gratification. Real, we acknowledge there is love between fans, and
husbands and wives. There can be care and tenderness in their dedication. But their love may
not be unconditional. It is mixed through a powerful sexy or intimate attraction. It might be
liable to enhance if one party cannot reciprocate or cannot meet the criteria or desires of the
other. So since these love is conditional, limiting and subjective, we would consider it of the
lower or less noble degree, not the lofty, definitely selfless and transcendental type we are
discussing here.

While in the topic of love, it is relevant too to discuss the concern of lust. What exactly is lust?
Again the dictionary defines it as a want to gratify the senses, bodily appetite; intimate desire;
excessive intimate want especially as seeking unrestrained gratification; overmastering want.
Therefore, we can to see that in the love between 2 partners, a certain degree of lust can well
be involved, sexual want itself involves a desire to gratify the sense and that, as we all know, can
be extremely powerful and overpowering, blinding, passionate and actually obsessive . It can
offer increase to powerful matches of jealousy, anger and depression whenever liked one has
eyes for another, or whenever love is not reciprocated.

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