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Do you get angry? Naturally, all of us undeniably do. Now and then we may get irritated,
annoyed, peeved. We get angry or exasperated with this individual or that person for one cause
or different. There are quite a few things and conditions which might result us to be vexed and
annoyed. Normally we get frustrated and angry when we do not get our way. We want things
done within a certain way and when it is not done in that way, we get angry, we get mad.
Sometimes we can be expecting something to come about (including a pay rise), and when it
does not result, we get upset and angry. Then there are individuals who provoke or offend us.
They have a knack of getting on our nerves.

In reality there is not a lack of condition that can spark off our anger. If we were to observe our
responses and responses during a typical day, we might discover various occasions when we lost
our cool or were in the verge of losing it. Anger shows within the way we speak and gesticulate,
the changes in our facial expressions, the irritation in our sound, just how we snap and rinse our
voice. And when we lose further control, we might begin to shout, yell, kick, slam the door, bang
the table, slam down the cell phone or actually physically strike or attack somebody. In extreme
cases, people have been recognized to kill out of anger, or while inside the grasp of rage, drop
dead from a heart-attack!

Our anger might differ in intensity. Some people are hot-tempered: they blow up easily. Others
are said to get a slight disposition; they appear to be constantly cool and calm. Some would
nurse grudges long after their anger has passed while some may be more forgiving. Whatever it
is, the straight-forward reality remains that all of us do get angry, the real difference being
simply inside the energy and regularity of the emotion. For even the most minimal of people can
show signs of vexation and irritation when his perseverance is over-taxed, or when he is under
too much stress.

Anger makes our life miserable. If we continue to accept anger generating no great effort to
curb it, we will continue to live on turbulent life. Every time we become vexed, annoyed, angry,
we begin to burn. Mentally. This burning feeling increases with the intensity of the anger. The
stronger the anger the stronger we burn. It is a really painful experience. You can easily observe
it for yourself. The next time you will want to get vexed or angry, evaluate the state of the mind
and heart, and see for yourself the soreness and suffering you are undergoing while being
because state of anger or disruption.

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